The Owl and the Pussycat Fer Realsies

Check out these BFFs, leaping and soaring straight out of the classic nursery rhyme. Now all we need is a pea-green boat, a small guitar, honey, money, mince, quince, and a runcible spoon, whatever the heck that is.



  1. Kara Dennison says:

    Runcible spoon iz apparently spork. Says dictionaries. I think they’s making it up.

  2. Malinki says:

    O RLY?

  3. Aisling says:

    Adorable! And just an FYI: A runcible spoon is what we now call a spork.

  4. Retired Hippie says:

    NTMTOM: A runcible spoon is either


    a forklike utensil with two broad prongs and one sharp curved prong (I think we plebians would call it a spork)

  5. Retired Hippie says:

    Aisling beat me to it!

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    Awww. This was on ICanHasCheezburger recently. Hope there’s less nuffing here!

  7. Colonel Jenna says:

    What a lucky cat, to have such a fun ‘cat toy’! What a lucky owl, to have an ‘owl toy’ that does not need to be put in it’s place for playing too rough! What a lucky pair, to get to play outside and climb trees and stuff. How lucky are we, to get to see such interesting video.

  8. Melanie says:

    He reminds me of our cat who thinks if a toy flees it’s interesting and should be hunted down. If it just stands there but is interesting to him, then it needs lots of nudging and loving to encourage it to move. If it is chased, once caught it’s immediately boring and he moves on to something else.

  9. (The Original) Mel says:

    Spork! Spork! Spork!

  10. Emmberrann says:

    I know what a runcible spoon is because one was given to me as a baby. (The runcible spoon was not the baby, I was.) A runcible spoon is one that is made with the handle of the spoon bent into a circle, so that a toddler can grasp the spoon when it is learning to eat soft foods or food cut into little bits. The bowl of the spoon is faced outwards from the circle, and is usually made smaller than an adult’s teaspoon so it will fit in the kid’s mouth. The idea is that the kid will learn to eat with utensils and become “civilized.”

    I loved this vid. Both of the animals are so beautiful. The cat is so affectionate to the owl that it just bowled the owlie over. And both feathered and furry friends got lots of exercise!

  11. tracylee says:

    the Spedish Chef?

  12. Typical cat: Sure, I’ve been trying to knock you out of the sky for the last half hour, but you pet me NAO!

  13. Formica says:

    Wonderful! I suppose it makes sense. After all, they do have similar interests: looking cool, hanging around in trees, lurking after dark, dining on insects, reptiles & rodents…

  14. MommaMackie says:

    Notice the lovely owl was wearing jesses? (sic) He’s some lucky falconer’s companion and hunting partner! ( I mean, falconers know you no more own a raptor than you do a cat. If they didn’t WANT to hang around with you, they wouldn’t come back when you flew them, let’s face it.) I’ve not read anything about these two beyond what I see here, but I’ll bet these two have been buddies since they were just balls of floof with attitude! They make a beautiful pair.

  15. Michelle R. says:

    LOL – a black cat and an owl together? Where’s Harry Potter?!?

  16. Actually, “runcible” is a total nonsense word invented by Edward Lear and used in several contexts, of which the spoon is the most famous. However, people have since invented several definitions for it, of which the most popular seems to be the spork.

  17. Actually, when Lear made up the word “runcible”, it didn’t mean a dang thing. Any definitions you may encounter, including the one you have given, fall under “sure, it can mean that if you like.”

  18. That is a popular meaning applied to it, but it had no meaning when Lear invented the word.

  19. Yes and no. Lear made up the word and never intended it to have a meaning. People have assigned a variety of meanings to it, of which spork is but one.

  20. it is very hard to type. i cannot see because my head asploded about mid-video.


  21. A runcible spoon is anything you want it to be:

  22. I did notice the jesses! I wonder whether the cat is jumping for the birdie or the strings?

  23. Noelegy says:

    A friend posted this on Facebook and it gave me the happies!

  24. jlamusings says:

    I saw the jesses too! 🙂 How awesome is that? My 2 fav animals: cats and owls! Love it! I would be in heaven… and have quite a supply of dead rodents, I suspect. (Euw)

  25. (The Original) Mel says:

    Would you say I have a plethora of sporks?

  26. (The Original) Mel says:

    Yes El Gotho. You have a plethora.

  27. Fleurdamour says:

    All they’re missing is a toad, and they’ve got the whole Hogwart’s pet list.

  28. grandefille says:

    @ShinyHappyGoth: I suspect a birdie on strings is a cat’s idea of heaven.

    I saw this video the other day via a link from a pal’s blog and have watched it several times since then. How a vid can be hilarious, relaxing and wonderful all in a big ball at the same time is a great thing, Itellyawhut.

    (I said on first viewing that you know Owl has had a talk with Pussycat about what Mr. Beak can do if Pussycat gets scratchy. As in, “See this? I can pull your eyeballs out your little dot-butt, dude. CLICK CLICK.” And Pussycat said, “Yessir, respect the beak, sir.”)

  29. kokobutterbuns says:

    This is great!! I love how the cat keeps trying to nuzzle the owl with it’s head!!

