Invasion of the Doggy Snatchers

The doggy snatchers always wait until their victims are asleep. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s painless. It’s good. Come. Sleep.

Feel free to quake in terror, Michelle S.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY for “Sleppy” Tag Items!!!!

    (and curly furry animaux!!!!111!!!!)

  2. brinnann says:

    “Ma’am, I’m terribly sorry to have to break the news to you, but you have a parasitic growth on your abdomen. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do but try to suppress it. Noms and nuzzles should be sufficient, but if all else fails we may have to resort to extreme measures: We can bleen it off if necessary.”

  3. kodalai says:

    On the topic on “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers,” actually, there’s a song by Eisley called “Invasion” and it took me way too long to make the connection that it actually is in fact a song about that movie/story. Look it up on youtube, it’s a good song.

  4. (The Original) Mel says:

    I have a confession to make: I am a doggy snatcher! I enjoy long walks on the beach, dognapping, cuddles and puppy breath.

  5. Mom….you choking me…oh nevermind…zzzzzzzzz…

  6. tracylee says:

    oh man… I wanna nap there too!
    lemme just…
    there. soooo cozy!

  7. Malinki says:

    But MOOooooOOOOMMM!!! I don’t like peas!

  8. Peek-a-boo!

  9. They’re here already! You’re next! You’re next, You’re next…!

  10. Reminds me of the mutant leader in Total Recall.

  11. Quatto lives!

  12. um…did I spell that right?

  13. Dragonflye says:

    I think the back right hock would be my bed of choice as well.

    Broader coverage than the front right armpit, but with the added bonus of a warm belly on the underside.

  14. (The Original) Mel says:

    It’s “Kuato Lives.” I only know this because it’s written on the elevator door in the Dallas County Jail.

  15. jessica says:


  16. tracylee says:

    yep, thanks!

  17. Looks like a cinnamon doggy roll with a sweet puppy center. Yum!

  18. Dare we ask why you are acquainted with the interior of the Dallas County Jail?

  19. (The Original) Mel says:

    I’m a cop. I bring my prisoners there. 😉

  20. Jennifer says:

    I guess we’re assuming that prisoners know the correct spelling of “kuato”?

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    “bleen” it off, if ….


  22. Fird Birfle says:

    you & victoreia should be well-suited, altho’ I think that her critter-snatching idiom leans just slightly more toward the feline variety …

  23. CatViccer says:


  24. Lerrinus says:

    Best. Napping. Spot. Ever!!! 😆

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    *raises hand frantically to get Mr. Kotter’s attenshon*


    One of me proverbially knucklehaid Brudders was known,
    from earliest of days to Not. Like Peas.
    Since we are a military family and table manners were quite clearly in force, he took sly advantage and when Peas were Unavoidable, he laid the knife down in the proper angled posishe on the plate, under which, carefully in single file formation, each pea was set awaiting its turn at the kitchen sink.

    The End.

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    Mel, it’s only fair to warn you I’m beginning to get a “crush” on you.. a Texas cop .. yummy. Just sayin’.

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG I might have to take that back. Saw your photo. I’m thinking “Mel” is not short for, say, Melvin. So.. “nevermind”. 😀

  28. JacksonsGirl says:

    hee hee. My grandmother tells the funniest story about my mom and peas. When she was just 1, they gave her peas for the first time. She would eat one and then gag. Then eat another and gag. She kept eating them and gagging!

    I don’t think she would gag at that little cutie though!

  29. (The Original) Mel says:

    I dunno what photo you saw, but I’m a chick! It stands for Melissa, you badge bunny! Haha. I like boyz.

  30. I dunno…cute or creepy? Not sure.

  31. I don’t think it’s creepy. I think it’s cute.

  32. Oooo, a cute remake of the famous scene from Aliens. MUCH more adorable than the original.

  33. victoreia says:

    Well, I do have am slave to two cats, so…..

  34. Isn’t it awesome when you literally LOL? That what I just did 😀

  35. I bet that’s a nice warm spot!

  36. ashagato says:

    we used to drop them in our milk! works like a charm…

  37. ashagato says:

    i love this!

  38. LAINEY O says:

    Haha funny! I was thinking sticky bun with a raisin in the middle!

  39. Ali-baba says:

    Now THAT’S the kind of love handle I wouldn’t mind having! 🙂

  40. warrior rabbit says:

    Certainly a lot less messy!

  41. Puppy-filled dognut.

  42. LAINEY O says:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pup…LOL!

  43. fish eye no miko says:

    You have to admit, it’s a lot cuter getting infested with puppies than with fleas or ticks…

  44. Bowwow constrictor

  45. StormCat42 says:

    I gotta ask somfin… Was this the only Pup she had? *sad eyes* If it was, then I see why she was so curled around the wee one… Now, for the happier side of that thought, what a great spot!!! Makes me want to just lay down next to Goggie Mom and rub the wee one’s nose while listening to them snore!!

  46. Rachael says:

    Oh. My. Gah.

  47. Studio Hen says:

    good grief. what just happened here?

  48. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Bigger dog thinking, “Must keep the baby warm…must keep the baby warm…”

  49. earlybird1 says:

    Donut hole!

  50. The cirrrrcle of liiiiiiiife . . . .
    Happy post-Mother’s Day!

  51. Scout C says:

    And your Mom bought that??!! My mom made me drink the milk with the peas in it! Hubby used to hide broccoli under the seat cushions of the kitchen chairs. If our parents would have let us have dogs none of this would have happened.

  52. Mommy dog looks exactly like a beloved dog I had many, many years ago. sigh.

  53. thppppp 😛

  54. January says:

    I think this is one for the calendar! Sweet!

  55. Neopatra says:

    We call this “the cinnamon bun position.”

  56. hehe!

  57. Who wants to be the first one to pick the puppy up? haha!


  59. My bro would take his unwanted veggies like pills. He would cut them up really small and then wash them down with big gulps of milk. I don’t think a pea or green bean ever touched his teeth.

  60. That is the cutest pic EVER.
    Contentment & cuteness combined. Perfect.

  61. Chikster says:

    That is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute 😛

  62. brinnann says:

    Hey, it had been a while. I figured it was time to throw one in there. 😆

  63. Lerrinus says:

    *applause* Niiiiiice!!!! 😆

  64. Can anyone please please tell me what breed of dog the mommers is? She looks JUST like my Mollarina and we got her outside of Target and they said she was a full Lab. Lab, my hind foot, so we assumed she was a mutt so I never thought I see her exact doppelganger!

  65. M. Dale says:

    I tried that but my dad wouldn’t refill my milk so it only worked for the first few bites (not sure why he cared if I drank milk and ate my veggies at the same time!).

  66. pleroma says:

    Proof that dogs reproduce by budding

  67. is your dogs name jazmin lmao?

  68. Cynthia says:

    Hi I was wondering if you knew the breed of the larger dog or if it possibly came from Tennessee. My dog is a mixed breed and looks exactly like your dog, it’s unbelievable that they would look so much a like, even the markings. It looks like a little younger version of my dog.

  69. That’s what I want to know! My comment about my matching dog is a couple above yours. I’m in California, it would be amazing if a litter spread out over the whole country.

  70. Cynthia says:

    omg that’s crazy that would be so cool if they were all related even in some way. how old is your dog?

  71. She issss….. about 12. I think we got her in the late summer/fall of 99

  72. Cynthia says:

    I know we definitely got our dog in the summer of 98, she was about 3 months old, so we know she’s 13. Was your dog definitely a puppy when you got it? Or could it have been 98?