How to Evict a Lizard

Some homes have roaches, this one has lizards. Well, one lizard, anyway — and getting this nimble cutie back outdoors where it belonged required a filing box, a bathtub, a plastic container, and a little bit of luck.



  1. He’ll be back soon… LoL!

  2. And the reason she didn’t just take the file box outside and open it was??

  3. To make a video?

  4. A green anole. With eight cats, they’re constantly dragging in green and brown anoles for toys, as well as palmetto bugs, skinks, mice, birds, sugar gliders(!) and baby squirrels. We attempt to get everything out alive. The sugar gliders we’ve tried to keep to get to a rescue group, but they get too badly mauled and don’t last 12 hours.

  5. LeAnn (not LeAnna or Lee Ann) says:

    Swingin’ music, baby. Leezard is cute, too.

  6. brinnann says:

    My thoughts exactly.

    Followed by: Why didn’t they just pick him up with their hands?

  7. brinnann says:

    Not complaining, though. The video was cute. 🙂

  8. Lizards are toxic

  9. Hugh Jass says:

    ….because then they couldn’t torture it longer?

  10. This is an anole lizard, so you must live in the south. They change colors and go from the brightest green to the darkest brown. The male extends a bright red dewlap & bops his head up and down to attract mates. They’re really cool.

  11. (The Original) Mel says:

    As a member of PEEL (People for the Ethical Eviction of Lizards) I want to know why his eviction notice wasn’t on file in triplicate with the board of lizards and he wasn’t given 30 days to vacate the filing box?

  12. What I first tough of was the Taco Bell Chihuahua LOL!

  13. We have one of these as a pet! She presumably stowed away on a cargo shipment to my husband’s factory, where he and his coworkers found her in the meeting room. We being much too far north, the weather at the time much too cold, and my husband tender of heart, he brought her home after a stop at the pet store. We’re thinking of releasing her on our Florida vacation this summer but I’m concerned that she’s lost vision in one eye. So, she might just live her remaining two or three years with us!

  14. A more welcome find than a roach, no doubt.

  15. What a little cutie pie !!!! I learned to love those little guys when I lived in Florida !!!
    if you guys think this one is cute you should see the itty bitty babies !
    They were about 2/3 the size of a bic lighter when they started running around the outside walls of my screened porch driving my cats inside the porch crazy !

  16. Noodles says:

    I loff the back leg splayage at 2:20. Everything about this little thing is cute!

  17. Noodles says:

    2:02, that is. Or somewhere there. Sorry.

  18. Give it up peeps for Izzy Lizzard and his smooth Swinging Sounds Jazz Band. They will be playing here all week!

  19. What a nice person! I might just have screamed and run away (sorry–fearful of reptiles, even the cuter ones).

  20. I luf the leezards. The ones we have around here stick stubbornly to the desert, and don’t come to visit very often. 😦

    I’m also in love with that no-slip bath mat thingy. Perhaps it’s time to go shopping for new bathroom accessories.

  21. This one isn’t. It’s an Anole, & where I live in Florida, these pretty green guys are all but wiped out due to competition with the invasive species of Cuban Anole. My sister has them at her house, though.

  22. It must have been a lounge lizard.

  23. They carry salmonella. Not a good idea to touch.

  24. They make interesting earrings, too.

  25. tracylee says:

    me too! heeeere, leezard-leezard-leezard!

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    Theresa, you are an interesting hominid!!!! 🙂

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    MEL, you and I must both represent the same advocacy organization.
    My version was, “but — you didn’t even check with the Immigration Dept to note his status, before reaching the decision to Evict!!!”

    However, the other thought which came to my mind, had nuttin’ to do with the immigration/ eviction issues. It was: “OMG Cute Hind Laig Splayage !!!!

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    I can vouch for the truth of Florida Cats having quite STRONG responses
    to these lil’ guys & gals …..

  29. (The Original) Mel says:

    Whilst I am not immune to the anerable quality of the hind laig splayage, I do manage to hang on to my dignity.

    *points and laughs at Fird*


  30. PippinT says:

    Nah. Just wash your hands after like you would any wild animal. If you’ve ever lived in Florida (I grew up there) you’ve had lizards in your house.

  31. it makes you pregnant
    they have the plague
    they’re all boys and they’re all naked
    fresh manicure
    it might explode
    keeping kosher
    huh, didn’t think of that

  32. These guys move very fast and fairly delicate. Trying to catch them in one’s hands is unlikely to have a good outcome. I’ve had the best luck with plastic containers with lids for getting them outside without injury. With three indoor kittehs, they do not have a good prognosis in the house. Agreed on their cuteness. They also eat non-cute things like mosquitoes.

  33. (The Original) Mel says:

    They have them at Target stores if you have one in your town. I lof mine!

