Caution: Advanced Cuteness Ahead

Oh, you may think you can withstand lethal amounts of cuteness. You’ve endured lorises being tickled, otters holding hands, pandas somersaulting, and walked away with nothing but a facial tic and a two-point drop in IQ. But be warned — nothing you have seen can prepare you for… Cricket.

Unleashed upon an unsuspecting world by Annie M.



  1. If only the owner would be quiet, this video would be perfect. The kitten is toooooo cute!

  2. kibblenibble says:

    2 point drop in IQ! LOL But seriously, NOMTOM is dead-on here. Thees Qte keels.

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Moderated. *twiddling thumbs in the lounge*

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    *passes kibblenibble a Strawberry Dacquiri, with a silly paper umbrella in it.

    *looks at Cricket, whose eyeballs are bigger than his/ her head*

    Cries out: “OMG MIKE YE’re RIGHT.”
    *is reminded of the Lethal/ Killer Joke bit, from M. P. / Holy Grail*

    *dies, occ. squirming with a few last gasps*

  5. Wow. Oxytocin rush.

  6. flutter-by says:

    I’m in total awwwwwwwwww! Such cuteness should be illegal…the fluffiness, the little squeaks….*thunk* ded…from teh cute!!

  7. Autisttree says:

    Squee! Too much mini-meows, teacup-tigers and clumsy-cuteness in one video… I’m slain.

  8. squeeeeeeeeeeak! must… smorshe… face….into…belleh…

  9. I think that talking woman has a high cuteness index herself. I watched her other cat videos and something about her tone of voice makes me laugh.

  10. In the past few weeks alone, I thought I was done for. Those videos of the mama cat hugging her kitten, Pure Kitten Action, and the monkey massage? I was reduced to gibberish. The pictures of the fairy chihuahua, the pink kitten, and the break dancing cast didn’t help, either. Then you go and post this video.

    Seriously, CO, I don’t think I can take much more. (brief pause) Well, okay, maybe a LEETLE more…

  11. My voice just went about 4 octaves higher in squeakitude watching this…. 😀

  12. Shari, I think we´re all gonna be in therapy soon if this carries on…. 😉

  13. Fird Birfle says:


    “also endorphins…”


  14. Dagnabbit, I used to have a really high umm, whatchacallit when you’re smart? But now, thanks to NOMTOM and Squeaks there, I think I have, errr, whatchacallit when you lose your train of thought all the time?

    Also, I may be ded of cute. Anyone know the number for 911?

  15. Simply incredible…and I really would love to have a little kitten just like that..unreal!

  16. oldtaku says:

    Dang, normally squashed flat face cats are only cute if you have a vayjayjay, but that was pretty cute.

  17. I think you’re right! Wonder if any therapist will give a group discount?

  18. kibblenibble says:

    Sophie, I agree. I love it when she says, “Don’t wear yourself out.”

  19. O.O What flavour of kitteh is that? I neeeeeeed one!

  20. kibblenibble says:

    Thanks, F.B.!

    *sips dacquiri.*
    *no longer minds being moderated…much.*

  21. marthava says:

    Lethal. I am ded.

  22. That’s so cute it got the hubby to stop watching the news and go awwww!
    That’s a high level of cute indeed!

  23. earlybird1 says:

    ME TOO!

  24. earlybird1 says:

    What a perfect little kitten basket bed!! So round and deep and cozy. Just right for curling into a ball.

  25. There’s no more Adamsesque time for a wink than 0:42 😉

  26. That was literally painful to watch…. I NEED to pet that kitten’s belleh!!!!

  27. Looks like a *caricature* of a cute cat. You know the kitchy ones?
    The big head little face? The meow w/tongue out?
    It’s too much. I’m numb.

  28. 260Oakley says:

    Cricket the game: incomprehensible, but fun to watch
    Cricket the kitten: incomprehensible, but fun to watch

    I’ve been bowled over.

  29. Oh. My gosh. That was officially the cutest thing I’ve ever seen ever. And I’m the one who gets to see baby quails running around her backyard every summer.

  30. Stunbunny says:

    “Subcreatures! Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar the Traveller has come! Choose and perish!”

  31. meep!

  32. Just wave your pawz in the air
    Then nom them like you just don’t care
    If you love the meeps
    My C.O. peeps
    Everybody say OH YEAH!

  33. Such a squirmy little bundle! Such teeny sweetie.

  34. hrhqueencat says:

    OMC – a mini Maru !!!