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    Looks like MY cat! Now where’s MY owl?
    *looks around without much luck*

    BFF’s indeed! Beautiful!

  31. Ohhh that was lovely.
    Now I have three black cats – does that mean I need three owels?? `snerk`

  32. bookmonstercats says:

    They snorgled!!!11111!!!!

  33. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Boing! “Darn, I missed.” Boing! “Darn, I missed.” Awesome! I wish I could get a cat, but my dad is allergic. What?! I’m only twelve! There’s nothing wrong with living with your dad when you’re twelve!

  34. Martina says:

    love it! You are so right!

  35. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Boing! “Darn, I missed.” Boing! “Darn, I missed.” Awesome! I wish I could get a cat, but my dad is allergic. What?! There’s nothing wrong with living with your dad when you’re only twelve!

  36. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Darn website, duplicating my comments all the time.

  37. Martina says:

    I’m too focused on the cute to care about any old spoon, runcible or not!

  38. Catsquatch says:

    Ah, memories…
    When I was a little girl we had a dog named Peppy and our neighbors had a pet chicken named Harvey.
    Peppy and Harvey became bestest buds and would play in our yard:
    Harvey would run at Peppy and just before she got to him, she would spread her wings, then Peppy would grab one of her wings and swing her around in circles, then let her go, and she would glide across the lawn. They loved this game so much they did it for at least half an hour every day.
    Harvey loved potato bugs (Jerusalem Crickets), and she would go to the dirt next to the driveway and scratch, then look at Peppy, and Peppy would run over and dig up that potato bug for her to eat.
    Peppy also dug a den under the porch and he and Harvey would nap in there together.
    Peppy also had a kitten named Boots that he loved dearly, and they played together, slept together, ate together…
    Until one day Boots dissappeared, and Peppy went looking for her.
    When he found her he started baying so loudly that I went running to find him, and he showed me where Boots was.
    She had fallen into a pan of oil in our neighbors garage and died.
    Peppy was completely grief stricken, so much that he wouldnt even play with Harvey, he just laid in his den all day for a whole week.
    Finally I couldnt stand it anymore and talked my Mom into getting him another kitten.
    And it worked.
    3 days after we gave Peppy his new kitten, he was back to his old self again, although occasionally I would see him sitting and staring at the neighbors garage as if he was remembering Boots.
    Sometime Ill hafta tell ya about Turd Bottom Turtle too 😉

  39. corgimom says:

    Love how the kitty takes a run and the owl but screeches (heh) to a halt.

    Now – does anyone know what song that was??

  40. minute mark 1:52, LOL!!


  41. Yes, yes, we heard you the first four times.

  42. Suzanne says:

    Everyone should have a childhood like that!!!!

  43. wuyizidi says:

    This is off topic but, I think we can do without the “rate down” button.

    There could be many reasons someone’s comment get rated down: maybe we think that opinion/argument is invalid (eg. unreasonable nuffing), or maybe it’s perfectly valid but we respectably disagree or dislike it. Maybe the people who were rating it down were wrong or did not really understand what the other person is saying. In the end, whoever got rated down will definitely not be happy about it, and the reason for the rating won’t always be clear to him/her. So I’m not sure what positive purpose it serves. On the negative side, it could discourage people from contributing.

    Also, is it possible to bring back the numbering of comments? I’m one of those people who take mental breaks here multiple times a day. Now that we can insert our replies anywhere in the thread, it can be hard to distinguish which comments are new comments since last visit.

    Just some thougts.

  44. Fird Birfle says:


  45. aquasaline says:

    kitteh attack and retreat at 1:11!! Owl’s all “yeah, whatevs”

  46. I love how the cat tries to rub against the owl and the owl like flops over because the cat is too heavy. And LOOK AT THOSE HIGH JUMPS! Someone needs to sign up for the Kitty Olympics.

  47. I hate the “Rate This” thumbs. It puts me under too much pressure to perform. I’ve got flop sweat! 😥

  48. cubbybutt says:

    These two magical creatures are right out of a FAIRY-TALE!!!!!!

  49. cubbybutt says:


  50. I like the leap frog the cat does!

  51. So, I’m laughing over the debate as to what a runcible spoon actually is. Rather than talking about the cute/potentially disturbing video, we’re debating a potentially fictional piece of cutlery.

    And that’s why I love CO.

    Also, after asking Google, I still have no idea. And I’m okay with that.

  52. Georgiabelle says:

    Seriously? Is this real? ‘Cause either it’s too good to be true or I’m just extremely jealous of you.

  53. Madame X says:

    DItto here! That cat looks just like my Shiraz – and leaps like her too!

    Now if I could find a pretty owl…

  54. Madame X says:

    I agree. What’s with the rating? I thought CO had tried it and done away with it ages ago!

  55. victoreia says:

    Nuffing this? Really?

    Some people have no clue……..So totally obvy that the owl enjoyed letting the cat play “catch” with the owl’s jesses! And the mutual head-butts!

    What a great friendship.