  34. psychethos says:

    This reminds me of our get-this-bat-out-of-the-house-before-the-cat-eats-it operation of last summer. We threw a blanket on him, then stood around for a while, completely stumped as to what to do next. Eventually we somehow managed to remove the blanket and put a glass bowl over him, and then slid a newspaper underneath. We had another moment of quiet contemplation outside when we were both too scared to remove the glass bowl (for possibly irrational fear of the bat flying into hair), and eventually dug out a tunnel for the bat to crawl through to get out in his own time. Came back to check after an hour, and he was gone.

  35. Cute lizard! I’m really curious though about the music — does anyone know the titles/artists of the two pieces?

  36. I wondered the same thing. But then they would have submitted their video to Problem-Solving Overload.

  37. Emmberrann says:

    Bats are the best! They eats bugs!

  38. Michelle says:

    I’m guessing they didn’t save enough money on their car insurance.

    I realize that Geico is a gecko but I had to try. 🙂

  39. Moi, Actually says:

    I’m with you.
    Major lizard.
    Where are the cute–and–brave men of CO when you need one?

  40. brinnann says:

    I’m not positive that they’re exactly the same thing, but the ones we have in Texas look just like this too. We never had any adverse reaction from playing with them as kids.

    Didja know their tails grow back if they accidentally break off?

  41. brinnann says:

    😆 We used to do that too! Well, I say “we.” I was never brave enough, but I’ve seen it done often enough.

  42. brinnann says:

    Fird Birfle, you let them bite onto your ears and they hang there, looking like dangly earrings. 😀 Being bitten is slightly uncomfortable, at worst. Usually it’s not painful at all. Just a little startling.

  43. Wait, Lizards make earrings? I guess their nimble little fingers are perfect for that kind of work.

  44. Ha. That’s my regular response to people who have a problem with bats. Verbatim!

  45. I thought that was what was in the box file? His residence application paperwork? (Just the first half, obviously….)

  46. It was heavy??? ;-]

  47. It was a heavy file box??? 😉

  48. Winston, lizards are not always toxic…When I was little I use to pick ’em up on occasions, and I’m here typin’ right now. 🙂 I miss Florida!

  49. Sharon Wilson says:

    It could have been worse; when my brother was in Puerto Rico they had these little lizards called “house tigers,” and he sent us one that had been accidentally flattened.

  50. I would have been worried about the multitude of folders in that box squishing him, or having him be stubborn and not get out and having to dump potentially valuable paperwork on the ground.

  51. Leapin’ Lizards! That’s quite a jump he has there.

    All the lizards at my house when I was growing up were a very blah grey-brown, with blue throats and (more often than not) no tails. The cats having those, of course. Our lizards didn’t jump.

  52. victoreia says:

    I think salmonella is more of a hazard if you ingest something infected; casual contact shouldn’t be a worry.

    We have geckos, which I’ve had to pick up and “escort” out of harm’s way any number of times. (Harm’s way currently answering to ‘Kyuri’ and ‘Ezri;. Formerly answered to ‘Butch’ and ‘Tabby’)

  53. Fird Birfle says:


  54. Fird Birfle says:

    “Why, I oughtta …..”

    HARRUMPH rightbackatcha!!!! 😦

  55. It’s an anole. If you just pick it up, its tail might fall off.

  56. Adorable, especially when they are being cute and adorable in someone else’s home. Not so cute when your 17 year old son is tossing one at his 12 year old sister. On second thought still very cute, I still chuckle whenever I remember that afternoon.

  57. I think they’re talking about this picture
    Which made the rounds about the internet a while ago.

  58. (The Original) Mel says:

    *Muttley laugh*

  59. Oh, I’ve done it, too. I carried a little gecko out of my dad’s house. I got a painless bite from his little tiny jaws. And I cleaned up afterwards. But people should know that they have salmonella, and should clean up after any contact. Otherwise it would be easy to touch a germy li’l lizard or toitle, then touch one’s mouth.

  60. Totally not painful. They don’t really have teeth, just a kind of a kind of little saw-edge on their guns, and it doesn’t penetrate the skin. But they do bite with great conviction. :mrgreen: So whenever I encountered one, I always told it how scary it was. 😀

  61. Also: *Ernie laugh*

  62. They have lizards at Target?

  63. They like Schubert, too. I know.

  64. Hah! That is nothing!

    Try having a lizard sneak inside the house and scuttle into your bedroom, AND THEN having to sleep with said lizard roaming all around your room. Everywhere, anywhere! Like your arm, neck, and face! Yes, it was cute as heck, but I was terrified. Still, I could not bear it going thirsty while stuck inside a dumb room instead of out in nature. So I grabbed a bottle cap and filled it with water. I used a large ruler to push it closer to where it had hidden behind a nightstand. The next morning all the water was gone! Then a short time later it came out stood in the middle of the room seeming to demand breakfast! That was it. We grabbed it, took it outside and ran back inside bolting the door. Safe once more. Phew!

