Sing it with me! “Lookin’ for sucklin’ in all the wrong places!”

Then comes the smack-down! Duck Melissa Y.!



  1. kodalai says:

    “Are you my mummy?” Least the kitten doesn’t have a teeny-tiny gas mask.

  2. Moi, Actually says:

    Pretty steep learning curve there. And I love the bit at the end, when the kitten turns that trusting gaze, full blast on The Hand.

  3. I’m your mommy.
    Come to mommah kitty cat.

  4. mamabear says:

    Thank you CO for helping me release my dependance on Zoloft! No lab made chemicals and oh-so-much cheaper(fuh-ree!).

    😀 I lofs you! 😀

  5. Emiliaphilia says:

    Scariest. DW. Episode. Ever.

  6. What’s not to love about this video? I love the way the kitten curls up after the smackdown, all innocent, “Just napping here. Yep. Juuuuust napping. Not nomming a kneecap at ALL.”

    I also love the way the human reassures the larger cat, (“It’s okay”) and then pets the kitten to let it know it’s okay, too. Those cats are in good, loving hands. 🙂

  7. I, too, love that the person filming steps in at reassures the big cat and then pets and comforts the little guy. Too often when watching a video, I want to shout – but why isn’t the person filming stepping in to do something to help (whatever is going on.)

    This video is adorable, and even cuter for the loving human interactions with both cats.

  8. JerilynS says:

    This is what comes fromtrying to nurse on a Tom cat… “It’s okay, TED.” :0

  9. I love the older cat’s look after he clops the lil one: “-the HAYLE is wrong witchu, child?”. Crankypuss definition!

  10. chanpon says:

    LOL. Could that little cat have feigned innocence any better than his post-cronsche curl back on the tummy and not moving at all? Poor adults have to put up with kids, in all species.

  11. Whats the kittens name it looks like the one I used to look after her name was Viola

  12. Mighty Max, the last of the litter of three cats I got 16 years ago as babies, joined his bother (Boots) and sister (Isis) over the rainbow bridge yesterday.
    It’s been a tough couple of years seeing my old cats go, one after the other.

    It helps that I have younger cats in the house, all under 4 years old so, they keep me busy and also thanks to C.O. for always being there to cheer me up.

  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE! I wish I could have a kitten like that that but im allergic 😦
    Anyway that is ADORABLE!!!!

  14. I love the Doctor Who reference but holy crap don’t talk about that episode! So many nightmares!

  15. kibblenibble says:

    (((HUGS))) 😦

  16. Hi Gigi ((Hugs))) so hard to lose furry friends.

  17. 260Oakley says:

    So sorry, Gigi. Cuddle your other cats while you tell them stories of Mighty Max and his siblings.

  18. RosieLB says:


  19. Tall girl says:

    The wedding march! Did anyone else hear it?

  20. RosieLB says:

    “It’s okay, Ted.” “Sez you, lady. You didn’t almost lose a kneecap to a rabid kitty, now did you? HaRUMPH!”

  21. DumBunny says:

    sorry for your loss, cats are cool

  22. Damn whippersnappers! Get off my knee, you kid!!

  23. Sorry for your loss.

  24. MichelleC says:

    I love the arms length the older cat puts between him and the kitten.
    “And stay off my lawn! *grumble grumble*”
    Poor itty bitty kitty, just wants to love him and pet him and sqeeze him and hold him….

  25. Man, he swatted that kitty DED! Nothing cuter than a kitten playing ‘possum…

  26. Lorel J says:

    Gigi, this is heartbreaking. Since you’ve been through this before, I only can share with you my condolences for your losses this year. Were the sibs close?

    I recently had to put to sleep my once strong, passionate, personable and affectionate cat Jimmy, aged 15. For the sake of those who are struggling with the decision as to whether to put down a pet, the best advice I got was a universal “Put the quality of your pet’s life first; ” my 91-year-old, lifetime cat-owner Mom’s words, “Cat’s aren’t people. Though you love them like you would a child or friend, they simply don’t live as long as people do;” and to paraphrase a vet’s words from the internet, “People wonder whether they should be with their pets when they are put to sleep. I can say that of those who chose not to, the vast majority regret it.”

    I know, Gigi, that this advice is probably moot for you, since you’ve probably learned all of this already. I just say it for those who are struggling with the euthanasia question. For you, I wish you much joy with your younger crop.

    Thank heaven for communities like CO, where we all can double our joys and halve our burdens.

  27. jlamusings says:

    So sorry, Gigi! I’ve lost 3 in the last couple of years too. It’s so hard!!! (((hugs))) and many purrs from my “new” kitty clan (they sure help comfort me!)

  28. Ted is a most excellent cat name.

    Reminds me of our little marmie Tigger who used to try to nurse on our Shih Tzu, Mei Ling. Mei Ling wasn’t lactating, but she was a good sport about it.

  29. looking at it closer using my sooper CSI framegrab enh-hance powers, senior kitteh doesn’t just slap junior kitteh, he slaps, pins, and nips the back of junior’s headal/neckal area (but not the AoS). so i think junior is going into carry-me mode, hence the totality of the feigned cat-atonia.

