What’s the “Weirdest Animal” You’ve Ever Touched?

Ummm, how about a toadal stranger?

Tell us in the comments!

Keep in touch, Barry F. You too, Sharpy and thanks for your inspiration!



  1. I got to hold a baby crocodile once!! also first! lol!

  2. Most unusual? Wombat. Weirdest as far as feeling “eww, why am I touching this?” would be a sea slug. Slimy.

  3. Definitely the senjunamako in Japan!! ewwwwwwww!!!

  4. Cynthia Ann Tanner says:

    The wierdest thing I ever touched was a starfish.

  5. I am as toadally entranced as that pupster!!

  6. Ali-baba says:

    I fed and petted a stingray…it was awesome! 🙂

  7. sunnylessmum says:

    I pet (petted?) an eel while scuba diving.

  8. The most unusual for me was an Okapi. What a pretty animal! I also hand fed a panda. That was cool.

  9. Well, there’s touching it . . . and then there’s licking it. :mrgreen:

    Puppy, is the grass moving yet? Do you see the music?

  10. Ilana Waters says:

    Baby shark. But seriously, don’t let your dog lick a toad. In fact, don’t let anyone you know lick a toad. Some secret poisonous mucus through their skin.

    No joke. 😦

  11. And for just plain weird I also fed a naked mole rat. He ate a piece of corn.

  12. Oh crap what did I do now? I lived through the Rapture just to cool my heels in moderatory?

  13. When my sister was training as a vet tech her class (and their family members if they wanted to join) were given a behind the scenes look at the zoo. While there we got to touch a wallaby, hold an ostrich egg, a rhino, and I could have touched a penguin but they said they’d probably peck us (it was only 5 inches away!!).

  14. A monkey once grabbed my finger. It was fun until he refused to let go.

  15. “The weirdest animal I ever touched? My ex-husband! A-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” 😛

  16. sara-bell says:

    A tarantula. Weird, and I don’t want to do it again.

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    1: I think that any of the hooved forest-y animaux are wondrous.
    2: I also love the word Okapi.

    And pandas are darn sweet also.

  18. Fird Birfle says:


  19. Fird Birfle says:

    (Presumably, Theresa’s S.O. does not visit CO?)

  20. Petting a rhino was pretty neat, but I can’t believe nobody has mentioned how this dog is smelling the toad’s butt! Hello! Its not a dog there Mr.Puppersons!

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    um……is Sharpy departing the CO world?????
    (see closing credits line at pics)

  22. Stingray at the Monterey Acquarium is my weirdest.

  23. Kari Callin says:

    When I volunteered at Woodland Park Zoo, the keeper at the South America exhibit, one of 3 I helped out at, was good friends with a long time volunteer in the Big Cat house. There were some snow leopard cubs born 4 week before hand, but we never saw them on the live feed when we went by. Finally, she called over and they just so happened to have the babies seperate from the mother to give them a check up. We went over to see them and somehow, I ended up holding one!!! It was the most amazing experience EVER!

  24. Hmmm… stingrays have been mentioned already, although I also touch sea anemones, sea cucumbers, starfish and sea urchins on a regular basis.
    I think the coolest animals I’ve ever touched are African Blackfooted penguins, California sea lions and tigers!

  25. Have petted lots of different critters — even a horned toad and blue bellied lizards from the deserts here in California. However, the strangest *thing* I tend to do is kiss cats. Not really on the mouth but let them sniff. Any cat. As long as it is reasonably friendly. I know, I know. Toad-ally unhealthful. Can’t stop myself.

  26. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    I’ve petted a horseshoe crab. They look like little self-propelled tanks.

  27. A giraffe. I’ve fed several and I cannot get over the enormity of their tongues and how adamant they are that everything in your possession is *theirs*.
    Also, camels. They not only spit if they are mad, but they also sneeze like its their job and are, shall we say, not very polite about where it goes.

  28. Little dog whatever you do, don’t lick the toad! You will be transported to the desert and see talking coyotes. Nooooo…that was when Homer ate superhot chilis at the Fair, but whatever….don’t lick the toad!!!!

  29. victoreia says:

    I fed a chipmunk once. We were at Yosemite, and I held out a piece of cracker (I think it was a cracker), then held really still while Mr. Chipmunk ever so delicately leaned on my finger to grab the cracker…….

  30. Emmberrann says:

    Jack Hanna was on a visit to the place where I worked at the time, so I’ve petted a binturong (extremely soft and furry, rather like a well-brushed cat), it was rather shy and it ate bananas. There also was a beautiful and very large sulphur-crested cockatoo, which decided it liked me and stood on my arm. I’ve petted a cayman (the pet of my neighbor), which felt rather like one of my mother’s purses. My late brother had a lovely and very friendly cockatiel. It liked to sit on people’s heads, and ride around on them.