    Awww, but it was so cute.

  65. Melewen says:

    Yep. I grew up in Florida and these lizards were somewhat welcome guests since they ate the most definitely unwelcome palmetto bugs.

  66. personally, i’d rather have the little green guy than the taxes.

  67. MamaLana says:

    Why didn’t they just file him in the “L” folder?

  68. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    And WHY didn’t you just take the filling box outside???

  69. Lcy's Mommeh says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only leezard wearing person here…

  70. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    I know… It’s been three years since my last visit to Florida to visit my grandma. I always catch LOTS of little lizards there.

  71. To make a cute video of course 🙂

    I also wanted to comment on the whole “tail falling off” thing. Handling a lizard by it’s tail can very seriously injure it, whether the sloughing type or not.

    The sloughing process can be so stressful that the lizard dies from that later on. Now, people shouldn’t panic if it happens accidentally! Some of them are surprisingly skittish and will be just fine. But I want to make sure people don’t think they can regrow the tail, yawn, and shrug it off. 🙂

    Salmonella in wild lizards was an excellent point mentioned above as well. Being careful and using a container is the best for both of you! Then simply wash your hands. Cute safe lizard time for all.

  72. One of my cats drags in lizards once a week or so. Sometimes the tail is off, sometimes not. I just use a tissue and grab him softly around the body.

    If I left them, the cats would eventually worry them to death, so I try and get them outside for another chance.

    I’ve seen a baby one, maybe an inch and a half long. Very cute.

  73. Martina says:

    I used to live on a seven acre property that had about 30 or so feral cats on it. There was a little lizard like this one in the video that used to live under the porch right by the house– and we would feed said ferals every day, and they all would hang out by the porch at feeding time. As far as I know that lizard is still alive. I lived there for about 3 years, and he was there the whole time. Brave little guy.

    The house was my roommate’s mother’s house, and after he and I moved out, his cousin moved in and she takes care of the ferals now.

  74. Martina says:

    I used to have a leopard Gecko, and their tails fall off and grow back as well. Their tails grow back really weird and not straight at all. Before we got Ninja (his name) we suspected his tail had been pulled off (the people who had him before we did kept him in an aquarium with an adult male and he was just a baby) because of the way his tail sat on his body. But we always were very careful with Ninja– though his favorite place to lounge was on people’s heads.

  75. Thanks for the rescue nice Hooman!

  76. They sell Anoles at Petsmart up North. I wonder why they’re considered pests in the South.

  77. Hee growing up in Hawaii we always had geckos inside the house. They ate the mosquitoes and other bugs, so we left them alone. They had a hunting cry that sounded like maniacal laughter, and they would always cut loose at 3 am when you were up watching a scary movie. Also they laid clutches of little tiny dinosaur-like eggs in isolated spots in the house. But when a lizard got into my place here on the mainland, taunting my cats, I had to get it out by trapping it in a shoebox and releasing it into a shrubbery. My cats in Hawaii would always just eat them – or at least most of each one.

  78. TOXIC? I’ve lived in Central Florida for 42 years, and I’ve evicted (by hand) 128,293 of these things from my home. My cats got to 627 of them before I could save the anole, but I took them out to the grass, anyway, blood and all. As you can see, I keep very accurate records, although I have no idea how many were actually eaten by said cats. We’re all still alive and kicking. I’ll get back to you on that “toxic” thing.

  79. If an anole bites you and you want it to let go, just give him a quick blast of warm air from a blow dryer. Works every time.

  80. (The Original) Mel says:

    Because there are eleventy mazillions of them in Florida, and they get in your house, and then you find their jerky-like corpses in your attic.

  81. We had tons of little geckos when we lived in New Orleans, too. They took care of enough bugs that we let them be; also, there wasn’t much point in trying to keep them out since it was pretty much impossible. My cat was more interested in furry rodents, so she let the geckos be, to my relief. I love to watch the little critters scuttling around, they’re so cute!

  82. why just ants visit my house. ahhh…i want a lizard. ㅋㅋ plz drop by my blog too !! welcome you all !

  83. Cute at first, but then…. it was so scared in that bath tub, why leave it in there longer than it had to? Oh well, I know, for the video…. but the 20 seconds of bathtub footage after seeing it in the bathtub for 10 secs already weren´t necessary…

  84. starling says:

    Is it a lizard or a gecko? I’m just reminded of the house geckos in Indonesia. If you removed those every time they got into your home you’d have to give up your day job.

  85. A tall glass placed in front of it—it scrambles in—cover with hand—go outside and release–mission accomplished. This has to be Texas from the looks of cracked ground and wilted vegetation.