  56. Hates it! It’s so much harder to read too.

  57. Let’s see if I can get Gothy to tell us all what ‘runcible’ means again.


    Also, that owl is gorgeous. Why doesn’t my cat have an owl? O:

  58. I’d like it better if the hands were replaced with little kitty paws!

  59. wannadance says:

    i love this, just amazing. that’s all i say, i love to watch them work into being friends then playing. and that kitty is so long all over….

    thanks mike..i owe you a letter, been puny, will write.

    may have to watch thing 55 more times…

  60. i LOVE this vid…reminds me of the north america crow + cat friends documentary i saw on 60 minutes a while ago…

    plus loving the italian rock / pop soundtrack, hee hee!

  61. Teddy Roosevelt!!??

  62. And do you play a guitar while wailing “Catsquatch Fever” ?

  63. ;-]

  64. I think this vid is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo special!!!!

  65. And a rat.

  66. Best frenemies? Clearly they enjoy each other’s company, but they do play a little rough.

  67. TrixandSam says:

    Oooo, this brought tears to my eyes.

  68. The kitteh loving on the owl is the icing on this incredible cake! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Loving the inter-speche videos!

  69. I noticed the long kitty features too, what a beautiful, healthy looking cat!

  70. rbcoover says:

    Love the fact that kitties can befriend just about any creature or person. How can they stand being so solitary in the wild?!

  71. (The Original) Mel says:

    Oh how sweet! I lof eet!

  72. bagoguts says:

    This vid is too cool! And I loved the music – reminded me of REM, with kind of a Spanish-y flavor.

    The band is Sopa de Cabra, a Catalan Spanish band that broke up in 2002. I thought the Spanish sounded a bit “different”, and the Catalan link explains it. Have to go find some of their CDs! Oh, and this track is called “deixa’m dir una cosa” per the credits at the end.

  73. I miss the Runcible Spoon! Such a great little restaurant and hang-out! *goes off to reminisce about college*

  74. Word. Plus, I’m totally inhibited by the rating buttons. I don’t come here to be judged *weeps*

  75. So what is this “runcible spoon” thing, anyway?

    Is it an instrument played by Joaquin Phoenix (you gotta go back a aways on CO to get that one 😛 )?

  76. When I was little our Tomcat (orange striped tabby Buffy) made friends with the dog across the street. The two of them would crouch down at one end of the neighbors yard and apparently THEY ‘heard’ a start gun go off (not audible to human ears of course) and they would both take off at the exact same time at a dead run to the other end of the wide lawn. I don’t remember who won the most but it was really cute to see. Thanks for triggering those memories, he was the first family cat I remember as a child. 🙂 Funny I don’t remember ever meeting the neighbors or knowing anything about their dog, just that memory of watching them race each other.

  77. I just realized you can rate your OWN comment – but one time only. So at least everyone can have one thumbs up on their own comments. LOL!

  78. SoCalSis says:

    Well… they USED to have a rat… 🙂

  79. I am completely freaked out by that owl’s face.

  80. Samantha M. says:

    My mum used to sing me to sleep with this song every night when I was a kid and stroke my nose. She always told me it was like a welsh lovespoon
    which to me made sense to me as the poem is a love poem of sorts. And while sporks are very useful, romantic they’re not.

    But now I’m older and have read more Lear I am pretty sure he just made it up.

  81. Copperbat says:

    Stories like this really touch me. Like most of you, I grew up with animals who were considered family members. I am always astonished to hear educated and intelligent people make claims that animals do not experience grief or mourn the deaths of their loved ones like we do. I even had a veterinarian tell me that my dogs would not miss my other dog when she had to be put down. I don’t know how you can live and work with animals all day every day and not see how aware, intelligent, and devoted they can be. When they’re not affected by social mores and expectations we humans have of each other, their profound grief becomes even more apparent. Although they don’t usually put on much of a “stricken survivor” show for sympathy/attention like many humans, it’s clear they also experience deep sadness when they lose loved ones.

  82. lordlundar says:

    I wonder if they’re related to Squire Julian and Captain Snow.

    Props for the reference.

  83. Catsquatch says:

    Yes, it is true, but dont be jealous ;D

  84. Catsquatch says:

    No, I dont play any instruments, but I LOVE rocknroll!

  85. Catsquatch says:

    Mine too. Remembering can be sad sometimes.

  86. Catsquatch says:

    Thanks 🙂
    I love sharing my animal stories, and I have TONS of them ;D

  87. Catsquatch says:

    Oh now that is cool!
    Animals are amazing people 😉

  88. Catsquatch says:

    Actually, in order to work with animals in clinics or shelters, it helps many people to think that they dont have the emotions we have, because to know the truth would break their hearts every single day.
    But most vets do know, and somehow manage to deal with the heartbreak anyway.

  89. Fird Birfle says:

    *pats Theresa on the hand, consolingly*
    “There, there, dear”

  90. I love it, its just beautiful and amazing the kitty and owl are beautiful playful spirits!

  91. Michelle R. says:

    LOL – nicely played! Happy to meet fellow fans. 😛

  92. Makes me think of Rita Mae Brown’s stories where Mrs. Murphy and Flatface are friends. 🙂

  93. Guinea Peeg Lover says:


  94. well, it sounds different because catalan is a totally different language from Spanish.