Over 50 daring dogs fetched a different kind of stick last weekend, as they competed in a surfing contest in Imperial Beach, California. The event raised money for area schools via, a charity that aids classroom projects.



  1. It is beautiful.

  2. No way would my dog be shark bait !

  3. I loved the one near the beginning who was surfing backward! Very cute!

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    San Diego, represent! Abbie Girl was a natural.

  5. Now this really is totally tubular!

  6. NB: I. Can’t. Do. That!

  7. The guy whose dog surfs on his back needs to be in the Men of Cute Overload calendar!

  8. snorglepup says:

    What fun they had. Hang twenty, dude.

  9. tandem division!!!!

  10. Rachael says:

    Pure awesomeness!!! Love the little guy surfing in backwards.

  11. marthava says:

    When IS that calendar coming out….? Waiting…waiting…waiting…

  12. Dude! All I need is a good buzz, some tasty waves, and I’ll be fine.

  13. Louie makes it look easy!

  14. bob drummond says:

    Whay more can I say? You guys have said everything I was thinking of saying !

  15. Yeah. He purty!

  16. Grip it and rip it.

  17. scarletgunn says:

    bulldogs seem to dominate the dog-surfing world. who knew? and i wonder if abbie-girl’s owner is single and/or willing to move to NJ… 😀

  18. kittens not kids says:

    I love how Abbie’s person wears her like a backpack, even on land. This is such a cool event, and for an AWESOME, AWESOME cause (if you don’t know donors choose, check it out).

  19. this brought tears to my eyes. hormones much? nah…. just animals and humans loving being with each other!

  20. Stockiness does seem to be a competitive advantage!

    I’m pretty sure the bulldog was the captain of that awesome 5-dog tandem event. Heh.

  21. Bookwolf says:

    That was very cool, I guess surfing is a bit easier when you have four legs and a low centre of gravity!
    Was a teensy bit concerned about the little dog on the surfboard with the guy and girl who jumped off and then had the board go over his head, hope he was ok!

  22. victoreia says:

    Yeah! Espesh since he didn’t pop right back up……

  23. I didn’t know you played banjo Mel. :-O

  24. Yayyyy! I just moved to IB a month ago and was so excited to find out this was going on right down my street! It was fantastic and I “awwwww”-ed my brains out. SO MANY PUPS! My pugs had a blast meeting their long-lost pug relatives 🙂

  25. They showed this video on TMZ,because one of the reporters dogs surfed this

  26. Gosh, these people know how to have fun!! Love it.

  27. I’m from Alabama. Why would I NOT play banjo?

  28. Rooanne says:

    TMZ has reporter dogs?? Where have I been?

  29. danbenzvi says:

    So, which one is Moondoggie?

  30. Low center of gravity, I suppose…

  31. I think that smile on my face is gonna be stuck there all day now 😀

  32. Oh yeah, that bulldog is seriously badass!