  31. (The Original) Mel says:

    You beat me to it!

  32. Hmm, that’s a toughie. I’m an exotic animal rescuer and volunteered at a zoo for three years, so I’ve touched lots of critters. Among the weirdest: skunks, kinkajou, Cooper’s hawks, all manner of lizards, amphibians and snakes, wallaby, coyote… Have to say my favorite, purely for the reaction it invokes when I tell people, is the giant millipede. I’d wear him on my arm to do “encounters” with the kids at the zoo.

    Also, an arrow crab: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8ozqOGxrwVQ/TSOJiCxq_tI/AAAAAAAAAFc/740Nw6L3QTA/s1600/IMG_0055.JPG

  33. Emmberrann says:

    Oi, Th. You ain’t the only one in moderayshe. I guess the new Moderature is taking lessons…..

  34. Muskrat kit: sawwwwwft.
    Yak: woolly dreadlocks
    Wombat: like a piglet
    Huh, I should work through the alphabet! Up next: aardvark, bongo, capybarrrrra!

  35. I kissed a friendly brown-eyed cow,
    Who gives us milk and cheese.
    I’m lying in my nursery now,
    With hoof-and-mouth disease.

    My dad told me this limerick when I said I needed to recite a poem (2nd grade). I was made to sit in the hall AND miss a party! Thanks, Dad.

  36. Nooo. If she were, we would have a huge farewell party that never ended ever. 🙂

    The title of this post bubbled up one day from Sharpy’s mercurial mind!

  37. I’ve petted a few penguins, including a weeks old emperor penguin 😀

  38. JerilynS says:

    1st: Sharpy, don’t touch that thing with a 10-foot tad-pole!

    2nd: Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Or maybe the 6-inch long millipede, which crawled up my arm. Their legs feel like brush bristles. Both courtesy of the Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

  39. I spent a month when I was 12 camping IN a zoo! Going to sleep with the sounds of wild animals all around me. I had free access to the zoo from sun up to sunset. I got to pet wolves and African buffalos and American bisons and a freaking big moose who was very puzzled by my little pomeranian dog.
    And feed porcupines (very carefully).

    Best summer of my life.

  40. A stingray for me, too! OH, how I long to touch one again….

  41. Toadally green with envy, Kari.

  42. I got to touch/swim with sea turtles once. I don’t really know how weird that is.

    The other week though, my dad touched a humming bird. It got into our house and he gently scooped it up from the closed glass window it was desperately trying to escape through.

  43. Hey, I got moderated for this!

  44. Oh those dads!

  45. Stephanie says:

    a sea cucumber….and an armadillo! Not at the same time, of course.

  46. ewwwww! be prepared for total ICKSQEE after the click!

  47. Kangaroos! No kidding. Several kangas when I was in Australia. They are godless mooching machines.

  48. “sea cucumber” would also be the answer to the most horrible thing i’ve ever eaten. and pigeon pie.

    this is fun!

  49. aren’t they amazIng? like silk.

  50. cuteismyporn says:

    A chameleon, a wild one that my ex-husband found in our garden in Cape Town. He bit me, the chameleon, not my ex-husband, and wrapped his tail around my finger so he or she was REALLY holding on. It didn’t hurt but I didn’t like the idea that he/ she was TRYING to hurt me. It was awful cute.
    The baboon spider in the laundry room, which I did not touch, was disgusting!!!

  51. ooohhhhh, fun! what a luck!

  52. you touched a california sea tiger?!

  53. love that episode!

  54. it sounds like you’re a toughie, too!

  55. it’s very suspish. i asked pyrit about weird animals, she turned it into a post and now all the comments are going into moderation! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

  56. I LOFF!

  57. Twinkie says:

    I was once licked by a Dik-Dik at the Denver zoo!

  58. Well, this pic screams for a post:

  59. Ali-baba says:

    Didn’t someone wear a hat like that to the royal wedding? 😉

  60. Same here, in the Caribbean! They are such cool animals.

  61. Eeeeewwww is an understatement! What in the world is that?!?

  62. Malinki says:

    I touched Dieter’s monkey.

    But really, I got to play with a bear cub and a jaguar kitten once.

  63. Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things…

  64. Not weird per se, but I once pet a Cheetah. Not as soft as I was expecting.

  65. Yay! Thanks for visiting our Insect Zoo! I always my niece there when she comes to visit me at work. It’s good for some squeals. Incredibly enough the official name is the “Orkin Insect Zoo.” Yep, the exterminator company is a big donor. I kid you not.

