Having a Bad Ear Day?

Don’t let it get you down, or upset.

Or bipolar even.

Mr. Darcy has a cute set of windshield wipers, Sharon L.


  1. Mr. Darcy! That’s a great name!

  2. Confused says:

    Adorable pup but what the heck is with the bipolar comment? I didn’t think this was a site I would go to and see such ignorance. Hm.

  3. One ear points north, the other south. Hence, bipolar, as in north and south pole. Just like, down and UPset. *Sigh* puns are wasted when you have to explain them.

  4. i believe the reference was to the dual nature of the doggeh’s ears; one up, one down.

    although i’m the last person who should be talking, since i’m usually wrong and well, just no darned good.

    … or am i?!

  5. bagoguts says:

    You’re reading waaaaay too much into this.

  6. Want.

  7. A puppy named Mr Darcy? I can’t compete with that!

    Oh well, doesn’t matter..

    *pets the cute little bipolar puppy*

  8. I want this

  9. Moi, Actually says:

    When ear extensions go bad . . .

  10. Alternating up/down ears are the new hotness http://www.cutethingsinpaint.com/2011/01/v-v.html

  11. MUST be worn with white socks, though.

  12. And maybe a Cardigan as well.

  13. tracylee says:


  14. make that a Corgigan

  15. Or BY a Cardigan…

  16. I disagree. They are a TIMELESS CLASSIC.

  17. Looks like Mr. Darcy is a bit undecided… Will Elizabeth approve?

  18. tracylee says:

    oh handsome Mr. Darcy!
    (hard to choose between this one and Colin Firth…)
    (both bring a pretty big smile to my Monday morning…)

  19. They went this-a-way.

    Or, maybe, that-a-way.

  20. I love when ears do this. It adds so much personality and expression.

  21. M. Dale says:

    The ears! The tongue! The fluff! The big feet! Gawwwhhh!!

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    Comme ce chien est adorable!!! Et il sourit !!!!

  23. Absolument!

  24. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Wait, he’s starting to pick up something on radar…

  25. My BFF’s dog has a permanent one-ear-up, one-ear-down. She always looks mid-baroo.

  26. Linda H. says:

    Stop with the Bipolor stuff already.

  27. Linda H. says:

    Stop with the Bipolar stuff already.

  28. Confused says:

    Agreed! It’s so not necessary and not funny.

  29. kodalai says:

    Oh? Where else did they do it?

  30. 260Oakley says:

    Mr. Darcy has a beautiful estate called Pembrokely. And 10,000 an ear.

    (This is an extra-credit English major, dog-show watcher pun. All sane people are advised to just move along.)

  31. Brilliant!

  32. tracylee says:

    in vain have I struggled! it will not do. My woofings will not be repressed! You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and loff you. And I have to pee.

  33. “I was given good ear principles but left to follow them in pride and conceit”

    (P.S. Okley there are NO sane peeps here)

  34. If one is a “peep” can one be sane?

    I think that sanity and peepness are mutually exclusive states.

  35. tracylee says:

    ear, ear!

  36. Ear↓ Ear ↑ !!

  37. vw-chan says:

    ::high fives fellow english major::

    Don’t you want to draw him or something?

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    [raises hand] I, too, was an English major. I wonder what our numbers are in the CO universe. If I recall, we’re pretty strong on librarians. Probably just as big on Lit majors.

  39. I am an an English major, a librarian, a musicologist, a singer/choir director. If i were an entomologist, I would embody CO. :mrgreen:

  40. I’m no English major or a French or any kind of major. I’m just a book addict. ;-)

  41. *Saluting*

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    Here ya go, Th:

  43. I have TWO degrees in English (the second is education), AND I taught high school English for two years. I can’t decide which part of this post to love most. The ears! The socks! The little legs! The color! The name! The puns! The sheer awesome!

  44. Hey, I belong to the Professional Organization of English Majors! (POEM) :D

    Few other majors make you so materially poor, but spiritually rich. :D

  45. Marshwiggle says:

    Theresa!! I’m sorry!! Whilst trying to hit the thumbs up on my tiny phone screen, my finger slipped and I hit thumbs down…I didn’t mean it!!! *sob sob*

  46. I forgive you (waves magic wand, and sprinkles fairy dust on Marshwiggle).

  47. Marshwiggle says:

    Oh good. I feel better. *sneezes from fairy dust*

  48. AH! TOO MUCH CUTENESS! OVERLOADING! THe ROOM’S GOING DIM! (falls over dead from how cute that adorable little corgi puppeh is.)

  49. freetomato says:

    My (very big 10 month old) twin German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees puppies have the same type of ears! That is just a beautiful little guy!

  50. I am always so undecided, am I happy, or am I excited?.. such a quandry.

  51. As he dresses for the black tie dinner Afair Mr Darcy turns to his manservant ans asks:
    What do you think Jeeves.
    Ears Down for that Cavalier look
    or ears up for that Doberman always on the alert look.
    I just can’t decide.

  52. Something’s wrong with his necomimi.

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    :) wow !!! :)

  54. Martha in Washington says:

    I want the puppy AND a pair of these!

  55. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh… my. Well. There’s something you don’t see every day.

  56. I think all boys already have this device. And girls don’t need it.
    Can I trade in my kids for two kitties and a puppy? ;)

  57. victoreia says:

    Um, SALLY, you probably should’ve started with the two kitties and a puppy………(I will admit, I skipped the kids and went straight to the kitties. Had to give the puppy away, though. :( )

  58. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Sally: true that male hominids posess a SIMILAR
    device, however the common equipment is located in a different part of the body and might (cough) not be considered quite
    as innately adorable as the black & white furry spotted type ….. (eyeroll) Jus’ sayin’ ….nothing mean implied here…

  59. Okay it’s official. The Japanese have gone from creating unbearably cute animals over to the twilight zone with these weird things.

    Oh, and I’m not a dog person but corgis are CUTE!

  60. Fird Birfle says:

    Question, in. re. the “cute windshield wipers”, made in the manner of
    Craig Ferguson & Geoffrey Peterson:

    “Is that CODE???”
    *wink, wink; nudge, nudge* ;)

  61. *doing Secretariat dance*

  62. Fird Birfle says:

    yew made me LOL, Theresa :)

  63. Nassegris says:

    I’m bipolar, why don’t I get lovely, lopsided ears like this?

    I think I’m going to ask my doctor – it doesn’t seem fair.

    (Then again, this might be the same case as with lolling tongues – what looks good on a pupster doesn’t always look good on a human, eh?)

  64. My name is Elaine and I have corgi addiction.

  65. victoreia says:

    Hi, Elaine! Make yourself comfortable.

    The coffee and tea are in the snickering lounge; help yourself. There’ll most likely be pudding later.

  66. Fird Birfle says:

    Hi Elaine!! Welcome to Cute Addicts [Not Quite] Anonymous …

  67. “One ear baroo, the other honk-shu.:D

  68. Francesca says:

    Awwww baby boy is still learning how to control his ears. Freaking adorable.

  69. I must own a corgi at some point in my life. I’m a cat person by nature, but I just can’t resist that sweet face!! Corgis always look so happy

  70. Oh my goodness! I have a cardigan corgi named miss darcy! they should be friends!


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