Oh, It’s… Lovely. No, Really.

What unusual housewarming gifts, you guys.

I was just telling Joyce here that what we really needed was a sneezing tissue box, a gun-shaped dog leash, and a wind-up Michelangelo throw pillow that plays “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

Before you nuff: 1. Yes, we know the dog isn’t really smiling; 2. We don’t know if the dog does this often, or if this is just a lucky snap; 3. Please do not make accusations of mistreatment unless you have specific information about the dog and its situation.



  1. ElishaB. says:

    And as they say, pet owners will start to look like their pets………

  2. hilarious.
    a smile to start your day.

  3. Love the pre-emptive nuff-snuffing!

  4. Melanie says:

    My brothers dog does this too – his lip gets caught up on his teeth and he walks around “smiling” while we all laugh ourselves silly!

  5. tracylee says:

    baaahhh haha ahahahahh! (and so on)

    (ps I hope y’all don’t have to start doing that disclaimer after every post, just ‘cus of a few eedjits)

  6. tracylee says:

    also – is puppers here named Stanley? he looks like a Stanley.

  7. army_kitten says:

    I have made this exact face too many times to count. I’m a terrible person to buy gifts for… (>_<)

  8. Oh my, what big teeth you have, Grandma!

  9. mrsgilmore says:

    That is actually a pretty standard Weimaraner face. They can be the goofiest of pups.

  10. I’ve seen that expression on family members! Wait. Hmmm, wonder what that says about my gifts…

  11. Rachael says:

    I refuse to believe that dog isn’t smiling! He knows it, I know it, and that crazy a** woman in the picture knows it.

    And I suspect this adorabuhl furkid is very well loved indeed.

  12. WendyLady says:

    Love, love, love this pic! 😀 That is one happeh puppeh! 😀 Definitely a desktop worthy shot.

  13. Years ago I had a greyhound who would make that same expression. It was hilarious, but apparently rescued greyhounds are known for ‘smiling’… and don’t tell me they aren’t happy!

  14. April's NaNa says:

    I lost my Weimer when she was 15 and she even smiled the day before she died. She had a very loving heart and was more “human” than a few humans I have known. Oh, and this one is a QT too!

  15. can I ’nuff the disclaimer? Because I think most dog owners will tell you doggies *can* and do smile.

    And this is one happy pup!

  16. My little terrier griiiiiiins. He isn’t really smiling, but he does make the face at people whom he really, really, really wants to impress. It’s his most ingratiating possible expression. So, I think it kind of is like smiling it’s way, and this dog probably does the same thing!

    Also, I’m trying to decide what a person would have to do to make a dog make that face, and why anyone would consider such a thing mistreatment. I mean, even the human had just moments before gotten done pulling on her dog’s lips, is that somehow cruel? I shmoosh my dogs’ faces all the time. I pull on their lips and flap their ears and play with their face wrinkles. And they *like* it.

  17. tracylee says:

    if yours was anything like mine is… retirement is awesome and Speedy McHamhocklegs probably can’t stop grinning!

  18. Cynthia Ann Tanner says:

    Smile and the whole world smiles with you.

  19. Theresa says:

    Ah, someone besides me does all their shopping @ Archie McPhee. 😛

  20. creepiest thing everrr.
    but funny 🙂

  21. goggie has a bad case of Present Face

  22. Teefies. 🙂

  23. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Nuffin’ here to nuff about. This looks like one very funny dog with great sense of humor and people who know it.

  24. Why have no one called matchingks yet?!

  25. kristina says:

    I agree with the first two people!!
    I think the dog is just poking fun at its owner! Imitating her look!

  26. kibblenibble says:

    Seriously? Then I need to get aquainted with some weimies…fast! 🙂

  27. I Haz a Funny Bone says:

    Totally agree about the disclaimer. For myself, anyway, I’d rather see nuffs get handled in the comments than have to see such a disclaimer with every post that might get nuff’ed. However, perhaps our kindly moderators take care of a lot of the poison before we see it, so this may be an attempt to save some of that work. (Thanks mods!)