  66. Baboonspider?
    Oh joy!

  67. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ve gotten to touch lots of animals already mentioned–sting-rays and sea anemones, banana slugs, lots of different birds, camels, hieland coos, giant South African grasshoppers and, although not really an animal but it always makes people say “EWWW”: Rhinocerous Poop! I say “Hey, how many times in my life will I get a chance to touch rhino poop? So I did!” It is very dry and grassy, BTW.

  68. Oddly enough, though, I’m terrified of crickets and grasshoppers!

  69. Laura S. says:

    An anteater. Totally sticky tongue…it would not stop licking up and down my arm in search of ants. I also got to give a sloth some pettins that day. It was a REALLY good day.

  70. Fird Birfle says:


    “ooooh, ooooh, NO KIDDINGK!!!! When our family lived in DC, the Smithsonian was first developing the Insect Zoo and my sister Sue helped them with that. I think it was some type of college Internship!!!!”
    [that would have been approx. 1974-76 or so]

  71. TrixandSam says:

    Not weird, but quite unique: a leetle babeh porcupine. It was like holding a round bristle brush that had a warm schnozzle and warm tongue.

  72. Fird Birfle says:

    When in doubt regarding something computerish [which occurs to me approx every three minnits] I ALWAYS simply take the
    following mantra:

    “It’s a Conspiracy”.

    Also, my primary Policy Position about computers might be of some service/ comfort, to you:

    “Computers are Not Nice People.”

  73. Appears to be some type of “sea pig” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotoplanes


    I think Dave wins….or loses, depending on how you look at it.

  74. Turquoise-browed motmot. Yeah, it’s just one of a zillion tropical birds…but it’s got such a cool name that I’ll put it at the top of my list of things I haf gepokent. (Some bats were involved in the same mist-netting exercise; I’m told they’re surprisingly soft, though we weren’t allowed to touch them without having had rabies shots.)

  75. Keersten says:

    I once got a “behind the scenes” tour of the Desert Dome at the Omaha Zoo. I got to pet aardvarks, got licked by a bushbaby, and tried to pet some Springhaas, but they have sharp incisors (like a beaver) and seemed interested in nibbling on my fingers so I decided to admire them from a few feet away. Also got to see many amazing amphibians and reptiles up close. Hands down one of the best days of my life. 😀

  76. Weirdest animal I ever touched was a starfish. At the aquarium. I’ve also touched a stingray.

  77. Ali-baba says:

    This shade I am is green, emerald green! You lucky duck!

  78. Awwww, a baby Cthulhu!

  79. A tawny frogmouth at the San Diego zoo 😀 It was amazing.

  80. Is that a peke!? Squee!

    Um…Idk what the weirdest animal I’ve touched is. I got to play with wolf pups once at a wildlife education show. Took care of one when I worked with the vet. Owned 5 tarantulas. Beadie. Leopard gecko (he licked his eye. I’m still not over that.) Had snakes and various spiders creeping around me before…scorpions…praying mantis…

  81. kodalai says:

    Nice poem, but it taint a limerick. 😀

  82. Ali-baba says:

    So the cat is telling us that guy is the weirdest animal he’s ever touched? I’ll buy that. 😉

  83. Just today I got to hold a caecilian… it felt like a very muscular, large earthworm!

  84. why?

  85. A friend of mine bought one at a pet store. Weirdest pet ever! She only sees him every few weeks as he spends his life burrowed in substrate.

  86. (The Original) Mel says:

    Oh thank the Lo’! I can stop hyperventilating now.

  87. fish eye no miko says:

    One of our teachers had a pet Gila monster, and I pet it once. (-:

  88. Um..Dave?

    This pic needs to come with a warning. It’s making me woozy.

    On the other hand I commend you. How, why you touched this monster is something I hope you decide to share with us. This looks like a creature from “The Descent.” The scariest movie ever!!

  89. pbamboo says:

    I once was licked by and got to pet a baby bush duiker. It’s a species of small antelope that has these large glands on its face that aren’t weird until they’re open all the way, then the cute little deer looks like an alien. The little baby was at an animal sanctuary in Michigan, and it was so friendly! Here’s what they look like: http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2010/02/oregon-zoo-baby-duiker.html

    I also touched an elephant once, it was really scratchy. Oh, and touching naked cats feels like petting a hot peach.

  90. Weirdest that hasn’t already been mentioned (that I’ve seen anyway) is a capybara. They are not soft at all–it’s like petting a broom. A very cute, large, moving broom that will eat out of your hand if it’s interested.

