WAIT—Can possums be cute?

We’ve been vacillating in a quagmire of indecision for too long!

Help us, alert readers: are possums cute enough to deserve a Rule of Cuteness, or are they gnarly little ankle-biters!?

Even this possum seems a little on the fence about it.

Can possums be cute, pet photographer Mimi B.? Sender-inner PJ M. is undecided. Second photo by animal advocate Jessica B.



  1. Possums are mos def cute. They are VERY VERY CUTE, no doubt about it. Say YES to CUTE POSSUMS

  2. kibblenibble says:

    Baby possums are the most appealing to me, and I find them more cute when I can’t see their scary sharp teefs. Which is strange, because I love my kitties’ teefs! 🙂

  3. pamela l. kelly says:

    CUTE!! and PWESSUS!!

  4. browngrl says:

    YES of course.

  5. YES. They were my favorites at the wildlife rehab center. So soft! Such big ears! (So much cleaner than raccoons…))

  6. birdcage says:

    I’m kinda skeird of the non-behbeh possums that live around here.

  7. DillPig says:

    Pink nosicles? Check. Beady Eye Factor? Check. And his wee face is HEART-SHAPED! How could this li’l babeh not be cute?

  8. (beating fist on table) Cute! CUTE, I SAY!

  9. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Absolutely, they are cute. They remind me of my ratties with their little tails.

  10. jahphotogal says:

    Possums EEEW.

  11. OF COURSE they can be cute!!!

  12. 260Oakley says:

    Well, they were the subject of one of Willa Cather’s most famous novels, “O, Possum Ears”.

  13. Hey, your cousin the opposum… The ones in North AMerica… not to cute
    Oh and outside a squirrel is using an old couch for bedding.

  14. anonymous coward says:

    and why not?

    here’s a proof (youtube link):

    his name is Rocko.

    you have to love those peenk pingers!

  15. Jenny J. says:

    Not only are baby ‘possums cute, they are *beautiful*. Look at those bright, alert eyes, those perfect whiskers, those eensy-weensy pink toes!

    Admittedly, I prefer them when they’re not eating my tomatoes before I can harvest them, but there’s no rule that something cute can’t also be pesterful. Just look at little sisters…

  16. Well, wasn’t too fond of the one who wandered into our yard a few weeks ago and hissed at us – repeatedly. We almost though it might charge at us. Cute babies from a distance, in a photo.

  17. Same with the raccoons, TOO cute but really mean. And nasty diseases too.

  18. OMG possums are adorable!!! look at those huge round ears and darling wiskery faces…they are so cute they make me squeak 🙂

  19. Of Course they can be cute, and I’ve never heard of a possum biting anyone’s ankle. Not to say that they might not do so, if cornered, but little dogs bite ankles, and they’re always present and accounted for here.

  20. Valerie says:

    Absolutely!! When the babies are orphaned, you have to teach them to hang by their tails….from your fingers. 🙂

  21. Catsquatch says:

    Possums are very cute, as long as the tail is not in the picture 😉

  22. One marched across my porch a couple of months ago. And I live in Brooklyn!

  23. Caroline says:


  24. Lorel J says:


  25. i’m pro-possum. those cute oscillating earsies and their little hands! awwwww. i’m not sure what jane is talking about above, and i don’t want to get into a debate, but possums are highly resistant to rabies and are very much pacifists (of course they might hiss at you to protect themselves and/or their babies but i’ve never had any problems with them.)

  26. Jane, have you ever heard of “playing possum”? Possums will hiss at you if they feel threatened, but if things progress beyond that, they usually play dead. Charging at you isn’t really part of their program.

  27. Lorel J says:

    Possums am cute. The one that visited my back door on occasion last summer was, okay, at first glance a little shocking, but I really feel for the little guys. My guy would freeze (playing possum, natch) and I just have an affinity for a critter that clinches.

  28. Catsquatch says:

    When I was a wee little girl, I was playing in my Grandparents backyard one evening when I heard a noise.
    I looked up and on top of the fence was the BIGGEST RAT I had EVER seen.
    I ran into the house as fast as my little skinny legs could carry me, and exclaimed to my Grampa that there was a GIANT RAT on top of the fence!
    Grampa looked at me and smiled and said “Show me.”
    So I took him out and showed him that AWFUL GIANT RAT!
    He laughed and said “Honey, thats not a rat, thats a possum.”
    Then he told me about how beneficial possums are, and I have welcomed them ever since 🙂

  29. What is it today that I keep getting moderated? And can I get an indulgence for it?

  30. Mustangsally78 says:

    A baby *anything* is cute. Even the dreaded honey badger!