  28. We used to call it the “Poster Child Smile.” So fake, but so well-intentioned. If he were being mistreated, I doubt that he’d be sitting on the couch with his mistress with those relaxed ears.

  29. it was your turn

  30. My greyhound would do that too! It was both goofy & terrifying because greyhounds are so toothy! She’d pull back her lips and show all her teeth & start to “chatter” whenever she was very happy or excited (like if you said the words, “car ride”).

  31. Look mom, no cavities!

  32. It’s certainly not how dogs normally express happiness, but I’m willing to believe it’s a deliberate “happy human” impression.

  33. That Guy says:

    Have you ever heard of smile dog? I immediately thought of it when I saw this picture, just so creepy.

  34. If he isn’t smiling…what is it? Gas? 😉

  35. I’m wondering what it says about your relatives!


  36. Oh, I loved the chatter! They’re such beautiful, graceful, sweet, comical couch potatoes! I’ve been ‘found’ by an assortment of mutts before and since, but none ever exhibited those mannerisms, and to this day I smile just thinking about those toothy grins and that weird chatter!

  37. Heather S. says:

    It’s just gas….

  38. Aaaaahn! Weimaraner Smiling!

    I am ded of teh qte.

    My Hazel does this; I’ve even got a picture of her on my old phone making this face. It’s often accompanied by the “satellite-dish ears”, where her ears are turned inside-out so you can see the pink inner surface framing her pretty face.

    Also, it is correct to say that this is not a purely canine expression – most dogs that exhibit this do it because they are imitating their humans, & use this facial expression to greet people, but not other dogs.

    Anyway, we were long overdue for some Weims on CuteOverload, & this cutie does not disappoint! ^o^

  39. Re: the footnote-
    It doesn’t look like a natural expression for a dog at all, but neither does it look particularly angry or upset. What kind of ‘mistreatment’ would produce an expression like this?

  40. Hmmm….I too need clarification regarding the “Before you nuff” comment. Why on earth would anyone get the idea this doggie is being mistreated???

  41. May we nuff about the gun leash? That is truly idiotic, and the pictures of the folks pointing it at their dogs freak me out.

  42. tracylee says:

    mine pulls her cheeks back, too, and ‘smiles’ like a labrador, squinty eyes and all – it’s darling 🙂

  43. Heather says:

    Dogs absolutely smile, and that is exactly what this one is doing. I have a Yorkie that smiles all the time. Sure, it’s not as… pleasant looking as a human smile, but it’s a smile none-the-less. So cute!

  44. Hmmm . . . I am puzzling over the editorial disclaimer. What about a smiling woman and a crazy-cute dog would make even a nuffer “make accusations of mistreatment”?

    Oh, wait . . . she is TOTALLY not sharing her blanket!

  45. Heehee . . . somehow I knew that comment would land me in moderation limbo.

  46. Countess says:

    Pudding face!!

    Who says dogs don’t smile? Mine does all the time, especially when a walk is imminent. Maybe not quite as goofy as this, but a smile is a smile, people!

  47. Looks like a high school yearbook picture.

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    That’s where my mind went, as well!!

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    D’awwwwww sweetness story.

    My condolences on your beloved pup.

  50. Fird Birfle says:

    ….I dunno, Hannibal Lecter slurping his lips over some chianti and fava beans might have been jist a BIT creepier ……but I’ll give ya this one anyhow 🙂

  51. Good nuffers don’t need factual “evidence” to back up accusations of mistreatment. They get by on hysteria and noise, mostly.

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    Gigi THAT’s GREAT!!!

    Now, tell us what you think of the puppy pic !!!!

    (hehe Gigi has no cavities!!! 🙂 )

  53. *This* is why I hate having my picture taken.

    Except that I would have my eyes closed, too.

  54. tracylee says:

    oh, and Senator…
    love your suit.


