It’s 6 o’Clock…

And here are today’s headlines:

Brought to you by Dan!


  1. TrixandSam says:


    *gently kisses leetle nose right between the eyes*

  2. TrixandSam says:

    Oh, and to Pyrit:

    Bravo!! Bravo!!!
    (standing “O”)

  3. More news at 11, but the earsies are at 10 and 2.

  4. Shouldn’t it be more mews at 11?

  5. Emmberrann says:

    Is kitteh-bebeh’s name “Six O’clock” cuz it sure has beeyouteefull headlines….

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Walter Cronkitten

  7. Ali-baba says:

    Matt Meower
    Ann Furry
    Hoda Catbi
    Meowidith Viera
    Purrter Jennings
    Brian Furillams
    (ok, that last one is a stretch) ;-)

  8. I can’t believe nobody said Anderson Cutepurrrrr.

  9. Christiane Amanpurr.

  10. She was on Colbert!

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    Now I would consider THAT to be
    a meeting of two inneresting hominids !!!

  12. Peppermint Mouse says:

    Hoda Catbi?

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Or Edward R. Purr-ow

  14. fish eye no miko says:

    Kittie Couric?

  15. welcome to this world, kitteh

  16. Oooh, blurry eyes

  17. Each disembodied head is cuter than the last!

  18. victoreia says:

    MINE!!!! *grabby hands*

    Alternately: MY PRECIOUS!

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    Victoreia, NOBODY does *grabby hands* as cute as you :)

  20. victoreia says:

    aw, shucks…. :blush:

  21. BABY <3

  22. Hmmmm Kitten Roll-up Yummy must nibble delectable ears and noses

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    I wish the news was this good every day!

  24. I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for cute kittens, and this one is no exception. :-)

    With Love and Gratitude,


  25. Martha in Washington says:

    Dear Jeremiah,
    Could it have anything to do with the softness of their baby fur? Or the sweetness of their little kittie meows? Or the unfocused eyes? Or the hundred and one other things that contribute to the utter adorableness of kittens?
    BTW, I had a cat a very long time ago named Jeremiah.
    Your Fellow Kitten Lover,

  26. Scout C says:

    Severely allergic to nearly every cat I have ever met, so I can’t get close to them but do they have a wonderful special “baby kitty smell” the way puppies have a wonderful special “baby puppy smell”?

  27. Ali-baba says:

    Oh absolutely! And while it’s an all-over thing, I’ve found the baby kitty smell tends to concentrate behind the earsies(all that grooming by mama). The best part is that you can “huff” a grown kitteh there & get a similar smell! :-) pardon me while I go snorgle my cats!

  28. Even better is just in front of the ears (very smelly on puppies too) and the tummy fluff, and the backs of the legs if they covered in fluff like my puss….. always extra specially smelly after being curled up asleep for hours, as the warmth adds to it… :-)))) xx

  29. You poor thing! My boyfriend is also allergic, so no kittehs for us :(

  30. So… tie-tie… (takes from hand and cuddles, then gently kisses forehead.)

    I’m a sucker for animals, especially baby ones. This one is sooooooooooo sweet. (And I have seen extremely young animals… once witnessed puppies being born.)

  31. Peppermint Mouse says:

    Somebody please tag this as “sleppy.”

  32. tinatoes says:

    After a night like I just had I need a big cup of coffee with two scoops of cat nip please!!!

  33. Oh the humanity!

  34. it’s a map!

    maybe a secret treasure map!

    or maybe just the way the domino’s guy gets to my house.

  35. This is the best news we’ve had today!

  36. AWW :D Baby kitty needs a nice warm bottle of kitten milk :D Then lots and lots of gentle cuddling before putting baby into a nice soft kitten sized bed :D

  37. Jedi Arashi says:

    …does anyone else see the Volkswagen logo in the lines on wee kitty’s head?

    So adorable~!

  38. I thought it was a moire pattern from her cat scan. :D

  39. Noelegy says:

    I see a badger’s face, personally.

  40. leetle headLION. newborn news. get the scoop.

  41. Headline mews: CO serves up breakfast purrito!

  42. Awwwwwwwwww!!! I remember when my kids (who are currently doing high speed laps around the kitchen & living room) looked like that !!!
    Come here sweet little baby I have an axis of snorgling just waiting for you !!!
    ( reaching with grabby hands)

  43. Oh, the kitten days, when they play and play and play for hours on end, until they drop!

  44. Hmmmmmm.. my kids “kitten days ” have been going on for about three years now. So I guess judging by my other cats I only have about 12 or 13 more years to go before they start slowing down. Whew ! I thought
    they would never mellow out !!! (snerk)

  45. Lewis n' Clark says:

    bad news , MudBug – mine are 13 and they have not only not slowed down, but they weigh more! The only consolation is that they have given up their 5x/night wrestling schedule and maybe do it 2x a week at night at most

  46. Just so small, and cute, and helpless, and blurry eyed, aaaaawwwwww!!!!!

  47. nothing cuter. nothing cuter.


  48. Noelegy says:

    The absolute embodiment of peace, happiness, contentment, love, trust, and CUTE CUTE CUTE OMG SQUEE!!!!!!1!1!!

  49. so lovely and cute~~~~~~ i wanna become this cat.


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