Stalking the Wily House-cat

“Oh, the house-cat can be a tricky bugger to hunt,” warned our safari guide. “But once you’ve bagged one — that’s when the real challenge begins. There’s no more cunning or resourceful creature on God’s earth than a cornered cat, for certain.”



  1. Adorable. A shame the footage is out-of-focus, but cute all the same.

  2. Very cleverly worded, but Not nice.

  3. Moi, Actually says:

    What’s with this household and the giant hairnets?
    I’d be backin’ outa there too.

  4. Sammy2121 says:

    poor kitty

  5. they’re fine.. it’s just a lingerie baggy thing you put your delicates in when you chuck them in the washing machine. laundry lazy people style. kitties are just as delicate so i am sure they are okay. confused, but not hurt.

  6. “Your delicates.” *snerk*

  7. mean spirited and not funny at all.

  8. I am always so suprised on here how people are so anti picking on their pets. I annoy the hell out of my pets. Its what you do. Its a way to show your an alpha and bond with them. Some problem solving for a kitty is not harmful, nor for a dog. They obviously are not going to keep the bags on their heads FOREVER they are just a bit annoyed. Get over it. Your pets must be soooo spoiled and rotten and never have to put up with anything. Which maybe is how you like it but pets are the best things to make fun of and pick on every once in awhile. GET OVER YOURSELF

  9. I think those may be grocery bags. They appear to have handles and no zippers (as a lingerie bag would). Cats is weird.

    Someone needs to add a reverse beep for the orange and white kitteh.

  10. I think those are mesh grocery bags, actually. Lingerie bags have much smaller meshes, plus zippers.

  11. kibblenibble says:

    The slow reverse made me laugh. 😆 These cats are well-cared for, and not traumatized by this. What probably bothered them the most was the laughter. Cats are very dignified, you see. 😆

  12. I’m gonna guess those are grocery bags and those kitties went in them on their own (my cat definately would), then they got stuck, hilarity ensues. Not sure why anyone would be up in arms about this, if that were my cat, I’d be laughing my butt off!

  13. tracylee says:

    it’s like tossing your towel on your dog – “here, hold this for me”
    or a light ear-flick, ‘gotcher-nose’, or blowing in their face

    harmless fun 😀

  14. Dumb.. Whats with people who take pleasure in filming these things? Weird!

  15. idiot….

  16. If the cats were seriously annoyed, there would be pointy ends. And a lot more frenzied activity.

    The first cat obviously can’t even be bothered to exert himself.

  17. There is no call for personal attacks.

  18. tracylee says:

    Got a fresh batch’o puddin here, ready for throwin’!
    Getchyer puddin! Hot out the kitchen!

    (oh mahh, such nuffers today, ah do declay-are)

  19. tracylee says:

    oh dear, what’d I do to get all moderateded up?

  20. Except for my 16 year old pug, the other two (pug and husky) get tormented. I use my ‘man voice’ and chase the husky around the house while he gives me the ‘man you’re weird’ look and dives under the coffee table. Burns a little extra of his energy. The other pug likes to put himself under things, but if I do it, he gets mad. One day I saw a huge (he’s 32 pounds) lump under the couch cover. He somehow got underneath and was meandering around. He also likes to walk underneath curtains, the shower curtain, blankets letting them drape over his head so he looks like the Virgin Mary.
    My dogs are as weird as I am.

  21. grammatoanna says:

    Very mean. Not funny. I don’t see even a shred of humor in this.

  22. I’ll take tapioca, please!

  23. tracylee says:

    *toss* there ya are, pal
    Anyone else?
    Getchyer puddin! Chocolate!Butterscotch!Taaapiocaaahh!

  24. Can you turn off your internet, please? You’re like that one guy who has to spoil the party (Though I have NO DOUBT that you don’t get invited to parties and group activities).

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    Two Cats: Unclear on the Concept.

  26. Exactly.

    Because if you wan’t to go personal, I can always pull out those photos from that one drunken night in the Florida Natural Zoo.

  27. Oooohhhh the ignominy of it all! The inertia! The slow reverse and flop. The catmanity!

  28. Wait, is this “our” (banana-eating, smoosh-faced) Winston? ‘Cause if it is, I think he’s well within the “cats are allowed to think all humans are idiots” guidelines.

  29. yes.. those who pointed out, on closer inspection they do look more like grocery bags, silly me. i was too busy giggling at annoyed cats. why are people so uptight about flustered kitties? there is so much worse you can do to a cat, and if the most that kitty could do was a slow reverse than surely he/she survived/is not traumatised for life? meow would probably at least do a fast-reverse if it was that upset.. kitties are pretty grumpy anyway. if you wake them up, they get grumpy. at least this way i had a laugh today.

  30. go ahead!

  31. huh?

