Sloth’s inaction

Oh please, People, you gotta check this slothful action out.

Tell me the little guy tipping over holding the stuffy doesn’t just kill you. KEEL.

Sender-Innerer Brinkie Mc Brinkersons does it again. Meet the sloths is by Lucy C.



  1. browngrl says:

    yes, it keeled me ded

  2. The three-toed in the swingy chair got me the most but all those two-toed little ones were super cute too – SLOTH! SLOTH! SLOTH!

  3. Mischief Girl says:

    The scenes of them feeding….the two sharing a green bean….the four eating in a row….squee!!

    This is an amazingly cute video! One of the best this year!

  4. One Eyed Daruma says:

    The ceremonial sharing of the bean! I love how they have that perpetual smile.

  5. Goldilocks sure was itchy.

  6. The whole thing was cute, but that part with the stuffy did totally kill me. It is a good thing that it is the end of the work day because I am now officially useless. Thanks, CO!

  7. Jay in Oregon says:

    Just what I needed at the end of the day; a redonkulous video to put a smile on my face.


  8. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, it keeled me for sure, but I could have done without the close up of mouth mashing something (one of those beans, perhaps?).

  9. Marshwiggle says:

    Sometime in my life I would like to be as utterly content as all those bebeh sloths seem to be. Ahhhhhhhn.


  11. I want more, more, more. They are unbelievable adorable… squee!!

  12. Nassegris says:

    Ahh… as a Disciple of Sloth, this is now my new holy book – I shall study it in great detail and mimic all this glorious slothness, and then maybe one day, the Great Sloth in the Clouds will reward me with a Slothling of my own.


    You even sound kind of slothful saying ‘sloth’, like you’re so lazy and decadent you barely bother to open your mouth to speak 😀

  13. I’m utterly useless now. OMG. So freaking adorable…


  14. sara-bell says:

    Who’dathunkit? Sloths … cute. Amazing.
    (The one in the swinging chair made me keel over from the laughs)

  15. I am seriously considering doing a 2 week internship here during my clinical rotations in a couple of years.

  16. ashagato says:

    loff them. every one.

  17. The sharing of the bean!! I though that there might be a very sloooow throwdown over that bean!!

  18. Looks more like a banana, plantain or something similarly starchy.

  19. Oh I loved it. That was some happy noshing goin’ on!

  20. TrixandSam says:

    The two sloths sharing the long bean: of what is it an example?
    A. Sharing the Earth’s bounty
    B. One of the other deadly sins, Greed
    C. Give-and-take of communal living
    D. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

    E. Who the hell cares! SQQUUUEEEE!!!11!

  21. Damn you stupid sloth babies, now I think you’re cute :3 *harumph*

  22. Keeled by the one upside down, chillin’, next to the pile of beans…squeeee!

  23. Christina says:

    Love this video. It’s impossible to watch and not smile. =)

  24. DDDDDDD:
    The cute. It hurts so good!

  25. gailllc says:

    How exciting! I hope you get to do it. (then you can send in lots of sloth-ful pics and videos)

  26. Yes, the Lady and the Tramp moment was priceless!

  27. kootiepatra says:

    “Keel.” I see what you did thar.

    …But yes, yes it did. *goes back to watch it about a gazillion more times*

  28. I can’t help but think of all the sloth-Moms watching this video and thinking, “Would . . . you . . . kids . . . settle . . . down . . .? You’re . . . wearing . . . me . . . out . . . just . . . watching . . . you.”

  29. OH the things I would do to be able to cuddle a sloth.

  30. and I thought my cat with a stuffed animal was cute!!


  31. They had me at the first yawn !

  32. They eat reclining like the Romans! All they need are leetle couches. And wow was that the Gene Simmons of the sloth world or what?

    Mr. Swinging Chair looked a bit too much like the Emperor from Star Wars to be cute.

  33. I’ve seen this video before. Was it posted on another cute-related site?

  34. Totally! My one experience with a sloth was at the zoo I worked at and had to give a very grumpy two-toed sloth a bath. Baby cuddles sound like a lot more fun.

  35. zombie tomato says:

    The Lady and the Tramp Green Bean thing keeled me mostly dead, but the Obi Wan Slothnobi in the basket swing at the end offed me the rest of the way. Sooooo Cute! “These are not the veggies you are looking for.”

  36. Me too! Oh, to someday be as content as that sloth in the swingy chair.

  37. Danielle says:

    Scratchy McHangerson with the itchies totally needs to come live in my house immediately.

  38. Did that last one look like a Jedi to anyone else?

  39. Ok, God and Jim Henson are one and the same…

  40. wannadance says:

    i dunno. it made me just a little sad because there was no granny sloth or uncle sloth or auntie sloth to pat them. even a stuffed sloth with a heartbeat tape inside like they use in human nurseries…

    they did look contented and maybe they just naturally have that longing l ook in their eyes or maybe i am a wee bit depressed and wish i had a stuffed guy or woman with a heartbeat tape.

    no, it’s about them. did anyone else sense this or is it just me?