  35. Cricket is deadly! 911! Call an abumlence! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! (Falls off chair. Cricket crawls over and looks at body with a sweet little look on his lethal face. Human revives long enough to kiss Cricket’s cute widdle forehead.)

  36. Well no WONDER this little kitten is so cute! This is from Mythicbells, who would later bring us the kitten Sequoia fighting her first grooming!!

  37. If this lady rigged a 24/7 Cricket cam, half the people on this site would probably fork over a monthly fee to watch…myself included.
    All hail Cricket, the Kwisatz Haderach of cute!

  38. Sooooooo cute it hurts!

  39. *headtilt*

    Now, I’ve had my own kitten. Complete with naked newborn belly, deleeshus meelks bottle noms, and all sorts of things. And he was a beautiful, precious kitten (but also a heinous terror).

    And yet.

    And yet and yet and yet. I am rendered powerless against Cricket. >A> As I sit here with my head tilted to the side and my mouth open, unconsciously squeaking along with darling Cricket. *A*

  40. chanpon says:

    How does this woman get Cricket, with all its sweetest mini-mews, AND another sleeping fluff-ball right next to it! I have NONE! Life is sooo unfair.

  41. 260Oakley says:

    Yes please, we want it so quiet we can hear Cricket’s chirping.

  42. BOOM
    all done. finito.



  44. But isn’t that how you get kitties to meow in the first place?

  45. This is – cuteness of biblical proportions. 20 megatons of cuteness. And worst of all – it’s a kitten that goes ni!

    (Also it’s self-hugging.)

  46. I agree! Her goo-goo voice is too cloying. Yes, she loves talking to her kitty, and should, but it does intrude on the pure cuteness of Cricket. We’ll take our Cricket undiluted, thanks. Same with that “surprised kitten” video. I loved it, but the lady’s goo-goo baby voice just got in the way. That’s one of the many reasons I love the Maru clips. No awful sweetie-pie human voices messing everything up. Talking baby-talk to our pets, although tons of fun, is really best done in private. Other people simply do NOT want to hear it!

  47. I love it. His meow doesn’t even work yet. 🙂

  48. I don’t understand why that woman isn’t putting down the camera and picking up that mewing kitten?

    “Hug me already!”

  49. victoreia says:

    😆 Ain’t that the truth!

    “I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something that could never, ever hurt us. Mr. Stay-Puf.”

  50. musicnote says:

    Oh, oh, oh … so much sweetness, my teeth hurt!!! C.O. … Cricket Overload!

  51. Sounded more like “Feed me, Mommy. I am one hungry baby kitty.” 😀 I would just love to bottle feed that little ball of fluff 😀 Trying not to take said ball of fluff home with me to Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada is another thing 😀

  52. Cricket the game is like baseball, but with more finesse, stamina, and strawberries, with CO terms like googly and jaffas and diamond ducks and silly mid-offs and yorkers and tail wags and pongos and ferrets.
    And yes, Cricket the kitteh has a nice paw flick!

  53. Jessy – That. Was. Funny!!!! Thank you!

  54. warrior rabbit says:

    Haven’t we seen this before? I think this is a case of deja mew.

  55. warrior rabbit says:

    Yes. We have. I knew I wasn’t going crazy! Well… I mean I knew I wasn’t mistaken.


  57. Peeps! Go look at Google today and check out the Google Doodle! It’s BusyTown, in honor of Richard Scarry’s birthday! Go reminisce about Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm, and the Pig and Rabbit families, and Officer Flossie, Gold Bug and the Pickle Car!

  58. Luney,
    You HAD a KITTEN?

  59. Moi, Actually says:

    I must be living wrong. My Google isn’t doing anything remotely scarry. Yep–looked again and it’s just sitting there. Nada. Nic.
    And, yes, cute kitten–looks as if it were designed to live in a basket.

  60. Moi, Actually says:

    Now that we have all completed advanced courses in Cuteness, perhaps we can assist those less fortunate. The Canadian Prime Minister is seeking help in naming his new cat. There are photos, too.

  61. Zombie Tomato says:

    OhMahDawg, da belleh. I’ll just be over in the corner there, being *ded* and stuffs…

  62. His owner is a dic – tator, so perhaps Furmonger? Totabbitarian State? Apawcalypse Soon?
    But it will be something twee like Harpurr.

  63. I was fighting the need to blink during the entire video! I didn’t want to miss a microsecond of that cutie! Cricket is absolutely too cute for words.

