THIS JUST IN: He Who Must Be Named

The Toledo Zoo is welcoming a newborn African elephant calf by asking the public to vote for a name from three choices: Lucas, Chuck, and Iain. If your choice gets the most votes, you might win a prize, too. Click here to vote.

More information at the Toledo Blade.


  1. kibblenibble says:

    I voted for Lucas. Lookit the babeh fuzz!

  2. cellarmouse says:

    Lucas, Chuck, Iain? Why?

    anyway, i love the little rosy knees …

  3. cellarmouse says:

    ok … i should have voted before i questioned … i went for Chuck …

    Teeny, tiny trunk like babies’ fingers …

  4. wannadance says:

    i voted for chuck, too. can’t think of a better name for an elephant

  5. Priscilla Vassão says:

    His “rosy” knees look more like “bloody” knees… Anyone else seeing this?

  6. White Jenna says:

    There’s something red on…is it Mom?…in the lower right hand corner. Depending on when the picture was taken, it could be afterbirth (although he looks a little old for it), or could be paint/juice/crushed fruit/ketchup/jam. As a keeper, it’s always fun to come in the next day after a co-worker used something red for enrichment and didn’t tell you. Oh, and the vet does not like being called down for ketchup. :D
    Or, it could be blood. Cuts and abrasions happen in zoos and in the wild, and I don’t know how tough baby elephant knee skin is when they’re young. May take awhile to toughen up.

  7. tracylee says:

    or Chunk, more appropriately :)
    what a cutie patootie!

  8. tracylee says:

    which, oddly enough, brings my ridiculous brain to the intro to Fresh Prince, and the “Thunder Chunky” graffiti shown in one of the scenes…

  9. tracylee says:

    booo…. lost my link…
    html fail : (

  10. Ella Pants says:

    Chuck is to honour the first animal brought to the zoo,a wood chuck. I forget the other two,but it explains them when you click on the link.

  11. Malinki says:

    Those are not appropriate names for the Fithp.

  12. Stampy!

  13. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Stampy McStampertons!

  14. Stampy McVoldemort?

  15. tracylee says:

    Voldy McStampersons?

  16. Mister Stampy Pants!

    (If it’s good enough for Greenpeace….)

  17. Lillith says:

    Slut Binwalla?

  18. victoreia says:

    @Lillith: *snerk*

  19. starling says:

    Tom Marvolo Riddle-McStampersons the third.

  20. Mary Jane Rutkowski says:

    Nicholas — in honor of the little boy who loved the elephant and the zoo

  21. Oooooo, ‘Snorky’ is PERFECTION! Or ‘Fubsy’ would be good.

  22. Ian,

    he looks like the dark, handsome stranger who will wrap you around his trunk and then stomp on your heart when he leaves for waterholes unknown to man.

  23. Well, not sure if I should be pleased that somebody votes my name or not then.. obviously you got the bit about me being handsome right!

  24. Obviously I’ve been scarred by too many harlequin novels.

  25. If I had an elephant it would be called Cyrano de Proboscis.

  26. Chuck. Like my wonderful friend, the late Chuck Sheehan – an all around great person and a lifelong supporter of good zoos.

  27. How about an African name in respect to his heritage?

  28. He’s an African elephant but he’s born in Toronto. Besides, not all Africans are named like Lion King. That being said, Nelson’s a good name for the little fella.

  29. starling says:

    How about Tutu?

  30. CathyDee says:

    Could the hovertext perhaps be a reference to this classic?

  31. DAMN YOU! How do you beat me to this wonderful video!

    but I do agree. He should be named “Snerkum”

  32. CathyDee says:

    Or maybe Conway?

  33. I laugh until I cry every. single. time I see this clip. LOVE IT. (My next favorite is Conway & Korman’s take-off on Jaws where Korman plays a Quint like character and Conway talks about his sister who get eaten by sharks because she had a pork chop tied around her neck when she went swimming.)

  34. You realize that the script said


  35. CathyDee says:

    Some things are better off-script!