  55. Argh! I got so used to the thumbs up/down widget and now it frustrates me so that I can’t give ya a thumbs up, Gigi! In any case, yer little comment cracked me up (as does the puppers)! 🙂

  56. Fird Birfle says:

    **I started a’wanderin’ around the Net, to locate a particular dog photo …. and
    ka-BLAM if the Innernet, di-unt provide the link/ item below, instead.
    I”M IN LOVE !!! CLICK NOW and see my fiance(e)!!!

  57. ElishaB. says:

    WooWee….that’s one good lookin’ dude and he’s happy too!

  58. I used to have a rottie who’s upper lip would curl into a smile every time someone came to the house that she liked. ( Angel like everybody) Yes, it was a little scary the first time a new comer would see it until they looked at her back end & realized she was wiggling her little tail stump . (not to mention the whole back half of her) Besides it was a little hard to be scared of her when she would push her nose between your knees & stand there until you to scratched her butt / back above her tail.

  59. Theresa says:

    My favorite smiling dog belongs to a local pet food store. He’s a lab-German shepherd mix, and snoozes behind the counter, and occasionally emerges, standing on his hind legs, and leaning on the counter with his front paws, with a bright, doggy “Can I help you?” grin. It’s a hilarious, adorable sight.

  60. I agree completely. I thought that part was just a joke, but then I looked it up, talk about creepy!

  61. Mine does the same thing! LOL looks like they have a huge smiley grin on their mugs, its the funniest thing ever.

  62. Pretty sure NOMTOM was just having us on.

  63. THIS.IS.THE.BEST !!!! OMG- what a face- from BOTH owner and dog !

  64. My best friend had a doberman that used to ah…ahem “grin” when we got home. Cute but scary.

    But Silver the cat now has a happy face! Her “boy” moved back home after being gone for almost a year.

  65. Not my fault, I think in commercials, to much television I guess. 😀

  66. Fird Birfle says:


  67. Fird Birfle says:

    scoffs at the combination of the terms “good” & “nuffers” 🙂

  68. Angela W says:

    It’s not quite as exaggerated as this smile, but my Aussie makes just a tiny little smile when I open the cabinet where her treats are!

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    Also — it looks as though these two got their Holiday Sweateuws for their gifts,
    last year!!! ……Are Stacey London & Clinton Kelly anywhere nearby ???

  70. Fird Birfle says:

    (I was just tryin’ to be playful; nothing unkind intended, y’know?)

  71. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    About the “pre-nuff agreement” below the picture: I apologize to anyone confused or annoyed by it. I was recalling a video I captioned a while back with a similar smiling dog, which generated a lot of nuffing. Perhaps this photo isn’t as similar as I thought, or maybe I still don’t have a good instinct for what sets some readers off.

    Anyway, the disclaimer was just an experiment, and totally my idea, and I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.

  72. This is also what is known as a sh*t-eating grin. :mrgreen:

  73. “…when she would push her nose between your knees & stand there until you to scratched her butt / back above her tail.”

    Oh good lord, all of my rottweilers have done exactly that. Tri does it constantly. It really annoys guests. Especially accompanied by all the puffing and snorting and rumbling sounds. They all say, “What is he DOING?!” and I say, “He wants you to scratch his butt.” “…are you kidding?”

  74. CUTE! I had a dalmatian who “smiled” like that…it’s a breed trait. :oD

  75. My dog smiles – not as good as this one, but she does. Everytime I come home. It is a definite smile!

  76. LLOL NOMTOM… I don’t think there is any way to tell when a picture will get nuffed… sometimes they seem to just have anger issues and nuff on the most innocent of pictures.. and once one person does it… others seem to jump on board…. I think of it as similar to the traffic issue.. I used to live and commute in San Jose California and driving would go like this on day one everyone is more or less obeying the rules and driving is a more or less relaxed experience, this goes on for about another day then people start being more careless and things get tenser until blammo accidents every where and huge mess followed the next day by everyone being good.

    I think they just can’t help themselves and get their frustration out by nuffing. OR driving like idiots take your pick. 😀

  77. And seeing as how it is a dog . . . 😯

  78. I don’t understand. Why would there be any concern that some people would nuff this picture? What is nuffable about it?

