Twice Upon a Time in a Land Far, Far Away

Many strange legends are told of the land down under, but none so strange as the story of the koala twins. You see, koala twins are rare. Rarer than a wombat in a billabong, Ugg boots in the Outback, lips on a platypus, a dingo in the old gum tree!

It all began when the Aussie hinterland heard an unfamiliar sound…

It was a sound like one never heard before. Had we known how deeply we would squee, we would’ve obeyed our first impulse and walked away with our hearts intact.

Fair dinkum to Chris H. for this incredible photo essay.

The heartwarming back story: “Hi, It is not common for a Koala to bear twins, and regrettably in this instance the Mum was struck and killed by a passing car. Fortunately, the driver stopped, and took the mother to the local vet – where it was discovered she had these twins in her pouch. It’s so nice to see a story that has a happy ending in these troubled times that we live in. Taking care of others is a great way to forget about our own problems and difficulties!”



  1. skippymom says:


  2. skippymom says:

    I’m being moderated for squeeing?
    That’s it, I’m heading for the lounge, and I’m taking the baby koalas with me.

  3. 260Oakley says:

    I would like to spend some koala-ity time with these babies. They are two much.

  4. Move over!

  5. ashagato says:

    they’re like real life teddy bears!

  6. ashagato says:

    or care-bears, as the HT may be 🙂

  7. Just saw the baby koala at the SF Zoo and learned that baby koalas have the power to turn rational adults into puddles of squee-filled idiots. Can’t even imagine the effect two babies would have on people.

  8. Wish we didn’t’ know the part about the Momma, but at least she can rest easy knowing her babies are being spoiled and loved.

    Who knew Koala bears were so freakin’ cute???

  9. Pictures don’t do their cuteness justice – @Decca knows… I do too…

  10. cuddly!

  11. Koalas should open a kissing booth.

  12. Those little guys are so sweet! Living teddy bears!

    Oh, you’ve got something on your nose… beep!

  13. This is so sweet. Especially the last photo 🙂

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    *snerk* in response to both puns from 2600

    Also: Bonus Pointage to M. le Pyrite for
    “Twice Upon a Time” (just that phrase, alone 🙂 )

  15. This is so sweet. Especially the last photo 🙂 Thanks for brightening up my day!

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    C’mon CO: “ResQte” Tag, fer sher!!!!1

  17. brinnann says:


  18. Great Aunt Kitty says:

    I once told someone they looked like a koala bear–and he was insulted! I’m puzzled to this day as to why. I can think of so many more insulting things to compare someone to!

  19. kodalai says:

    My students once compared me to a kangaroo. I’m still not sure why.

  20. (The Original) Mel says:

    I hereby appoint myself as Keeper of the Eucalyptus Dinners for said twins. I will not be thwarted!

  21. outamoney says:

    I’ve just lost my mind……there are no words for how cute these two are!

  22. I WANT A KOALA TO KISS !!!! *stomps feet*

  23. tracylee says:

    new spokesbears for the Doublemint Gum ads?
    (double the squeeing? double the pun?)

  24. wannadance says:

    i once compared my gorgeous child to a yak. she was angry and hurt. took me literally years to realize i meant llama, graceful, long neck, ancient murals of prehistoric goddesses, just gorgeous.

    by then she had grown up and had her own kids. i can just see me saying, ‘hey honey, remember when i called you a yak?

    hoo boy.

  25. Like a platypus or an ostrich, for example. I personally would like to look like a koala.

  26. Leilani says:

    Then comes the hard part: Letting them go back into the woild. WAAAAHHH!!!

  27. JacksonsGirl says:

    Its very sad that the momma died. :*( But at least the person did the right thing and took her to the Vet.

    Those two babies are so super cute! I want to go take care of them!

  28. earlybird1 says:


  29. I’ve always LOVED koalas!! Now I know why! So stinkin’ cute!

  30. mitzithecat says:

    especially the hypertext…kees me with your euca-leeps-us. kees me, you fool!

  31. (The Original) Mel says:

    Hey. Could have said Wildebeest. I’m just saying.

  32. skippymom says:

    I’m free at last! Now I can enjoy the weekend! Hallelujah!

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    Sad about the Mum but YAY to the driver who stopped and did the best possible in the circumstances and look at the behbehs as a result! YAY so sweet

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    Capital letters of any kind = timeout in the mod lounge. Sigh.

  35. Ali-baba says:

    Just add glitter 😉

  36. wannadance says:

    never knew that. thanks for telling. seems arbitrary…what do we use for emphasis, big time?

  37. wannadance says:

    pyrit: wanted to say how really lovely your last sentence is.

    Had we known how deeply we would squee, we would’ve obeyed our first impulse and walked away with our hearts intact.

    very touched by …’…walked away with our hearts intact.’

    thank you. to me, it begs the question ‘should we take a chance on love and pain for the sake of opening ourselves to reality?’

  38. A someone who’s father when she was a child once casually said something that hurt me deeply, I say it’s never to late. I never dared ask my father about it and now he’s gone.
    Hey either she’ll remember and be glad you explained or she won’t and you’ll have a good laugh about it.

  39. I wrote in all capitals and was not sent to the lounge. I think it certain words and words combinations.

  40. I would definitely answer yes to that question, otherwise why bother living.

  41. No, I think it’s if one has ever said anything remotely controversial.

    As for the babby koalas, the aw which can be awed no more! They are beyond precious.

  42. Funny how when the worst that can happen does happen (as it too often does), one asks that very same question.

  43. I second this notion!

  44. wannadance says:

    okay, here is a rather clinical question. they eat aromatic eucalyptus almost exclusiely, right? do the various secretions and excretions also small of eucalyptus or is it denatured by digestice enzymes? can anyone enlightehn me?

