Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Fundraiser

[Briiinnnng brinnnng! phone ringing sound]

It’s the annual Humane Society/Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Fundraiser to help fund the foster and adoption program.

Call now, Kittoperators are standing by.

Donate Now. OR ELSE!

Photos courtesy of IBKC of course, styled and shot by Laurie C. Good luck, Guys!



  1. victoreia says:

    Sheldon says “Call now, or else!”

  2. earlybird1 says:

    WOW, that is quite the artistic backdrop there! *standing ovation*

  3. Oh my gosh that baby siamese is so prosh! I have a siamese that color, I bet that’s what she looked like as a wee kitty!

  4. Balthesia (UK) says:

    My 2-year-old nephew looked like that (last photo) when I told him I’d nicked grandad’s pencil to draw something with. Never again! OK! OK! I’ll donate something…OK!!?? 🙂

  5. Fird Birfle says:


    I think I’ll go do something nefarious to get $1,000,000 cash so I can donate it to the wunnerful kitties & people @ IBKC …

    *shifty eyes*

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    I”M SO PLEASED, as an official member of the Old Fogeys Department of CO, that the telephones @ IBKC actually do a standard, “phone-ringing” landline type ring”tone”!!!!

    “I gotcher “ringtone”, right HYEAH!!! (mutter…)

  7. Squee!

  8. Mamabear says:

    Dear lord! Is CO getting cuter every day, or am I getting easier to amuse, or both?
    How cute is this?!

    It’s getting to the point where I must shut my bedroom door before I load up CO. It’s like when you’re looking at porno (no, I don’t really do that…or do I? *Dr Evil pinkie in corner of mouth*) and you don’t want anyone to know. I’m scared of what my family will think of my increasing levels of squeeing and screeching at the screen.

  9. Ahhhh: IBKC, my fav fund-raisers!!

    (Those teeney-tiney liddol telefones always make me squeeeeee…!!! 😆
    Also I visualize that their itty-bitty phone bills must be postage-stamp sized,
    in order to fit in with the size of the operators & their decor….. 🙄 )

  10. Fird Birfle says:


  11. Mamabear says:

    Every time I see anything on here about the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, I can’t help but get this song stuck in my head. Enjoy this awesome earworm:

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    Postscriptscript/ PSS: Le petite grey siamese eez verreh pretty however we shall also feel compelled to notice the othair grey kittayn who seems to moi to be maybe a Burmese???
    — First pic, sitting elegantly and patiently, under the time-zone clocks, right top corner.

    Comme c’est si bon!!!

  13. Waheeda says:

    Thanks for the post CO!
    I love CO and IBKC so much…

    If only all fundraising operators looked like that…Sheldon is such a spitfire. And Pearla’s wee little pink nose. ::Swoon::

  14. chanpon says:

    I will not donate (for now) just to see what that bebeh Siamese will do to me! *grows impatient with anticipation*

  15. Such a worthy cause! I love the IBKC.

  16. lol!

  17. Anne Boleyn says:

    It’s my favorite charity because I KNOW that ALL the money really does go to the shelter, to special kitty needs like senior cats and defrayed adoption costs and all sorts of wonderful things like that. AND that little “Siamese”, Sheldon, is really completely without pedigree, no purebreds at the ITTY BITTY KITTY HQ!

  18. Like the purrsychology of the cutest kitties up front, and the biggest, most disapproving Siamese ‘Knuckles’, as the muscles of the organisation, last.
    As in the conspiracy theorism of Dan Brown, the brains of the operation aren’t pictured, which would be, dramatic paws . . . The Kommittee!

  19. 😯 and 😮

  20. Our shelters here in Québec are already being overwhelm with abandon cats and dogs at the moment as they are every year at this time, and it’s going to get worse in the next week. Québec has this weird tradition that almost all rents start July 1rst so everyone moves on that day, and that means that if the people moving can’t take their pets to their new place they take them to the shelter or simply abandon them in the street. I’m sorry to say that Québec has a very bad record when it comes to animal welfare. 😥

  21. Waheeda says:

    Oh Gigi that’s terrible! 😦 Educating people about pet ownership is so important. Wish people couldn’t and wouldn’t get pets from kijiji/e-bay/etc and then just ditch them when it becomes inconvenient. 😦 I go to school in Windsor and people do that there too. 😦

  22. Aw man, that’s too bad.

    When I get to where I’m going next, I intend to get a cat (or two?) from the local humane society.

    With Love and Gratitude,


  23. Second kitteh looks a bit like “Mr. Chubby Cheeks”. Not identical, but similar colors.

  24. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Or else, what?

  25. kodalai says:

    I believe the phrase is “You and what army?”

  26. ashagato says:

    i think that little blue-eyed baby might be the cutest kitty i’ve ever seen…
    i’m in love!!!

  27. Why is this little kitten look so mad?

  28. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    He’s the muscle of the operation.

  29. This is even harder to resist than the local PBS fundraiser singing “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”….

    I would rush off and adopt at once if we hadn’t just taken in a momcat and two kittens from near my husband’s office. Five cats in the house is a lot more than two.

  30. I love the IBKC! If you don’t follow IBKC, the little silver tuxie is Pearla (female) and the little blue-point boy is Sheldon, who has the best grumpyface I’ve ever seen on a kitten. There’s three more in the litter, just as cute as the first two, but to see them you’ll just have to go look, now won’t you? 🙂

  31. Georgiabelle says:

    Haha! My best friend calls CO my porn!

  32. Janeyferr says:

    That final one looks like Neil Patrick Harris, to me. About to launch into a show-stopping number.

  33. TBBT FTW! 🙂

  34. MommaMackie says:

    I showed the first pic to my cat-loving youngest son. He just mutely pulled out his wallet and held it at the screen! I’m so pleased that I raised a young man with the proper priorities……..

  35. flutter-by says:

    Very late getting on to donate to this worthy cause, but had to see the itty bitties with their widdle fones one moar time!

  36. I would of grabbed up all of those kitties on the spot after those pictures were taken and give them all a loving home 😀

  37. Noelegy says:

    *knock knock knock* MEOW!
    *knock knock knock* MEOW!
    *knock knock knock* MEOW!

  38. Obsdiius says:

    More like “opurrrrrators are standing by!”

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    Das eeez gutte!!!

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY for tha Kid!!!!

    *pompoms flailing madly*

  41. Calliope says:

    Donated! I love Sheldon.

  42. this pic made my life!!!! :0