  79. Pre-nuff agreement! LOL!

    I don’t think your instincts are off. Did you see the video of Denver, the “Guilty Dog” who had eaten her kitty-sibling’s treats? She had a similar grin and there were lots of people screeching about how the dog’s facial expression meant that she was abused.

    You pipped the nuffers at the post, and now they’re afraid to say anything! Yay!

  80. 1. This dog is adorable and my pit bull does this to people, which terrifies them, but he is just grinnin’ and wantin’ pets, he only does it when he’s happy, what a doofus rofl

    2. The gun leash is disturbing and I can imagine it getting the cops called on you when people thought you were trying to shoot your dog!

    3. Despite this, the hipster hair on the girl with the gun leash is super hot and I think I’m going to do my bangs like that tonight.

  81. Its really scary how much the owner and the dog look alike. I have pugs…oh no!!!

  82. skippymom says:

    Are you suggesting that dogs eat sh*t? Why, how dare you?

  83. Mostly because showing teeth usually means aggression in the animal world. Most dogs I can guess are smiling have their mouth wide open and brightly lit eyes but don’t necessarily show teeth. I would have thought this dog was being aggressive or just giving me a visual warning.

    But looking at the other body language cues, this is just a creepy but funny human imitation. XD

  84. Catsquatch says:

    “Before you nuff:”


    Some dogs have learned to smile as an imitation of their beloved people.

    It is not an indication of happiness or joviality at some joke.

    Their people are their pack, to behave as the pack behaves is to be accepted by the pack.

    Obviously this dogs people smile often enough for him to imitate the action, which probably makes him a very lucky dog.

    There is nothing to nuff here ;D

  85. I mind the nuffing a lot more than I mind the disclaimer, so no objections here. Except perhaps that had there been any excuse to nuff, nuffers would have taken it regardless of the disclaimer. They would not let something like a disclaimer stop them!!

  86. Whoa!

    I used to have a white-with-brown-spots Pound Puppy(flashbaaaack!) named Stanley. She was great 😛

    Yer awesome 🙂

  87. Seeing this I can only think of Sid from the Ice Age movies.

  88. doylecat says:

    When I worked in a kennel we used to have to write “smiles” on their ID card so that people would know they weren’t showing their teeth in aggression. I agree it is weird the first time you see it, but once you know about it, not so weird. It is actually a submissive gesture. Don’t know how showing teeth can be both aggressive AND submissive, but I guess the rest of the body language is the clue as to which one it is.

  89. I definitely pronounced that “weemies” in my head when I read this.

  90. nooo D:

  91. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa:
    …ok, the website seems pretty clevaire bu’ ….I seem to have again missed a segue. Smiling doggehs …..to a webpage with cotton-candy mints??

    “eez a puzzlement….”

  92. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa, part Deux.

    OH I got it — the person who bought the doggeh and woman a gift, got it at A McP’s .

    (Emily Litella: “Never mind”).

  93. Reminds me of watching the Westminster Dog Show one year. In the sporting group, a little German shorthaired pointer’s erm, nerves got the better of him, and he um, left kind of a trail behind him. Poor doggy looked mortified, and the crowd went wild. Announcer guy said, “Well . . . it is a dog show.”

  94. In the winter, we called them poopcicles. Go get the doggie toothbrush.

  95. S’Funny you should mention that;
    My goofy Lab does the same thing; then I smile back at him the same way….
    and then it’s pretty much a Mexican standoff. 🙄

  96. Our rat terrier chattered her teeth when she was overly excited it! W laughed uncontrollably at her when she did it. Love the teeth chatter!

  97. Jessica says:

    “Heheh, she won’t be smiling for very long once she smells eet…”

  98. Brandi7920 says:

    I thought your disclaimer was hilarious, it’s the whole reason I jumped into the comments!

  99. ElishaB. says:


  100. Noelegy says:

    I was going to call it “prenuffery” but I like yours better!