    Link to zooborns:


    Personally, I dig opossums. Walt Whitman wrote his famous poem “Opossum, my possum” about them.

  31. ShannaBerry says:


  32. Starfish says:

    I’ll say yes, possums are cute. Baby ones, especially.

    Also, more people need to use the word “vacillate”.

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    Didja salute?
    Did yer da’ give it a Spit Bath (TM)??? 😉

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    “oscillating earsies” = WIN.

  35. Catsquatch says:

    Possums will not charge you or attempt to harm you at all.
    They hiss and show their teeth to try to fake you into believing they are big bad mean and scary because to them YOU are big bad mean and definately SCARY, and they are trying to make you go away.
    Possums that are cornered or trapped in trashcans will actually play dead, so well that you can actually pick them up and release them somewhere else.
    I have done this many many times, usually in late spring when the babies start wandering out on their own and fall into my neighbors trash cans, and the neighbors come screeching to my house asking me to help, so I go to their houses, pick the young possum up out of the trash can, take it to my house and lay it on the grass in the back yard.
    Then I go into my house and watch them from a window, and about 5 minutes later, they decide that its safe to move again, and they get up and run away.
    I have never been bitten by a possum.
    My cats on the other hand….

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    Send in your Application in Triplicate, here to me.
    I’ll be CERTAIN that el pape sees it, post-haste.

    Administrative charges, only $3000.00.
    Cleaning your car’s windshield, a mere $75.00 extra.

  37. Fird Birfle says:

    and “oscillating”, too.

  38. Fird Birfle says:

    Okay. So we have reached a Policy Quorum Decision, then, have we not?

    “Oppossums” aka “possums” CAN BE considered “cute” under limited circumstances.
    1– Must be a live, organic, non-roadkill specimen.
    2– Must be a bebbeh or a stuffy toy (of faux fur, ‘course).
    3– Ratlike tail is a decided disadvantage.
    4–Any aggressive hissing, by said oppossum or ‘possum,
    disqualifies that specimen from Ultra Cuteness (although we
    are tolerant of its need for doing so, for self-preservation and
    that whole Darwin thing….)

    Hence and hereunto determined, this 15th day of May, 2011 — the first pic in today’s essay and discussion piece — IS offishe cute.

  39. They are cute and beneficial as long as they do not move into your garage because they have a very musky smell.

  40. I cast my vote for CUTE. Yes, possums should surely have their own Rule of Cuteness.

  41. Lorel J says:

    This calls to mind a musical number I created for a revue I was in during college: Imagine a choir, dressed in robes, onstage with a stark sense of purpose. The conductor appears, bows, and says, “Every now and then a song comes along that touches the soul of a generation, inspiring them to be the best they can be, even during trying times. Songs such as ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning,’ ‘This Land is Your Land,” and “Sussudio”… Ladies and Gentleman, the time has come for such a song, nay, an anthem, and I and the William J. Bleaty Choristers are pleased, nay, proud, nay, blessed to present it to you anon.” The conductor then leads a melodramatic, legato version of this song:

    De possum meat am good to eat,
    Carve him to de heart;
    You’ll always find him good and sweet,
    Carve him to de heart;
    My dog did bark, and I went to see,
    Carve him to de heart;
    And dar was a possum up dat tree,
    Carve him to de heart.

    Carve dat possum, carve dat possum, children,
    Carve dat possum, carve him to de heart;
    Oh, carve dat possum, carve dat possum, children,
    Carve dat possum, carve him to de heart.

    (Nasal Tenor solo)
    I reached up for to pull him in,
    Carve him to de heart;
    De possum he begun to grin,
    Carve him to de heart;
    I carried him home and dressed him off,
    Carve him to de heart;
    I hung him dat night in de frost,
    Carve him to de heart.

    De way to cook de possum sound,
    Carve him to de heart;
    Fust parbile him, den bake him brown,
    Carve him to de heart;
    Lay sweet potatoes in de pan,
    Carve him to de heart;
    De sweetest eatin’ in de lan’,
    Carve him to de heart.

    Here is a link to an mp3 if you’d like to hear the banjo version: http://ia600102.us.archive.org/14/items/PeerlessQuartetwithHarryCBrowne/PeerlessQuartetwithHarryCBrowne-CarveDatPossumCoonSong.mp3

    There are YouTube versions as well, but they say “that” instead of “dat” which really frosts me.