  91. Kari Callin says:

    Well, I’m being very silly in not mentioning the tapirs as well, when I volunteered at the zoo. How do you get a tapir to hold still for a physical exam? Scratch the belly hard, and over they go, legs straight out and all catatonic! LOL They loved it and worked like a charm, every time! Also did pouch checks on the tree kangaroos as well. That was a great 2 years there at Woodland Park Zoo! 🙂

  92. warrior rabbit says:

    A møøse once bit my sister. No realli!

  93. warrior rabbit says:

    That crab is bizarre! Also, it looks grumpy.

  94. warrior rabbit says:

    Hmm, sea slug, anenenenome, sea star, stingray, dolphin, porcupine, llama, camel, elephant. But not all at once!

  95. Christina says:

    A hairless, pink baby kangaroo with big eyes and huge feet.

  96. I had the chance to “babysit” 2 minks. One grey, one brown. Gosh those guys are wriggling! 😀

  97. My monkey.

  98. Heather A. W. says:

    Ten inch long (and about an inch fat) green caterpillar from my mother’s rosebush. I didn’t know it at the time, but I now recognize it as a victim of a ichneumon wasp. 😦

  99. That’s a moray!!! 😀

  100. Like Crabby from Mutts! I have a strange fondness for Crabby. 😉

  101. Ringringringringringringring Banana Slug!

  102. If he licks that thing, that doggie is in for the acid trip of his/her life! *snicker*

  103. bookmonstercats says:

    But…. but…. it looks just like a cartoon hippo with a few bits extra. Doesn’t it? *very shifty eyes*

  104. Insertclevernamehere says:

    I held one of those giant hissing cockroaches when I was a kid. It felt like a leather hand bag…

  105. bob drummond says:

    Hey genius- for your info that is not a toad but a frog ! I used to have a pet frog a long time ago and his name was Crosby. I also had two turtles at the same time and their names were Stills and Nash. Get it-Crosby,Stills and Nash. Crosby croaked after six years, Stills died after 20 yrs but Nash broke all the famlly pet records when he died after 35 years & 5 mos. Wow. And frogs R not poisonous!

  106. bob drummond says:

    U R not supposed to touch a tarantula. They have very sensitive bodys and don’t appreciate being petted for that reason.

  107. bob drummond says:

    Very funny Sharpy !

  108. bob drummond says:

    I’m not sure but I think you’re right !

  109. bob drummond says:

    YUCK !!!!

  110. bob drummond says:

    THANK you Kim. You just made my weekend complete By mentioning capybaras. God bless you.

  111. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Dolphins. They feel like wet tires. Very slick.

    I had the pleasure of holding a screech owl while his cage was being cleaned out. Very hot little feets. Hubby said I looked like a kid at Christmas.

    Pigeons-I rescute a broke racing pigeon, and after he had a bath, his feathers felt like they had baby powder on them. And now I get crabilated when people call them sky rats. You have no idea how cool they are.

  112. bookmonstercats says:

    Sara, I haven’t actually “fed” a giraffe, but when I was a little girl, visiting the zoo, one did slurp my straw sun hat off my head with its ginormous tongue, and then ate it (the hat, obvy, not my head) 🙂

  113. bookmonstercats says:

    I’ve held a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach too, I think. It was in Glasgow Science Museum. Is it the big red pebble-like thing with lots of little feeties that suck on to keep hold? I liked it. My family ran away, shrieking and I didn’t get any good-night kisses that day 😦

  114. bookmonstercats says:

    FTW???!!!! Bet that wasn’t served on thinly-sliced bread with the crusts cut off at the Royal Wedding reception.

  115. bookmonstercats says:

    What a gorgeous tux. Want. One. On. My. Head.

  116. It looks like it ought to have a voice like Sam Elliot and a taste for anything that screams.

    (no offense to Sam Elliot)

  117. snorglepup says:

    Manatees in N FL. They would crowd around me and wait their turn to have their belly scratched. Like a cross between a sharpe pup and a hippo! (with barnacles)

  118. Omnomnom says:

    Bun o’War, you win teh Internets.

  119. A shark brushed my leg once at the beach, so I haven’t been to the beach in about 20 years.

  120. Someone needs to talk to that pup about the hazards of doing toad

  121. WAIT! This is a re-run!! Wow I’ve been on this site for a loooooooong time….

    *wanders off*

  122. Apathygrrl says:

    Weirdest animal I’ve ever held is a hairless rat. A friend had it as a pet. It was all warm and fleshy and soft. The most interesting animal I’ve held is a hummingbird 3 days ago. I rescued it after it bonked into a window and was about to become lunch for a cat. I held him nice and safe until he got his bearings and flew away 🙂

  123. Alice007 says:

    Love reading everyone’s stories – they are so great!!
    Well I am not sure that this counts, BUT I got to hold the only intact dinosaur egg they have ever found (well that was the case at the time it happened, they may have found another one by now) and if you turned it (gently!) you could hear the tiny bones inside! It was amazing.
    That’s probably the coolest.