  64. You forgot – Cricket has a neat cut to square leg – if you want a translation you hit the ball and it goes a neat swipe to the left with the apparent track of the ball being 90 degrees from its original path – you hopefully get six for hitting a boundary – where it lands outside the field and lands in GKW (God knows where) but do not ask where it is – God is watching the Game and cheering the Home Team

  65. C’mon – Please take pictures – Tell about the fluff-ball chicks

  66. Blossom says:

    I love the lady’s voice and accent – she sound familiar – is it Spacepaws??

  67. Christine says:

    With the little top-knot feather things bob-bobbing along.

  68. Christine says:

    Don’t care; still cute; will be cute a hundred years from now.

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    Well that was just plain dastardly. CO, I see that you’re purposely trying to kill us.

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    Yes. Eleventy-three.

  71. Bastette says:

    But why didn’t she *pick the kitten up* already?? It was obvious that’s what it wanted.

  72. JenDeyan says:

    Oh… My… *’SPLODE!!!*

  73. wannadance says:

    let me be the first:

    my hame is dancer and i am addicted to kittens. i can’t help it. it’s a sicknes…

  74. wannadance says:


  75. wannadance says:

    oh yeah!!!

  76. wannadance says:

    hard core…

  77. That’s totally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Watched it 3 times!!

  78. snorglepup says:

    I love the smell of warm kitten in the morning.
    *inserts face into belly and makes soft, growly, nomnom noises*

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    I checked it out, Theresa. Too cool! I had forgotten all about those characters. 🙂

  80. mplsdeb says:

    OMG what a cutie. She just begs for tummy tickle. Funny I don’t even notice the voice I am concentrating too much on the cuteness.

  81. (The Original) Mel says:

    I had a friend who used to tell her children to get in their “beddie-bye baskets.” I think those are a perfect example of such.

  82. (The Original) Mel says:

    Ah-HA. I thought I had seen this before.

  83. cuteismyporn says:

    Debbie downer here… Boo and Sloth Summer camp video are both way cuter.


    I think my brain just imploded….

  85. What breed is Cricket, anyone know?

  86. gilbertmt says:

    Sadly, Cricket is no more. I have stuffed him (whole) into my mouth and swallowed him like a pill with a large glass of milk.

  87. Yes indeedy, CO regularly borks my thinking-thingie.

  88. Deborah says:

    Brain exploded.Want puffball NOW, will trade for cranky cat>

  89. Count me in. Kitten Addicts Not-So-Anonymous. Lifetime member.

  90. yolanda says:

    Thank you, with this video you have utterly confirmed as fact a thing I’ve long suspected. I have fully broken free of the Cat spell and am immune to even the most skilled seducers they can throw at me! FREEDOM! I’m Freeeeeee! ~glork AACCHHH ulp gurgle…… thump

    Meow could not be allowed to live, sorry meowple,

  91. Earl Grey!!!!!!

  92. warrior rabbit says:


  93. Fird Birfle says:


    *does not comprehend*
    *however all the endorphins & oxytocin have left me not too concerned about things like “comprehension”, ennyhow* ….

  94. Fird Birfle says:

    *waving paws in the air [like I just don’t care]

    “oh yeah!”

  95. Ali-baba says:

    That is so cool! I never knew the google thingy changed- guess I just never noticed before. I loved RS as a kid, and must confess I’ve recently gotten hooked on Busytown Mysteries (airs on CBS on Saturday’s as part of cookie jar TV)! 🙂

  96. Fird Birfle says:

    I’m happy for your cute satisfaction!

    — but me no agree. Happy Cuteness, though!!!

    Cuteness for All

  97. Fird Birfle says:

    Similar experience…. Friend of mine brought a puppy home that was a tragic mess, after a wicked thunderstorm; bedraggled, etc. At the time, said friend’s house included several young hoomin beans/ young’uns. When the puppy was later outside in the back yard, romping around & playing, it yelped or somehow verbalized ….my friend’s son said, “Dad, next time you bring us a dog, bring one that isn’t BROKEN!!!!!” 🙂

  98. Fird Birfle says:

    *wonders whether I HAVE a “thinking-thingie” ….

  99. My brain is tapioca.

    And yes, this is not Cricket’s first appearance on CO…

  100. All that chirping, I think Cricket is part cheetah! 😀

  101. Wellp, everyone in this building just died. In the best way. Qute! ❤

  102. Sorry little Birfle – I was not intentionally miss leading – you see a cut to square leg is just a way of batting – I was married to a cricketting enthusiast.