  42. kibblenibble says:

    Okay, that was kinda cute. 🙂 But I kept waiting for a chomp, and finally, he did! I think this possum was feeling a bit, how you say, romanteek?

  43. They are adorable as long as they don’t open their mouths. *shudder*

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    *crowd in the auditorium roars its approval*

  45. Of course they can be cute!

  46. Rule of cuteness suggestion: if any part of an animal looks like it wasn’t created by nature, it’s cute. Case in point, these plasticky looking possum ears!

  47. Hoow long do opossums live, do yah think?

  48. Rule of Cuteness: Some animals are only cute when young. Proof: opossums.

  49. Yes, absolutely they are cute. They are wonderfully cute. One was in my yard the other day being completely cute as he scouted along. Love ’em!

  50. I’m also in the possummettes cute, adults nary camp.
    Cute ginormous Mickey-Mouse-ears-to-face ratio check in the young’uns [and the tropical species], fierce beady-eyed rabid-foaming hissing furious steenking skeery American adults, nope.
    Even the WIlliam Shatner character in Over the Hedge was oogly.

  51. pamela l. kelly says:

    (correction to my last post) These 2 “CUTE!! and PWESSUS!! possums are FREAKS of nature cuz 99% of possums are born ugh-O-lee with crossed eyes, and yes, as mentioned above, RAT tails. RAT TAIL = CUTE FAIL.

    (sorry, i put the wrong email address on that last post)

  52. Definitely cute! Rule about toes and multicolored ears?

  53. Malinki says:

    Absolutely cute, and the tag should be ‘SCute’, for Scary-Cute.

  54. I have ALWAYS thought possums were cute. But I have never had to live with (near) them.

  55. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Possums deserve a Rule of Cuteness! They are awesum! 😀

  56. No argument but I’ll explain.

    The one we encountered was young but not a baby (I had to research to figure it out) and probably was newly on its own so therefore scared when it hissed. It apparently didn’t want to leave our yard and was on our back deck. But we didn’t chase it – just tried to clap and shoo it away verbally. We have had other obvious adults go through and just ignore us or leave the yard.

    Quote from an informational website: “Opossum carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and Chagas disease. They may also be infested with fleas, ticks, mites, and lice. Opossum are hosts for cat and dog fleas, especially in urban environments.”

    Raccoon also carry diseases. I know, they are really cute but we have to be realistic too. In the wild, these aren’t clean animals. Since I found out I have chronic Lyme disease (on the west coast) in a town environment and I’m not a camper, I know I got it from some of the wildlife that come through our yard. Deer, raccoon, opossum, etc.

    Btw, a pond will really attract them.

    I love seeing them all but I also have a realistic, careful approach.

    Raccoons can be particularly vicious. We have them mate and raise babies in our neighbors trees. We’ve been having a BBQ on our back deck at around 6-7pm in the summer and had a mommy raccoon with her (adorable) babies following along the top of our fence, she stops, sees us (and of course in her mind it’s HER turf) so we got a good growling, hissing fit from her.

  57. amygaspard says:

    I say YES, possums can be cute!

  58. Oh my goodness, look at those beady eyes. Yes, yes, yes they are cute.

  59. Lorel j says:

    Thanks, Fird!

    I forgot to credit the songwriter, Sam Lucas, who penned this gem in 1875.

  60. They are cute! Especially when you have one fall asleep in your arms.

  61. Denise A. says:

    All babies are cute, with the exception of newborn Naked Mole Rats.
    The stuff of nightmares. {shudder}

  62. ashagato says:

    took me a minute, but i got it!

  63. Is there a page with all the rules of cuteness on them in list form?

  64. trinlayk says:

    I vote CUTE! possums are cute…

  65. Martha in Washington says:

    Please add my vote to the “Yea’s” column. Thanks ever so much.

  66. Rebecca says:

    I’m also in favor of the “cute when babies, not when grown up” stipulation on possums. The ones in these photos are prosh. The very large adult one that crossed the road in front of me on a dark night, and whose large teeth shone very brightly in my headlights? Not so much.

  67. ashagato says:

    totally cute. adorable, in fact.