  124. >>touching naked cats feels like petting a hot peach

    we need a tag: Phrases-Heard-Only-on-Cuteoverload

  125. Marine sponge, green lizard, brazilian frog.

  126. A pair of platypups. I usually worked with the raptors at the zoo, but one day they had a keeper out sick and I got called in to help in the nursery. I got scolded for “too much petting.” But how could I help myself?!?! They were too soft!!!!

  127. A large seven foot python? The zookeeper draped the snake onto my shoulders and arms – it felt like a really fat, muscular, slithery and extremely heavy iron bar!

  128. I’ve petted cownose rays before, and some kind of shark. I’ve also petted and held a few different snakes. And of course, nekkid kittehs (a.k.a. Sphynx cats), which feel like warm little wrinkly peaches!

  129. Miss Ruth says:

    Weirdest animal I ever touched would have to be the starfish (on an Alaskan cruise). I wasn’t sure if it was alive or not (it was). Other great experiences: holding a baby ‘gator (surprisingly soft skin!) and feeding soda crackers to piranhas in a lake in Peru – though technically I didn’t touch them. Oh, and petting the sting rays was also cool – like giant portobello mushrooms.

  130. metsakins says:

    Okay..I’m really slow..is it extreme toad smell close up?

  131. A squirrel monkey briefly touched me as it grabbed my slice of banana.

  132. actually bob-genius, some frogs are poisonous. Ilana is sort of right. they do secrete toxins. ever heard of poison dart frogs? toads also secrete toxins, like cane toads.. which are a real pest in australia. you don’t need to be mean. especially when it’s obvious you don’t know everything.

  133. wannadance says:

    i used to play with tarantulas. it was hot and in texas. they were pretty sluggish.

    i refuse to touch slugs or worms. barf…do love sneks, though

  134. brinnann says:

    My boyfriend and I did that in January! We had taken a cruise (while everyone, even SE Texas, was freezing cold – heh!) to Cozumel, and we got to feed and pet and swim with some!

  135. brinnann says:

    Oh, I petted a penguin once! I absolutely adore them. Moody Gardens in Galveston has a “Penguin Experience” where you get to meet one. Stinky fellas, but definitely worth it!

  136. Hildur pildur says:

    I think maybe a pelican. He tried to eat my camera when I tried to take a pic, so I got some photos of the inside of his beak.

  137. I was viciously mauled by a squid! I was trying to hold him, when he suddenly grasped me in his tentacles and tore out a chunk of my flesh with his razor-sharp beak! “Ah! Ah! I’m bleeding!”

    Granted, his mantle was only about an inch long, but I screamed like a little girl, and then he panicked and squirted ink all over my new shirt. All in all, not a good day for either of us.

  138. can we settle this with “some toads do indeed secrete toxins?”

  139. I was licked by a giraffe once at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. BTW, it’s the BEST ZOO EVER!!!!

  140. extreme toadal stranger close up

  141. Oh yeah! My husband also just reminded me of the baby antelope that we rescued once. It was blind and born out of season, so it had been abandonded.It was about the size of the peke in these pictures. She was tiny with really l-o-n-g legs.

  142. brinnann says:

    [testing, 1, 2, 3…]

  143. pbamboo says:

    YES, I’m not alone in my hot peach description.

  144. brinnann says:

    [testing, 4, 5, 6…]

  145. SheepishKitty says:

    Look like that thing from the new pokemon games, that dream eating one.

  146. brinnann says:

    This is Creole, the King Penguin. He painted that picture in the background, and I got to take it home with me. 😀

  147. Yep, sometimes enough to make ’em croak. 😛

  148. I got to pet a bat (so soft!!!), the handler said to keep it a secret because if people knew, they would want bat fur-lined gloves. 😀

    Also, petted (and was licked by) a buffalo when I was a kid. I loved him so much!

  149. I keep waiting for NOMTOM to say, “A moose once bit my sister!”

  150. Fleurdamour says:
  151. trinlayk says:

    I’m having difficulty defining “weird”
    as a kid:
    toads, salamanders, goats, a tiger cub (zoo was fostering it, and classmates mom had it at their HOUSE for Christmas break),

    at zoo petting area: skunk, porcupine (carefully!) baby lion, baby tiger…
    Yeah I totally envy getting to hold a baby snow leopard…

    fairly recently: American Bison, aka Buffalo, fed them corn and got to skritch foreheads (from a wagon) they are SOFT… I would have expected them to feel like brillo.