    I plead guilty to putting ya on – pulling your leg or what ever it is in the USA – all you lovely people belong on Cute Overload I think the USA is the Domain of Cute – so I visit – Awww no lie

  103. I am trying to do hhomework and am now officially rendered useless.

  104. oops. teh major dorop in smartness thingummy madde mah sepelling go wrong. xtra h,

  105. Destite teh mentoned thingummy, Im not neer deded. Mebeh Im just not at cat purrsun? 😦

  106. Gail White says:

    If anyone makes a video called “Cricket Meets Boo”, I’ll DIE.

  107. callmecrash says:

    This was so cute, I caught myself petting the laptop screen…TOO FLUFFYYYYY!!!

  108. Gail White says:

    If anyone makes a video entitled “Boo Meets Cricket”, I’ll DIE.

  109. Rachael says:

    I finally fought my way over and around the piles of fainted COers to watch this vid and here I stand. But not for long! *thud*

  110. bookmonstercats says:

    Also, men look very nice in cricket whites… that’s all I know.

  111. bookmonstercats says:

    Also, she’s a very nice lady; it’s just that she likes sleeping above the bedclothes. Approximately two feet above the bedclothes.

    Possibly wrong Ghostbuster film.

  112. Well my husband was kind of lean – clean cut without being very handsome – but witty and humorous = but in Cricket Whites OMG he was devastating – one sight of him and I was stumped I was clean-bowled.

  113. This is ridiculous. This is a conspiracy against humanity. Open your eyes, people! They’re here to enslave us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!1

  114. redonk-cute-lous!

  115. caitlin says:

    I thought this WAS therapy…

  116. I was doing fine, until the itty bitty baby kitteh “eeeeehh”

  117. Copperbat says:

    Gonna have to agree. I like her voice too. I read other’s complaints about baby talk and while it sometimes bothers me – especially when it’s loud, high-pitched, or repetitive – Cricket’s mistress is coaxing her to respond to her name and a silly, sweet voice. I found it quite pleasant.

    I also sorta like affected baby talk. Especially when grown men do it in a funny or ironic way. “boojy-woojy… BOOOOjywoojywoojy!”, “WHO’S a good boy? YOU are, yesyouare!”. Makes me smile. 🙂

  118. Fird Birfle says:

    *Running, as instructed*

  119. Fird Birfle says:

    “Quick, see if you can locate the Hello Kitty Defibriwhatever the word is and attempt to revive the ded!!!”…..

  120. Fird Birfle says:

    “Hmmmmm…..Cr’s fur *does* rather resemble a cheetah cub’s fur……”

  121. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Patti: thanks, be with you 🙂

  122. Fird Birfle says:

    I believe, that the number for 911 is 73….

  123. Somebody take my pulse. I think I just died of cuteness overload! Must. . .tickle. . .kitten. . .belly. . .now!

  124. I’m starting to recover. But I still want that kitty!

  125. Fird Birfle says:

    um….checkout the first Tag, under the Lethal Cuteness that is Cricket’s video…Encore Presentayshe fully listed! but I know I didn’t perceive that on the first few go-rounds, either 🙂

  126. I had to punch a wall to regain my masculinity…not an original quote but there, that’s how much I awwwed.

  127. warrior rabbit says:

    “I’m not dead yet!”

  128. I would do it myself, but I am paralyzed by the cuteness. Someone PLEASE commence with the ever-so-delicate nom-noming of ears and teeny-weeny belly scrubs.

  129. RosiePosie says:

    Nope, right one. 🙂 “She’s not my girlfriend. I find her interesting because she’s a client and she sleeps above her covers. FOUR FEET above her covers.”

    In other news, I think my ovaries exploded watching this video.

  130. Would be cute to see a video of Maru squeezing Cricket like that other video. That would be the end of the internet.

  131. edmundh says:

    If anyone is still upright and coherent after watching that, I guarantee you’ll be in a puddle after watching some related videos, such as:

    Cricket has a lot to say:

    Chewbacca, Cricket’s sibling:

    Chimera, another sibling:

  132. I have just melted into a puddle. With arms still attached, of course, so I could type this.

  133. OK, hold onto yourselves. Fast forward ahead to 2:57- on. Colin Firth (age about 20, I’d say) in cricket whites. Some dialogue NSFW

  134. I love it that all these kittains are almost too chubulent and fuzzeh to walk. They’re all weeble weeble weeble plotz. And the triangular stripy tailios are the living end (so to speak)!

  135. victoreia says:

    And we didn’t need the Bene Gesserit breeding program, either!

