And Cutest Zoo Baby Goes To… [opens envelope]

Kasi the baby Cheet-cheet is the winner of  Cutest Zoo Baby. While he’s at it, Kasi should also win runner up for an Interspecies Snorgling award due to fraternizin’ with this lab puppy named Mtani.

Apparently, zoos often bring in puppehs to befriend orphaned cheetahs, because the two species get along surprisingly well.

Ahgnnng. [Gurgling sound]



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG the gangly legs in pic. 3 !!

  2. See Spot run! Run, Spot, run!

  3. OMG I can not and will not be able handle the cuteness. *furiously pacing, falls over dead*

  4. ashagato says:

    cheetahs are my faves!

  5. mamabear says:

    Love this one!

    First pic, it’s the pups ears that are a hoot.

    Second pic, it’s the ‘he thinks we can’t see him because he is hiding’ pose that kills me.

    Third pic: My favorite. Pup is smoking one of them long filter (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) cigarettes (but it’s a play one [like candy cigarettes when we were kids -who thought THAT was a great idea- lol?] cause that would be bad for him!).

    Also, kitteh’s tail is postured like a hand gently touching the pup’s back that goes along with the ADORABLE conversational look the kitteh has on his face as though he were discussing the day’s play session and telling pup how well it went and how much fun it was (but like a little kid pretending to be a grown-up, with the calm demeanor and big words that he doesn’t really know exactly what they mean, only that he’s heard the big cats say them!).

    There, got that off my chest, lol.

  6. That’s got to be some Rhodesian mix in that puppy!!!
    I played with one last night , looks just like the first pic 🙂

  7. swallowing books says:

    Exactly! Except I thought of Calvin as the cheetah in the third photo.

  8. Shannon says:

    It DOES look like Cheet-cheet is totally talking to pup in the third pic!

  9. Lies! He cheeted!

  10. Oh man! So now when I get a puppy, I can ask that I get a cheetah too? For company, of course!?!? Awesome shots!

  11. victoreia says:


  12. I’m DED over the long spotteh kitteh lehgs.

  13. I’ve heard of the pup cheetah combo before. In fact, when I was at the San Diego zoo the grown cheetah they have that they use for lessons with kids and such has a dog friend that lives with him 24/7. Apparently the dogs help keep the cheetah’s calm. Pretty cool, pups and spotty fast kitties living together in perfect harmony. Makes for definite squee factor!

  14. Theresa says:

    Baby cheetahs have little punk haircuts. 😀

  15. I just saw these two the other day! I didn’t think it was possible but they are cuter in person! Kasi loves being paid attention to by the kids. It’s soooo darn cute!

  16. Come Cheetos be mineeeeee!

  17. scarletgunn says:

    the last photo is classic. “that was fun, huh? what should we play next?” it’s all just so sweet. Besties 4ever. 🙂

  18. I wonder which one s faster….

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    And, in Children’s Literature, our winner today is ANGEL!!!!

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    Dey gangsta, dat way.

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    [izz a wyte grrl allowed to say dis??]

    SHOUT OUT TO Busch G/ esp to Tampa, prolly my fave-O-rite (large) city in Fla.
    Lived/ librariologisted there for about eight marvy years. Salinger was in his prime.
    I met folks from l’Afrique, from l”Allemagne, from l’Irelonde (roomates for 5 yrs with a gal who grew up in Dublin).

    WOOT and also WOOT.

    and them thar critters iz cyoot TOO-HOO!!!

  22. kodalai says:

    Cheetahs are such lovely animals!

  23. General Approval says:

    Why Kasi of course, just check the first picture.. Mtani is looking to his right, where Kasi *was* but Kasi has just effortlessly sprinted past faster than Mtani can move his head and is now on Mtani’s left!

    Besides, labs are not the fastest dogs around and I was wondering how a cheetah/deerhound combo would work.. my sister has two deerhounds who are crazyfast runners but they do love chasing games, and if another dog runs away they tend to pack up and you can see the sudden panic come over the other dog as it realises there are two hounds nipping at its heels that it cannot get away from..

    (I find it best to keep one on the lead, when other dogs around 🙂

  24. sally calhoun says:

    u has rund ting, i has steek! all mine

  25. Jimbeaux says:

    He is lovely, but he’ll never get any better.

    Cos, y’know… Cheetahs never prosper! 🙂

  26. trinlayk says:

    Cats and dogs living together… mass hysteria (in a GREAT way)

    re: deerhounds, NOTHING non-motorized can keep up with a Cheet-cheet for very long… so it probably doesn’t matter.

    When my ferret was still with us, he and the kitty would play “tag” and since kitteh had much longer legs she’d go full speed to the end of the hallway, and then wait for him to catch up when it was the ferret’s turn to be “it”. (she’d also give him a head start when she was “it”)

  27. “Never cheat — you’ll just make an Eat out of C and H.” Crow T. Robot

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh 😉

  29. That’s what I was thinking. I had a Rhodie mix when I was young, and she was the best dog ever.

  30. Don’t they have a ridge down their back? I’d check for a blue tongue but he’s too busy playing.

  31. Emmberrann says:

    Word, Fird!

  32. Katrina says:

    Mystery Science Theater 3000? Very nice.

  33. chanpon says:

    Love how cheetah’s often look like they’re smiling.

  34. Ozbirds says:

    I love this, it is now my new favourite quote.
    Also love that two beautiful critters get to be best friends.

  35. Mtani is a lab mix rescue pup, I believe. I haven’t gotten to see these two in a few months since they moved them out of the nursery area, but they were both so freaking adorable back then. I also love the fact that Kasi was born on my birthday, February 19. :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Theresa says:

    It’s the little spiky hairdo, I tells ya.

  37. Theresa says:

    Deerhounds are awesome, but the amazing thing is how completely quiet they are indoors. You would almost not know that there’s a 150-lb dog in the house. 😯

  38. i wish there were a video clip of this!!!

  39. Ohhh, really cute! I love it! Cheetah is so lovelly!

  40. Double the cutie-ness!