  68. pinkmariposas says:

    umm the baby possum in tree pic is adorables…but in San Diego, near the
    beach I had one eating at my kitchen window screen and he was BIG and
    wanted in. I finally tossed ice cubes at it and to no avail, did I mention
    it was hissing at me? I slammed the window and call animal control and
    was told if I had harmed it with the ice cubes I would be in trouble for
    harming it. yikes..living in Missouri I see them and they get big and not
    so cute. The babies are of course cuties. sorry I think my vote is
    NO, sorry.

  69. Samantha says:

    Baby/adolescent Opossums are cute for sure, but adult Opossums not so much.

  70. Wow, am I in the minority!! Their icky prehensile noses and creepy eyes disqualify them from being cute, esp. the adults. Once when I had to feed a feral cat outside I used to see a parade of possums, skunks, and raccoons come by at night to eat the left-over cat food, and I got a nice long close-up view of them, inches from the window. Those possums looked very uncool – not cute at all and most definitely eerie.

  71. Kari Callin says:

    I am reposting my comment from the koala post, as this one is much more appropriate! 😉

    This reminds me that here in the U.S., it is that time of year to be on the same look out for opposum babies in pouches. If you travel down a road at least once a day, and notice an adult hit by the side of the road, and still “intact”, stop and check to see if it’s a female and look in the pouch. The babies can live 2-3 days after the mother has died. Just be sure to keep some gardening or rubber gloves in your glove compartment!

  72. Opossums are cute because they look like something Brian Froud and Jim Henson would have put together. They’ve got black button eyes, little hands and their mouths open up to an absurd degree. Sure, they’ll hiss and freak out if they feel scared, but all they ever really want to do is run away and go peacefully eat a bug somewhere. They’re funny little animals.

    PLUS! If you’ve ever met a domestically-raised (or rescued) possum, you know how gentle and sociable they are.

  73. That’s HUGE! How big do possums get?

  74. How you say romanteek? :mrgreen:

  75. Um, thank you, Your Grace.

  76. Tiffany says:

    Yes, they can definitely be cute. However, I have to mention that these are American opossums. It’s a completely different species than the possums in Australia.

  77. cute cute cute!!! super cute!!!

  78. Trippetta says:

    There’s not really anything specific in either photos that could be described in a rule of cuteness. However, possums certainly deserve their own category in the side bar. Especially considering the following from Daily Squee, part of the I can haz cheeseburger network: http://cheezdailysquee.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/00b80993-7a43-42cf-a7de-d8437554419d.jpg

  79. Tiffany says:

    I work at a Wildlife Rehab center, and one of the most fascinating aspects about opossums is that they are “dead end hosts” immune to most contagious diseases. So, not only do they eat things like roaches and poisonous snakes, they do not spread diseases like rabies or distemper. They can, however, get fleas, but they do groom themselves meticulously.

  80. teh Qte

  81. We have some really cute possum species here in Australia. Try Googling “native Australian possums”.

  82. i vote yesh for posshum cutenesh!

  83. Oh I think possums are pretty cute–like a dog and cat mixed almost, at first I was thinking well if they are that cute, my hairless chihuahua is good enough for a rule of cuteness but after watching the vid someone posted I thought they’re maybe almost–only ALMOST as cute as my pinkish skin colored, clothes wearing, five pound chihuahua that happens to have strawberry blond hair on her head and tail tip.*Mischievous glance at everyone*

  84. Squeak, squeak! 😉

  85. not cute at all, sorry.

  86. I love possums! And not just because I grew up with Walt Kelly and the legendary Pogo — the star possum of the Okefenokee Swamp dwellers. I live with both possums and raccoons as nightly visitors. Possums are shy, endearing and do not attack humans. Raccoons attack people, eat pet food left outside, and knock over trash cans. I’ll take a possum any day! 🙂

  87. Stellar says:

    I just set that first picture as my desktop background 😉
    They can be hideous and scary, but they can also be too adorable, so my vote is yea.

  88. Butbutbut, wait…. This is and Opossum, aint it? As oppposed (or, should i say, opossed) to a possum sans o. I’m very confused about this, aren’t they two different things?
    As for their cuteness, oo yes, very much. Both of them – so it’s really a bargain, you get two cute animals for the price of one!!!

  89. Oo, I’m in moderation limbo – I guess that last line of my comment seemed too much of a sales pitch?? I swear, I’m not making a profit on helpless cute animals!

  90. YESH!!

  91. Possums are fur wrapped around Squee.

    To the person who asked how long they live: Not very long. Domesticated and pampered possums who get to see the vet on a regular basis and who are fed healthy food live…… at most, five years. In the wild, their life spans are shorter.

