Epic Yawn

Yagggghhhhnnnnnnnn. [mini Chewbacca sound]

Carol H. it’s time for beds.



  1. Oooh the tongue! Cutie pie is so sleepy. Sweet dreams little sloth!

  2. the poor baby needs a nap

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    It must be terribly hard work being that slothful and cute at the same time!

  4. dogsleder says:

    Looks like a cute kid who’s just lost a front tooth!

  5. Hah he looks so satisfied after his yawn!

  6. For a sloth, that was a pretty fast yawn!

  7. Him’s soooo seeepy . . . . zzzZzzZZZzzzzz, and so ridonkulously anorable.

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    Dammit, enough is enough. I’m off to Slothland!

    *packs hiking boots, safari gear, insect repellant and sloth attractant*

  9. JenDeyan says:

    What is it with sloths and their murderous cuteness these days? It’s a growing trend. I’m shocked! The adorable violence of cute is too much for our society!

  10. Made me yawn. There’s a shocker! ♥

  11. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Dunno what the influx of sloths is lately, but hubby & I are giggling about it. He insists that the sloth (3 toed, specifically), is his Totem animal.

  12. Yawning is sooooo tiring. Yaaaaawn.

    And don’t forget to stick out your tongue to alert da hoomins that you is about to yawn!

  13. Rachael says:

    Yawning bebbeh sloth has done me in. Truly.

  14. tracylee says:

    really lives up to his deadly moniker, eh?
    Slothful Sloth is slothy!

  15. tracylee says:

    I think I’m gonna take a nap while I’m in moderasche. *yawn*strayche*

  16. Uh, yeah. The sloth is my totem animal too. *shifty eyes*

  17. I seriously want a sloth to hang out with at my place. We would get along well.

  18. earlybird1 says:

    I love it when animals do the post-yawn lip-smacking. Our beagle does that when she’s sleepy. SO CUTE!

  19. LeAnn (not LeAnna or Lee Ann) says:

    Is it strange that I want to rock this tired bebeh to sleep?

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    “sleppy” Tag ????

  21. Me too. And oh do I feel priviledged, having caught a yawn from a sloth 🙂

  22. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Mel-2 or 3 toed? The 2 toed tend to be slightly faster & crankier.

  23. Sasha's Mum says:

    When Mythbusters tested whether or not yawns were contagious, they failed to factor in the species of the yawner. I demand a redo!

  24. kibblenibble says:

    Steps to a slothfully perfect yawn:
    1. Smack leeps
    2. Tongue out
    3. Yawn
    4. Snap eyes shut– *plink*
    5. Smack leeps
    6. Honk-shu

  25. I could almost hear the “plink” when baby’s eye capsules closed! I love sloths. There was one just last week in the Cuteoverload calendar. It made me so happy.

  26. Mairsydoats says:

    I like how his eyes did the anime arch after…such a deeleeshus yawn. *anime-smiley-face*

  27. flutterby says:

    Sloths have to be among the cutest animals there are….the nosescicles, always appear to be smilingk, slow and seemingly calculated movements – even their clawses are anerable!

    I yam slain ded by teh teef too!

  28. luvstehQte says:

    i lurve the soft-looking muppet paws, but where are the terrifying-looking claws with which to hang sleepily from trees?

  29. kibblenibble says:

    Yes, that’s odd! No claws! I thought they all had them…*scratches head in puzzlement*

  30. reDONK to the MAX

  31. It’s the perpetual smile.

  32. Perhaps that is why this one is stuck hanging out with humans. Sounds like a good reason for a rescue to me.

  33. Though it looks to me like they might just be curled under the folds of the blanket where we can’t see them. Might, I emphasize.

  34. Life is really, really hard, isn’t it? So strenuous!

  35. i have watched thees clip repeatedly and have come to a decision.
    i want one of these.

    megster, you know where to send heem.

  36. OMG. I´z ded now. 🙂


  38. Katherine says:

    I’m pretty sure my heart stopped beating when his eyes closed – he looked like he was going to stay awake at first, the effort of such a big yawn just pushed him over the edge. Too cute.

  39. I heard it, too! This little creature is so cute I can’t take it.

  40. HAhaha omg!!!! Pause it at 0:06!!! CUTEST.FACE.EVER!!!!! I looked at it for a good solid 3 minutes laughing at it XD ❤

  41. bob drummond says:

    Yep I’m in too. Gotta get me one of these guys and I don’t give a —– what the neighbors think. I’ll show it off anywhere or anytime, Baby !