can i haz it nao?

can i haz it nao?
can I haz
can I
okay you can eat it

Brilliant caption by Rara1pm3t over on YouTubes. Wow, two Quality Foraged Links featured in ONE DAY. Thanks, Ant.



  1. Cute and important. Teaches impulse control and like good training build a bond between owner and pet.

    Well done!


  2. Such a good puppy! I love how worried her little face looks–it’s like she’s afraid to take her eyes off of the treats or they might disappear. Sweet thing.

  3. Shweet!

  4. hrhqueencat says:

    we used to do this with our “fierce” German Shepherd;

    the poor boy sat there and drooooled till the magic word was spoken;

    R.I.P. Sasha

  5. Theresa says:
  6. Good boy!

  7. random dog person says:

    i envy this pet owner.

    this dog is more obedient than mine, and a bit cuter.

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Wait Watchers participant remembers to paws before eating.

  9. Oh, good pup!

    Good owner, too. I’d be feeding that little guy right off my own plate with a baby spoon. ❤

  10. I can’t imagine being able to resist that sad puppy look, I’d give him the whole bag of treats.

  11. victoreia says:

    [golf clap]

  12. victoreia says:

    Such self-control! (And I’m talking about the owner, resisting those mournful puppy-eyes!)

  13. i’m dying. that was so cute. *warm fuzzies*

  14. Victoria says:

    Oh, how adorable! It reminds me of the puppy version of The Marshmallow Test, especially the blond kid who crams both marshmallows in his mouth at the end. 🙂

  15. SheepishKitty says:

    My german shepherd, wolfgang, cheats at that game. I put a biscuit on his nose and told him to hold it. He in the course of time…slowly and unnoticeablely tilt his head down, till the biscuit slides off his nose, and he chumps on it the moment it hits the floor. I had to make sure to say “don’t move”… but even that doesn’t stop him all of the time. He knows he is cheating too.

  16. elishab. says:

    O.K. two of my dog’s favorite words. Good boys!!!!

  17. I like the mini-realizations that seem to be occurring over and over… “Hmm… not much going on here… FOOD!!!!…. hm… not much going on here…. FOOD!!!…. hm… not much going on here… HEY WAIT THERE’S FOOD ON MY PAW!!!” *munch*

  18. CrankyAmy says:

    Smart puppy has silly human snowed. . .

  19. Oh those sweet puppy eyes. That furry puppy head!! ack. ded.

  20. I call shenanigans: Rara1pm3t doesn’t exist 😦

  21. Oh wait…. never mind *blush*

  22. Me too! I kept saying, “Aww, but he looks so sad!”

  23. SheepishKitty says:

    too smart for his own good. ^__^;

  24. wow… Did you see his facial expression? Cute lil pooch

  25. i love that story

  26. ThirdShift says:

    OMG this is the MEANEST! DAD! EVER! That thing is kibbles it’s not even treats! Run away puppy, run away from this horrible Dickensian home. You know what your future holds if you stay: the kibble on the nose horror.

  27. I could never train my pets to do this coz they would HAVE me at the droopy face. I always end up giving extra treats!

  28. Her eyes broke my heart! I’m such a sucker for puppy eyes!

  29. I love that one moment about halfway through “Oh no, I wasn’t going to eat it…..nope… it was just that my nose was itchy. That’s it. Just needed to rub my nose.”

  30. The Brows of Sweet Longing

  31. earlybird1 says:

    ROFL! I love that one!

  32. This is how I eat all my meals! I leave it on my paw for a while.

  33. Andi from NC says:


  34. Andi from NC says:


  35. hahaha

    such a cute face – like “pleassseeeeee??!?!”

  36. love the ‘brows!

  37. Oh my…I’d be the kind of parent who would do that to my kid at random times, I’m just mean like that. My methods of child rearing would include a rolled-up newspaper and squirt bottle. As I tell my coworkers, who bemoan the silliness of their children, “I’ll just stick with dogs, they’re easier to train”.

  38. Such a cute widdle puppeh.

  39. Bahhhhhhhh sooooo cute! Can’t believe my guys were that small once and how much he looks like one of our retrievers when she was a baby. Of course any food within a 2 mile radius would have been gone in seconds at our place…but still!
    Well done Pup, well done.

  40. Jimbeaux says:

    I’m so glad this got posted; someone sent me an edited version of the video that didn’t have the ending! I was left wondering if poor little mcpuppersons ever got his treats!

  41. dawwwwwww 😀 i want a stuffie version of that puppy

  42. so adorable!

    I’ve taught this trick to my dog but I put it on his nose. Sometimes he just doesn’t feel like cooperating and will just tilt his head down before I give him the OK. But when he does go along with it, he stays frozen like a statue, sometimes even lifting a front paw in the air (maybe this helps with balance? haha who knows).

  43. Or is he too smart for your own good. 😀

  44. When we had Rocky in puppy training, they explained that this is a good thing to teach dogs because dogs don’t always know what isn’t good for them and would otherwise snap up all sorts of “treats.”

  45. mplsdeb says:

    OMG that could so be my Lucy….buggy eyes and all.
    As for the puppy, my heart melted. That furrowed brow…so worried those nummy morsels were going to walk away.

  46. marthava says:

    LOL! Me too!

  47. thumbs down.

  48. SheepishKitty says:

    yeah that! definitely that!

  49. SheepishKitty says:

    except one time, i put a treat on the floor,and told him to wait. and some thing good came up on TV and I promptly forgot about it. ten or fifteen minute later, I hear this soft long whine sound. I look down at him and said ” i already gave you a treat!” upon closer examination, i saw that same treat still on the ground, and drool dripping off his mouth. I was like “OMG! Sorry wolfgang! go ahead! go ahead!!!”

  50. kodalai says:

    Oh, the eyes at 0:33! I want to snuggle her so much!

  51. I love how after the 2nd “No” he rubs his nose on his arm like “What? I was just scratchin my nose! I wasn’t gonna do nothin!”

  52. RIP handsome boy;(

  53. Poor sad puppy eyes.

    The thing is, he looks just about as sad afterward!

  54. juggle geese says:

    Should i be nuffing ;)? Cause that is most certainly puppy torture.

  55. What a smart little dog, he going to be a good dog when he grows up

  56. JRT lover says:

    If I tried that with M&Ms and my nephew it would never work.

  57. muttluver says:

    That’s one of my favorite posts, right thar.

  58. Georgiabelle says:

    He was probably still sad because there were only two. I found myself shouting at the screen, “You’re not going to give him MORE?!”

  59. 6Rabbits says:

    Obviously, this adorable puppy’s owner has been channeling “It’s Me or the Dog” trainer, Victoria Stilwell!

  60. Biscuit Tin says:

    A cat in the same situation: [Eats treats.] “Leave it? Bwhahahahahaha! Man, you ALWAYS bring the funny. ‘Leave it.’ Heh, you slay me. Seriously though, make with the treats. I’m waiting. And I don’t want to have to go upside your head.”

  61. CuteObsessed says:

    when i looked into his eyes, it was like my heart was melting from the cuteness!

    and then there’s his obedience…i would have fed him till he was bursting just because he’s so well trained!

  62. Very impressive! That really takes a lot of self control both from the puppy and the person. I would definitely have a hard time doing this with that puppy because that face would get me every time. I was rooting for the puppy the whole video, hoping that the got to eat it soon. Then at the end when he got to eat it, I was like “Yay!”

  63. JessJess says:

    Total thumbs down.