    I have a friend who always has a possum or five around her house. They are adorable, friendly, and adorable. YES THEY ARE CUTE!!!!

  92. What about Aussie possums! They are cute all over and have floofy tails (but make terrifying noises)

  93. Oh, the awesome possum carolers! Love them so much!

  94. Yes, I know all about how and why they “play possum”. But no one knows for sure what any wild animal will or won’t do when scared so I would not take the chance by pushing the issue with it.

    I guess when coming on cuteoverload (which I do several times a day – LOVE it!) I should only talk about the “cuteness” since comments based on the reality of animals – if perceived as negative toward any creature is not well received. Lesson learned. I’m an information type of person but maybe this isn’t really what others want to hear on this particular site.

  95. I can’t speak for other possums but that one is adorable!

  96. Holy cow, I had no idea they were this BIG!
    Amazing creatures. Wish we had them in Europe too!

  97. Problem with that was the one i saw the other day. Probably tried that in the road, and now its… :(. But hey, I’m the guy who thinks bats are so darn adorable. This site needs more bats. I liked the flying foxes you posted a while back. Are we getting Possums and Opossums confused, cuz i think they are different taxonomically (but still adorable)

  98. re: the Disease thing. If you do some research on the net you will find that these guys are being studied extensively becasue they DO NOT GET Rabies. Raccoons yes, Possums no. They are very hardy, and short of physical injury (i.e. Dunlop’s Disease), they have a very strong resistance to most common diseases.

  99. hee hee i was gonna post this too

    i think opossums are cute! especially the baby ones! i was just thinking about it when i saw the zooborns post the other day 🙂

  100. bestephens says:

    Last night a possum walked right up to me (he/she wasn’t more than 2 feet away!) and looked me in the eye…I swear! The possum looked like he was asking me to be friends!
    I shreiked like a girl (which is ironic…since I am female…) and told him to ‘Go Away!’ He just stood there looking at me!
    He was still the cutest thing in the world, and I kinda wanted to pick him up and rub my face in his incredible fur! Of course I was shaking like a leaf and nearly passed out…but he was still cute!

  101. Katrina says:

    Possums are cute. If you, dear Peep lived outside you too would be infested with icky things. Plus, people carry tuberculosis and other nasty viri and communicable diseases, too. You don’t disregard your four year old for having a cold, yes? I don’t want to be bitten by anyone/anything, ever. Hisssd at, I can take. Possums have shiny ears, Peeps! Colored toes area plus. I vote for possum cuteness.

    I do not want to live with a possum, but they have cuteness by the rules. I do not want to live with many people I see on the street. My apologies to “Guys and Dolls”. “When a person develops a name for herself and the name’s a hisss, a person, can develop a cold, la gripe,” etc.

  102. Nassegris says:

    Well, strictly speaking, if we’re going to comment on possible diseases on every animal posted, we’ll never be doing anything else, especially on the wild ones. A fox can be up to all kinds of shenanigans and have all manners of diseases, so might a lynx, a raccoon, deer, a squirrel might be sick as well, bear cubs – whoah, now you’re really off the beaten path. Any bird, or mammal, or fish, or… whatever that you find outdoors can carry a disease, and might have worms, or bite you if you get too close.

    See, we don’t ‘have’ to be realistic. We can admire these animals in pictures without having to read statistics on whatever sicknesses they might carry. We’re not on the wild animal health information channel.

    I thought we were here to talk about cute stuff.

    On that note – frickin ADORABLE possum. Huge beady eyes and propeller ears – major gold star.

  103. Cute! I met an Opossum named Ms. Daisy in Savannah, GA. She loved mini-marshmallows and having her ears rubbed gently.

  104. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are cute.

  105. kodalai says:

    I think this is a bit of a no-brainer…

  106. baby birdie says:

    Did somebody say Over the Hedge?

  107. baby birdie says:

    Playing possum is what we do. We die. So that we live!

    *waits for others to smile and nod in agreement*

  108. tracylee says:

    I think the judge will accept your verdict, foreman. Possums are hereby charged with “Cuteness in Bebbeh Form, 1st Degree.”

  109. Lighten up, Jane. Theresa was being helpful. Here — Have some pudding.

  110. I need to do this. (frantically searches for wee possum in need of mentorship …)

  111. M. Dale says:

    Rule of Cuteness #49: Any fuzzy (or feathery) baby creature, especially one who is alone without his/her mommy and in need of someone to care for him/her is most definitely cute (no matter what loathesome creature s/he might happen to grow up to be someday).

