Name That Movie – Choose a title

We’ve trolled the comments in Name That Movie and there are some fantastic movie titles are ready for voting! Choose your favorite. Voting open for 24 hours!



  1. yay! a poll… I exercised my ‘cute overload’ power to vote. 🙂

  2. chanpon says:

    Seagull: No way! Is that really what I sound like?

  3. I’ve never been a follower, I tend to buck trends and don’t follow fashion, so…

    I choose to interpret the fact the title I voted for just happens to be the most popular one not as “I voted the same as everybody” but as “Everybody voted the same as ME!” 😈

  4. kibblenibble says:

    I voted like a baby stoat…er…stoated?

  5. We are CRYING with laughter. I cannot believe this is real. Never have I seen anything so funny in all my days. Perfect. PERFECT.

    *passes out*

  6. As always our superior peeps have come up with some very awesome titles.

    I stoated…

  7. victoreia says:

    I may have actually stoated voted more than once……

  8. yes, this is hilarious.
    co is the best ever.

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    “Gone with the Gull” staring………….

    Angelina Gullie as Scarlet Tatenger

    Clark Gullble as Egret Butler

  10. Ali-Baba says:

    Don’t forget Renee Gullwigger as Melanie Heron Willowtit.

  11. i’m from boston, so now have stoated
    for all my deceased relations.

  12. FuzzyEgg says:

    Has no one suggested it yet??


  13. FuzzyEgg says:

    Oh I see, somebody did suggest it.

    Still. I like mine better.

  14. Beth McConnell says:

    This is clearly the Gull Witch Project.

  15. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I used to live near Chicago, so I stoated a few times, too.

  16. On the wings of a guell …

  17. That gull is such a naughty little pirate. You can’t help but like him, the little theif.

  18. ” A Rooftop With a View” or “From Gull to Eternity” 😉

  19. *thief (zomg)

  20. Thats like a horror move: Blair Gull Projekt or Flying Nightmare on the Gullstreet or SIlent Gull 😀 Gullfield ^^ I may have a few 😀 great thing! What I want to know is, how does he get his cam back?

  21. Caitlin says:

    Why has no one wondered why the guy was originally stalking a house?! And I wonder if someone randomly picked up the thing the next day .. I wonder what other footage they found 😉

    I did vote .. I found the sound of the birds flight and breathing interesting.

  22. Rachael says:

    I’m from Boston too and I plan to vote early and vote often!

  23. I wanna know how the camera was actually recovered to put this on the site?????

  24. Once I stopped laughing and gasping for air, I stoated, and I want to stoatvote more, so many good titles to choose from! I, too, find the original footage kind of odd, and then find the last look from the gull-burglar absolutely CHILLING…(bah-dah-dah-duuuuoooom). I fear for the camera’s life.

  25. They don’t make those sounds but funny anyway. The sound of the camera was irritating…all that clicking but I liked it. Gull Interrupted!

  26. This is SO much better than the Blair Witch Project!!

  27. That was my thought, too.

  28. Fleurdamour says:

    Love how it fades out at the end. Reminded me of this classic experimental film – good times.

  29. lolololol….

  30. victoreia says:

    Hey, who won? I wanna know if my stoats votes counted!

  31. Completely agree!! Shaky-cam + eerily black and white + creepy gull noises = Gull Witch Project.