  45. My mom told me I looked like ET when I was born. Yes, ET the Extra Terrestrial. sigh

  46. I’m glad to see how well (and cute) these babies are doing considering the horrific way they came into this world. Thank you good Samaritan for stopping and lending a hand!

  47. Ruffian9 says:

    OMG OMG There is NO WAY those two top photos are the real thing. Just…I can’t… just no. *brain babbling*

    Cannot function in the face of the cute.

  48. Ruffian9 says:

    *howling with laughter like a big idiot*

  49. Martha in Washington says:

    *lines up with a pocket full of dollar bills*
    Me First!!

  50. I could cry! I’m a nurse and I feel the same way about taking care of others. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a baby koala in my life. And TWINS! ::faints::

  51. Such a plethora of BEEPABLE noses!

  52. bob drummond says:

    Dear Taryn, U R absolutely right about these little guys.
    They are adorable and the next time I see a tragedy on the side of the
    road I think I’ll stop and investigate and then call for back-up!
    Something like this would be too cute to keep to myself!

  53. bob drummond says:

    Make room will Ya? Keep the line moving!

  54. bob drummond says:

    My mother once said I look like a treasure.
    My dad replied ” yuo’re right. Lets go bury him!”

  55. StormCat42 says:

    Gigi, I totally agree! You never know, it may be a point of hurt that you can still make better by explaining! I find with my adult kids that occasionally we’ll come across something that was said as a child that hurt them unbeknownst to me… I realize how it sounded to them and explain what I really meant… It makes them feel much better, trust me… Give it shot, I bet she’ll laugh!!

  56. StormCat42 says:

    I think stories like these do a couple of things. 1) I think that it reaffirms for me that humans CAN be considerate and big-hearted… I personally lose the perspective from time to time reading the news… and 2) it makes me WANT to be a better person… I ask myself, “Would I have stopped and helped, or assumed the little critter was dead?”… And then I answer “NO, I would have, and WILL stop in a situation like this… I want to be a good person like the person in that story was and I want to do the right thing”…. So I think these stories need to be told… It affects in so many ways! (And I think they’re all good ways…)
    *hands soap box back to Mod Gods*

  57. ashagato says:

    thanks for pointing that out, wannadance. i missed it in the face of the qte!

  58. Lol, I love keesses on eucaleeptus leeps!

  59. Momof13cats says:

    Shouldn’t that be “squee at last?”

  60. Koala Bears are the main reason I would go to Australia.

  61. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    The best part of this story is the man who picked mom up and took her to a vet, just doing the right thing in so many ways. Thanks, mister.

  62. wannadance says:

    not a dearth, that’s fer shure…

  63. Hurrah for zookeepers and quilted fuzzy foster faux-pouches

  64. Kari C. says:

    This story reminds me that here in the U.S., it is that time of year to be on the same look out for opposum babies in pouches. If you travel down a road at least once a day, and notice an adult hit by the side of the road, and still “intact”, stop and check to see if it’s a female and look in the pouch. The babies can live 2-3 days after the mother has died. Just be sure to keep some gardening or rubber gloves in your glove compartment! 🙂

  65. Samantha M. says:

    Having been lucky enough to live near a wildlife park in Australia that let you pat their koalas (under supervision of course). I can say from experience yes their poop and pee smell like eucalyptus, also they seem to just have a eucalyptusy smell in general about them. As a side note they are too too cute face to face, really really soft and their noses are soft and nice to steal a kiss on when the ranger wasn’t looking. Also they have 2 thumbs.

  66. umm, I DEFINITELY KNEW! koalas have been my favorite animal since i can remember ❤

    these guys are making me wanna commit grand theft koala!

  67. bob drummond says:

    I must remember that. Keep gloves in the Glove Compartment. Very good idea!

  68. wannadance says:

    i love the pic where she is burping them at the same time and they are hollding on. baby people do that too…wouldn’t that feel good, to hold two burping bears?

    well, i think so…

  69. wannadance says:

    my sweet little granddaughter popped out of a c-section, head first yelling so loudly that the staff could not communicate. untill she began to talk and her communication frustration diminished, she screeced her little laryns out…sorry for spelling. actually i am almost blind, won’t be long…

    my cousin did the same thing. of course he was trying to read ‘ harrison’s textbook of mediciine’

    i had given it to him and was unjustly, i thought, of being a troublemaker…why, ah never, never, ah tell yew…

  70. wannadance says:

    most newborns do. or worse. my daughter looked like the missing link. grew up to be a traffic stopping beauty. got all the best qualties of everyone, thank the goddess.

  71. Wow! So interesting! They have to grow in to those big noses???! This is fascinating! Why don’t they spend more time showing stuff like this on the news?

  72. Wow! So interesting! They have to grow in to those big noses???! This is fascinating! Why don’t they spend more time showing stuff like this on the news?

  73. Queen of Dork says:

    *squeak, squeak, squeak. adjusts starched nurses hat and looks around in dismay* Hmmmmmmm. It’s much too quiet and dull in here. This Moderation Lounge needs some sprucing up. *Hangs disco ball. Turns on music, and….. DANCES!* (I hope this will embed)

  74. Queen of Dork says:

    (blush) Oops! he-he. I meant to put that AFTER skippymom’s comment. It would have made more sense then. he-he. *runs away*

  75. PYRIT?!!! Oh wow! just noticed you posted this! Have me scrolling all up and down the dang page wondering why all saw your name ;P ….I always thought you’d be purrfect for the job! Yay!