This kid otter be tired soon! [groan]

Please add your favorite pun in the comments. I’m looking at you, 260 Oakley.

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  1. That was FANTASTIC. What a great vid.

    Sorry, no puns–mine have to be spontaneously and unconsciously uttered, or they’re just dumb.

  2. And I’m first to comment. What a day!

  3. Lars Hoel says:

    If Mom gets tired of watching and falls asleep, just flipper over.

  4. Lars Hoel says:

    Don’t you mean unconsciously ottered?

  5. Awesome cute. I’ll take the kid and the otter. 😉

  6. Lillith says:

    It looks like they’re getting along swimmingly!

    *bows head* I’ll show myself out…

  7. These puns otter get better by the end of the day. Water we doing, making such bad ones? (Yes, you may groan.)

  8. Lars Hoel says:

    Soundtrack suggestion for this vid:
    “The Pines of Rome” by Otterino Resphigi

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Chaos on the Otterbahn: watch as a young driver weaves in and out of his lane while racing another driver who’s clearly tanked.

    (Will that do, Madame Meg?)

  10. Lars Hoel says:

    All right, ladies and gentlemen, there will be anotter showing at three o’clock …

  11. We’re not worthy!

  12. brinnann says:

    No splash cameras, please. It distracts the performers.

  13. Cheryl P says:

    The little boy otter be more careful!

  14. How otterly cute! No otter video makes you otter “awwww”.

  15. BTW: Is this the Columbus Zoo? I seem to remember they have a tank like this. Saw adorable baby otters in it when I was there. 😀

  16. tracylee says:

    he otter be in pictures!

  17. You mean “unconsciously ottered.”

  18. Everybody otter do this!

  19. That kid’s otter control!

  20. You owe Lars a coke.

  21. brinnann says:

    Alternate post title: Ottertunity!

  22. How otterly awesome that they are really playing together!

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    Not good at puns and all the obvious otter ones are taken. But I had to say how wonderful this is. At about halfway when kid turns around suddenly and otter follows back and forth, delightful!

  24. Anything worth doing is worth over-doing!

    Chaos on the Otterbahn: watch as a young driver waves in and out of his lane while racing anotter diver who’s clearly tanked.

  25. brinnann says:

    I couldn’t decide who was chasing whom until that part.

  26. I otter exercise but I can’t decide whether to jog or swim laps…

  27. How otterly ridiculous all the puns are.;-)

  28. Fird Birfle says:


  29. Otterly PUN-tastic!!! ;-]

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    How ’bout any cute boys in red t-shirts?

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    ….so jog laps, then! 😉

  32. Is this a new event on the NASCAR otter racing circuit?

  33. amazing how the kid keeps running from one side to the otter!

  34. Rebecca says:

    omniscient otter or observant onlooker? Outstanding!

  35. Madame X says:

    If that video doesn’t make you smile, you’re otterly without a heart…

  36. Miss Tara says:

    Obviously the otter is kidding.

  37. Carolyn says:

    That is just too cute. Both were having a blast with each other. Oh, the joys and innocence of childhood.

  38. Just one fun-loving kid running after an otter.

  39. A whole discussion thread about “otter” and not one mention of Tim Matheson’s character in “Animal House”? For shame!

  40. Otter speaking: “Hey kid! You seem to know your way around here. How’s about helpin’ me get otter here, OK? Hey tanks alot kid!”

  41. That looks like otter fun to me. Water wonderful way to play.

  42. This video is adorable. For the first little bit, it’s hard to tell if the otter is really responding to the child’s movements, but then they start going back and forth. So cute!

  43. What is it about little boys and otter tanks? My 5 year-old nephew was doing the same thing with an otter at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago…which has a much smaller viewing window…but back and forth, back and forth they’d go. I took a short video on my phone. Hilarious!

  44. edmundh says:

    That’ll do, Oakie, that’ll do.

  45. And otterhood.

  46. We say beer 🙂

  47. i bet both species of mothers are thinking: “awesome, maybe my kid will finally wear himself out and go to bed early tonight.”

