No way says Patricia Q. No. Way.


  1. Rachael says:

    Puppeh has no visible means of support.

  2. Princess of Insolence says:


  3. Oh my god, I typed the exact same thing, then I saw your comment!

  4. Princess of Insolence says:

    Great minds, you know…

  5. Boneless sleepy puppy! So sweet. I think he really is just trying to get his mommy to rub his cute tummy.

  6. timber!


    timber!…. infinity

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Attempts to use the in-bedded arm-y to encourage a pup-rising prove to be a flop.

  8. Ahhh 260Oakley, you are a master!

  9. Love the wittle toofies.

  10. skippymom says:

    Exactly what I was going to say.

  11. (The Original) Mel says:

    1. Toe beans: Licorice.
    2. Ear flop: Subtle, but deadly.
    3. Toofs: Just a hint.
    4. Buttony and fluffular: A winning combination.
    5. “Rub mah belleh.” FTW.

  12. I Haz a Funny Bone says:

    Oooh. I couldn’t imagine how she resisted rubbing that beautiful belleh, and then she did! :)

  13. Apathygrrl says:

    What kind of pup is this? I want one! *flop*

  14. vw-chan says:

    I think it’s a pomeranian, atleast it looks like my Charlie whenever we get him a haircut; same head shape and all.

  15. IT is a pomeranian with a haircut.

  16. And so, won’t you make a contribution to Puppehs-without-Bones™ to help puppehs without bones? Thanks for your support.

  17. Boneless Puppehs don’t stand a chance without your help!

  18. Jay in Oregon says:


  19. “awww, Mom, five more minutes, okay?!”

  20. Snacktime says:

    Is it a Japanese thing, or am I being an Ugly American? How do they master the arts of cute and clean? At my house, even a boneless pup could make a white bedspread dingy!

  21. I think it’s you. The vid is Brazilian.

  22. Snacktime says:

    OK so the Brazillians are cuter and cleaner than me. The list gets longer every day.


  24. Why would she want to get up when she’s getting this fabulous massage!

  25. levanta bebezinho! awww

  26. Mamãe ajuda! Levantou?


  27. Rub my tummy, foolish human!

  28. NAWWWWWWWW!!!! I want one of those !

  29. LauraLoo says:

    Obviously filmed too early on a Saturday morning after a high time Friday night. I can relate. Have been there. Let him sleep it off.

  30. This is how I felt this morning. Alas, I did get up.

  31. Débora says:

    Brasileira \o/

  32. Alas, can you not see I am unreconciled to the day?

  33. I want to snorgle. PLEASE!

  34. “Nerhe, I shall not get up. I need to lie here and get belleh rubs.” Poor puppeh … he is very tolerant for not snapping after being bothered so much!

  35. WaterWish says:

    Am I the only one who is concerned that the poor puppy might be ill or drugged? Sorry for the buzzkill, but when it’s time to get up and EAT aren’t puppies usually jumping up and all excited?

  36. yes, you are the only one. puppies sleep A LOT.

  37. No, you are not. I have a dog that acts somewhat like that after a seizure and while it might be cute once or twice, acting like that for so long would have me on the phone to the vet.

    I would have liked the clip to end with her showing the pup some prime treats and him jumping up to show he was fine after all.

    I have to assume that since she was laughing and didn’t seem concerned that she knew the dog and was worried about the possibility of illness and that he is fine. I hope…

  38. i lost a dog to severe epilepsy. it was awful. we went through thousands of seizure episodes. that agony could never lead to that sort of silliness.

  39. DCCHughes says:

    No, you are not the only one. If one of my cats did this, I would FREAK OUT. Even my ferrets would scare me when they would get into their “dead” sleep.

  40. Peopledoc says:

    I have to say, I am a (people) doctor and the same thought crossed my mind. I hope this puppy is just adorably cute and that’s all.

  41. TrixandSam says:

    Anyone who has raised a pup knows this is normal behavior when the pup is feeling sleepy, comfy and safe. Heck, my dog Sam still does this at 10 years of age! I have to rouse him with a shout of “Sam! Squirrels!” to get him moving.

  42. Vanessa says:

    Take a look at this!! Soooo cute!

  43. Levanta bebezinho.

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    I like it at around :19 and :55 when she just sort of folds in on herself. Like a suitcase being closed.

  45. Anna Filaxes says:

    LOL Non-violent resistance!
    I yam wesisting dis getting up in the morning ting!
    Ha! I cannot be moved – I am like de jellyfish on de land!
    Bedtime will twiiiuuuumph!!

  46. Girl’s voice…so annoying.

  47. I can do the same thing with my pomeranian, Alphalpha!
    I sit him in my lap he’ll kick back with all 4 paws in the air… and his head nestled in between my boobs like they double as a neck pillow. Although after a while it’s like his spine liquefies and if I don’t hold him in place he folds over until his head touches his butt.
    He’s kind of special.

  48. countess says:

    Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!! But he’s not falling for it. Or maybe he is. Falling for it, I mean. Oh, nevermind.

  49. Soooooo Tirrrrrrrred….

  50. victoreia says:

    I kept hearing “I don’t wanna!” every time the pup flopped back over.

  51. third time watching it today :3

  52. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Don’t look now, but there’s a dead chicken behind you at 2:00.

  53. Hahahaha wow, I was so focused on the dog I completely missed the intruding chicken…

  54. arachnophile says:

    Passive Resistance FTW!


  56. Peanutcat says:

    HA! You notice puppeh’s eyes don’t actually close until AFTER he gets his belleh-rub!

  57. Alice Shortcake says:

    This is me on a typical Monday morning, only cuter and with more teeth.

  58. LAINEY O says:

    Squishy noodle pooch says “Uh-uh..I ain’t. and you can’t make me”!

  59. sara-bell says:

    I liked that the lady would straighten him out when he got into a “broken-necked” position. (And boy was that a loooooonnnnggg wait for a belly rub!)

  60. That rubber chicken is mocking me!

    Somewhat seriously, this is like Spinal Tap, the older I get, the more realistic it feels and less funny it seems.

  61. should leave a dog lone. trying to sleep

  62. I don’t know about you, but to me the handling was quite brutal and it was hard to watch it ’till the end…

  63. That had me giggling all the way through. I mean, that dog has no spine!!!

  64. Awwww – that is one ploppy puppy! SO tie-tie…

  65. claudia says:

    so vewy ti ti

  66. Fird Birfle says:

    Methinks that this puppeh is related to the (?) monkeh the other day, who tumbled forward as soon as his person tried to give him a stuffie-toy …..
    Similar “muscular” responses to stimuli …

  67. It’s a boneless puppy ranch! w00t!

  68. why are you waking me up ? stop! ok you got me up what do you want? I’m going back to bed :(


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