  32. 😆 How true “:lol: How true 😆

  33. Good, we need someone to stand up for all these tortured pets. How dare these people put a soft cloth net bag over their cats? These animals will be traumatized for life over this incident and what do all the commenters here do? Treat it like some kind of harmless fun! I’m outraged.

    But I’m relieved to see that I have an ally here now, someone with a crabby stick embedded just as far upp the derrière as me. Hooray!

  34. tracylee says:

    “My dogs are as weird as I am.”
    This just made me laugh really loud 😀

  35. they’re playing with their pets. If they tied those grocery bags on their heads or never helped them out it would be cruel. But yes, although I have no pets now when I did I’d drop towels on their heads, blow in their faces, etc. And I am a kind person. I think a little bit of annoyance doesn’t injure a well-cared for pet. And I also laughed out loud, specially at the “slow reverse”.

  36. Mamabear says:

    Much like your comment 😛

  37. Mamabear says:

    Gawd Winston, this is what I hear in mah head when I read your posts to this thread:

  38. Mamabear says:

    Aaaaand Anna’s gramma, I hear it on yours too:

  39. Once you’ve “bagged” them, hahahaha! Goodness, I don’t think anything is wrong here. The cats aren’t being harmed and it’s good for their brains to give them things to work out on their own. They’re in no danger and their silly, laughy peoples are right there. I’m sure their indignation was at the laughter! They look like healthy, well-cared-for, probably much loved and spoiled kittehs to me. How many poor animals spend their lives on the streets or in shelters or other pitiable conditions? These are the lucky ones, folks. Give ’em a giggle!

  40. Oh please people.

    You basically need a big game hunter, a sixth sense and elephant tranqs to track down kitties on vet day. They just seem to know when they’re being dragged to the unnameable place of torture.

    Heck, one time I showed up, apologized for being late, and the receptionist quietly replied, Did you know that you have blood dripping down your neck?

  41. You have the people who are uptight because they worry WAY too much. I can’t help but imagine those types as spoon-feeding their pets and forcing them to wear padded armor.

    Then, you have the ones who are “concerned” without actually being bothered. They post as if they’ve taken offense in order to get a rise out of others. Flamebaiters, trolls, etc.

  42. kimmaroo says:

    “Someone needs to add a reverse beep for the orange and white kitteh.”


  43. Frankly, I’m the one who needs padded armor, especially if it’s bath-related.

  44. kimmaroo says:

    Oooooo! Can I see? Can I pleeeeez? Can I? Can I? It’s not for me. Really. Goober & Mavis wanna see. Honest.

  45. kimmaroo says:

    I think the bigger question here is why are these people washing their lingerie in a grocery bag?

  46. kimmaroo says:

    Or are they carrying home their groceries in a lingerie bag?

  47. i like that the people tried valiantly to stifle their laughter. out of respect for the cats, they didn’t want to completely burst out laughing.

  48. kimmaroo says:

    no good deed goes unpunished as the saying goes, tracylee

  49. I fail to see why this is mean-spirited. Was the cat harmed in any way? No. It’s a silly and funny video of a kitteh being mocked. Which they do to us humans all the time… so turnabout is fair play! 😀

  50. Peanutcat says:

    Yeah, these kittehs aren’t being hurt in any way what-so-ever.

  51. kimmaroo says:

    This video reminds me of my Goober jumping on my head because my hands are full and he can’t wait for me to put my stuff down so I can pick him up. It’s the same thing, really. And I can hear him snickering at me when he’s up there, too, all floofy stomach and hind legs coverin’ mah eyes an face. Don’t think for a minute these cats wouldn’t cast a net over their humans and get all entertained watchin’ ’em try to back out from under the net if they had the chance. No sirrr-eeeee.

  52. kimmaroo says:

    I heard that, too. I think they were stifling snortlaffs which are the hardest of all to stifle.

  53. Peanutcat says:

    I wonder if those here bothered by that clip were equally bothered by the one of Maru with a paper bag over his head?

  54. Bookwolf says:

    You know I don’t think it’s being a party pooper to care that people are annoying their pets. We have a responsibilty to the pets we have to love and care for them. We are bigger, stronger and have all the power, it’s simply not fair. Go ahead and blow your loser horn.

  55. Mamabear says:

    Will do, with as much pleasure as I got from the clip!

  56. kimmaroo says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who occasionally posts this type of comment, TinaK.

  57. kimmaroo says:

    That is one useful clip, Mamabear!

  58. Chocolat pleeeease!!!!

  59. grammatoanna says:


  60. I LOVE this!! The cat tries the slow reverse and when it doesn’t get the stuff of his head he just lies down, he KNOWS his people will get it off him. Not panicked, not scared, just a bit annoyed at the laughing.

  61. There’s some serious Consensus Policing on Cute Overload.

  62. And people are surprised when cats leave little “presents” in their shoes.

  63. SlaveToCat says:

    The cats must be in the grocery bag washing the groceries with your unmentionables!

