I Just Have That Kind of Face, I Guess

“The trouble with being a Basset Hound and looking sad all the time is that the folks can’t tell when you just look sad and when you really are sad. Like when everyone else gets hamburgers and I get stuck with yesterday’s kibble.”

Aww, can I share with him, Alexis M?



  1. You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog 😀

  2. He definitely needs to be scooped up and plopped in a nice comfy lap. Mine is available.

  3. TrixandSam says:

    I can’t stop looking into those sad, soulful eyes. My brain is melting from it.

  4. tracylee says:

    Eeyore puppeh walks into a bar, and the bartender says
    “Why the long face?”

  5. M. Dale says:

    Oh, seriously….why do they have to grow up? There is no cute like puppy cute.

  6. JustAnotherHeather says:

    I have a friend who has two Bassets. I didn’t know it, but there is some sort of mathmatical formula for their ears. The longer the ear, the softer it is. Both dogs have the softest ears, but the one with the longest ears has the softest ears ever.

    It makes me want this little guy. So cute!

  7. But I bet he gets scooped up and cuddled every time he looks at his hoomins.

  8. bob drummond says:

    How can anyone resist that face? Don’t you all just love it!!!!!

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    He should get Botox in order to hide his Emo-tions!!!

    (JK of course)


  11. Rachael says:

    I’m a veggie but even I would grill a burger for thees leetle guy. ♥♥♥♥♥

    The sad… it keels me.

  12. I think someone needs belleh rubs and smooches to cheer him up (although he probably isn’t sad – I have a beagle who always looks sad, but is the happiest dog in the world, but i like to pretend he’s sad to give him lots of love)

  13. I mean, yeah, the ears. But the furrowed brow, and the wrinkled chubbular ankles! *ded again*

  14. I love him! He’s the cutest litte sweetums I have ever seen. And hey, little guy, yesterday was $2.99 Tuesday at Fresh Market, and guess who has ground chuck in the fridge . . .

    No! Come back . . . I promise that Chuck was not the name of my last puppy . . .

  15. Moderation . . .

    ::Drums fingers on desk . . . ::

  16. OMG….. I want to nom on those ears and squeeeesh him/her! NM about nomming on the stubbular legs!!! *gasps* Too adorable!

  17. Yes, yes! and his rounded snoot and muzzlepowche! (did I spell that right? for some reason, that word is not in the built-in spell checker – HOW ODD. Too bad CO doesn’t have its own built-in dictionary!)

    I know this elderly basset hound named Captain Hastings (excellent name, no?) whose ears are so huge, they just about touch the ground. And they’re very heavy, too. *sigh*

    I think this pup has reached the pinnacle of cute-osity. Cute-itude. Cutefulness. IQute.

  18. Please forward dogs with kissable jowls to my residence in Dallas.

  19. I’ve heard that joke with Celine Dion in the starring role. Hee hee!

    Bassets are flat out adorable, and I particularly love their chunky little legs. This one has some great facial markings, too.

  20. This look is exactly why I can never have a Basset Hound. He would weight 200 pounds because I could never say no to him.

  21. Plenty of laps available! Come take one! (Mine, by the way, comes with a humburger).

    How do his owners resist every time he starts begging?

  22. How is it that soft, long ears and a sweet face can melt humans into a puddle?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it of course, (since I do it as much as anybody and possibly even more since I live in the presence of an extremely cute dog) but I’m just wondering…

  23. Oh Great ! it’s 8:50 in the morning & I’m already a puddle of goo !
    so much for the rest of my day !

  24. Sunnylessmum says:

    We can only hope. 🙂 Lucky hoomins!

  25. tracylee says:

    I make that joke about my own dog and her adorable, bicycle-seat-shaped mug

  26. The eyebrows! And the toesies! I want to >smooch< them!

  27. Well, you could write a research paper on it. 😛

  28. Yes, just think of the exhaustive research you could, I mean–would need to–, perform. Imagine the pet snorgling, the friends-who-have-pets-to-be-visited, the zoos, the exotic locales… all in the name of Cuteology.

  29. Exactly. One look at those sad eyes, and I’d do anything he wanted.

  30. Lewis n' Clark says:

    yay, another one for the jowl enthusiasts!

  31. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    I just LOVE basset hounds. This reminds me of that “Release the Dweebs” post from I don’t know when.

  32. puddlepeppers says:

    It’s gonna be all right, little guy. Here, I sneaked an extra
    hamburger just for you. And no chipotle relish on yours.

  33. That’s exactly what went through my mind, too! Not only would I cram too much food into his mouff, but I just would never get out the door – I would feel far too awful ever leaving him with that look on his face.

