Get offa my lawn!

Woah! I am the keeper of this fine fescue grassland if ya don’t mind! Ya dadblamed whippersnapper!

Hey, come back. I’m not done with you. Hmph! Oh lookie a worm.

Loraine H. says, “This is Aureliano Auditore, the baby mockingbird we rescued from our backyard.”



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    *Looks in both directions for Theresa, who will LURVE this!!!!*

  2. kibblenibble says:

    “This is Aureliano Auditore, the baby mockingbird we rescued from our backyard.”
    What was the backyard doing to the birdie? 😆

  3. Madame X says:

    Aureliano Auditore! What a magnificent name for an avis with attitude!

  4. What a cool looking bird! In the first picture, it looks like he is trying to be an eagle…

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    Absolutely awesome Alliteration!!!

  6. ashagato says:

    mocking-berds are the coolest berds evar!!!

  7. I have this urge to give it a good tickle under the wings. Hold still!

  8. Marshwiggle says:

    Why I eyes ya!

  9. Starfish says:

    It’s Birdgess Meredith in the smash hit “Grumpy Old Birds”!

    Love the little quiver at the side of his beak. Just adds that extra bit of “harumph” to the whole thing.

  10. Mockingbirds are badasses. Looks like it starts early!

  11. The Little Myrmidon says:

    He certainly is a “mocking” bird.

  12. If I had a mockingbird I would call him Atticus.

  13. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, Don Piano!

  14. warrior rabbit says:

    Atticus Finch?

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    To me, he has an “I’m a chicken hawk, and I hunt chickens!” look about him. [Puts up dukes and swings wildly.]

  16. Geez… this grumpy thing sure beats bunnies when it comes to disapproval.

  17. TrixandSam says:

    I lurve burdies wit attitude. I was accosted by the most indignant robin when i got too close to her in-progress nest. She was wavin’ her finger at me with this whole attitudeness….I beat a hasty retreat.

  18. Oh long Johnson!

  19. Vanilla says:

    I can’t believe I wasn’t the only one thinking that. Good one.

  20. I hope you plan on teaching it better manners than we’re used to seeing from this breed. Oy. Awful bullies! I thought I hated crows, but mockingbirds win as most evil and annoying feathered creature. I actually laughed the other day when I saw some crows chase away two mockingbirds who were trying to nest outside our window. Not anymore though! Consider me #teamcrow

  21. Why do I feel like this birdie is judging me?? :::feeds worm in desperate attempt for approval:::

  22. victoreia says:


  23. victoreia says:

    Wow, is he channeling Oscar the Grouch!

  24. I want to snorgle him.

  25. White Jenna says:

    Cute pics, but I’m wondering what the situation was that he was “rescued” from. Unless he was *very* young, his parents were probably still able to care for him.

  26. Of course!

  27. Rachael says:

    Wow, somebody got up on the wrong side of the nest.

  28. Anyone else want to snorgle that belleh? Except señor Grumpeh there has a sharp beak…

  29. Hmmmm…..; May I suggest you go into the Snorgle-Fest wearing a sturdy haz-mat suit and mebbee a veiled bee-keepers hat;
    (after the Fest, if you are still in reasonably good shape, you will be presented with the CDBFP award……(Courage Demonstrated By Foolhardy Peepul ……
    just a chintzy plastic statuette: but it means a lot……!!) 😉

  30. BTW: I forgot to mention that Mocking-Birds are the most excellent mimics,
    going from one bird-call to another without a beak-breath; I don’t think that even the birds they are imitating can tell the difference.;
    And they can also mock and fly at the same time; they donut have to be land-locked;
    Akshually, MB’s and Blue Jays share equally share the spotlight as some of the biggest pests in the bird world; rlly, if the Jays weren’t so pretty, they would be insufferable, kind of like some of the famous female political figures around today..
    And now, I take my leave, probly to the Moderation Room; I haz nawt seen it since it’s been re-decorated ennyway….. 🙄

  31. I think the main reason mockingbirds, blue jays and crows are considered pests is that they are much smarter than the average bird, thereby outwitting many a human shape as well.

  32. Yeah. I know better than to jump on people without knowing circumstances…but if you’re ever in this situation, keep in mind that wild bird species can have some ridiculously specific nutritional needs. If at all possible you should get them to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, or at least make sure you’re consulting with one remotely.

    And then, of course, post all your adorable pictures of them before you hand them over to the experts! 😀

  33. I hate to be a party pooper, but baby bird appears to be a full-fledged fledgling: that is, an immature bird not yet developed enough to fly but plenty developed enough to leave the nest. Unless something happened to the parent birds they will stay in the vicinity and continue to feed and protect their fledglings until the youngsters get big enough to manage on their own. Healthy and uninjured fledglings found by hoomans should be monitored carefully from a distance to see if the parents are still around. Be patient: you may not see the parents for a while. For more information consult with you local wildlfie rehabilitator, or read this:

  34. Ali-baba says:

    Yes, please have a seat at the authentic Tiki bar ( real bamboo— but lookout if the pandas are there…they tend to eat the bar) on the genuine imitation avocado green pleather barstools, while Maurice mixes you a Walking in the Rain piña colada! Enjoy! 🙂

  35. Well, the good news is if they did take this one to a wildlife center, it probably did ok. Some birds are too shy and don’t make it through the process of being fed by humans, but I volunteered at a wildlife center for a while and the mockingbird fledges usually were voracious eaters; they have that personality from birth, lol. Fledgelings often get over rescued, if you ever have a question about an animal like that, you can always call a wildlife center and ask if you should bring them in. Remember that if they’re healthy, their chances in the wild are probably a lot better than their chances in a wildlife center. Stress kills birds 😦

  36. The Little Myrmidon says:

    Mockingbirds like to perch on the very peak of a roof or on the chimney of houses. They start off in early summer mimicking the song of one bird, but will add other songs as summer progresses. They’ll sometimes add wing-flutters and small leaps into the air as part of the repertoire. Then when they’ve completed the whole routine, they start over from the beginning. A few summers ago we had a mockingbird that had an elaborate “song & dance” routine that he repeated over and over and over….

  37. starling says:

    In our case it would be “having a cat in it”.

  38. starling says:

    Ah, but in our case the cat would eat the wee burdy, and we don’t have any Nac Mac Feegles to rescue them.

  39. Well, I can definitely imagine this baby bird saying “Get off my lawn” in Clint Eastwood’s voice. 😀

  40. Looks somewhat like this young cuckoo but obviously it has not been eating as much 🙂