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Uh, yes, I’m looking for a copy of the album Mellow Moods for Modern Mousers by seminal be-bop greats Shep Hep and the Hep-cats, and that would be the original 1972 Decca pressing and not the vastly inferior 1977 picture-disc reissue by Snortz Records, which was marred not only by shoddy sound quality but by the almost criminal omission of the B-side “Hairball Blues,” regarded by many aficionados as the quintessential expression of modern arbity nargle freebitz krangle floop… (etc.)

From Cats in Ties (and occasionally knit caps)


  1. I have dated and am still acquainted with many dudes who talk just like this cat.

    Just shuddering a little right now… ;)

  2. tracylee says:

    uh huh… me too

  3. Sheepish? Me too. It’s baaaaaaaahd.

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    @ PJ: send one of ’em (non-smoking, and pref., non-drinking please) over to NE Fla, ok? I find this dude quite endearing and can banter hip vinyl in some circles …. There’s a Greyhound station, not far from here …. I’ll meet him there.

  5. Is it still okay if he’s not stripey-marmalade though?

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    Well, send ‘im over, on review. Of course, stripey-marmalade *would* have enhanced his value on the market, you understand ….

  7. victoreia says:

    Stripey-marmalade always enhances market value!

  8. I was thinking, with eyes like this, I don’t care what he’s saying, I’ll just “drown” all night.

  9. starling says:

    I met one in the magazine shop the other day, he was ranting about the Thor movie, and how it was all wrongggg, and how Thor did this, and should do that, and he came from there, and …

  10. Yeah, I’ll be like that about the movie “Constantine.” The subject’s better off avoided altogether, believe me.

  11. Hahahaha!

    He looks like something out of a cartoon.

  12. Chicken Little? http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b73/sonia_huizi/blogchickenlittle.jpg

    Those whiskers by the way, are absolutely wonderful.

  13. Me, Echo! says:

    I’m really serious!I-I really mean it!I-huh?NO!!! I am not joking! I just-*Snort*–OK–fine-*heehee, snort*- this has been an entire joke.Gotcha!*heehee snort*!

  14. I…saw a guy today wearing exactly this.

  15. tracylee says:

    “and I ONLY listen to my albums on vinyl…. never mind, it’s really obscure, you probably haven’t heard of it.”

  16. My first car had an 8-track player. I owned four 8-tracks that I listened to over and over again: Steve Miller Band “Book of Dreams,” Joe Walsh “But Seriously Folks,” Styx “Styx II” and Boston “Don’t Look Back.” I kept the 8-tracks after we sold the car, because I’d inherited my big brother’s stereo (with turntable, of course!) and it had an 8-track deck.

    Those things lasted FOREVER. I don’t know why the medium became obsolete. Well, I guess because I never saw a portable 8-track player, and cassette players were nifty because they were portable.

  17. Whuh? What’d I say to get bounced into the moderation lounge?

  18. Fird Birfle says:

    (heh heh)

    prolly “eight-track” :)

  19. paulajeanne says:

    Gleep! All of a sudden, what rushed into my mind was a vision, of Harry Potter done entirely by kittehs!

  20. Hairy Purr-er and the Philosopher’s Scratchpost?

  21. Ali-baba says:

    Don’t forget Hairy Purrer and the Prisoner of Aaaaccckaban! Or my fave- the final movie; Hairy Purrer and the Deathly Hairballs ;-)

  22. brinnann says:

    *attempts to give Ali elebenty thumbs up*

  23. Outstanding post, NTMTOM. And even more hilarious photo. I love how big the eyes are.

  24. Agree! OMG Not That Mike The Other Mike – your intro is hilarious! And so true!

  25. Agree! OMG Not That Mike The Other Mike – your intro is hilarious! And so typical!

  26. *derp*

  27. All that’s missing are the skinny jeans.

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    They’re below the photo edge, that’s all.

  29. And an unnecessary scarf.

  30. I saw a girl the other day in the Texas heat with the Unnecessary Scarf(tm). I don’t get it; the back of my neck is the first place I get overheated.

  31. A deleted scene from “High Fidelity.”

  32. wuyizidi says:

    It’s not shown in this picture, but he’s also carrying one of those portable players so he can verify the quality of the disc in question. Also he’d be wearing gloves so he could closely examine the disc for tiny scratches without introducing any of his own.