  152. Let me see, stingray, sea cucumber (both in an aquarium exhibit tank), elephant (ride at the circus)–ditto on the bristly, BTW–hmm…what else?
    Oh! pythons/boas (zoo and people’s pets in the pet store–odd how many people fear them!) And yes, they are EXTREMELY heavy/dense for their size!
    The Gifted class garter snake while the teacher cleaned its cage and fed it.–hey, I let it wrap around my hand! So sweet with its leetle black eyes and leetle tongue–it was probably overall the length of a shoelace maybe and the width of a pencil. I’ve had cute little tropical birds sit on my head at a zoo feeding–got a good pic but can’t find it to post offhand…And my friend’s pet conure (small parrot). I’m an “animal person,” so there have probably been others if I could remember back that far. Maybe a couple of small lizards at one point.

  153. bargles says:

    It’s not a weird animal, but the feeling was super-weird. My dad was a vet and would let me come along with him to the farms every now and then. I’d walk around, pet cows, look at pigs… I once reached down to pet one of the calves that was born recently, and boop! it sticks its tongue out and licks my hand! It was such a weird, sandpaper-y feeling, I jerked my hand back before I realized what it was. Hehe.. but it was all good. And awesome. Cow tongues, huh, am I right? :p

  154. aquasaline says:

    (what the hell is that?!)

  155. Lol platypups 😉

  156. A raccoon and a possum. I actually held the raccoon. She was heavy!

  157. Eww!is right!!!is that thing real, like an animal???
    oh and how come there is so much stuff from Japan on Cute Overload (videos mostly)??Is it based in Japan of something (C.O. headquarters) ???So many questions!

  158. (Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun)What does eet mean???
    *Toadally shifty eyes*

  159. Lets hope for her sake! 😉

  160. “U R” a big knoweet all, that does not know very much, my mom held a tarantula once!Ooooooh and i saw one when i lived in Tucson Az and then i moved to Oregon.

  161. Mud puppy http://www.pbase.com/crocodile/image/73606259/original
    (a fat, extremely slimy kind of fresh-water salamander with gorgeous red feathery gills)

    Stick insect https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-DIDPHGKVK6Q/TYoGX__v6kI/AAAAAAAAB-E/t-TEUnhVX4o/s1600/stickinsect.jpg


    Nothing could top that senjunamako, though.

  162. You touched a capabara????

  163. Space Cowgirl says:

    I’d have to say a wolf spider (who did not want to be held, and bit me to let me know).

  164. Space Cowgirl says:

    I love you.

  165. labmouse says:

    Never go in against a caecilian when death is on the line!!

  166. What the what is a Dik Dik???????

  167. The cat is Saying– “Stand steel, BAXTER!”–and the person is saying–“I’m tryin Pussykins but I need to go to you-know-where”–cat–“First, if you EVER call me pu-puss-puss-pp”–person–“Pussykins?”–cat (glaring)–“I said to.”–person–“What?–cat–“Never mind!And you can wait to go to the bathroom an-“–person–“But I don’t need to go to the bathroom, I need to go to Cute Overload.”– 🙂

  168. I saw a baby Gilamonster once in our backyard…

  169. you have a MONKEY???

  170. The Oregon Zoo had a tarantula in the petting zoo, it felt like suede. Didn’t seem to mind. I preferred the chincilla, however, thank you.

  171. I have been on this site like a LOOOONG time too!!!

  172. I wish! just thought it odd that my unusual animals were in the last half of the alphabet. I now have a new purpose in life: dramatic pause:
    To Pat Unusual Animals: alphabetically!

  173. flutter-by says:

    Gila monster, bat and numerous snakes.

  174. Jenn D. says:

    I almost answered “baby pigeon”, because they definitely fit into the “weird” category!

  175. Yes, exactly! Nice smooth cool silk.

  176. Kate Shaw says:

    I’m another person who was licked by a giraffe. So technically I did not touch the giraffe with my hand, but with my hair.

    I’ve touched a few hummingbirds (they seem prone to whacking into things and lying there stunned until someone rescues them), a robin, snakes of various kinds (so soft and sleek!), lots of farm animals, ferrets!, and llamas. Nothing terribly exciting. I used to make pets out of those fuzzy tent caterpillars when I was a kid.

    Last month I had the chance to touch a starfish that my uncle found on the beach (and put back in the water after we admired him), but I was too squeamish. It was pretty, though, sort of a yellowy-brown color.