  136. I totally agree. I actually find her voice very soothing. I watched her vid with the kitten Sequoia here on CO a year ago or so, and watched it over several times, both for the kitten cuteness factor and the lady’s soothing voice. But then I’m kinda weird that way. 😉

  137. Starts running, then looks at Cricket….”KITTY!”

  138. wuyizidi says:

    Kittens, the ultimate gateway drug for opiate addiction (or is that

  139. “weeble weeble weeble plotz” is the best description of that EVAH.

  140. wuyizidi says:

    CO, you do realize you have now upped our threshold to such dangerously high levels, that we would likely suffer horrible depressions on days where anything less than WMD level of of cuteness are not provided?

  141. Lethally cute. I wonder how many people this kitten has keeled!

  142. Fird Birfle says:

    “Bring outhcher DAID!!!!”

  143. Joyce Morrison says:

    Oh, no, if pet is properly spoiled, they’ll mew/meow/yowl at you as soon as they see you. Humans’ giggling and making silly comments have ruined many a good video.

  144. Empressgoth says:

    Okay…Are you trying to kill me with Cuteness!

  145. Selfish! This deliciously, edible kitten should be shared with us kitten nommers. No, never mind sharing with them…me…it should be given to me. GIve it back! Now!

  146. The voice in the “surprised kitten” video really was contrived and awful, but here, the owner is simply having a conversation with the kitten…

  147. The videos above are “talking” tolerable, I admit. Mama cat needs some attention, too. Would love to see all of the silver cat. What relation is the silver to Cricket? Can’t beat the first Cricket vid for preciousness and nomming quality yet. Thank you to whoever sent these vids in. When will they appear on YouTube? A sure sensation! I have to rest now from the cuteness. I’m old and have a weak constitution. Perhaps I could apply for visiting privileges for Cricket and her siblings, but you have to bring to me, being old and weak and such. Heh, heh, ha, ha, ha. Got one. It’s mine, mine, mine…

  148. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Another weapon in the West’s War against Terror; its the insidious Cricket device. Ready for deployment. TAKE THAT FANATICS, SPLORT!!

  149. Woofy'sMa says:

    Okay, I’m a dog person, but Cricket is way past adorables. What great big eyes you have, Cricket! And I talk baby talk to my dogs, so I don’t mind her voice at all. I think Cricket is responding to her. And little teeny mews – def cute overload.

  150. I don’t mind human voices when it results in mewing, because, as I hinted in my above comment, that’s sorta how it happens in the first place (meowing is a social behavior cats do around humans, specifically. Feral cats don’t meow a whole lot). Besides, I actually kind of like this lady’s commentary–she strikes me as being a little crazy in a good way. When the human is the only one making noise, especially if it’s all baby-talky, then yeah, it’s a little annoying.

  151. Are you trying to KEEL us? This is a lethal dose of cuteness. Should be banned from showing at once

  152. Elena1030 says:

    Cricket, is, quite possibly, better than spice. 😉

  153. Elena1030 says:

    I’m in lurv wit Cricket’s “Yoda” earses!! 😀

  154. Buster Friendly says:

    AAAAAAARRRRRGH! I can’t take it!

  155. karilon says:

    It’s a tribble with a face.

  156. Ruffian9 says:

    Cricket: “Squeak”
    Ruffian9’s coma-prone ovaries: “…I’M ALIVE”

    Holy geez – I must have a Cricket for myself. I can see now that my future happiness (survival?) depends on it.

  157. Its a golden persian

  158. No relation.

  159. I was just thinking “if only a mad scientist would combine ewok and a baby bird.” There. Done.

  160. holy… POOP.

  161. OMG, my heart is melting for that little face and that teeny mew. Too cute!!!

  162. snapped fluffy says:

    I have to point out because I don’t think anyone else has that at 0:25, Cricket starts playing with his/her own front paws. It’s like he/she is playing that game where you try to keep your hand on top of the pile with his/herself. It’s so prosh! I’ve watched that segment like a cajillion times and I think part of my brain melted at half a cajillion.

  163. I think this would be what a baby ewok would look like.

  164. I have watched this… at least 25 times. Sigh. That soundless mew — designed to make one melt.

  165. I think that’s a HUGE underestimation, actually… I probably have watched it a lot more than that…

  166. I also have to say they seem to have a lovely bond. Cricket is so responsive.

  167. Cricket is a cute name… but I think I would HAVE to name her the obvious: Squeaky!! Or … Skweeky. What an adorable cat and adorable sound she makes…