  33. Copperbat says:

    I was into Shep Hep before he started Hep Cats. I have a rare vinyl of his early days in a purely experimental session called Strat Catch Quartet. After that, I felt his sound was too imitative.

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    Whoa, man, like, you’re, so INCREDIBLY deep!!!!
    Most folks don’t know much about Shep’s early days, man…. !!!

  35. brinnann says:

    “Strat Catch Quartet”
    :lol: Skimming over that, I read “Scratch Cat Quartet.”

  36. Brown Suga' says:

    Brinnan, I read EXACTLY the same thing!!!

  37. and SO commercial, too.

  38. Forgot to add * adjusts glasses, tilts nose in air*

  39. wuyizidi says:

    Ah, the ultimate backhanded complement: “I’m a huge fan of your early work!”.

  40. His eyes went bad from so many years of reading those record labels. And he wears that cap all the time because he’s going bald, you know. He’s so self-conscious. Just shave your head and wear an earring, I said! But no, he doesn’t think he can pull that style off. He thinks he would have to do it ironically, but blah blah blah blah ;)

  41. Francesca says:

    Oh tiny hipster cat.. I love your adorable pretentiousness that makes me want to smack humans.

  42. jlamusings says:

    Yes! Except in kitteh’s case, it just makes me want to hug him and smooch him!

  43. Modern arbity nargle freebitz krangle floop to you, too, pal! :P

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    To quote La Therese (and a few other people, before her adoption of the term):

    “Word.” “What YOU said.”

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    OK, ok, I give.

    THIS post in all its cat-nerdiness, finally gets to me.
    Where’s the end of the line for NTMTOM/ second-wife wannabes??

  46. victoreia says:

    I think it’s on its second loop around the planet…….

    Somewhere in the middle

  47. I think I have the same number on the NTMTOM waiting list as I do on the mini-giraffe page (somewhere in the 900 thousands).

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    Maybe they’ll both come available at the same time…..then,
    you’ll be in HEAVEN!!!!

  49. Just us two and our mini-giraffe, Ilya for a boy, Zorina for a girl…..You’re right, it would be heavenly!

  50. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: One of my VERY most uber-cool/ uber-nerdiest friends, STILL WEARS ….well, perhaps not this exact same PAIR of eyeglasses …but these exact style frames. However I haven’t managed to convince him of the uber-coolness of retro vinyl collections. He ain’t perfect.

  51. I want some silver cats-eye frames with rhinestones, like my late grandmother used to wear in the 70s.

  52. This is what all the boys and at least half the cats look like in my hipster neighborhood!! SWOON!

  53. Would that be the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC area?

  54. SlaveToCat says:

    First Impression…Woody Allen.

  55. “And can I have a double-mocha single chai with a sprinkle of organic catnip? Thanks!”

  56. For the record I went to my local Starbucks today and it was close. No power!


  57. Fird Birfle says:

    “For the ‘Record'”???????


  58. I smacked mysefl in the face with the unintended pun, go figure!


  59. Esmemeow says:

    Hipster Cat is going to go drink a PBR after his trip to the record store.

  60. wuyizidi says:

    Sigh, should’ve known. Those 19th Century Russian novelist-length whiskers are totally ironic.

  61. Fird Birfle says:


    *fist bump of triumph and glee*

  62. I’m too simple of a person to get bogged down in the details. I’m like: “This album nice. Mel buy at .99 cent sale to play on vintage turntable. Ooo. Pretty. Mel like songs.” The cat is cute, though.

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    Me suggest Mel might like Leonard Cohen.
    Poetry/ Spoken Word/ Minimalist Music.

    Here: http://allmusic.com/artist/leonard-cohen-p1948/biography


    (Sincerely — it’s a possibility! He’s pretty prominent with alternative/ groovy/ hepcat stations & with performers such as Lyle Lovett, etc.
    I could be entirely wrong. )

  64. Ha! Thanks Fird. :)

  65. This reminds me more as a mix of Milhouse from The Simpsons with Buster and Arthur from Arthur.

  66. Lillith says:

    Of course Lil’ Hipster Kitteh got that stylin’ hat at the local thrift store. He’s way cuter than the hipsters that are slowly taking over my building and neighborhood in general. And I mean that in a completely un-ironic way.

  67. wuyizidi says:

    You can always turn that against them – tell them you were way into your building and neighborhood before they made it so mainstream.