    I’m having visions of kitties running around the house with silky pink thingies hanging off their tails.

  64. Jackie Rose says:

    Thou shalt not annoy the pussycats.

  65. scarletgunn says:

    sometimes my cat hides under the couch and takes a clawed swipe at feet that go by. this video is less abusive than that ( and i have the scars to prove it!) i believe 100% that she does this for her own amusement. how is this different?

  66. I love that the guy is all I can’t stand this and goes to rescue the marmie kitty.

    And i love the slow reverse around a corner. So cute.

  67. JerilynS says:

    Alas, in my house, it’s the humans who get tormented by the cats. Usually at about 4 a.m. Sometimes there is a glass of spilled water involved. Sometimes just a right hook to the face… :0

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    Erica, I think you’re groovyweird. 🙂

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    wait — why are the pink thinggies “silly”??? 🙂


  70. Fird Birfle says:

    — and, while I’m not one who enjoys animals confused or distressed —
    in what my mom refers to as, “The For What It’s Worth Department”:

    — while the whole “There’s a Thing on my Haid” bit surely feels perplexing,
    to los Kittayes ….these particular items are made of large mesh, and they surely they are able both to breathe fully and to see most of their surroundings while they wander about trying to disengage it/ them from their head….

  71. Marysia says:

    Not cruel, but also not cute

  72. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Wait? We’re worried about spoiling our pets now?

    I guess my cats are never going to have friends now as they’ve been spoiled rotten. I’ve never picked on them. Who knows… maybe they’ll need therapy or something. They certainly seem pretty happy.

    I don’t find the video funny either. One of my cats have crawled into grocery bags on his own. I’ve got a video of him grooming the heck out of a bag he was lying inside. But I can’t see the point in sticking bags on their heads and laughing at them for not being able to get out. Just not funny to me.

  73. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Aren’t you a regular ray of sunshine. I come to CuteOverload to see cute critters… not to read posts by someone who wants to smack down everyone who disagrees with them (complete with sound).

    Posts like yours makes me wish CO had a “hide” feature.

  74. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Yep… my cats do goofy and silly things all the time without me teasing them. They’re not toys for my entertainment.

  75. First thing I thought with the slow reverse is, “Oh, he’s moonwalkin’!”

  76. DanielT says:

    I don’t like this trend of posting videos of people teasing animals just for their own amusement. Ask yourself if these videos would be just as funny if they involved an infant. If you think so, well, good luck with the Department of Social Services.

  77. I like acat doing something silly as much as the next person, I have 3 of my own and will ocassionally place a dishtowel over their shoulders so they look like ‘supercat’ or James Brown but if they are clearly uncomfortable or confused to be in the situation it’s not cool. they are not here for our amusement, if they could speak it would be a different story and I don’t think we would like it much. Yes they look cute trying to work out how to get a bag off their heads and no, it doesn’t hurt them and wont be on there forever but it shows a lack of empathy and respect.

  78. Blanche says:

    It’s ok to defend the tormented kitties people. I admire you for making a stand.
    I get the joke of mildly teasing pets for your own entertainment.
    I am guilty of it myself. What I don’t get is the lack of tolerance shown here…
    just cuz you don’t agree with the pet defenders doesn’t mean you have to be icky…..yeppers some of yous is icky.

  79. Fair enough, Blanche. We could all do with a little reminder to be kind.

    It’s just that it gets really REALLY old, every time there’s a video of a pet being teased a little, to have people descend from on high and start screaming about “abuse!!” and “cruelty!1!” and what horrible people we are because we think it’s funny to have a little harmless fun with an animal. If they get this upset over a cat with a mesh bag on its head, what on earth do they do when they hear about a dog starved nearly to death and tossed down a garbage chute? Do they have any energy left for real cases of animal torture?

  80. Social Services would laugh in your face for reporting it.

  81. Mamabear says:

    Now wait now, ma’am. Methinks that this all started with folks smacking down something they didn’t agree with. How, pray tell, is my funny PIR sound effect any different than their smacking down, other than trying to bring a little levity?

    Also, aren’t YOU also engaging in smacking ME down with your little comment: “Posts like yours makes me wish CO had a “hide” feature”?

    If you wish to only see, as you say, ‘cute critters’, then why are you even reading the comments? No need to even click on them at all…

  82. Mamabear says:

    Thank you hon! It’s short and to the point and it cracks me up every time 😀

    It’s right up there with the ‘Debbie Downer’ song from SNL.

  83. mamabear says:

    Good post. That’s a very good way to put it.

    I cannot imagine the horrific torment they feel every time Sarah McLachlan starts wailing ‘Angel’ while pictures of hungry, abused, and/or neglected animals flash in the background, if a video of a well-fed, clean, seemingly parasite free cat with a lightweight, non-painful net on his head sends them into a tizzy.