  30. sara-bell says:

    We must be sharing a brain – that is exactly what I was thinking!

  31. I thought Ted showed a lot of restraint, tolerating all the biscuit-making and exploration. But the kid always goes one step too far, right? I love ya kid, but you bit me on the knee.

  32. I’m sorry for your loss Gigi. We lost one of our rescues, Maxi, yesterday over the Rainbow Bridge.

  33. Ali-Baba says:

    {{{{hugs}}}}} to you Gigi

  34. Aurhora says:

    Me too! Come here little kitteh – you can nuzzle me all you want!

  35. “this is the line. if you cross it, i’m gonna tell.”

  36. “knee?” is that what the kids are calling it these days? 😉

  37. That was why I liked it so much–so creepy!

  38. MichelleC says:

    Plus, Captain Jack!

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, I missed the “Ted” the first time and thought it was mama telling junior he’s too old, quit it already! But yeah, Ted (possibly Dad?) is even less likely to encourage any nibbling. I too love the interaction between the human and the kittehs. LOVE the markings on the little one.

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    ((hugs)) Gigi and Rosewolf. My almost-21 yr. old kitteh is on my lap right now. She’s starting to have some issues and sooner than Iike I’ll have to face the decision we all have to make someday. For now, though, she’s still purring!!

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    I have a feeling that might be Dad, so the wedding march would not be appropriate….

  42. Oh Gigi, so sorry for your loss! I’m glad you have other kitties to console you (and CO, of course).

  43. So sorry for the loss of Maxi, Rosewolf! As hard as it is to lose our pets, we sure wouldn’t forgo sharing our lives with them!

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    je souhaite que je pourrais faire quelque chose,
    pour rendre ces evennements meilleures.

    Je souhaite, aussi, que Mighty Max va faire la conaissance de mon ami (le chat) Salinger, qui s’est alle [ to the Rainbow Bridge] [“depuis”?]
    quatre ou (peut-etre) six annees, il y a.

    And my best also to Lorel J and Jimmy!!! Seventeen yrs means that his household were watching out and caring *well* for his well-being/ health, etc .

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    wow 21 and purring!

    You’re doing LOTS of things right for her, Mary!!!

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    ooh Rosewolf:

    here’s a link to a website, with a particularly sweet pink teddy bear.
    Due to copyright restrictions, it won’t allow me to just directly copy this pic.
    Hope it brings you a smile? or a moment’s ease.

  47. Elledoubleyou says:

    I thought it was “dad” too. Though Ted the Cat is pretty cool 🙂

  48. Lillith says:

    Beautifully said Lorel. My Polly is 15 and is starting to fade a bit. The vet said she’s got fluid around her heart and her liver function isn’t what it should be. I already told him I’m not going to put her through a bunch of tests or huge daily medication regimens that will maybe prolong her life for a month or two but give her no quality. She’s ok-ish for now but it’s tough to watch them get to this stage, and I don’t want to prolong her suffering when things get too bad.

  49. victoreia says:


  50. victoreia says:

    “Dang kid!” Love the curmudgeonly expression on Ted’s face as he lies back down! (And I didn’t hear the “Ted” bit the first time, either.)

  51. I’m thinking it’s “Tad” not “Ted.”

  52. awww the kitten’s tewdelly defeated look for like 30 seconds…

  53. Emmberrann says:

    I saw that nibble, and right you are, Sharpy, kit was taking a big honkin’ bite out of the bigger cat’s laig! So much for that! One of the first cats I ever had was an older guy called Luke, and when I got a 7-week old kitten for him (named Matilda Mae), he used to let Tilda nurse on him until he’d had enough, and then he’d shake her loose, and hide on the top of the kitchen cabinets where she couldn’t reach him.

  54. Emmberrann says:

    Aherm. Luke was an older guy Cat. Not just an older guy.

  55. That older cat was annoyed but they certainly weren’t aggressive with the smack down. Also, they didn’t immediately jump up in a huff. I’m impressed that the older cat settled down nearby though, certainly not holding a grudge.

    Check out hte folded back ears on the kitten though, “Hey I was comfortable!” Not to mention the look up at the hoomin. All “put that down and kiss me! Enough with the scrutches.”

  56. Gigi, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope that you find comfort in knowing that you gave Max a good life.

    And good wishes to the others who know the pain of losing furry good friends and companions.

  57. Love how the kitten is all “nope, wasn’t me. I’m just sleepin’ here like a good little kitten.”

  58. I’m so sorry for your loss.. but I know you gave Max a good life. sometimes the kindest thing to do is to let go. I struggled with my 18 yo cat (willow) earlier this year and was in tears the whole time. Fortunately she pulled thru. But it’s an eventuality we all face.

  59. Bad human hand. Big kitty teaching little kitty manners. Human interfering. My older kitties always teach the younger ones manners.

  60. Major thumbs up for the DW reference.

  61. psychethos says:

    Oh my god. I just got shivers from that memory.

  62. So sorry for your loss, Gigi. Max obviously gave a lot to you over the years, and you gave a lot to him, so you’ll never forget each other.