  177. Theresa, when the moon hits yer eye like a big pizza pie, THAT’s a mooray!

  178. I like platypuses and I think thats sooooooo cool you got to hold one!I am jealous

  179. Michelle says:

    Aren’t CO HQ in San Francisco?

  180. That monkey gets around.

  181. A nutria. It’s weird because I still have the hand I touched it with.

  182. Lewis n' Clark says:

    hogmaw – a PA “delicacy” my grandma used to make – basically, a stew cooked inside a pig’s stomach

  183. I petted a gila monster once – his skin was surprisingly soft.

  184. Oh wow!I’ve read a LOT of comments!And I love all the fun answers and stories and stuff.I think the best weirdest things that are animals are a humming bird, that was cool and VERY light like a feather.Then there is those baby possums, that is a good story, me and my friends were all out in they’re yard and we saw a possum that they’re dogs had gotten ahlod of, and eventually we notice that this dead possum was moving, so for some odd reason we decided that we needed to pour iodine on it to try and make it better…In the end we found out that it had babies and my friends mom came out and thought she was delivering baby possums 🙂 but a few years later we figured out that it had em’ in her pouch.I got to hold all four!For some reason no one else wanted to hold tiny pink, closed yet bulgy eyed, sneeze sound making fellers.For no reason (sarcasm) .That was special…Then I have a hairless chihuahua and she feels pretty weird too…I got licked by a camel when I fed it and that was slime-illy fun!I can’t think of any other right now but I’ll post em’ if I do!G’night everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!11!!11111!

  185. JerilynS says:

    I had sea cucumber, too, once, in NY’s China Town. I was with my best friend’s family, who hailed from Taiwan. They knew how to order off the menu that doesn’t get translated into English.

    The sea cucumber tasted like unflavored jello with texture. Bleagh!!! :0

  186. extreme toad snorf close up!

  187. that’s too funny! i was with my best friend’s family in san francisco’s china town. her dad was a famous law professor and really tore into his chicken feet. i totally remember describing the sea cucumber as unflavored, really OLD jello! 🙂

  188. And then there was the time a calf sucked my entire hand into his mouth. So, it was kind of touching a common animal in an unusual way.

  189. weird? some sort of python at a pet store….. cool………..Baby Tiger……..GRRRRRRRRr

  190. banana slug – North Coast Redwoods, California

    soap & water wouldn’t get the slime off . . .

  191. Quiet_Desperation says:

    Not weird but unusual. I once was allowed to pet a snow leopard.

    For weird, an albino python, I guess.

  192. So many nice stories! Here’s mine: While traveling in NZ, I went to visit the zoo in Christchurch. They had a Kiwi (the bird, not the nationality!) exhibit, where the kiwis plodded around in a enclosure sealed off from the visitors by a low fence. Of course you weren’t allowed to reach in and pet them, that would be horribly stressful for them. But I sat hunkered down to give my back a rest (backpacking, oy vey), and leaned my elbows on the fence for balance while I watched the kiwis – and as one of them was waddling by, poking at the ground hunting for snacks, he raised his head and poked *me*! How cool is that? 😀

  193. JerilynS says:

    What? No duck’s blood on pig intestine? :O

  194. *shudder*

  195. It looks like a thumb-tack with many legs!

  196. Lynx. Sea Slug. Guess which one I preferred.

  197. Fird Birfle says:

    you were brave if you did it intentionally!!1 🙂

  198. Fird Birfle says:


  199. Fird Birfle says:

    Will this be of any assistance, Pyrit? 🙂

    •See the løveli lakes
    •The wøndërful telephøne system
    •And mäni interesting furry animals
    •The Characters and incidents portrayed and the names used are fictitious
    and any similarity to the names, characters, or history of any person is
    entirely accidental and unintentional.
    •Including the majestik møøse
    •A Møøse once bit my sister…
    •No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse
    with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given
    her by Svenge – her brother-in-law – an Oslo dentist and
    star of many Norwegian møvies: “The Høt Hands of an Oslo
    Dentist”, “Fillings of Passion”, “The Huge Mølars of Horst
    •We apologise for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible have
    been sacked.
    •Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti…
    •We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those
    responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked
    have been sacked.
    •Special Møøse Effects OLAF PROT
    Møøse Costumes SIGGI CHURCHILL
    •Møøse Choreographed by HORST PROT III
    Miss Taylor’s Møøses by HENGST DOUGLAS-HOME
    Møøse trained to mix concrete and sign
    com plicated insurance forms by JURGEN WIGG
    •Møøses’ noses wiped by BJØRN IRKESTØM-SLATER WALKER
    Large møøse on the left hand side of the screen
    in the third scene from the end, given a thorough
    grounding in Latin, French and “O” Level
    Geography by BO BENN
    Suggestive poses for the Møøse suggested by VIC ROTTER
    Antler-care by LIV THATCHER
    •The directors of the firm hired to continue the credits after the other
    people had been sacked, wish it to be known that they have just been
    The credits have been completed in an entirely different style at
    great expense and at the last minute.
    Executive Producer
    JOHN GOLDSTONE & “RALPH” The Wonder Llama

  200. Fird Birfle says:

    I AM a girl [or at least, USED TO BE a “girl”] and
    I woulda screamed like a girl FER SHER!!!