  68. The glasses, sock-hat (forget what they’re really called), big eyes, pokey nose…It looks like Arthur Darvill during one of the confidentials!

  69. gary murphree says:

    i have the album you’re looking for. but sorry pal, i’m not letting it go just like that. i MIGHT trade it for the second Cactus album, or a mint condition ‘paperback writer’ picture sleeve. but dont mess with me, i Know what its worth!

  70. BTW, this would be a wonderful entry for a knitted. Just saying…

  71. Fird Birfle says:

    a most astute point!!!

  72. :lol: Oh, man :lol: The things people make kitties wear :lol:

  73. edmundh says:

    I have a new avatar!

  74. Michelle says:

    Thank you for my new wallpaper :)

  75. brinnann says:

    :lol: Ditto!

  76. Is this a Kitteh from the Bay area?

  77. ThirdShift says:

    Do you have a copy of “Thirty Days in the Samarkand Desert with the Duchess of Kent” by A. E. J. Eliott, O.B.E.? No? Never mind. How about “A Hundred and One Ways to Start a Fight” by an Irish gentleman whose name eludes me for the moment …

  78. Fird Birfle says:

    Hoooooo BOY is this a deja vu for me from the Days of Librarianology
    (which, in my case, dated ca. 1986-1998) ….

    FWIW: We also considered changing our shelving system; and to organize all books — rather than fiction/ nonfiction — but instead by their size & color of the jacket …which were the two main attributes which John Q. Citizen generally recalled ….

  79. Yeah, when I worked at a bookstore we had a joke about the customer who doesn’t know the author, doesn’t know the title, but it’s a RED (or blue) book, and the author wrote something else. :)

  80. Ali-baba says:

    Yes! And it was on that shelf/table/display two weeks ago. What d’you mean you don’t know which one I’m talking about?! All of this said while they carry on a cell phone convo with their mother’s uncles first cousin once removed college roomate about how they’re trying to find a book, but this “person” isn’t helping them
    Whew! I feelz betteh! Mebbe I’ll go huff my kittehs earsies… Yea that’s the ticket! :-)

  81. victoreia says:

    I hope that’s the correct prescription he’s got!

  82. Fird Birfle says:


  83. I’m not sure whether it’s the cropping of the image or the angle or the glasses or what, but those eyes look HUGE. It’s like he’s seeing someone he thought was a friend riding a bike with a derailleur or something, and he’s looking on in shock.

  84. Alice Shortcake says:

    JME, you must be referring to a human friend. One of the most soul-wrenching tragedies of a Hipster Cat’s life is that his legs are too short to reach the pedals of a fixed gear bike.

  85. I Haz a Funny Bone says:

    Hover text FTW! Just icing on the cake… ;-)

  86. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’m like that kitten with my music, only I listen to metal so it’s more like “…and then recorded Filosofem right before he went to prison for murdering Mayhem’s guitarist wait why are you running away”

    Also, wanna squeeze dat kitten

  87. Kitten Little!! :)

    He is the most aborable nerdy cat I have ever seen!

  88. I just want to beep the nose!

    Pic made me laugh.

  89. funny, but not real. the glasses and what you see through the lens have been placed.

  90. Yup :) Its pretty good but definitely fake.

  91. Empressgoth says:

    Very Boheiman ..I swear Cats always in style!

  92. I see a little silhouette-o of a cat
    Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

  93. Ali-baba says:

    Send a bolt of lightning, very very frightening! To meeeee! To meeee! To meeeeow! ;-)

  94. Ali-baba says:

    Thunderbolt & lightening, I mean!
    Modern arbity nargle freebitz krangle floop! And a bag of chips!

  95. Maribeth says:

    I love the subtle sage green cap with marmie flecks that set off his beauteous hazel eyes so hauntingly….

  96. “I liked licking my butt and puking on the carpet before it was cool.”

  97. I would love to paint this!!!! sooo cute!

  98. I would love to paint this!!! so cute!

  99. This just might be the cutest thing I have ever seen and I look at Cute Overload all the time. I just can’t stop coming back to look at this cool kitty! I finally downloaded it as my wallpaper so I can look at it all the time! What a cutie!

  100. Theresa says:

    It’s the Nutty Professor!

  101. HE is a cool Hep cat!
    Dontcha know daddy -O

  102. i love the original photo that doesn’t have the glasses. nice photoshop job tho. even remembered to enlarge the eyes. either way it’s a cutie worth a viewing on cute overload.


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