  84. i don’t know what that means but i know that if you kids don’t settle down and go to sleep that there will be big trouble!

    and if i hear one more peep out of you–

  85. How about growing a sense of humor, young grasshopper?

  86. Figures….whoosh

  87. It’s all fun and games until someone puts an eye out. Hurrrumph!

  88. SheepishKitty says:

    But it’s not my bed time yet.

  89. NormallyLurksOnly says:

    One fundamental rule for playing with an animal is that the animal MUST able to get away when IT decides it has had enough. I have been owned by cats for a long time and yes I torment them in ways you might not be able to even imagine. Here’s a mild one: when pussums is lying down somewhere, go over and grab one hair, somewhere, anywhere, but toe hair is best, and pull. You don’t even have to pull it out. Repeat with a different hair. The looks (and paw shakes) you can garner are priceless. But, when qat has had enough, it can get up and walk away.

  90. SheepishKitty says:

    I was just gonna say… later those human will get what’s coming to them. I can just hear them kitties plotting revenge each step they slow reverse. LOL!

  91. Ali-baba says:

    Awwwwwww, c’monnnnn! 5 more minutes?! Friday night videos is on soon an’ I wanna see Falco & Cyndi Lauper!

  92. To everyone who thinks these cats seem “distressed”:

    Have you ever had to bathe a cat? Have you ever had to take a cat to the vet?

    These cats seem merely puzzled, on the verge of annoyed. When a cat is distressed, it leaves no one unscathed!

  93. victoreia says:

    ….or the paw on the eyeball, the leap-on-the-bed-and-land-on-the-stomach, or the flop on the face…..

  94. victoreia says:

    Will I get frowned on if I eat my pudding? (oh, and, chocolate, please!)

  95. Kitty 1: It’s too late for me. They got me! Escape while you can!
    Kitty 2: this is probably where I should be all heroic. Forget that! Maybe if I back away slowly and don’t make eye contact, they won’t notice…


    And yes, I probably would chuckle a little if a toddler found a mesh bag with large holes that are see-through-able and breathe-through-able and crawled or walked around the house. Probably curious kitty! I could see my cat looking at something mesh so intently that I drop it on her just so she can see what it is. For goodness sake, I’ve got two doggie dresses that I sometimes convince my cat to put on, and a dog-snuggie that the dog actually likes when it’s cold out. They both get a treat once I get it on them, and I keep it on them only as long as they seem willing to tolerate it. If the claws come out or the dog starts moving around trying to knock it off, then it comes off and the animal gets lots of petting for being such a good animal. If these cats had a problem with the mesh, they wouldn’t be so calm, they’d be a frenzy, and they’d probably slice it to ribbons before the humans got anywhere near them. One of the things people seem to overlook in this video is that the cats (at least Kitty 1) trusts his owners. And Kitty 2 seems to trust them, while thinking they’re nuts at the same time. He/She/It isn’t backing away from the humans, kitty is backing to try to get out of clingy mesh. That, to me, means that those cats trust those humans to get them out of whatever predicament they’re in, even if they’re the ones that put them in that predicament in the first place. Parenting…or pet-owning…isn’t about keeping every difficulty and problem away from the creature you care for, it’s about letting those problems happen and then helping to rescue whatever you care for, be it animal or human. We have a responsibility to pets and to children, because we are (usually) the more experienced, older and bigger. Does that mean I should never let my boy dress in his big sister’s dress because he’ll get laughed at and videotaped and the tape will be shown at every major event of his for years? No, wait. That’s his choice. So, I should never dress my toddler daughter up like she’s Clifford the Big Red Dog for Halloween, because that’s not her choice, that’s me thinking it’s cute or funny and forcing it onto her. People on here want to know if I would think it’s cute or funny if a toddler was backing around trying to get mesh off their head. Now I want to know, do you think it’s cute or funny when a parent dresses their kid up for Halloween as an animal or puts them in teddy-bear pajamas with the little hood that has the little teddy-bear ears?
    And just so you know, if I put a little boy in his big sister’s baby dress or something, or dressed him as a dog for halloween maybe, I’d still laugh. And I’d still take it off him when he no longer wanted it on. Just so nobody cries that I’m mistreating my pets by putting them in clothes meant for pets for 5-10 minutes.

  96. I think I will choose rice pudding but I shall let it cool some, because cold it “sticks” better – and the lady who said cats are very dignified , never saw mine going round the living room racing from place to place without hitting the floor he was “playing Newmarket” – my Sammy – big black and gorgeous

  97. Evelyn and Jay, Sammy and I think there is worsetest ever things you can do to a cat – and the worstest of the worse – is to ignore him because they can stand any amount of fun with you and they will love you to bits – but to ignore them is cruel – they suffer a kind of withdrawal of personality and become sad animals

  98. I tease my kittehs all the time with stuff, whether it´s tickling those side whiskers (not the big whiskers, but the smaller ones higher up near the ears) or playing “eeny meeny mynee moe” with their pawsies, but there are things where they really panic, like when I put some sticky tape on their heads – so I don´t do that cause they *do* go ballistic and I can see they don´t like it at all. And then it´s not funny.