  112. FlowerChild says:


  113. YES! Possums–with or without the ‘O’–are, always have been, and always will be CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  114. I had a possum charge at me when I was attempting to shoo it away from my cat’s outdoor dinner dish. I was barefoot wearing dark pants, and I think at first it only saw my pasty white feet and assumed they were some little animals coming towards it. So it was aggressive. When it ran at me it got a better look and saw that there was a whooole lot more than just the feet and then it stopped and scampered off. Silly critter.

  115. Baby possums–CUTE (check!)
    Someone’s well-fed, nicely groomed pet possom–CUTE (check!)

    Mangey looking possums wild in my backyard DEFINITELY NOT CUTE AT ALL! Whether they play dead or not, they are really skin-crawlingly creepy and nasty.

  116. Mos’ Def that possums, and O’possums (the Scottish cousins) by extension, are Cute. Any age, any stage of development. They’re a living, breathing, prehistoric example of Cute.

  117. Only up close with baby paws, wide eyes and pink ear tips showing.

  118. M. Dale says:

    (This is meant to include the adorable baby geese floofballs that wander around our part of the country this time of year but by next year will be big, stinkin’, poop-all-over-the-sidewalk, refuse-to-move-outta-the-street-for-cars, hiss-at-you-for-existing Canada geese!)

  119. Fird Birfle says:


    *courtly bow*

  120. ciroccok says:

    Ferociously cute. Such adorable strangeness and unexpectedness. A combination of fuzzy precious extremes. And I love their little fangsicles. Beady black eyes. Pink fingers. POUCHES, folks – they have pouches! Like that doesn’t just end the question??? Prehensile tails!!! They’re a screaming gallery of cute!

  121. txredhead says:

    Big beady eyes, wet nose, big ears – what’s not to love?!? As for the adult version – well, this falls into the category of “so ugly it’s cute.” Besides, have you ever seen an adult possum run? Hilarious AND cute!! I vote for cute all around….

  122. I believe it is a math equation.

    C=(S/A x L)^10

    (translation: Cute =(size divided by age times location) to the power of ten

  123. CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…that’s all I wanted to say.

  124. yolanda says:

    I’ve got a hairless chihuahua and he is DEFINITELY cuter than a possum!
    as evidence, please examine at least one of his many pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/annrkiszt/5100526558/in/set-72157625988733531/
    As to possums, can we say they’re cute as babies but only nominally as adults depending on circumstance, must as we do with most dogs, rhinos, wildebeest, and so many other critters?

  125. Yes, they are cute. And let’s try to remember that they most likely lived in any particular area before us humans moved in. So “we” are actually the trespassers in “their” backyards. It’s a big (beautiful) world and I think it’s pretty darn possible for us all to get along.

  126. zombie tomato says:

    Yes, YES! Possums and Opussums are both cute, as is my sweet little cousin, nicknamed ‘possum! I will admit that I have been accused of being lenient with my definition of Teh Cute because I find lizards and newly hatched boids totally ADORBS but I stand behind them. Cute cute CUTE!

  127. Shannon says:

    POSSUMS ARE CUTE! I, for one, am quite disturbed by the decidedly anti-possum flavor found here. They are unique critters in North America, one of a kind and possess tons of cool attributes. They are some of the cutest baby animals out there. I love little ones with attitude, I mean, we all love cats, don’t we?!?!?!!?!?!

    In short, YES they deserve a Rule of Cuteness! Period.

  128. Do possums deserve a rule of cuteness? Do fish like to swim in the water? Do birds fly in the sky? Answer to all of those questions: YES!!!!!

  129. Remember that healthy raccoons will keep un-healthy ones away

  130. I don’t think they have to be a bebeh. I would like to add that amendment.

    ps did you all know that possums are very ancient critters?

  131. Emily B. says:

    Opossums are totally cute!! I work at a wildlife rehab center in Texas, and thus far this year we have rehabilitated and released over 160 bebe opossums 🙂 They’re so adorable when they try to play dead for the first time! And they’re such wonderful animals; they eat pretty much every bug in Texas, not to mention lots of poisonous snakes and carrion, so they keep wherever they live quite clean 🙂 And they very rarely bite, they much prefer to hide. And they don’t carry rabies. So really, I find them much more enjoyable and less dangerous than raccoons (who, as I’m sure we can all agree, are remarkably cute!)

