A Small Miracle

When YouTube user kandwarf rescued an injured hummingbird, he kept a video record of the recovery, as he nursed her with meals of crushed bugs and sugar water and helped her regain her flying skills. Then “when she thought she was ready to leave,” he writes, “she flew off to her favorite patch of the back yard, and her instincts instantly kicked in, and now she’s just like all the other hummingbirds.”



  1. amazing video…

  2. cafegrrl says:


  3. tracylee says:

    can’t watch the video at work, so I don’t know what Mr. ResQte-er looks like… but based on description alone, I’d say he probably qualifies for the Men of C.O. calendar.

    (psst… if y’all get on it now you could likely finish it by Christmas 😉 )

  4. NorbertsMom says:

    Sometimes just when I think people are dunderheads, something wonderful like shows up and I get all mooshey inside.
    This young man has a heart of gold and that little hummie was lucky to have him around. Now if you will excuse me I have something in my eye.

  5. Bookwolf says:

    So tineh! So sweet! (literally with all that sugar water!)

  6. I think i remember this from last year or so. Very sweet story. Look at how tiny and perfect the little hummer is. It loves it’s human boy!

  7. What a wonderful, kind person “kadwarf” is! His time and effort allowed this beautiful hummingbird to recover and live free. What a mitzvah!

  8. Men of Cute Overload Calendar – Permanent Membership!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, my allergies just kicked in. *sniffle*

  9. WendyLady says:

    AAAWWWWW….. I’m all melty inside.

  10. i’m smiling so hard my face hurts

  11. Wow, that is beyond adorable o__o

    And what an awesome kid!

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    1: I think that CO Tags needs a Hummingbirds Tag all to itself. I recall many many posts re H’birds; pretty much every single regular (“regular”? 😉 ) CO reader goes all gooey and “sappy” (see whut I did there? ) whenever Meg or Pyrit pulls a hummingbird outta their hats ….or their trees….or whereever.

    2: Perhaps we could siphon off some of us wannabe NTM/ second spouse candidates, to propose marriage to this here Hummingbird Guy????

  13. marthava says:

    Yes, oldie but goodie. And still adorabuhlie.

  14. Anne O'Nymouse says:

    “1: I think that CO Tags needs a Hummingbirds Tag all to itself. I recall many many posts re H’birds; pretty much every single regular (“regular”? 😉 ) CO reader goes all gooey and “sappy” (see whut I did there? ) whenever Meg or Pyrit pulls a hummingbird outta their hats ….or their trees….or whereever.”

    YES! We totally need a Humlet section! 😀

  15. What’s that sound? That strange popping sound? ….ooo, now I know, it’s the sound of a million ovaries exploding simultaneously.

  16. Wow. There is so much love and gentleness in this video. So sweet. I love this.

  17. I hope this guy wants to be a vet, because he’d make a darn good one. 🙂

  18. What an exceptional young man!

  19. Sunnylessmum says:


  20. kibblenibble says:

    Precious. ❤

  21. Martha in Washington says:

    As soon as he’s of legal age, you can send him my number! 😉
    (But NTM will always have my heart.)

  22. [I think my comment was blocked because it had a link]
    Don’t forget to check out the 2 hummingbird chicks in my rosebush.
    They will be flying away soon.

    Google “Phoebe Allens”

  23. I think I would be the luckiest person in the world to have a son like that. His parents must be very proud of him.

  24. This young man has an old soul. It reminds me of the story Rufus Wainwright tells about meeting Leonard Cohen for the first time: http://youtu.be/EeYCnw4wbTc

  25. This guy is set for life for dates!

  26. Theresa says:

    so leetle and tiny.

  27. Marianne Hauger says:

    Yey my fave Tewb-video!
    Love the man, love the song, love the hummer, love the cewt!

  28. MARRY ME.

  29. earlybird says:

    Awwww, so adorablessss! =D

  30. This brought a tear to my eye. It kinda helps balance out a fraction of the bad people can also do.

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    Yes, I remember he was a Men of CO calendar contender.

  32. scarletgunn says:

    there is nothing more manly than a guy being sweet and kind to tiny animals. he’s going to be a fantastic father someday, as he’s already a awesome person.

  33. and such a mensch!

  34. haw.

  35. as long as we’re taking commercial breaks, how about: http://www.salterylodge.com/blog/taming-alaska-hummingbirds/

  36. I’m all verklempt.

  37. And perfect nom size! Candied birdie schweets, anyone? 😀

  38. I ‘gree.

  39. O_o Guess what Z. stands for.

  40. It’s a fantastic vid. So memorable that I knew it was a repost:


  41. Cuteful

  42. Wait, where’s Theo? I can barely see the kittens who conveniently match the camo. Is there a ginger-loving man in there?