    (IT’S JUST YOU, DANCER.. i can hear it now…sigh)

  41. wannadance says:

    did yall click on to the blog-thing from the vid. the sloth bucket? the poo dance?

    do they just have a slow metabolism or what? wiki, here i come…

  42. stop with the sloths!! I’m dying! i’m literally dying here! tooooo cute for my eyes!

  43. Ali-baba says:

    Yes! I also thought that really grey one looked like Gandalf.

  44. ShinyHappyGoth says:

    Her name is Buttercup! She is a permanent resident. I love her facial markings.

  45. Retired Hippie says:

    Reminds me of what my sisters and I used to do to gross eachother out. “Hey…do you want to see food? NNNYYYAAAAAHHHH!” Sure to illicit a “MOTHER! She’s being gross…AGAIN! *exasperated sigh*” Even in the sloth world.

  46. ShinyHappyGoth says:

    Her name, if I recall correctly, is Buttercup. A Jedi named Buttercup would be awesome.

  47. Sunnylessmum says:

    It was like they just knew the little baby was going to fall over… human tried to stabilize baby sloth with stuffed animal, but no, no, it still didn’t work. Hilarious! So totally adorable!!!

  48. Sunnylessmum says:

    Well dancer, it is an orphanage… hence the lack of relatives ‘eh? But, they seem to be well taken care of, from what we can see right? And perhaps all their fame on CO will bring even more donations and such to their plight.:)

  49. Yes. Yes, he/they is/are. And Kermit makes three.

  50. (The Original) Mel says:

    With his head in his plate. You forgot to mention that his head was in his plate. EEEEEEEeeeeeeee!

  51. (The Original) Mel says:

    The cute has scorched my very soul.

  52. bagoguts says:

    Who’d ‘a thought an animule could be both freaky and cute??? Awesome vid!

  53. Why are they so ITCHY? It’s TOO CUTE.

  54. Why is it a sloth orphanage? Poor baby sloths!

    I’m pretty sure I must have that one at the very end for my very own.

  55. Martha in Washington says:

    Yep, I’ve decided…I’m comin’ back as a sloth next time!

    BTW–Are they BORN with those nasty claw things? Ouchies for Mama Sloth, I’m sure!

  56. The entire video was so cute, but the Lady and the Tramp moment with the green bean was the part that really did me in! I’m not sure I’ve seen anything cuter with sloths!

  57. Noodles says:

    My first impression was Yoda. “Very peaceful, this is. “

  58. For days and days among the trees
    I sleep and dream and doze
    Just gently swaying in the breeze
    Suspended by my toes
    While eager beavers overhead
    Rush through the undergrowth
    I watch the clouds beneath my feet;
    How sweet to be a Sloth.

    — Flanders & Swann

  59. I love love love this video! These little babies are so sweet looking. I particularly love the sloth lying upside down in his dinner plate. So hilarious. Three cheers for the kind workers in the sloth orphanage!

  60. The one in the chair at the end looks and moved like a Muppet. 🙂

  61. That´s gonna make me smile all day now…

  62. Alice Shortcake says:

    My life’s ambition now is to cuddle with a sloth, under a blanket, sharing a green bean. I don’t care if I get fleas.

    And did anyone else get a strange James Bond vibe from the sloth in the swingy chair?

  63. bookmonstercats says:

    My dining room table does not have a row of sloths on it. I am sending it back immediately, with a letter of complaint.

  64. Rachael says:

    I’m not sure there is any animal more adorabuhls than a bebbeh sloth. Between the shiny nosicle and the eternal smilie face, my brain has ‘sploded into piles of rainbow glitter.

  65. Thought of Yoda too!
    “Much to learn you have – to hectic you humans are!”

  66. I also loved the mesmerized sloth at ~:36-:38, near the pile of beans. BEANS… BEANS…

  67. Ommmygooosh! I love love love sloths. More please!

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    *sympathetic giggle*

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    *points and laughs at Mel*

    ya don’t lose yer DIGNITY, huh????

    (slight but affectionate *snerk*)

  70. I get a hyooge Mystics in The Dark Crystal vibe, personally….

  71. Oh good lord, sloths are adorable! I had no idea! I love the Yoda dude in the chair at the end, lol!

  72. ohh_miss jones says:

    Is that music from The Sims as well or am I terribly mistaken?

    I love, love, love sloths! This video just made my afternoon. BEANSES!!!

  73. brinnann says:

    That’s the secret of the Holy Trinity that the Vatican has been trying to hide for millenia.

  74. brinnann says:


  75. Must snuggle a sloth!!!!

  76. cubbybutt says:

    so sweet and scratchy

  77. This is like the Village of the Baked. I can just hear Cheech Marin as Mr. McWickerson with that slow head turn . . . “Heyyy man!”