  132. Colonel Jenna says:

    SQUUUEEEEE! A creature combining the most charming elements of a rat, a doggie, and even a hint of cat! I didn’t know that adult possums could be so wonderfule and adorable and I WANT ONE!

  133. YES – I vote YES for CUTE possums! They may have shifty beady eyes, but their wet nosicles and tiny toenails balance the ankle biting with cuteness!

  134. Possums are DEFINITELY cute! Pink nosicles, four hands (that’s right, they ahve opposable thumbs on their feets!) that look like they’re wearing half-gloves, delicate ears like tiny pink-&-black leafs, beady black eyeballs, prehensile tailsies — I vote CUTE! I, too, used to raise them when I worked as a wildlife rehab volunteer. You just haven’t lived until you’ve had an entire litter of possums crawl out of your sweatshirt pouch and into your hair — in the middle of a graduate seminar. They’re also very useful animals — nature’s little garbage disposals. If it weren’t for possums, we’d all be up to our ears in ick.

    However, as with any wild creature, uness you are licensed and trained, they’re best admired at a distance.

  135. Possums are definitely cutie-pies! Even though they’re stinky & kind of rough around the edges, their cuteness will not be denied.

  136. Fird Birfle says:

    *troublemaker alert*

    So — there are now NO BUGS in Tx????

    *packs suitcase for summer in Tx*

  137. Fird Birfle says:

    “all-righty, then” 🙂

  138. Fird Birfle says:

    *so noted in The Archives*

  139. Catsquatch says:


    Oh thats funny ;D

  140. brinnann says:

    I had to Google it. 🙄

  141. brinnann says:

    That wasn’t a chomp. That was a soft-cronsche. 😀

    Looked to me like he was scent-marking the way cats do.

  142. Mary (the first) says:

    They’re the same, “possum” is just a variation on the name, is all.

  143. HOW CAN YOU!!!!!!! TRAITOR!!!! 😡

  144. brinnann says:

    Oh, they get bigger than that. 😯

    Or maybe it’s true what they say: Everything is bigger in Texas.

  145. he look like cat.

  146. I loooove possums! I even have a stuffed animal version 🙂
    Possums were the subject of a love song that my friends and I wrote last year. It’s called “I Love You More Than Possums”, and we have since been dubbed the “Possum Trotters” and “Roadkill Trio”! LOL!

  147. Ooops. Why wasn’t that under the roko vid?

  148. Mary (the first) says:

    What a riot! Thanks!!

  149. Or is it?

  150. brinnann says:

    Wholly Carp I nearly squeed myself at that link!

  151. Catsquatch says:

    Possums and Opossums are the same thing, same animal, just some people drop the O because we are lazy.
    “AN opossum” as opposed to “A possum”

  152. I come here to hide from reality 😀

  153. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG Pogo! I learned to read on Pogo. I love Pogo! Have probably all his books AND the LP to prove it! YAY

  154. Be careful that site wasn’t powered by Wikipedia, Jane.

  155. Mary (the first) says:

    I vote CUTE for babehs, semi-cute for adults, not always cute behavior (hissing, etc.) but that doesn’t mean they are not cute.

  156. Hear, hear!

  157. brinnann says:

    HA! I wish!

  158. brinnann says:

    Wikipedia** lists “opossums” as being in the Western Hemisphere, and “possums” as being in Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, China, and Sulawesi.

    ** (Yeah, I know, not the best research tool, but it’s easy to use.)

  159. It wasn’t Wikipedia (why did I know someone would think that? I almost felt I should do a disclaimer and I guess I should have.) – it was a rehabilitation site for wild animals and had very good information, however I wasn’t sure about the rules on posting links. Haven’t done that on this site yet.

  160. brinnann says:
  161. You are probably right about intending to be helpful. I was also trying to being helpful with info. but it wasn’t well received on this subject so I am stopping now. (Thanks for the pudding but I never liked it – even as a kid.)

  162. Me too, brinnann. Thanks for admitting it first!

    And I have to put in my vote for yea to possum cuteness. Or is it YAY to possum cuteness?

  163. Totally cute. Short-tails (STOs) are the cutest however. I used to have one, named “Posse”, he was the cutest thing and I could hand feed him.

  164. Scout C says:

    Agree on cuteness criteria: yes in photos, no when hissing at me and the dog in our own yard.

  165. brinnann says:

    Yea, I think.

