Meanwhile, at Kyoto Municipal Field…

Welcome back, sports fans, to this tense game between the Tokyo Sumos and our own Kyoto Beagles. If you’ve just tuned in, you missed seeing the Beagles catcher completely flattened by a Sumo runner sliding into home. And so the Beagles have called a short time-out while a replacement catcher warms up in the bullpen…

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  1. NFL must hire this pooch. Now!

  2. ‘Ya-ta’ indeed!

  3. I just saw this last night and thought… I hope this makes it onto Cute overload, becuase I sat there going AWWWWW over and over again. LOL

  4. Yay, beagles! They are the cutest things on four legs. I think this one is a better catcher than I.

  5. Okay what the heck does Yatta mean ?
    I am guessing good job ?

  6. One Eyed Daruma says:

    … and then we played some catch, you know, yatta yatta yatta….

  7. marthava says:


  8. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Ya-ta! Ya-ta! Ya-ta! Whatever that means… Yay, doggeh!

  9. Missing Plug-In. 😦 Say what!? I’ve got all my plug-ins. 😛

  10. wuyizidi says:

    It means “I did it!”

  11. BTW, Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a baseball/sumo hybrid! It’ll be HUGE!!! :mrgreen:

  12. “Yatta!” is like “Way to go!” There was a group of comedians in Japan several years ago that created a music group and their single was “Yatta!” There is also a second “Yatta!” version celebrating Alan Greenspan’s “irrational exuberance” aptly titled “Yatta! Irrational Exuberance”. This is the first time I’ve actually heard it used in regular conversation though and a beagle catching a ball is definitely worth some irrational exuberance! 🙂 Yatta! 😀

    Original Yatta! Music Video

  13. wuyizidi says:

    Tell me about it, one of their baseball teams is called Ham Fighters. Still trying to figure that one out.

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    What a smart doggie!
    He plays catch AND understands Japanese!
    Yatta indeed!

  15. I love his daddy’s voice when goggie catches–it’s the same in every language!

  16. vw-chan says:

    I think the owner could be saying “yattane”, which is japanese for “you did it”. Atleast, I thought I heard a n at the end. Good praise, either way.

  17. ashagato says:


  18. Digitoonie says:

    I don’t know what’s cuter. The Japanese puppeh or the Doggy’s daddy saying “Yatta!!”


  19. I’ve heard of it too– the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters. It’s a bit disappointing, too– they’re not really the Ham Fighters. 😦 They are just the Fighters, and they play for Nippon Ham.

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    Are any of ’em made of silicone, Th.??? 😉

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    Charles Schultz knew what he was doing, eh??

  22. Once again…creamed by the Japanese in the cute dept. Can’t we win once??

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    All I can come up with is …WTF!! 😯

  24. skippymom says:

    This is awesome. My cat Eddy is very good with his paws and can catch a thrown toy mouse in midair. After watching this, I have decided it is time to start him training with large balls.

  25. victoreia says:

    Suddenly I have “Kung Fu Fighting” as an earworm……

  26. victoreia says:

    …which really clashes with the classical I’ve got playing on my iPod right now…..

  27. OMG! I’ll never get that out of my mind!

  28. give your cats some treats

  29. He needs a wee little Buster Posey uniform.

    (And I keep picturing puppeh’s off-cam daddy as Hiro from Heroes. YaTAAAAAAAAAAA!)

  30. I am ALL-NATURAL. 😛

  31. Those hams was fast as lightning . . .

  32. Does he HAVE, erm, large balls?


  33. dogsleder says:

    They need a big green egg as a mascot!

  34. or “Hurray!”

  35. Aaaaaaaaaaaah, Buster Posey!

    Speaking of stinkin’ cute!

  36. dogsleder says:

    Theresa, you’re HILARIOUS!! Our cat Zhaan can catch/bat wads of paper…very good eye/paw coordination. And we used to have a dog who could catch a little soccer ball in his mouth about 30% of the time. Shadow, we miss you!!

  37. Sharon Wilson says:

    Hah! I wouldn’t have believed this was real if I hadn’t once seen a dog catch a thrown newspaper with his front paws!

  38. Mischief Girl says:

    Very cute dog, but am I over-thinking it to wonder why the dog’s tail isn’t wagging? My labrador’s tail would be going a mile a minute if he was having fun. This beagle is super cute, but is he having a good time?

  39. sooo cute!!

  40. The hovertext is a reference to this video:

  41. I was at the opera 3X last week!

  42. PS Why do we call people “Buster”? Just what is it that we expect them to bust?

    Still Immature

  43. (The Original) Mel says:

    Also Immature

  44. Kawai!!!

  45. Um… Thanks, Katie. That was disturbing. Strangely fascinating but definitely disturbing.

  46. mintyheart says:

    I am confused by the title “super beagle pudding”… ?__?

  47. name of the doggy is Purin which means Pudding!

  48. Well, it beats his real name, “Gerald.”

    I like to think maybe he had an old fashioned grandpa who would grab him by the ear for a talkin’-to starting with “Hey, buster…” and it stuck.

  49. And you know how we are such fans of pudding @ CO!

  50. That is going to get out, and get into a stadium chant somewhere. GER-ALD! GER-ALD!

    Lizzy, there was a poll among Mets fans on who was their favorite non-Mets pitcher to watch, and Timmy Lincecum won by a landslide. Actually, he might win over the Mets pitchers these days.

  51. Oh what did I do? I just chanted Gerald. Phooey. (Sits down on floor, starts playing jacks).

  52. Ditto!!

  53. InAwwwe says:

    I just sat here for like 10 minutes going awww… every time the pup caught the ball and then giggling like an idiot every time the pup held it in the air. Thanks CO for once again making me look ridiculous in front of my computer while people walk by 🙂

  54. skippymom says:

    He, erm, used to….

  55. I like how his person sounded a little concerned when the pup took one on the nose.

    That was very sweet.


  57. Damn, the embedding didn’t work… >.<

  58. One more try. It’s a crazy Japanese commercial(?) about flan. I enjoy this video…the jiggling flan is hypnotic, lol.

  59. Most EXCELLENT!!!

  60. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa: *snerk*

  61. Fird Birfle says:


  62. Me too! I couldn’t help but “AWWW!”

  63. (stares with stupid open-mouthed grin)

  64. THIS is why I come to Cute Overload! Perfection.

  65. burvegas says:

    That video is both hilarious and hypnotic! Thanks!