Introducing “Chubby Cheeks” Kitten

Just in time for Caturday, Sender-Inner Lisa M. sent in photos of her 7-week old Exotic Shorthair kitten “Chubby Cheeks.”

Why do I have the distinct feeling we might be seeing more of “Chubby Cheeks” in the future!?




  1. OMGOMGOMG! *goes into squeeky voice overdrive!*

  2. perfectly round kitteh belleh!!!

  3. Christine says:

    Is it real???? It doesn’t look real!

  4. Word!

  5. Fird Birfle says:


  6. redpeace says:

    can we see more lisa m? what a cutie =^^=

  7. Adorablez…. 🙂

  8. sabrina rose says:

    Utterly adorable!! Such a round, snorgable tummers!!! I hope we see lots more of Chubby Cheeks and the sweet little girl in the pretty pink and white house. They can do lots of sliding on those polished floors!

  9. Squee!!! What a cutie patootie! Want to kiss that belly and squeeze those chubby wubby cheekers.

  10. Oh my stars and garters!
    This is just to cute! Let me at that furry tum tum!

  11. Is that the ghost of Caturday past I see staring disapprovingly from the background?

  12. scoobie says:

    I think Lisa M looks cute too…

  13. Let us also applaud Lisa for having a nice old-fashioned name. 😀

  14. hrhqueencat says:

    mini Maru ???


    Baby Winston, ehehe!

  16. kibblenibble says:

    It’s a color-opposite Weenston! 🙂

  17. Chubbeh. Kitteh. Belleh.

  18. Cubbybutt says:

    That’s it. The world can officially end. Chubby Cheeks is the second coming. Of cute!

  19. Looks like a Muppet-like creature made of dryer lint and stuffed with dense pieces of kewyoot.

  20. Lookit that tummeh! *bruises fingers trying to poke screen*

  21. Chris Hansen says:

    I’m watching you.

  22. PedoBear says:

    so am i.

  23. Aptly named indeed. By the way, back in the Middle Ages when people had nicknames instead of last names, there was a Walter Chubbycheeks. Really.

  24. ThirdShift says:

    Enuf of ther katz.


    Ther Doges.

  25. Ali-baba says:

    OH MY SNOT! That is the cutest piece of kittayn since sliced bread!

  26. Adorable!!!

  27. Starfish says:

    I’ll admit I’m not the biggest admirer of smooshy-face kitties (always looked so… ominous… to me), but Chubby Cheeks has made me a fan. Moar of heems, plz!

  28. Chubby Cheeks has certainly mastered the art of Sprawled-out Bliss! Judging by pix 3 and 5 I’d say she has got her lounging skills down pat. Just look at that adorable litt tummy!! Love

  29. Fleurdamour says:

    This killed me. I’m commenting from the afterlife.

  30. Woofy'sMa says:

    What an adorables weedle body and paws and ears and big eyes. And I want more of those leedle poofy cheeks. If he only knew the effect he has on an unsuspecting public.

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    Has also mastered some high-octane Look of Disapproval for a wee one.
    See pic # 4.

    *shivers, grimly anticipating the future potency of this potentate of Puddy-tats*

  32. victoreia says:

    What Fird said!

  33. Dear Doges, this is Caturday, which you might find to be doggeral. Sncrly, the Katz.

  34. *Gasp* No hovertexts? Say it ain’t so, Meg!

  35. Teresa in KC says:

    Word, Fird!

  36. The Doges? The Doges of Venice?

  37. anybody notice the cutie in the background on the last pic stalking mr chubby cheeks and his friend….hilarious

  38. bob drummond says:

    Do you mean the kitty or the girl holding it ?

  39. It’s so chubbelur that I just wanna eat it right up! ^_^


  40. bob drummond says:

    Same as before !!!

  41. bob drummond says:

    Yes !

  42. Because his mistress is foxy!

  43. Hahaha, lint!

  44. That belly picture nearly killed me! I want to rub that belly so badly!

  45. I want to snorgle that kitty 😀

  46. I so want to snorgle that kitty 😀

  47. My computer acted up so that is why I posted twice.

  48. Yeah! If not the same colouring, he has the same squishy exotic face! 😀

  49. haha! now that u mention it 😀

    out-of-focus cat is scheming…

  50. Rachael says:

    Wilford Brimley’s baby pictures!

  51. I will go on strike until there are more pictures of Chubby Cheeks! What do we want? Chubby Cheeks! When do we want him? Naow!

  52. baby birdie says:

    (looks back at last picture) It’s the ghost of Caturday past!!

  53. baby birdie says:

    Oh, yeah, they both have a really chubby face.

  54. Emmberrann says:

    No, the Dogues de Bordeaux!

  55. Melissa says:

    Watch out, Maru and Winston….there’s someone young and cute on the internet horizon!

  56. Fird Birfle says:

    Well *gulp* while I’m hesitant to allow for this possibility — even I must admit that Ms. Melissa just might be accurate in this assessment.

    *turning in my Ownership papers to
    the Feline Firm of Maru, Winston & Chubby Cheeks, Esq.*

  57. Fird Birfle says:

    Joins in, with the passionate throng’s demands:


  58. Fird Birfle says:

    My personal go-to theory, regarding electronics & the innernets:

    “Computers are not nice people.”

  59. Thanks for all of the kind comments! His name is actually Waffles. Believe me when I say I will be taking TONS of pictures of him…so watch out for more of this little guy!!! 🙂

  60. Oh you will definitely be seeing more of little Waffles!! 🙂

  61. There are a couple more on flickr that weren’t posted here. This will hold everyone until the next batch of pics???? 😉

  62. He’s just perfect.

    that sleepy expression…and that belly… ADORBS.

  63. scarletgunn says:

    sometimes i see a kitty so cute i just want to stuff it in my mouth. this is one of those times. is that weird?

  64. coprogirl says:

    Uh oh….heart palpating…getting dizzy…am in envy shock…*plops to ground*

  65. I WANT!!!!!

    Big ears… check. Pink nose… check. White paws… check. Cute eyes… check. It has everything a little kitteh should have!!!

  66. the holder is much more cuter than the kitten….

  67. Thank you, he/she(???) is adorable!

  68. Funny, the one in the back on the floor! Disapproving, looks a little jealous.

  69. My drier lint is never that cute! Love the kitty in back too.
    Hes not approving the new fir ball.

  70. Chubby Cheeks is SUCH a better name than Chubby Belleh… 😉 Such a cutie to enjoy, so fluffy, so adorable!

  71. He’s like the love child of Winston and a dust bunny!

  72. tracylee says:


  73. tracylee says:

    I’m sorry, I had my mouf full – I said:
    it’s okay… you’re around friends…. we all want to do it.

  74. he:)

  75. Mr. Chubby bellleh more like it. Look that that little belleh begging to be snorgled!

  76. He is such a cutie!! I can’t wait to see how he’ll look like when he grows up!!

  77. He is the cutest thing I have seen

  78. True 😈 Sometimes they need to be taught a lesson 😈

  79. AWW 😀 The more pictures just make me want to cuddle little Waffles all the more 😀

  80. Fird Birfle says:

    I frequently mention the term “sledgehammer” while troubleshooting an errant compooter….
    is that wrong???

  81. He almost needs a “blorp” tag.

  82. anonymous says:

    What is that girl *wearing*?

  83. uhhhh… jeans and a smile?

  84. OMG, so CUTE! Actually reminds me of this kitten toy I had when I was little. When you would tilt them, they would make a kind of purring sound. The one I had looked almost EXACTLY like Chubby Cheeks here. Adorable!