    YAY would be this:

  166. brinnann says:

    Jello maybe? I’m sure we could substitute in a pinch. It still has excellent flinging opossabilities.

  167. ashagato says:

    omg yolanda, i am in LOVE w your doggie…so funny!

  168. Ours used to hang on the screen door and chandelier for fun. Woozle (that was her name) slept in a slipper, but she was happiest when she would crawl up into my ponytail and purr. Yes, opossums purr.
    SOOO CUTE as babies.

    Woozle was eventually reintroduced into the wild, and had a litter of baby opossums the next year.

  169. ashagato says:

    oh we had one of these guys living around our neighborhood last year.
    major traffic jams all the time! would peck at cops and cop cars trying to get them outta the way…unbelievable!

  170. Hear hear! Cute!

  171. ashagato says:

    the opossum society of the us — who knew?

  172. Fluffybutt says:

    I am biased but I think Aussie possums are cuter!

  173. Yes!!

  174. I think even the naysayers would find this one cute!

  175. Possums are CUTE. Opossums… not so much.

  176. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I’m with you Robin…sorry, but I think adult opossums are hideous

  177. Gah! Possums! I had some baby possum visitors the other night. At first they were just hanging out on my porch, but later they snuck in 😐

    I like to leave my door cracked open for the cats, but I think I’m gonna have to quit.

  178. Peppermint Mouse says:

    O’Possums? That’s hilarious! I should make a cartoon about some awesome possum named *hooman name here* O’Possum or something like that.

  179. Peppermint Mouse says:
  180. I vote cute.

  181. And colloquially, possums be Australian, opposums be Yank.

  182. Yes, but cat teefs are TAME and possum teefs are WILD!

  183. Cute! Cute! Cute!

  184. warrior rabbit says:

    She may have had tasty lotion on, too. I’ve got chocolate scented lotion on right now, and I smell delicious. (From Bunny Butt Apothecary — gratuitous plug. Why not, I’ve spent enough money there.)

    Also, I was told a story once about a bunny, a really mellow bunny and general bunny ambassador. A guest came for dinner who was afraid of animals. Much reassuring was done about the bunny and his mellowness; she wouldn’t even notice the bunny. And then the bunny went to town on her legs, licking her all over and freaking her out. She had used cocoa butter lotion.

    That’s what I was thinking of as I watched this. That perhaps she had used an aromatic lotion.

  185. warrior rabbit says:

    You’re a fan of “oscillating”? (Nyuk nyuk nyuk)

  186. warrior rabbit says:

    Sigh. I passed a dead possum in the road yesterday and wondered if I should check. But I didn’t have gloves… or time. Hope it was a fella!

  187. When I was 14, I saw a sight I will never forget. A possum was in the middle of the road, and not realizing it’s mate was dead (run over), it was risking it’s life in traffic to try and get it’s mate to come to the safety of the side of the road. It was sad, yet touching to see an animal acting more nobly toward it’s mate than many people. Every since that day, I’ve had a soft spot for possums in my heart. Hence, I vote in favor of possum cuteness. =)

  188. warrior rabbit says:

    I was parking my car at dusk the other day, and out of the corner of my eye spotted a little tufty baby possum strolling by the wall on my right, heading for the vegetation. I nearly squeed my pants. So cute!!! Then I saw there were two of them! I watched for a while. Looked just like the one in the top photo. Definitely adorbs. I totally vote cute as babies, not so cute as adults.

  189. warrior rabbit says:

    Hee hee! Cute.

  190. “Can possums be cute?”

    How dare you to even ask that!

    THEY ARE CUTE!!! I love their eyes and tiny hands.

    Here where I live people treat them like vermin and that makes my blood boils (I’ve seen/heard of some horrific things done to them — will not mention a particular episode because this is cuteoverload and just for a moment I want to believe these things don’t happen).

  191. Errr…I think the correct grammar is “how dare you even ask that”. My bad.

  192. January says:

    Squirrel says to possum and rat, “It’s all in the fluffy tail, you know.”

  193. Why is this even in question?! Big whiskers, silly expressions, and a disproportionate sized jaw to their bodies? Adorable! Just consult ‘Opossum eating strawberries’ for further evidence!

  194. Well, the possum in THAT photo is definitely cute, but you don’t wanna see the little demon possums around my house. They scream and hiss when they see people, and they always look like they narrowly escaped a frikkin’ grizzly bear attack. The one in the pic is REALLY cute, though.