    Gorgeous silly Weimaraner grin!

  101. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa: did he win the Best Dog of Show??


  102. Noelegy says:

    Indeed they are!

    We have a Weimie staying with us on a semi-permanent basis; her people have moved into a new house which doesn’t have a fenced-in backyard yet, so she’s happily mixing it up with our dogs.

    Her tail was unfortunately cropped a bit short, so when she wags, which is often because she’s a goofily happy dog, she wags her whole butt! 🙂

  103. victoreia says:

    Sort of like political fanatics?

  104. Fird Birfle says:

    “It’s a gas, gas, gas….”

    apologies to Mick & co.

  105. Noelegy says:

    Spotted on a Chevy HHR this morning: a license plate frame reading, “My Rescued Greyhound Is Cuter Than Your Honor Student!”

  106. They must eat a lot of dog bones to have such clean white teeth.

    The dog I mean.

  107. Noelegy says:

    My favorite Hannibal Lecter story…apparently Sir Anthony attended a premiere of “Hannibal” and leaned forward during the credits and inquired of someone in front of him, in his Hannibal voice, how they liked the film. 🙂

  108. Noelegy says:

    So, Roketto, you would agree with my dad when he says, “Ain’t nothing finer than a Weimaraner ear?” 😀

  109. Agree-I’m not understanding the preemptive nuff-snuffing.

  110. Noelegy says:

    Our guest-Weimie does that!

  111. The woman in the pic is almost as funny as the dog. Her expression says, “Yeah . . . that’s my dog. We’re so proud.”

  112. Miranda says:

    I have a chug (pug/chihuahua mix) that “smiles” just like this when I scratch a certain part of his neck.

  113. Heeheehee!

  114. Copperbat says:

    This is called “grinning”. Some breeds are more prone to be grinners than others. It’s an expression of submission or adoration for most dogs, and is not the same expression as a snarl. We had a beautiful Aussie that grinned. Cute. ❤

  115. Heather S. says:

    I have chihuahua’s that are quite fat. The oldest one is just fat enough and just wrinkly enough that when she yawns, some of her skin gets “stuck” on her teeth on one side. Totally looks like a side smile.
    Also, when my oldest chihuahua had baby chichi’s, she had two black ones. One skinny and one naturally fat. The naturally fat one would get so excited when you picked him up, I could hold him with both hands, one under each front leg and he would close his eyes and smile just slightly. No teeth but the corners of his mouth would turn up. I knew it was because he loved me and was happy to see me.

  116. I used to dogsit for a sweet Golden gal (now gone to the Rainbow Bridge…*snif*) who would wag so hard I told her I was worried that her butt was going to fall off.

    And a couple German Shorthair Pointer guys that I still sit for occasionally are hilarious when their little tail stubs get a-goin’.

  117. Any kind of fanatic, really…

  118. *ahem*

    *puts on fake nuffer hat*

    Why would you sit back and smile while this dog is clearly in some sort of PAIN? It’s clear that his stomach is bothering him, what are they FEEDING him? They must be HORRIBLE people to be amused at his discomfort! Nuff! nuff! nuff! Nuff!

    *takes off hat and runs*

  119. Ladybug says:

    Our yellow lab does that, too! Always makes me laugh, especially when my boyfriend always narrates: “Docking completed. Commence affection.”

  120. You know, I hadn’t even looked at it, but I took a gander when I saw your comment.

    It is rather disturbing, isn’t it?

    Unfortunately my boyfriend saw it on my screen and said, “Awesome!” o_O

    I will definitely keep an eye on him. No way is he putting my sweet husky on a gun leash!

  121. I used to have a 3 legged Yorkie with the cutest underbite. He LOVED people, and whenever someone came in the house, he’d run up to them, sit “pretty” and pull his lip back into a doggie-smile, made all the weirder for his underbite!

    To someone who had never met him, he looked like he was about to nom your ankles, but he just wanted to say hi and maybe get some ear skritches!