  86. TOTALLY agree!

  87. I live in Florida, & when I see them bopping their heads up & down, I call it ‘doing their pushups’, silly, I know, but I’m a goofball!!!

  88. …and i hate mine. Hair is always getting snagged in the gaps between the plastic “bubbles”, and you can see it through the plastic, too. Blargh. Apparently lizards get caught there, too 🙂

  89. Teenygozer says:

    Yep, my first thought was, “Pesky insurance saleslizard!”

  90. Good to know. I’ve seen pics of them with regrown tails and stuff, they’ve definitely got breakaway parts

  91. I had one for a pet as a child, and it was great! My parents refused to have any fur bearing critters, so we got Lizzy. It had a little heat rock to bask on, and we’d take it out of the terrarium to climb around on the house plants. I guess being from Ohio, rather than Florida, Texas or other desert-y areas, makes having a lizard in the house much more exciting. I hope you enjoy your new lizard pal.

  92. claudia says:

    In some cultures (like my house) lizards are considered good luck. My son “the lizard wizard” can catch them with his hands (without dislodging the taileo) and gently puts them outside. Otherwise my 2 cats would torture it to death, they don’t see the cute little lizzy as good luck.

  93. Fird Birfle says:

    Man, I really can’t get, that 15x, somebody was sufficiently negatively motivated (or was in a bad mood) to “thumbs down” this constructive attempt to mention something they perceived as helpful info. Jeez.

  94. sometimes they pee on you too. but it’s a cute pee.

  95. It’s better to handle it slowly and carefully than quickly to try and get the experience over with. I don’t think the lizard looked particularly scared in the tub. He was definitely trying to get away from the big looming thing he wasn’t sure about (ie, the hooman), but he does not display terrified behaviour, even when it’s clear to him he can’t get away. She did the right thing, and the wee lizard is just fine.

  96. Fird Birfle says:

    “Lizard wizard” = WIN!!!

  97. Fird Birfle says:

    “eleventy mazillions” = !!!!

  98. Fird Birfle says:

    “To get to the other side” 🙂

  99. Lady Philyra says:

    So cute! We love seeing these little lizards whenever we go to Orlando. The last time I got photos good enough to identify them when we got home. I thought it was interesting that these little anoles are in the iguana family.

  100. doylecat says:

    I did the exact same thing the other day with a centipede. It wasn’t cute or fun.

  101. SheepishKitty says:

    LOL! but then how the file box got in the tub?

  102. @ Monica:

    I have “evicted” many lizzards for the exact same reason: my cats would have eaten them for sure. Bartholomew will just play with them — or anything that moves on its own for that matter, but considering he’s *ahem* a “curvy” cat he sometimes goes overboard, you know?

    So I pick them with my hands (the common ones here are those greyish that like walking on walls — especially when it’s a sunny day, they walk, they do that thing with their tiny heads). I check if they’re still alive, I must confess I enjoy watching them playing dead too — LOVE that ham acting. Then, I place them on the wall that separates our house from a vacant lot. They pretend a little longer to be dead but after a while they run.

    I have lost count of how many small creatures I (at least) tried to save from my two male cats (I have another one called Titus Pullo), my sister’s female cat Preta and Polie, the dog (all rescuees).

    Snakes, lizzards, opossums…you name it. The only one I used a stick and a box to pick up was the snake, because even though it was a baby snake (therefore cute, I don’t care of what any of you may say, they’re cute when they’re babies) I knew it was a venomous one (head shape, scales…). Although I saved another one that might have been venomous too — and this one I picked with my hands (looked like a coral snake, but I think it could have been that harmles type with a similar pattern to avoid predators).

    P.S.: I made a fisher release a baby shark (can’t precise what kind) back in the ocean once. He nagged and said something like “later on, they (probably talking about me) will complain about being attacked”. I knew he was going to kill it just for the sake of it.

    P.P.S.: Sorry for the long post.

  103. If my long comment ever gets posted, I misspelled “lizard”. Twice. Don’t know what’s going on with me today…

  104. polycud says:

    Why didn’t you just keep it as a pet? You could have fed it crickets…

    *owns a Anole herself*

  105. Lady Philyra says:

    We had a toad in the basement. My mother stepped on it by accident. It was alive but injured. We found a comfy place in the basement for it with exposed damp dirt and I would feed it meal worms we bought at the pet store. You are supposed to keep the meal worms in the refrigerator and I had to warm each one in my hand until it was moving, then set it down for the toad. The toad wouldn’t eat it if it wasn’t moving.

  106. my ulcle mad that vidioe it so cute 🙂

  107. i have three lizerds in my back yard i saw one gust now. my three year old sister love. she said lizerd and ran off

  108. i have three lizerds in my back yard i saw one gust now. my three year old sister love. she said lizerd and ran off