This Fox Kit Has a lot of Explaining to Do.

What have we told you about stealing Rita Hayworth’s gloves?

Go and think about what you’ve done here, Mera G.


  1. mintyheart says:

    omg too cuuuuteeee! what kinda bebeh fox is this?

  2. I am willing to guess it is a red fox kit. Hard to say for sure because I can’t stop looking into it’s eyes!

  3. Methinks it’s a red fox kit, too. Bee-you-tee-ful bebbeh!

  4. Definitely a red fox. I so wants.

  5. WOW! Talk about cute–my head is exploding with the cuteness!!!!!

  6. Fird Birfle says:


  7. Peppermint Mouse says:


  8. omg! he must have dipped his arms in chocolate… ;-)

  9. I have a photo somewhere of a squirrel who got into a bowl of chocolate on our deck. I’ll have to dig it up and send it in. It’s hilarious!

    The back story: We had a party once and served dipping chocolate in a fancy chocolate fountain. The following morning, I set the bowl outside to let the chocolate harden (this was in autumn) so I could throw it away more easily; I couldn’t have poured it down the drain because it would have hardened and caused problems. Squirrels got into it, and I managed to get a photo of one on the table with his face and paws covered in chocolate. Totally busted. LOL!

  10. OMG, the internet NEEDS to see this photo! :D

  11. What unusual coloring. Not really red but not really silver. Beautiful.

  12. tracylee says:

    alias, “Foxy” – known leader of glove-theft ring. Also known to sniff at wet paint (hence the black schnozzle). Apprehended after being seen at cuteoverload.
    Now, I’m afraid I must take the suspect for booking and mugshots. And, um. I have to treat the prisoner nicely, of course, so there may be some snorgling involved.

  13. (The Original) Mel says:

    Turn to the right!!!

  14. Noelegy says:

    That just makes me think of “Fashion” by David Bowie which is, I think you will agree, very appropriate here!

  15. brinnann says:

    :shock: Wait, they make fox kits? Can I find them at the craft store? Do they also come in fennec fox and arctic fox?

  16. starling says:

    Look for “Föxi” at IKEA.

  17. Peppermint Mouse says:

    IKEA must be somehow connected to Cute Overload. They also have SNÖRG, Swedish for “stacking pets.” :P

  18. I think they sell ’em at TJFoxx.

  19. You sure those aren’t Audrey Hepburn’s gloves? I’m totally seeing “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” here.

  20. Looks to me like Rita tossed the gloves.

    Finders keepers, Rita – Foxy is in the clear.

  21. How does that dress stay up?? In an era before gorilla glue, I mean.

  22. sillymeee>. says:

    probably had some boning and/or stays in the bodice? yea, i’m guessing it was kinda corset-y?

  23. Historically glue and masking tape have been used in strategic locations for extra safety.

  24. oops – sorry for the double post.

  25. Glue and masking tape have been used for many years for extra security. Also extra lift in strategic areas.

  26. Probably Elmer’s.

  27. But Rita was the rousse…and definitely a fox!

  28. Birdcage says:

    When did rating thumbs come back to CO?

  29. Malinki says:

    Kind of a shocker, ‘eh?

  30. Birdcage says:

    Gosh, I asked a simple question and got 3 thumbs down!!!! Oh the thumanity!!!

  31. That’s ONE reason I hate the thumbs. It just doesn’t seem right to inject it here, where we’re so friendly.

  32. tracylee says:


  33. brinnann says:

    Maybe those three down are saying that those people don’t like the thumbs being back.

  34. victoreia says:

    Odd; I don’t see any thumbs. (Guess my blocking add-on is good for something…..)

  35. tracylee says:

    mechanic fox is up to his elbows in grease!

  36. The gloves definitely go with the fur coat. Just needs a sparkly necklace. I think.

  37. Malinki says:

    Definitely pearls. Get that Audrey Hepburn look going.

  38. And a cigarette holder.

  39. Très beau le fox! wow!

  40. TrixandSam says:

    When I CAN tear my eyes away from this little kit’s eyes, I zoom in on the splayage happening with the back legs. Too stinkin’ cute! (quoting Theresa)

  41. catdog!

  42. musicnote says:

    Sooooooooo adorable!!! My cute fix for the day!

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    Heh. Your cute *fox* for the day!

  44. I want to eat him, little foxy loxy – wish they could be pets but they look a smidge nippy

  45. kodalai says:

    Actually, some research shows that foxes were once domesticated animals, before humans started domesticating wolves into dogs. :D

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    I think he’s trying to hypnotize me! That’s ok though, I don’t mind.

  47. What a gorgeous, sweet little creature. *mesmerized*

  48. Artful Dogger was doing Foxy’s nails and got carried away.

  49. Calamity Jane says:

    sweetest. face. ever.

  50. Brown Suga' says:

    It’s Foxy Hart from Chicago!

  51. songbrdnurse says:

    Aaaaand we have a winner!!! For the musical theatre quote of the day……*singing* “The name on everybody’s lips is is gonna be ‘sing it’…Fooooxy ‘yeah’!” ~Chicago

  52. too cute, I want to kiss him right between his beautiful little eyes, what a total cutie!!!


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