  122. @mrsgillmore I echo your thoughts. Our foster weim had some funny smiles. Even better is smiling weim while running. That caused hysterical laughter.

  123. Copperbat says:

    Not true, Miyu. Lots of dogs grin and it has nothing to do with fear or aggression. My dog used to grin so hard when she was showing affectionate submission that she’d start sneezing. I have read that it may actually be a “kiss-kiss” expression. Dogs and wolves often greet each other by exposing teeth and gums for their packmates to lick. It’s really a very sincere gesture of acceptance and submission, and I think it’s kind of sad that it’s so similar to a snarl that it gets misinterpreted by humans.

  124. dawnkeyotie says:

    Are people nuffing the pre-emptive nuffnuffing disclaimer??? Cuz if you hadn’t pre-empted, they’d be nuffing. I gawruntee.

  125. That’s the best smiling dog I’ve seen in a long time and I love Ms.Proudbutslightlyembarrassed owner.

  126. Pix or it didn’t happen!!! plz plz plz

  127. Theresa says:

    Oh that Tony! What a scalawag!

  128. I know, I know, no offence taken. Just trying to explain why the bad joke. Will I ever learn?

  129. sara-bell says:

    Oddly enough, my Siamese/surprise cat will “smile” at me too. But he does it with mouth wide open like a yawn.

  130. I think it’s just the teeth that we mostly misinterpret, like I just did. I knew about the belly flop and some basic submission/trust signs… but licking teeth? That’s… interesting. The more you know, I guess! 😀

    I can just imagine the grin-sneeze and what I had in mind was devastatingly cute! OMGHEYYOU’REBAC–THCOOO *snoorrfff*

  131. “naturally fat” made me giggle 🙂

  132. You forgot the puddin’…scurries in and sits down with a big bowl of puddin’ to wait for the nuffers. I’ll share.

  133. My family’s lab/terrier mix used to “grin” when we came home. She’d wake up, emerge from my room, and come down the stairs not alternating legs (like a toddler learning how to do stairs) grinning with one side of her mouth and wagging her tail furiously. It cracked us up every time!

  134. I think Weimie and his mom are very happy!

  135. Yes, he is really smiling and he does it all the time.

  136. spaceaged says:

    It looks to me like the doggy is crunching on a biscuit or treat!

  137. Walking E says:

    One word: “Derp!”

  138. Hey Nomtom, LOVED the pre-nuffing disclaimer !
    I really appreciated the attempt to keep things on a happy note.

  139. When your rotties do that to guys do the guys have to (a-hem)
    “stay on their toes” to avoid pain ? Angel used to have this lovely little habit of lifting her head at the right/wrong time & would cause people to get on their tippy toes to avoid “singing soprano” for a while.
    She did this to everybody so it wasn’t like she was “aiming ” with the guys but it was something we had to warn everyone about.

  140. Grinning like a Cheshire…. ¿dog?

  141. My parents’ dog, Bella, does this. She’s half lab half English bulldog, so she’s got a lab snout but a bulldog underbite. She also has big floppy bulldog leeps and they get stuck on said underbite all the time, so she just sits there grinning like an idiot. It’s adorable.

  142. hrhqueencat says:

    at my place, we call them “toothy-pegs”

  143. That’s a *puddin face* if I ever saw one!

  144. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My lab smiles when he makes us laugh. Then he gets this sly look and does whatever he just did again. This is how we accidentally taught him the command “bite daddy.” It’s different from our lurcher’s grovel smile.

    Then again, the lab smile may be encoded in their genes. They were bred for friendliness, and what characteristics make a dog seem friendly?

  145. Fird Birfle says:

    I get the purpose, entirely. Early disclosure and a wispy hope to place nuffers “en garde” before they would get all riled-up. …

  146. Okay, like the disclaimer says, “the dog isn’t smiling…” and it does look more like the lips are stuck above the teeth, BUT my grandma’s old dog used to do this when she would get REALLY excited. She would start snorting and wiggling her stiff, little, stumpy body, and her mouth would get all foamy and it was just the bizarre scrunchy-face dance with a lot of vocalizations. She would only do it when she would see certain favorite grandkids who she didn’t get to see every day, or if my grandma would come back after a weekend away. She did it every since she was a wee lass. I sure do miss that little mongrel. We luffs yoose, meggalous.