  34. victoreia says:

    But….but….I don’t have a hamburger! Wait, let me run to the burger joint down the street…..

  35. brinnann says:

    There is a glossary! 🙂 Here’s the entry you’re looking for:

    Among the accepted spellings are “muzzlepouches” and “muzzlepowsches,” though the judges will credit any reasonable variation thereof.

  36. That cutie would be a perfect sidekick for muggers.* Don’t even have to use a weapon, just flash those sad eyes and mumble something about his needing to eat. I’d hand over my pin code toot suite!

    (*I in no way endorse mugging.)

    This also reminds me of a fave scene in “Madagascar ETA,” where the chimps play telephone line and “pass it on” ends up as “Basset Hound!” Cracks me up every time!

  37. oh dear. love the off-kilter muzzle due to one side cronsching

  38. brinnann says:

    Madagascar ETA? Is that the series, or another movie, or something else entirely?

  39. Same here! My beagle has perfected the droopy-eared “I know it’s been about five minutes since you gave me lunch but I’m just so HUNGRY and HELPLESS and PATHETIC” look. It just makes me want to squoosh her, which I’m sure is not her intent.

  40. woodles says:

    Puppeh-dog eyes, definition of.

  41. woodles says:

    You used the correct past-tense form of “to sneak”. I approve.

  42. Is it wrong that I want to rub his bellah so badly?!?!

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    Serves ya RIGHT, Victoreia!!!
    What kinda slacker ARE you, anyhow,
    comin’ home w/o a hamburger for this guy??? Here’s a coupla bucks!!!

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: I b’lieve the genn’lman’s britches are, perhaps, a TAD too large in the waist.
    They’re droopy at the ankles …..

  45. What, no “snuck”?

  46. victoreia says:

    [whispering] Except kitten cute! [tip-toes out]

  47. victoreia says:

    Would you believe I got mugged by a buncha stray cats? And some mongooses (mongeese?)!

  48. He’s also doing Puss-in-Boots eyes from Shrek. Kills me every time.

  49. This is one of **the best** pictures in the history of cuteoverload.com.

  50. kodalai says:

    What do you mean, ‘correct?’

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    er …..mebbe ….

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    [whispering too]

    and bebeh goat cute!!!
    [whistles innocently & strolls out]

  53. It’s mongooses.

    A long-ago boyfriend was basically raised with (and to a great extent by) a basset hound, and he always said that though they are undeniably appealing, they have that same saaaaaaad look whether they are convincing you that though massively chubulent they are in fact very underfed, or when they are nomming on your favorite shoes.

    It doesn’t mean that one loves them any less, though!

  54. bookmonstercats says:

    No, no, no. You pick up a mohito, bar of chocolate, good book, etc and join whoever else is in the mod lounge to have a good natter. It works for me every time I’m in there.

  55. earlybird1 says:

    “Captain Hastings,” LOL!!! A truly excellent name!

  56. I Haz a Funny Bone says:

    Then next stop, mine in Fort Worth. 😉

  57. Reminds me of The Bevery Hillbillies:

    “Ol’ Duke looks worried.”
    “Hound dogs always look worried.”

  58. canadianmary says:

    The eyes are soulful(gosh SO human)
    but it’s the anxiously raised EYEBROWS (no,I know that this sweet puppy is not anxious, just mentioning) that SLAY me…AWWWWW!

  59. brinnann says:

    Please a’splain this term “natter.” Kthx.

  60. SlaveToCat says:

    OMG will you please stop with photographs. You are going to wear the cuteness right off my wrinkles.

  61. Noelegy says:

    My dad says, and I quote, “Ain’t nothin’ finer than a Weimaraner ear.”

  62. Noelegy says:

    Dewds! I’m in Denton! (sorta)

  63. Cute and adorable when puppies and better when they are grown. The most faithful, dedicated, stubborn and loving dogs God has ever created and they never fail to completely domesticate their families. Wife and I are on number six i.e. McHugh, McHugh II, Oliver de Jo van, Beau Geste, Faux Pas and now Jacques Pierre Clueseau.
    We have had Basset Hounds longer than we have had children (daughters). Bassets are easier to acquire, cheaper to feed, easier to potty train and do not stay out past 8 PM or awake past 8:01 PM.

  64. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    on that note, ok, everyone sing along: “Do your ears hang low…”

  65. Past tense of sneak = snuck.
    Past tense of squeak = squck.

    Well, they SHOULD be anyway…


  67. Pug momma says:

    It finally happened. My brain has officially turned to mashed potatoes.