  48. My 3 favorite tings together: cute critter, cute kid and BAD puns!
    I’M IN HEAVEN!!!

  49. I can’t tell which is cuter – the otter, or the little boy? It’s like an explosion of cuteness!!!

  50. This otter be fun!

  51. kodalai says:

    Whew, I wish I had a nice cool pool to splash in! Just looking at that little boy exercising so much, I’m getting ‘otter.

  52. Dani cw says:

    They are running “otter” fast dont ya think 😀 huh huh huuuuh
    go splash the otter kids c:
    no? oh okay i’ll just….

  53. So much joy in this video!! I love it!

    (And I’m sorry, please don’t get crabby with me, but I flexed my thinking mussels and floundered around for an otter pun and couldn’t think of one. But I wanted to comment just for the halibut.)

  54. so i was thinking when they had watson on jeopardy – i bet it wouldn’t be able to come up with puns like 260oakley 🙂

    you are unbelievably brillant! i’d say 90% of my comments consist of some combination of “oh my god!”, “soooo cute” and “awwwww”

  55. I just saw an otter doing this with another young child at the Akron Zoo in Ohio!

  56. cellarmouse says:

    yeah! … if you stop trying to think of puns and just watch the action, that’s gotta be the best response … the prize goes to the guy who took the video, or the little kid who tried to get the otter to play with him, or the otter …

    course i’m just sayin’ that cuz i cudn’t think of a pun …

    i still think this is the best comment of all …

  57. Pirate Jenny says:

    It’s the San Diego Zoo. I have spent many happy hours there! The otters were always one of my favorite things; they seem to really enjoy interacting with the people on the other side of the glass.

  58. Do they still have the monkey family sharing the enclosure? Years ago there was a baby monkey and a baby otter that bonded and the monkey would swim underwater with the otter. The first time seeing him swimming was a bit jarring — that sure was an odd looking otter!

  59. See, that’s what I mean, Lars. My brain only works that way by accident.

  60. Countess says:

    Why, I otter….

  61. arachnophile says:

    There are NO words for how much this video made my day. I mean it. 🙂

  62. MollyMonday says:

    They do! One of my favorite habitats at the zoo 🙂

  63. bagoguts says:


  64. Gustav M says:

    I thought the obvious would be
    “Good, now run the OTTER way.”

  65. Brilliant!!! 🙂

  66. oh how wonderfullll!!!! they are BFF’s!

  67. brinnann says:

    😆 I love that this comment has gotten twice as many thumbs-up as any of the puns!

  68. No, “You Otter Know” by Alanis Morissette!

  69. shannomo says:

    The otter is saying “look Mom, I can make that little human run back and forth”!

  70. I love to see a kid with his significant otter.

  71. baby birdie says:


  72. Woofy'sMa says:


  73. I bet his parents are wondering if they can do this every day for about an hour. Say a few hours before nap/bedtime?

  74. “Otter my way folks, can’t you see that thing is chasing me!?!?”

  75. chanpon says:

    Look ma! I can make this blonde kid run after me!

    (Yep, no otter puns)

  76. Why I eyes ya!

  77. BarbaraB says:

    Nope, San Diego Zoo

  78. All I could think of was an old cartoon of two mice in a psych-experimenter’s cage, one of them saying to the other: “Boy have I got that guy conditioned. He gives me food every time I press this bar!”

  79. Stephany says:

    At the San Diego Zoo! I believe thats it. I love those otters, theyre so much fun to watch and theyre highly social with all the visitors. They share an exhibit with some monkeys and its fun to watch them romp around together!

  80. I love how this is all over the news. I did this with an otter at my local zoo for so long I had a crowd formed and they were cheering us on. I would try to trick him and he was spot on! He’d stop and do figure 8’s and stare at me until I ran again. Then again, an 18 year old doing it isn’t as “cute” I suppose.

  81. Susan G. says:

    That little fella is otterly magnetic!

  82. “Latest child entertainment device. I want one for my home.”