  147. Show us !!!

  148. Our little terrier griiiiiined, too, hysterical, wish we hadn’t made her so comfy with us she only ingratiated herself with ‘strangers’, namely family and friends she adored, or any suckers, er, dog-lovers who came by. And have fun makin’ faces with your doggies, as long as they don’t do the same back you’re SAFE! ;D And that Weimie grin is a hoot! Best full Hollywood grin evar!

  149. LOLOL

  150. Yep. My friends had a retriever that when they would get the kennel out for hunting he would go and sit in the kennel with a big smile on his face. He knew where they were going.

  151. LOLOLOL. Aren’t those commercials a hoot.

  152. Dogs smile. They are also very empathetic. If am feeling having a sad day, and am weepy. My dachshund Ricky comes up to me, stares, then cuddles and licks my face as to tell me ‘it’s going to be alrgiht’…pretty soon, it is.
    It’s funny though, if I catch him being silly, I swear he almost blushes.

  153. Adam Lang says:

    They are totally redonk. As Meg might say.
    C.f. the last picture on this page:

  154. My dog (a boston terrier) will get one side of his lip caught in his teeth and walk around looking like he’s giving you a little Elvis lip-curl. I like to sing You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog to him…even if he isn’t a hound. =P

  155. My sweet whippty pup chatters when he’s excited, too! Melts my heart every time. :o)

  156. Bunkeh Rabbets says:

    My black labraguts (also over the RB ) actually broke her tail twice, and dislocated it many times, from excess wagging. Her vet said labs do it so often they should come with tail-guards!

  157. ratchic says:

    My dog kinda gets a lower tooth grin when he’s wide eyed and anticipating a treat. I was thinking in many of the ‘not really smiling’ pics or videos the dogs are showing both upper canines and lower teeth, and snarling (quivering lipages?) Most of the happy, goofy, lips stuck ‘smiles’ are lower teeth.

  158. My Welsh Corgi did that as well, although it was more of a “stand between the calves” than a “stand between the knees” position. Hehe.

  159. Quiet Desperation says:

    Hmmm. Kitten with splush penguin. Aw. Baby ox. Aw. Armadillo. Aw. ZOMG! EVIL POSSESSED DOG! (passes out)

  160. My parents dog “smiles” on command. Lower teeth only, like this dog.
    She knows its the absolute thing my dad can’t resist when begging at the dinner table, and she must have picked up the word smiling.
    (Don’t worry, she’s not fat or unhealthy, dad keeps a portion of her food at the dinnertable to give her when she is begging)

  161. bob drummond says:

    I can imagine the woman turning around and seeing Tony’s face and letting out a sceam.!!!

  162. Yes! I was hoping someome would know what I was taking about! Haha! Txs! 😀

  163. When I was a kid, we had a coonhound that would smile like that. She only did it when she was really excited, like when I got home from school. As soon as I walked through the door, she’d be grinning like that, wiggling all over, and schnerting up a storm.

  164. My beloved Squeak (long over the Rainbow Bridge) believed I supplied kitty latrines JUST so she could supplement her diet. Me Da and I preferred not to think of it as *eating* (since she was well fed with all sorts of good goggie fare) but rather as “box lunching”, “sh*t snacking”, “t*rd burgling” and other descriptions. Suffice to say her kisses could be really Eeeeewwwwww!

  165. Yes, I would agree. There is nothing softer! ^_____^ I love stroking Hazel’s ears, but if I accidentally tickle her she gets annoyed & goes “flapflapflap” & turns them into lethal weapons. :^( Those things sting for being so silky…

  166. My pibble does that too…since she’s got a gigantic mouth she looks like the Cheshire Cat.

  167. GAHH That was way too creepy to be putting on cute overload D: !!!!! holy cow!