Today’s Wilderness Survival Tip

If you are lost and thirsty, your Jack Russell Terrier will function as a divining rod. Simply hold the terrier over the ground, and it will paddle when water is near.

Sender-inner Tamara A. says that Jake always does this.



  1. Suggestible dog is very, you know.

  2. I think he is a Boy Scout and he’s prepared for when he lands in the water. Smart dog, not to entirely trust a hooman who laughs so evilly while messing with the doggie.

  3. Ha. I love world-weary side eye glance at :09. It’s as if the pup is saying, “Really? This fake swimming thing again? Sigh…”

  4. I feel like I’ve seen a ton of dog-swimming-in-air videos and the featured dogs always seem to have that annoyed look on their face while airswimming.

  5. Aww, he looks so despondent about the whole thing.

  6. He seems to be thinking, “This is my life now. This is what I will be doing for eternity.”

  7. He looks very mellow about it. Maybe swimming puts him in a Zen state?

  8. I’m sorry my eyes kept leaving the cute swimming doggy and going to that faucet and that kitchen sink!!!
    Ohhh, I so want a kitchen sink like that, so much better then the run off the mill stainless steel model I’ve got.

  9. Dagnabbit! I’ve been grabbed by the mod bot for saying “je m’excuse” in English? The bot doesn’t like good manners I guess.

  10. Welllll, Jake the Jack is cute, but a tad emo.
    I’m for Cooper, the original ‘just keep swimming’ Corgi! Stay tuned for 1:25

  11. My beagle/jack russell mix does this as well….freaking hilarious. and she always has the same look on her face!

  12. Jake knows everybody is laughing at him.

  13. Kirsten D. says:

    And some night, when you least expect it… Jake the Ripper will get his revenge.

    Wait, never mind. He’s a dog, not a cat. You’re safe.

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    “zut alors!!!!11!!” 🙂

  15. victoreia says:

    Unless he has a hit-cat on payroll….

  16. Moi, Actually says:

    This one’s better without the sound. These guys are lucky that the sound of running water makes their dog paddle–not piddle.

  17. I kinda want to strangle the guy in the background and his ridiculous laugh. Ass.

    Jake for the win!

  18. He looks sad, like “why is everyone laughing at me? I can’t help doing this!” But super cute!

  19. Michelle says:

    Now I know I can be too sensitive, but I do not like the way they are laughing at the pup when he looks so sad. I’m sure they love him, but I want to see his tail wagging and happy too!

  20. sunnylessmum says:

    My thoughts exactly Michelle! I prefer to think we are not” too sensitive,” they are just “not sensitive enough.” 🙂

  21. lol, every dog I’ve ever had would do that when held over the bathtub, whether or not there was water in it :3

  22. baileysgrandmom says:

    Dogs are just so eager to please. “You want me to swim? Well, there’s no water here…but I’ll ‘swim’ just for you, oh great hooman o’ mine!”

  23. My doggie does this too 🙂

  24. Francesca says:

    Seriously while the jack russel is very very very cute… I kept looking at the sink and faucet and going ooooooooh, I’d like a shot of the rest of the kitchen please!

  25. LOL! My jack does the same thing!!! Try the toilet next!