    This cat in the video was obviously not in distress or panicky and it was not being hurt, just being teased by its humans, and hey, like some of you say above, our cats tease *us* all the time, so it´s just a bit of payback really. 😉

  99. Andi from NC says:

    You’re the best kind weird!

  100. the backwalk, it does not work. oh the despondence

  101. You people that are complaining do understand that the video STARTS with the cats already in the bags, right? That means you have NO proof that the people put the bags on the cats. They wouldn’t be the first cats to crawl in grocery bags as soon as they were empty. In which case, they got themselves into the situationand thus they shoudl be able to get themselves out. Since they are being supervised it is actually a good mental exercise for them.

    I am a cat owner for 37 years & worked in 2 pet stores.

  102. kimmaroo says:

    I LOVE those Debbie Downer skits!!! Check out some time if you haven’t already. No sound effects but similar type of humor.

  103. kimmaroo says:


  104. kimmaroo says:


  105. kimmaroo says:

    Be careful not to run with scissors, Angel!

  106. Jessica says:

    I hate that commercial. 😦

  107. kimmaroo says:

    I consider putting Laxatone on my kittehs’ nosicles to be BIG FUN. And only one of them bites me for doing it.

  108. kimmaroo says:

    Chatty Cathy’s dress used to fit perfectly on my cat, April. It was when I started to push the carriage down the driveway that she got upset, jumped out, and ran up the nearest tree. She always came down by dinnertime. All was forgiven and she snorgled me and purred in my ear at bedtime. Social Services and the ASPCA never intervened and we both turned out fine. It was a different story for Chatty Cathy, however. She eventually stopped speaking and we had to put her away.

  109. Miz Carol says:

    I agree. I play “Scare the cat” with two of my four cats. I wait around the corner and call their name. When I see their shadow, I jump out and yell YAAAHHH! just to see them jump three and a half feet straight up. When they hit the ground, they always come and rub against my legs and they always come when I call. The other two don’t like the game and I don’t play that game with them – they have their own. If they were traumatized, would they continue to come? C’mon, they’re cats and of superior intelligence and some can handle the “roller coaster” high that some people love. Get a grip, haters, these people love their cats.

  110. okay, that’s it. this slumber party is OVER.

  111. mamabear says:

    Another good comment and observation.

    It seems that some (but, refreshingly, a very few on this thread) have to turn anything and everything animal related into something ugly and vile unless it is simply a pic or video of the hoomins worshipping and bowing to their animal masters.

    Just as they find us ‘laughers’ sick and twisted, I find the ‘light-weight and breathe-able, and who-knows-whether-the-cat-crawled-in net criers’ to also be sick and twisted. To have so little joy in their life, to not be able to see the cute, funny, and amusing in life’s everyday things, to me, is pretty sad.

    My first reaction is to wanna slap some sense into them just as I’m sure that they wanna slap some sense into us guffawers. I don’t think the two factions will ever see eye to eye on this subject, so until the time that never happens, guess I will continue shaking my head in the same perplex-ion that this kitteh has. I’m not gonna foam like they seem to; just gonna have my laugh at the video AND them and send ’em a Price is Right sound effect now and then, when I’m in the mood!

  112. “Curse you filthy hippies and your reusable string grocery bags! Why can’t you use plastic bags like everyone else?”

  113. and…. scene.

  114. @ Mamabear – I sometimes look for your posts when I am seeking an example of sanity in the world, and you have the right of it here and now.
    There are all sorts of folk and all sorts of Cat – once you match them up – WAY TO GO – My lovely Sammy-Cat was the starter of fun everymorning up on my bed and I dared not walk about without slippers – he had a habit of chasing toes or giving a playfull nip – God !! I miss that Old Guy

  115. Your cats wait until the grocery bags are empty to get in? I wish my boy was that polite.

    One night this week both of my fur demons came running into the living room while I was watching Tv. Some how, attached to the boy cat was my long mesh/net underskirt/slip/petty coat that goes with a very formal dress. This skirt hangs in a closet….I have no idea how they got it down. By the time they drug it into the living room, it was well shredded (this is why we can’t have nice things). I decided they could just keep it once I cut the elastic band out (they’d already loosened it and I didn’t want anyone’s head getting stuck). They spent the rest of the evening trapping each other under, on, around, and in it. I even got involved, pulling the material one way while a cat tried to hold down the other end. The girl isn’t much for games and after a short time took my seat on the sofa while the boy cat and I tried to trap each other under the material. Then they both decided to sleep on it. I’ve seen it in various places around the house all week.
    There is a big difference between kitty abuse and plain ol’ cat bothering. My cats did some hysterical and ungraceful things while trapping each other in the skirt material. I don’t do things like scream them out of a deep sleep or yank their tails, but I am most definately a cat botherer.
    After some of these comments, I’m now confused as to if cat botherer is a shameful or normal thing to be.