  63. scarletgunn says:

    i too liked how the human comforted the cats. often we don’t see that in videos. i approve of this person. 😀

  64. Meelks. Where are the meelks? Are you hiding the meelks?

  65. Noelegy says:

    I have a picture of a juvenile Murphy trying to nurse on Niko (both cats are male), and Niko is looking at the camera as if to say, “Oh Lord my load is heavy.”

  66. Noelegy says:

    Gigi, we’ve all been there. {{{hugs}}}

  67. Noelegy says:

    I thought I was hearing the FOX fanfare music!

  68. Awww! Poor lil one! Just wants love. I give you love. Come here, now puddy pudd pudd. *cuddleticklesnorgle*

  69. Bookwolf says:

    That ‘smackdown’ was hilarious! Big cat is so very patient at the snuzzling going on, but isn’t going to stand for having a hole chewed in his leg. Very funny.

  70. The other thing that has helped me in similar situations is to remember that animals do not fear or anticipate death the way we do. They only know that you are there, helping them to feel better as you always have, right up to the end.

  71. ashagato says:

    me too, ditto! strange we think we’re all original in this world- this probably happens a thousand times a day and we don’t even know it…

  72. ashagato says:

    oh gigi, i’m so sorry! i can’t believe i’m crying now for you and your furry babes
    (hurries and wipes away the tears before my husband sees me). but you’re right it’s true: CO has magical healing powers. love and hugs….

  73. ashagato says:

    lol sharpy!

  74. ashagato says:

    oh and rosewolf, too 🙂

  75. I was going to ask the same question – looks just like my much loved, much missed Oliver cat :-/

  76. Alice Shortcake says:

    SOMEONE needs an anatomy lesson…but he’s already well-versed in playing the innocent.

  77. the feigned innocence killed me. wow. who taught this kitty?

  78. LOL! That’s what I thought as well.

  79. furbabies says:

    Yum-o! Captain Jack. Turns nightmares in to dreams.

  80. Awww, my big orange boy used to play mama cat to my little cow kitten, so this scene is very familiar!

  81. Catcoastal says:

    I disagree. Little kitty wants comfort and love, and looks for it in the most logical place for a little kitty. Big kitty disciplines little kitty, and little kitty signals his understanding of this by immediately stopping what he’s doing AND assuming a very deferential posture (scrunched down, ears back, very still). Big kitty moves over to continue nap. Little kitty has done exactly what big kitty told him to do, but now little kitty is still left wanting comfort and love. Human hand provides this. Little kitty has learned that he should not suck/bite on big kitty, and that human hand can provide comfort and love when little kitty needs it. The End.

  82. I loved that ep, it was Awesome!!! 🙂

  83. I thought she said “It’s OK, DAD” as in the ginger cat was the kitten’s daddy… but same difference!!

  84. Or “Dad….??” (Daddy cat?!?)

  85. I’m pretty I invented that look on Tabby’s face.

    Yup. Like a mirror!

  86. Hahaha! My daughter read this & just showed me!

    “I’m pretty?” Oh lawd.

  87. AWW 😥 Gigi 😥 I am sending you a BIG CYBER HUG.

  88. 😆 The things kittens do to older cats 😆

  89. I agree with your theory. *nods*

  90. Eggsakly! Seen this pattern, not only with cats, but dogs as well. Big kitty was not gratuitously mean – just got the message across clearly. Animals, unlike humans, generally do not even know how to hold a grudge – retribution for a wrong is swift, appropriate, and done. I’ll bet an hour or so later the two of them were cuddled again. Only humans persist in reminding a child (or an adult, for that matter) about something they did wrong, long after the event, keeping a sore spot sore until it scars. Animals are much more civilized than humans in many respects.

    Sorry, that was too big a mouthful for LOLspeak. Back to the regularly scheduled SQUEEE 😉

  91. Our tuxedo cat Barnabas was such a sweetie that he would just lie there and let Nermal ‘nurse.’

  92. Kitty is VERY accomplished at the “submissive” pose!

  93. Also: Anyone else notice how the marmie’s back paw in the foreground looks GINORMOUS?

    Also also: Poor marmie cat doesn’t learn! He goes and lies on his side again with his belly in “The Milk Bar is Open” position. Something tells me this scene is going to be repeated.

  94. He didn’t really seem to mind until Junior got bitey.

  95. My kitties are brother and sister, and they both used to try to nurse on sis when I got them as kittens. Brother would “nurse” on sister’s tummy, and sis would “nurse” on her own tummy and lick her brother’s head. They eventually outgrew it, but it was one of the reasons I knew they needed to come home with me. I wanted two who got along really well. Still good friends, but no nursing, and brother wants to wrestle harder than sister does, but she’s good at letting him know when to LEAVE HER ALONE!

  96. Sarah B. says:

    I heard “Taz.”

  97. I love that the kitten instantly chills out after getting smacked in the face for excessive nomming. “Uh, I was just looking for a place to rest my head. Really. [Yawn] So comfortuhbuls now. You know, I find your extreme response pretty unreasonable, but since I’m such an easy-going guy… I’m just going to let it slide. Hey, where are you going…?”