  43. Whups. wrong post.

  44. AuroraD says:

    So true. This young man really gives me hope for the human race. His parents must be bursting with pride!

  45. I (almost) can’t handle this kind of cute… Darling young man and his teeny little boyd. Just… wonderfulness all around!


  46. Cool off there, ladies, at least until we see some ID. Nobody wants to have to bail Meg out after the “Jailbait of CO” calendar catches the authorities’ attention!

  47. Holy smokes! I instantly have a mad crush on this boy!!!

  48. DillPig says:

    What a gorgeous little birdlet and what a great guy!

  49. Amazing and sweet video. This young man has a heart of gold. 🙂

  50. I’m so freakin’ jealous. He’s got his own hummingbird. (want)

  51. Caroolyn says:

    It’s personal experiences and commitments like these in a young person’s life that can hone fine character for a lifetime. Talk about a moral compass. This young man is exceptional.

  52. And might I correct the spelling on my name? Thank you. My mistake.

  53. My original post went away, but it went something like this. It’s personal experiences and commitments like these in a young person’s life that can help hone character for a lifetime. Talk about a moral compass. This young man is exceptional.

  54. Walking E says:

    If a regular, ol’ unremarkable bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, what is a HUMMINGBIRD in the hand worth? Gotta be at least 10 birds in the bush, maybe 100, right?

  55. Walking E says:

    LOL – Now THAT’s funny!!

  56. I agree. This young man is awesome. He gives me hope.

  57. jentashi says:

    Question – how do these people feed baby animals through the night? Are they old enough to get up and feed themselves? Do they set the alarm clock for every hour on the hour? Are they just old enough to have a big enough belly to get fed once before bedtime and last until dawn?

    This comes up in my life.

  58. Mary Kathryn says:

    I has a mooshy heart now. Sooo sweet.

  59. Katrina says:

    Well, my bucket list just got one item longer…rescue that young man and endow him to raise hummingbirds! I never do play the lottery, but for this, well…..

  60. Janet in NYC says:

    An extraordinary video of kindness and fun!

  61. claudia says:

    and I thought all (young) men were useless…………ah, hope springs eternal

  62. What a nice guy. I have a hummingbird that built a nest on a party light out in the patio. I watch out to make sure mommy is doing ok. My Lab’s chase other birds away. Cant wait till I have little hummingbirds flying around

  63. Agent99 says:

    I can feel the love!

  64. Kandwarf, you are such a special human with a special sweetness. Please don’t ever forget that. You have a beautiful heart and are going to make a real difference in this world. As a mother I can only imagine how proud yours must be. Thank you for that and for this!

  65. Lavishmango says:

    I was going to nominate him too! What a great guy!

  66. Precious love in this world. Thanks for sharing.

  67. AuroraD says:

    MARIE IS SO RIGHT, Kandwarf. I’m old enough to be your grandma, and I am so glad you are going to be a representative of the human race after I’m gone. Your parents are blessed to have a son like you, and the rest of humanity is, too! Please keep growing, changing, developing, and living – but don’t ever let the dark side of the world take away the tenderness and openness of your heart.

  68. Everyone’s waxing poetic about how awesome Kandwarf is, and he IS fabulous, but I have to add– he is also SCORCHING HOT even as a teenie. And in 5 – 10 years, he is going to be a magnificent man, not just because of the beauty of his face but of his soul as well.

  69. Zylophone? Oh, wait… 😉

  70. AuroraD says:

    Cinnie – I thought that part went without saying. But you’re right, we all know that teenagers often feel insecure, so this is a fine addendum to the messages we are all directing towards Kandwarf.

  71. mplsdeb says:

    I agree. I saw this few weeks ago. My first thought was I don’t know what’s sweeter, the little bird, or the fact that this young man nursed this little goomer to health. His parents sure have trained him well. Nice looking young man too.
    Oh, love the music, absolutely perfect.

  72. Rhonda K says:

    Simply amazing! Glad to see a guy care about nature enough to go the extra mile! 🙂 makes my heart happy!

  73. I’m melting. So sweet. I agree that seeing something like this helps one realize that the world is not full of terrible people. They need to show things like this on the news more often. So sweet!

  74. Prolly, depends on the person & the type of animal. When I was trying (failed, sadly) to save an abandoned newborn kitten, I set an alarm and got up every hour.

  75. 😦 Seems like with committment like that you should be able to save it guaranteed

  76. Empressgoth says:

    Don’t you wish the rest of the world could be that way!

  77. I am very much in love with this guy now – absolutely incredible! More guys needed like him out there!