  116. Katherine the Great says:

    I just wanted to say, that I’m glad someone else agrees that they would probably laugh if it were a toddler doing the same thing. I for one know that as a toddler, I got myself into all sorts of stupid situations, and when found in said situation, my mother laughed at me, grabbed the camera, snapped a photo, and then helped me out. There’s a particularly funny one of me tangled up in a net for stuffed animals, not much different from the grocery sacks these cats are ensnared in. And I know those cats are probably smarter than I was as a toddler.

  117. Miz Carol says:

    “slap some sense into them…” LMAO! Soooo something my mama would say and she is the Queen of No-Nonsense-Get-Real-Get-Over-Yourself-Put-On-Your-Big-Girl-Panties-Let-It-Go-And-Move-On-For-God’s-Sake! You’re my hero, today.

  118. Normal. Totally normal.

    Cat’s often get themselves into things and rely on us to get them out. Then there are the ones that get themselves into something, drag it out to show the guests and manage to totally embarrass their human in the process.

    An example from about 18 years ago: The previous day’s undies from the recently emptied laundry bag. A crew of six or seven week old kittens (7 or 8 of the little demons) chinned up the laundry hamper (three foot deep canvas bag on a wooden rack), crawled down to the very bottom, dragged said undies all the way back up with them, got both themselves and the undies onto the floor and proceeded to bring them into the dining room where I was hosting a dinner party. It was a group effort. All of the kittens were involved in the dragging of the prize to the company (it was about a 70 or 80 foot drag considering everything) and all were Extremely Proud of their feat. Did I mention that the guests were Very Proper, Conservative and (for the most part) Humorless and the undies were fire-engine red lacy bits of delicates?

  119. jessica10265 says:

    Apparently you’ve never seen a baby given a lemon. People tease their children and it’s not child abuse. It gives them an opportunity to learn about the world.

  120. I guess I have to side with the folks who think this is cute, not cruel. When my son was an infant, he cried for hours day and night with colic, and I was at-my-wits-end exhausted, carrying him around for hours on end. To amuse myself and lighten my (very dismal) mood, I would sometimes gently tap at his open mouth as he cried, so that he made a “wah-wah-wah-wah” sound. I’m not sure he loved it, but it sure helped me cope! As for cats – I believe they sort of enjoy these mild predicaments – it keeps them from getting bored, and gives them a problem to solve. And the owner ws clearly going to extricate the cat at the end of the clip.

  121. right.
    and they know where you sleep
    and can get revenge any time they want
    for you laughing at them.

  122. Kathleen in Canada says:

    I read the comments because usually the comments are funny and I get a chuckle from them. There’s a difference between disagreeing with something and smacking someone down. I don’t know how you can’t see that.

    I come here for a light-hearted pick me up and a chuckle at cute critters. You, with your negative put downs, are about as far from that as I can get. And if I could hide you I would. If you don’t like that then maybe you should take a good look at how you’re acting.

  123. Kathleen in Canada says:

    All my cats are rescued. What makes you think that people who dislike teasing animals sit around and do nothing?

  124. Kathleen in Canada says:

    I had neighbours that teased their cats like this. They thought it was hilarious to play “games” with their cats. One of their favourites was turning the tap on just a smidge with body temperature water and putting in the plug. The cats would watch the drip and it would take them a while to notice they were getting wet. Then they’d leap out of the tub and sprint away, wet and irritated.

    The cats were fed and the teasing was mild. But the empathy and understanding that these were living creatures just wasn’t there. I ran into those neighbours years later and asked about the cats. One had just died the day before. Apparently the cat took several months to die, couldn’t move, and they just left it in the basement… checking on it once a day to see if it was still alive! She was very upset her beloved cat was dead… just never worked up the empathy to take said cat to the vet for help.

    These are different people and different animals but you have absolutely NO way of knowing for sure how these cats are being treated. If anyone had asked me if my neighbours would have let their cats die alone for months I would have said “no way”.

  125. Infants aren’t as mobile, therefore less hilarious. Otherwise, I’d be fine with it.

  126. The people who think these cats are in any way distressed DON’T KNOW CATS. Period. Although I’m sure they think they do.

  127. scarletgunn says:

    *raises hand

    my name is Scarlet, and I am a Cat Botherer.

    she’s so cute when she sleeps i have to smooch on her and wake her up. or sometimes when she is stalking something i say “POP” kinda loud and make her lose concentration, or i drag shoelaces over her to get her to play.

