The DirecTV Guy Looks Kinda Different

Frogulence — I has it (ribbet).

I like the best (ribbet). But I also like savings the money (ribbet).

So when DirecTV tell me five months free plus mini giraffe for most premium package (ribbet)… I jump in it like lily pond (ribbet).

From sender-inner Natalie F.: “I recently was checking your site and saw a picture my dad, Barry F. had submitted several years back with my Pekingese, Puka Shu-shu and the rescued bull frog. The very day you posted this, my daughter caught a tree frog and decided to keep her as a pet. I am a photographer and had to take some quick photos of our tree frog, Princess, with a furry friend to send in for a tribute to my sweet beloved Puka!”

Concept shamelessly stolen from DirecTV commercial (ribbet).


  1. Up In a Lather says:

    Pretty much the best CO post evar. :)

  2. …and here I thought the one right before this was. Balanced budgie… :D [snrk]

  3. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Leave it to you to catch that! Thank you! :D

    It’s a measure of how cute the budgie video was that nobody even commented on my pun. But that’s OK — I get upstaged by Teh Qte all the time, and I’m used to it. ;)

  4. It was in all ways an excellent CO post.

  5. Martha in Washington says:

    “I like zee best.” Which is why I come here so often! (ribbet)

  6. Natalie, what is it about your family and froggies? :mrgreen:

  7. PS:”If they can listen to music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov it is dream.”

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    Theresa — there is a marvelous tale that I wish there were a forum in which I could share with you …..’way back in the Pleistocene Era, when I was in Neanderthal High School, two of our more-creative Literary Arts students challenged each other to a long-form joke duel. Perhaps it will sufficiently whet your whistle *AND* tickle yer funny bone, if I tell you the ultimate payoff/ punchline below. The setup was located at the birth city for Rimsky-Korsakoff and involved a Ski troupe headed to/ from the Olympics. ….the payoff line was:

    “…..and, before it was all over, he was arrested because he had given the
    R.I.M. Ski Corps a cough”.

    (wish I could recall, for what 3 words, she produced the abbrev. R.I.M.
    But it was a very involved setup and this was many many moons ago ….)


  10. Fird Birfle says:


  11. Mary (the first) says:

    awwwwww!!! love the arm around the shoulder action in pic. 2 !

  12. Marshwiggle says:

    “Dat one.”

  13. flutter-by says:

    Luv the fotogenic fwoggie w/mini-giraffe! Great photos!

  14. As we haven’t had the oppulence commercial here in Poland (yet?), it is thanks to CO that I am aware of the existence of the mini giraffes. And this is one of the bazillion reasons why I love you, COverlords – and why I am on the waiting list for a mini giraffe – I think I will get the bazillionth one:))

  15. dottiebj says:

    OMG, I want a mini-giraffee sooooo bad!!!

  16. You can sign in for one on :) The queue is LOOOOOOONG

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    Please to be looking at:

  18. Oh yes, I know this, and the gym one too. Both are absolutely the best commercials ever:)

  19. What? Petite giraffes are real?????!?!?! The shocked, I haz it. Oh, and I wants.

  20. wuyizidi says:

    The giant pool of savings;
    A frog jumps in it;
    “Kerplunk!” – I am Epic Win.

  21. That is without a doubt the greenest frog that I have ever seen.

  22. So it’s easy being green, after all???

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    how ’bout Kermie? :)

  24. This is the cute couple I have ever seen!!! This has to be a calendar pic next year somewhere ever….

  25. Thanks for posting my pics of “Princess” and her opulent friend! She kept turning brown because of the backdrop and I kept having to put her back in her grassy green tank and snapping pics oh so quickly!!

  26. Alice Shortcake says:

    I hate to be a nuffer, I really do, but the mini-giraffe looks as though it could be made of real animal fur.

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    In the Dictionairre de Cute Overload, under the term “shameless but cute plagiarism”, you will find a photo of NTMTOM. But we CO regulars are so
    deeply indoctrinated, we don’t even care.

  28. Not to rain on anyone’s cute parade, but PLEASE, everyone, do not encourage children (or anyone for that matter) to catch wild animals and keep them as pets. This little frog is darling, but it belongs in the wild, not an aquarium.

  29. bob drummond says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Animals should remain in their natural environments and not in a tank or a cage.

  30. If you see those fur toys like the giraff in the photo DO NOT BY THEM. They’re from China and are made of dog/cat pelts. Creepy as hell.

    Sorry to rain on some of the parade. Back to froggie cuteness! OK?!

  31. If that isn’t an urban legend, it should become one.

  32. Rabbit fur, most likely. And I concur, it does look like it’s made from an animal pelt. While I adore the squeeness of toys like this but I refrain from buying them for this reason.

  33. Rabbit fur, most likely. And I concur, it does look like it’s made from an animal pelt. While I adore the squeeness of toys like this I refrain from buying them for this reason.

  34. pretty sure they don’t make stuffed animals with real fur (it practically looks like beanie baby fur). although it is true that some countries do not labeling the origin of fur, so it could be coyote, fox, rabbit, cat, dog and one wouldn’t know (not sure why this is important to people, fur is fur).

  35. But it’s not mini to the frog. it’s just the right size and I think he’s in loooove!

  36. Love the mouseovers!

  37. BESTEST rollovers ever! (till next time…)

  38. Oh I LUV this picture, its so cute and sweet, the first one was sooo cute, the second was sooo sweet . :-):-)

  39. My sister, who lives on Frog Hollow Road, will love this one!!!

  40. If he/she produces a top hat and starts singing “Hello my baby” alert the media!

  41. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Actually, the last guy who found a singing frog ended up wishing he hadn’t alerted the media. ;)

  42. Touche`!

  43. dogsleder says:

    Interspecies snorgling!?

  44. Me, Echo! says:


  45. Emmberrann says:

    Are stuffed animals a species?

  46. bob drummond says:

    In closing I just would like to say that I loved this cuteoverload entry. I think that picture of the frog with his arm around the giraffe is cute. They look like drinking buddies. Gotta go now . Enjoy your weekend everybody. May God bless you all!


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