  36. Dawnieangel76 says:

    If you don’t laugh at this clip, you have no funny bone.

  37. BO BABBYO says:

    That little guy is a JASPER if there ever was one.

  38. Am I the only one bothered by the “Proudly Sponsored by BP” featured prominently below the photo of the baby elephant on the Toledo Zoo’s website?

  39. Dawnieangel76 says:

    Nope; I was just coming in here to make a comment as well.

  40. TrixandSam says:

    What about it bothers you? Just askin’.

  41. Hmmm…Well, as you may recall, they’ve not been the most responsible caretakers of the natural habitats of animals in which they occupy. Just sayin’.

  42. TrixandSam says:

    Wondering if you would have said this pre-spill. I suspect it wouldn’t have crossed anyone’s mind.

    (not defending BP, just asking for Responsible Fist-Shaking)

  43. I feel that anywhere there is big corporate involvement under the facade of genuine altruistic concern justifies “fist shaking”. Especially with corporations that exploit/destroy the natural habitats of countless animal species. Also, pre- or post-spill is not necessarily relevant to the validity of the comment.

  44. He’s totally a Chuck. Not to mention adorabuhls. ♥♥♥

  45. Lolol @ Lain. But yeah I am glad it wasn’t some traditional African name like every other zoo animal, boring!

  46. Wow that was a tough choice but my first thought was Chuck before i got to the site and after reading what all the choices represented I decided to stick with my original choice so CHuck he sahall be I hope.. Crosses fingers. Did you see his cute as can be video of his first day?

  47. Red Toenails says:

    Boo boo face!

  48. wondering says:

    You can tell he is the opposite of “He who must NOT be named” by he extravagant nose!

  49. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    DING! You win the thread! :D

  50. caligirl says:

    hey NOMTOM, does commenter wondering win a prize? =D

  51. Becky, Bubba'smom says:

    Little bebeh elephant was born in Toledo, Ohio, not Toronto. He’s a Buckeye through and through. I guess I like Chuck, although Charles would be nice when he’s older and more dignified!

  52. Baby elephants make me teary.

  53. He looks like a Louie to me.

  54. When I was a kid and they had a contest to name a baby elephant in St. Louis, I thought he should be named after something historic that happened at the time he was born. Since elephants live so much longer than many of their other zoo companions, I thought that the elephant could be a living tribute to some historical event at the time.
    Alas, the St. Louis calf was an Indian elephant and an Indian couple submitted the name Raja. They made a big deal about the elephant being Indian and the couple being Indian and the name meaning “king” or “prince”….no one seemed to mind that it was also the name of the tiger in Aladdin which already out at the time. Made the name choice seem much less original to me than everyone else seemed to think it was.

  55. Welcome to the world, sweetheart!!

    I’m doing my best to protect all your elephant peeps in the world. #madelephantlove

  56. tracylee says:

    whoops – totally read that as “made lephant love”….

  57. I read Mad Elephant Love, but in a dirty way.

  58. Noelegy says:

    Henry, for Henry Mancini, of “Baby Elephant Walk” fame. :)

  59. Aw I didn’t even realize that his mom was pregnant when I went to the zoo! I’ll have to go visit this baby when I visit home again and send in some pictures of him :)

  60. Lewis n' Clark says:

    sorry, but I vote for Mr. Schnozzlekins

  61. Esmemeow says:

    I would vote for Chuck only if he had siblings named Vera and Dave.

  62. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    And would they be on your knee? ;)

  63. Esmemeow says:

    Yes, but then I’ll probably need a knee replacement when I’m 64. :)

    As a side note, elephants are the only animals with four knees (or more accurately, four forward-facing limb joints).

  64. victoreia says:

    *snerkity snerk*

  65. joools in PDX says:


  66. Lucas

  67. Sweetie Darling

  68. I thought Q. T. Py.

  69. NeoCleo says:

    He looks like a Lucas to me!

  70. anonymous coward says:

    huh, why the red eye?

    i mean, it’s *really* red!

    cute little bugger, by the way. :-)


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