  78. brinnann says:

    It was the “V” word that got me sent to the Moderashun Stashun, huh?

  79. rbcoover says:

    Orphan sloths need to be taught it’s not polite to chew with your mouth open, I guess.

  80. Reminds me of, what’s that movie? “Oooh a porch swing! I know what *I’m* doing this weekend!”

  81. warrior rabbit says:

    I totally thought Star Wars, too! But it didn’t diminish the cute. It added to the cool.

    It’s been a slothful couple days, hasn’t it? I’m still sad about Bunday, though — especially since I’ve sent in bunny stuff so it’s not like there’s a dearth or anything. Still, go sloths!

  82. FlowerChild says:

    wow. I say “this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen” a lot. This truly is in the top 10 EVER. Is it way wrong to want a pet sloth? just WOW.

  83. Snacktime says:

    Think they’ll take me?

  84. Fird Birfle says:

    I think the thing about the stuffy toy clip, (for ME) was that he/ she
    S-L-O-W-L-Y fell over, BACKWARDS,
    rather than the weight of the stuffy toy pulling him/ her down,

  85. Fird Birfle says:

    The orphanage, as a worker?

    Or the sloths, as a sibling?? 😉

  86. Me too from the one older sloth! The good things (whatever they were called) from the Dark Crystal, not the scary bad ones.

  87. The bean sharing and the falling over are funny, but hell they are UGLY!

  88. OMG Just kill me as I am getting to work!

    SO doggone A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

  89. I heard somewhere that sloths move so slow little plants grow in their hair. It makes for good camoflauge.

  90. Yep. I am officially dead as a doornail. The prosh individual hanging out in the swingy chair put the nail in that coffin.

  91. Me too!! A couple of these guys reminded me of the Podlings too!

  92. 🙂

  93. Buttercup! What an excellent name. Thanks for that, ShinyHappyGoth!

  94. I love that I’m able to recognize her. Her markings are very distinctive. (As is the chair.)

  95. siorghra says:

    Here we have demonstrations of all of the seven deadly sins.

    Sloth, clearly.
    Gluttony is the one lying in his food.
    Greed is the one who first pulls the bean out of the other’s mouth.
    Wrath is the one clearly about to eat caretaker.
    Envy is the one who steals the bean back.
    Pride is the one in the swinging throne.
    And MURDEROUS ADORABLENESS can be found throughout.

    Who knew baby sloths could be so sinful?

  96. LOL! Yes Lady and the Tramp but with a modern twist…he rips it out of her mouth to eat it himself and then later she grabs it back.

  97. Cassidy says:

    It’s from the Royal Tannenbaums soundtrack, I’m pretty sure – either way, love it 🙂 A perfect accompaniment

  98. Both, A sloth sibling that works at the orphanage

  99. The slow motion scratcheengs!
    The nose licking yawninks!
    The falling over with the stuffy!
    The bean sharinks!



  100. Formica says:

    I’m a crazy cat lady, but I squeefully concede that bebeh sloths–not kittens–are the Cutest Things on Earth.

  101. Adorable!

  102. Is DED.

  103. Fird Birfle says:

    This comment reminds me
    of the scene, from The Color Purple, when Shug tells Celie, “You shor is ugly!!”

  104. freetomato says:

    What adorable little creatures. The last one in the chair reminds me of the late Vincent Schiavelli.

  105. They are cute, yet incredibly creepy. The little one tilting over with the stuffed animal was adorabuhls though….

  106. This is a repeat of something I submitted a while ago 😛
    Oh well, it’s a good one and deserves a repeat!

  107. wannadance says:

    you are right, of course. and they do look as happy as a critter with only a scanty basal metabolism can…

    i think i just feel a bit depressed and they have that expression on they little faces like they need more love. but how could one tell? kind of a monoexpression, but cute as all gitout..

  108. The stuffdie and sloth made a perfect Valentines Day card this pasty February!

  109. bagoguts says:

    They’re not ugly, just different. And adorable!

  110. Keeled. Beaned. Nap time.

  111. V Bennett says:

    I’ve noticed that the sloth with bean acshun throughout this vid are too cute to handle, esp. at 1.03. What is it with sloths & beans!

  112. I like the derp-faced upside down sloth at marker 0:35

  113. Empressgoth says:

    Lovey lovey lovey!

  114. Jwerocks21 says:

    I LOVE the little guy who falls over!
    First he gets the girraffe and he’s like “OMG thank you-I love you! Than he just plops over like “Too much work standing!”

  115. Ingrid1130 says:

    I have this page bookmarked for easy access on bad days. It always brings on the major squeals and aaahhwwwwww’s, completely brightening my day.

  116. Miriel910 says:

    OMG the one at the end in the hammock TOTALLY ‘keeled’ me!!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!