  128. montanagramma says:

    Where I come from that’s rude.
    We (humans) have bigger brains.
    When the cats see the bags in the future, do you think it might cause them (the cats) some apprehensive feelings?
    The cats have no way of knowing when or if they might get out of the bag ( no pun intended).
    I would not appreciate someone putting me in the posistion of feeling uneasy or confused.
    As a responsible pet owner, I would not do such an act to a loved pet. There are so many other possibilities for inter-acting with your pet where you both end up winners, and not the object of someone else’s idea of fun.
    The cats were obviously trying to ESCAPE from the bag. They did not just sit down and enjoy what was going on. Even if the cats were not frantic about the ordeal, it does not make it right.

  129. Mamabear says:

    And yet, you came back to see what I wrote, despite the fact that you want to block me.

    Well, Kathleen honey, perhaps it is YOU who should “take a good look at” something. How ’bout you look at the thumbs up of ANY of my comments on this thread, vs ANY of your comments. (on ANY thread, for that matter)

    How you can you not see that the PIR losing horn is funny and is certainly NOT “smacking someone down?!” It seems that it is YOU that needs to “take a good look at how you are acting.”

    BTW, I’m done. I have a life outside of this awesome site and I really don’t care what your retort is (and I know you cannot let it go). I won, and my ‘thumbs ups’ have more than proven that.

    I truly hope that you can take it down a notch and enjoy life and find the happy in all kinds of places because if my innocuous post caused you that much consternation, I simply cannot fathom what a difficult life you must lead. And I truly mean that; I sincerely hope that you can find happiness somewhere. When we started this exchange, I didn’t realize what sort of emotional immaturity I was dealing with. Therefore, it really wasn’t a fair ‘fight’.

    THAT was ‘smacking down’ someone, just for future reference.

    Good day, madame.

  130. kimmaroo says:

    My boy, Goober, would like to schedule a play date, abbie. If your kittehs bring the long mesh/net underskirt/slip/petty coat thingy, Goober will bring the catnip and tuna pops.

  131. Mamabear says:

    Thank you sweetie! Your comment truly made my day. I really didn’t mean to get all worked up, I just can’t help it sometimes.

    Thank you Patti, and I hope you have a great day!


  132. Balthesia says:

    The word is ‘want’ not wan’t’. Just for future reference.

  133. i should have stopped this non-cute comment thread a long time ago, but with each new argument, i thought to myself, “well, i HAVE let the cat out of the bag.”


  134. flutterby says:

    Haha, my name is Karen and my kitteh bothers me, therefore I am allowed to occasionally, always in moderation and without cruelty, bother him back. It’s my right as his slave!

    I have so enjoyed reading this exceptional commentroversy !!

  135. flutterby says:

    Still in Mod Lounge….halp ! Unable to find horse doevers or crudites!

  136. So…”sitting down” is you standard for whether a cat isn’t distressed? A cat that’s actively trying to figure something out must be distressed?


  137. Kathleen in Canada says:

    If your definition of “winning” is getting the most anonymous thumbs up from strangers on the internet. If your definition of maturity is “awarding” Price is Right losing noises to strangers you disagree with. Then, congratulations, you win. I will leave you with your winning and maturity. Goodness knows being able to smack people down online is the height of maturity.

    You’re right about one thing. I’ve got a lot of happiness in my life and, now that I’ve seen that my last post cleared moderation (which is why I came back to peek… not to look at your comment) I’m going to snuggle with a cat and a good book.

  138. Lighten up, Francis.

    Er, Winston.

  139. psychethos says:

    There are so many pictures of me being fed food that I hated as a toddler because I made hilarious faces when eating it. I used to put my cat in a stroller and cart her around, and I’m certain she didn’t enjoy it. Neither of those things are abuse.

  140. Reminds me of my rabbit; on grocery day I put all the bags on the kitchen floor and he “helps” me put the food away by knocking them over and scrambling around inside them. Sometimes he forgets how to get back out again. Sometimes i forget to assist him, and laugh at his rabbity plight.

    And then he gets a carrot after that. I know, i’m a terrible mother 😀

  141. “Cat Botherer”! i love it!

  142. psychethos says:

    You never have a way of knowing how someone treats their pets when you are not watching them, but I guarantee that playing with your pets (by letting their paws get wet, or by throwing an easily escapeable bag on them) is NOT an indication of a lack of empathy or potential abuse.

  143. Hmmmm; I think the criterion here is: Was it mean-spirited? Were the kittehs happy with this or were they dying to get out of there?

    What’s more important: having a lotta laffs to amuse yourself at the expense of your beloved pet; or getting your fun by playing with Fluffy with other, less upsetting and/or traumatic games and still maintaining your close loving bond with her?

  144. montanagramma says:

    go girl!

