Ego Petting

Imitation is the cutest form of flattery in the Mutt-ual Admiration Society.

Another case of identity theft by Cali and Nick J.



  1. I’d like to be the first one to say it: oh look, cute boy 🙂

  2. Red Toenails says:

    Haha, baby look like he daddy…

  3. bookmonstercats says:

    I weel have zem both. Send them zis way, stat!

  4. TrixandSam says:

    I see it now: Mr. September, Men of CO Calendar.

  5. TrixandSam says:

    Oh, and I think I should personally supervise the photo shoot to get some back-up shots in case this one doesn’t work.

  6. Look what you’ve done!! I’m melting, melting.
    Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world. Who would have thought that some cute little boy and puppy could turn me into a puddle of goo.
    OHHHHHHH!!! NO!!! I’m going…ohhhhhhh..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh….

  7. tracylee says:

    lookit those paws!!

  8. I’d buy it! In fact, if *anyone* were to make a “cute guys with puppies” calendar, I’d buy a dozen. 🙂

  9. tracylee says:

    I’ll join – lemme just get a suitcase big enough to bring them both back home with…
    what? hmm? oh, nothing… I didn’t say that out loud…

  10. Guinea Peeg Lover says:


  11. Heather S. says:

    Wait, is there a puppy in this picture? I hadn’t noticed…

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    Gigi — your skin is GREEN!!! Look!!!11!!!

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    Now, Photography Students, here in this image, we have two marvelous examples of “pouty lips” …

  14. Yes I am green.
    Green with envy that is!!

  15. Fird Birfle says:


  16. I just love black puppies with floppy ears and white toes. I don’t know where that comes from–we didn’t have one when I was growing up.

    And of course I’ll never turn away from a cute guy (or a photo of one) holding a puppy.

  17. don’t ask for a calendar! you’d have to throw the pages away! how about a mural? (you know, for the garage, of course!)

  18. Moi, Actually says:

    It’s that soft swoosh of puppy ear against 4 o’clock shadow that elevates the hormone levels.

  19. SlaveToCat says:

    I volunteer to do the back side shots. ;P

  20. tracylee says:

    much, much better than seeing awful drunk girls with duck lips…
    *insert eyeroll that I don’t know how to do*

  21. tracylee says:

    then you probably shouldn’t look at this:
    soldiers with puppies

    (don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

  22. (The Original) Mel says:

    Cute pup. To me, the guy looks like he’s twelve. I guess I prefer matching wrinkles in a man. 😉

  23. Trabb's Boy says:

    Aw, man, how life-affirming and adorable is that! The one with the kid? The puppy sleeping under the hat? In the helmet? The bigger dog smooch? The eyedropper? I am dying of cute patriotism!

  24. You’re right, tracylee–I shouldn’t have looked. But I liked it.

  25. Nancy Tompkins says:

    Oh no, that is just too much. Too much.

  26. I think there actually is! *runs to Google* Yup! Feast your eyes:

    And by now I think CO’s posted enough pictures of hot guys cuddling animals to sell their own calendar. Which I would definitely buy.

  27. Georgiabelle says:

    Definitely older than 12, doesn’t he have stubble?

  28. Well, there goes *my* afternoon!

  29. Ali-Baba says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! Especially the one feeding the puppy w/a eyedropper! We had to do that with my “little brother” cat, Lucky, years ago. Good memories 🙂

  30. tracylee says:

    impossible 😉

  31. musicnote says:

    Too much adorablynis … kerplunk … tot’ly ded!

  32. I believe a scientific study on that concept is required. I volunteer to be one of the subjects.

  33. don’t ask for a calendar! you’d have to throw the pages away!

    Sez who?

    *admires pages from CO desk calendar plastered all over office walls and window frames*

  34. A precocious 12-year-old then. 😉

  35. Wait, who is imitating whom here?

  36. bluebird says:

    Soldier-puppy symbiosis. Beautiful.

  37. kimmaroo says:

    paws are nice but i was focusing on the LIPS for some reason…..

  38. kimmaroo says:

    hee hee hee!!!

  39. Georgiabelle says:

    Ah well. Seeing how I’m 23 and look 17, I’m a horrible judge of ages 😦

  40. I feel your pain. It was kinda embarrassing when everyone thought my 15-year-old sister was in college and that I (age 18) was still in junior high. 😦

    But now that I’m (well) over 40 and could easily pass as a 30-something, it’s not so bad! 😀

  41. I’ve never said this before, but… matchingks! (Did I spell it wrong? I think I did.)

  42. …is that a Boxador pup? Like our Sophie?? (Labrador x Boxer)

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    Whose? 😉

  44. Theo – Cali is a Black Lab Pit mix, which makes her, ah, a Blip?

  45. ashagato says:

    lox ‘n pabull!

  46. That’s our second-best guess about Sophie’s “breed” heritage. But at this point, I’m pretty sure she’s Lab-Boxer. 🙂

  47. Noelegy says:

    One of my recent Facebook profile photos was a shot of me holding Maggie kitteh in which we both were squinting slightly with our left eyes, and I was wearing a green shirt that perfectly picked up her eyes (and it doesn’t hurt that my haircolor is close to her furcolor). Matchingks all around!