  201. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Redscylla: I tell ya what, if they let me behind the scenes at any facility with cute animaux and they scolded me for petting time, I’d be gone after the first day!!

  202. Fird Birfle says:

    “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeKKKKK”, until you got to the section that began with
    “dolphin” and ended with the effelant!!!

  203. Fird Birfle says:


  204. Fird Birfle says:

    It’s one of these (glamorous, eh?)
    [I hope the image will land here]

    Their height (fully-grown) is evidently around 12-18 inches.
    Their native location is/ are Namibia and Angola/ East Africa.

  205. bob drummond says:

    A Dik-Dik is a tiny little antelope with very small but very sharp horns.

  206. Fird Birfle says:

    The thinggie that Dave linked, just *MIGHT BE* the ickiest thang Ah evah dun seen!!!! I’m glad that Sharpy’s “viewer discretion* note was there!!!

    *runs away at top speed*

  207. That’s just perverse, would it have killed him to keep his pants on?!

  208. The most unusual animal I’ve ever held was a hummingbird. I used to work as a forest ranger at a state park and part of my duty was to patrol a beach.

    As I was doing so, it was a nice summer day and there were plenty of people. There was a portly gentleman next to the lake edge who suddenly started flapping his arms wildly and jumping around yelling.

    He stopped suddenly, and looked down. There, in the sand, cheeping confusedly was a bright little hummingbird. The guy was wearing a bright red shirt, so we figure the bird thought it was the payload flower of the century.

    No worries though. After a few moments of me holding him (lightly I promise), he shook it off and flew away. 🙂

  209. baileysgrandmom says:

    I was once bitten by a Lipizzaner…does that count?

  210. I fully support this goal.

  211. *melts a little at the description* Now I remember why I want a hedgie someday!

  212. Should I be worried that I actually found that to be incredibly cute?

  213. I work in a skilled nursing facility (for people, and aren’t we just the strangest animals on the planet?) in the midwest of the US. After a long shift, I walked out of a patient’s room and was met by a kangaroo joey. One of the nurses ran up to me and exclaimed, “Oh good, you found him!”

    “Oh good,” I replied. “You see it too.”

    I got kangaroo kisses that day. 😀

  214. Snurfles says:

    I’ve touched lots of unusual animals but the ones that stick with me are the Lynx that rubbed against my hand in a Big Cat Learning Annex class I once took, the Boa that wrapped itself around my arm at a Wild Animal Expo and got scared when some idiot put his face up to it and squeezed my arm pretty securely for a minute or two, and the baby possum I got to pet at a Holiday Party at the San Diego Zoo (it was one of the Zoo “ambassadors”). Oh, and just for the record my vote is that Possums ARE cute!

  215. caitlin says:

    My friend is a herpetologist and I help her clean cages, so I’ve held dozens of species like tegus and legless lizards, along with more “normal” animals like rat snakes and bearded dragons. My favorite animal of hers was the chameleon, who decided she quite liked riding on my shoulder.

    I also got to hold a Golden-crowned Kinglet last summer when I shadowed the bird banding research at the preserve where I volunteer. So tiny!!!

  216. The weirdest animal I’ve ever touched? gotta be the time i touched a sea cow.

  217. baby birdie says:

    Really? I’ve held both slugs and worms. The worst thing about slugs is that their slime is very hard to wash off. There are no bad things about worms. 😉

  218. cute_tip says:

    Dagu, Stingray, Sea Turtle, Cayman Blue Iguana, Wind Scorpion, 12-foot Python, Giant Anaconda, Sea Cucumber, Baby Alligator, Sunstar, Fruit Bat. They were all quite delicious. (Kidding…!)

  219. fru fru says:

    is that a frog? or a toad? if it’s a toad the pup might get warts! LOL!

  220. samantha says:

    when I was a kid a petting zoo had an ardvark and i picked up its nose and looked up it. It was very dark.

  221. I want to hug an emperor penguin. It’s on my bucket list.