  145. Who said anything about sitting around doing nothing?

  146. montanagramma says:

    I”m not saying this is cruel, just in poor taste.
    The cat learns nothing. The human gets a laugh at their expense. Can their owners not find another way to entertain themselves?
    I have a relative who has a degree in law and a degree in Philosophy (big showoff), also a pet lover and a true humanitarian, a lover of humankind, and a all round good guy. He is actively involved in animal rights. He recently sent me a file on animal laws for the whole of the US and it covered Canada as well! ( as if I could really understand it all!) But, its the thought that counts.
    He thought the video was in poor taste, not something to get our “panties in a bunch”” over. Or to fight and insult each other over.
    We belong to CuteOverload, I am a TRUE CuteOlogist and take my position seriously.
    I am ashamed of how insults between CuteOlogists has gotten out of hand over this video. People have clearly shown their ugly side today, attacking one another is not an acceptable way to behave on this site. My grandchildren belong and I am ashamed of the behavior that has gone on here today, that they should see grown adults at a sweet site like this behaving like Highschoolers. ( no offense intended to highschoolers)
    Last time I checked, we live in AMERICA, where all points of views are legal, and we have the Constitutional RIGHT to voice our differences. But, remember, keep it clean and civil. Respect a persons right to see things in a different light just as you deserve the same.

  147. oh stop harumphing, all of you and douse your torches.

    cuteoverload does not have members and no one is a “true cute-ologist” (except Her Highness Teh Meg.)

    this discussion has gone on too long and is the reason we have a professional moderatrix (me) who usually stamps out burning embers when she sees them. only I get to USE CAPITAL LETTERS IN A SELF-RIGHTEOUS FASHION!

    and btw, is not for just children, it’s for growd-ups with wildly varying degrees of maturity. if you are concerned for the children, send them to any cuteablishments like zooborns, or this, or this or these guys (who, btw, have their own issues).

  148. Two quotes:

    “Judge not, that you be not judged.”

    “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

  149. “rabbity plight” – LOVE IT! 🙂

  150. Fird Birfle says:

    *looks around at the ashes and the shrapnel; feels distressed
    for everyone’s red, raw nerves*

    *returns to sofa to enjoy some Fri night television*

  151. Fird Birfle says:

    Here ya go. See if any of these looks appetizing!!!! Bon Appetit!!!

  152. Fird Birfle says:

    love the details of this story!!!!
    GO kittens, GO!!!!

  153. montanagramma says:

    I never suggested this was a children’s site, but, children DO come here because its such a cool place to spend time.
    Excuse my terminology, “we subscribe” to Cute. And are not members. But, if membership should ever become an option, I will be among the first to join. ( as long as my arthritis allows a quick response)
    Often in posts “we” the subscriber, are referred to as fellow CuteOlogists. My sincere apologies to Her Royal Highness Meg, if I have overstepped the Royal boundries.
    As for you being a “professional moderator”, where have you been all day?!! Probably in a secret closet snorffing rabbits and leaving us to our own devices!!
    I missed the memo on “use of capital letters” and so owe another apology,”please, forgive my use of said caps” There, now, all better are we?
    Good. I plan to get over this. And now I am.
    A good and gentle evening to you all…

  154. montanagramma says:

    Love the term “commentroversy”!! Where “evar” did you come to find such a well- stated term. You must be reading Mark Twain, or Socrates!!

  155. Yeah, go girl. Go away.

  156. montanagramma says:

    Funny how grumpy angels are these days….

  157. get the lights on your way out, will ya?

  158. From the CO Glossary:

    Like, when all the comments attached to one of the Cute posts are about whether or not bathing a cat is the MOST EVILEST THING IN TEH WURLD. Or if today’s pic is ‘shopped. Or racks. I even wrote an Ode To Commentroversy which puts the Bard to shame (as long as we’re talking about this bard).

  159. Meriweather says:

    My cat is a rescue and if he got a mesh bag stuck on his head I would laugh and laugh before I extricated him.

  160. yay! I’m not the only Cat Botherer who is also a victim of being bothered by cat. I guess it is one of those “vicious cycles” of bothering those lifetime movies always show and one of those afternoon tv shrinks will be having us all on the show soon….

  161. montanagramma says:

    I bow to your brilliance! Well done moderator Sharpy!
    Do post it, please. Do not hide a talent such as yours.
    Now days there just aren’t enough good Odes to be found just hanging about.
    Not being an “Ode Expert” I do confess that I haven’t exactly done much “Ode” shopping of late.( although i do have a weakness for Shakespeare)
    Last one I read was from a good friend in Scotland titled “Ode to a Fert”.
    The Scottish can be colorful!
    (I can make it available upon request)

  162. siorghra says:

    My cat is a total jerk (although I love him to pieces), and sometimes the only way for us to “get even” is for me to tease him a little. That said, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen my cat do was his own fault. We had just started unpacking in a new apartment and he sat on a piece of strapping tape and got it stuck to his tail. It was like a cartoon, watching him bolt at breakneck speed over, under, and through the boxes and furniture as though he were yelling “SNAKE! SNAKE!”. I took it off of him once I caught him, but I almost died laughing.