It’s The Wingston Trio!

Their music set toes a-tapping and touched a generation in that very special place. And now, for the very first time, Q-Tel Records is proud to present the timeless folk song stylings of The Wingston Trio!

You’ll hear all the classic hits: If I Had a Hamster • (My Feathers Are) Blowin’ in the Wind • Where Have All the Fowlers Gone •  and many more!

Peter G. writes: “Today I assisted with the banding of three peregrine falcon chicks (eyases) here in Providence, RI. I’m so honored that I get to be part of this annual event – my favorite day of the year.” See more action over at Providence Raptors!


  1. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Ode to NOMTOM – “Why do birds…suddenly appear….everytime…you are near?” “Just like me…they long to be…close to youuuuuuuu”

  2. There’s a mighty wind a-blowin’!

  3. NTMTOM, you never cease to amaze me!! The Kingston Trio??!! Ultra cuteness AND a trip down memory lane? Along with the funniest posts! You ROCK, Sir!

  4. Hahaha! “If I had a Hamster!” NOMTOM, you made my day. And the hovertext? Priceless.

    And the Wingston Trio ain’t bad, either.

  5. “Where have all the fowlers gone?”

    Long time passerine.

  6. ALSO: If you CALL NOW: The Bonus Shrieker Sessions! “Old Dan Stalker”; “Froggie went-a Courtin’– Right Down My Throat”; “Pay Me My Mousies Down”; “Oh Mary Don’t You Shriek”; “Keep Your Eyes on the Mice.”

  7. Aw dude, anything but Tom Dooley.

    I have four peregrine chicks on top of my office building in Atlanta. And yet neither the Atlanta Falcons or Hawks have sponsored the webcam. Instead we have a freakin’ garden club. So wrong.


    Also: “How Can I Keep from Squawking?”

  9. (The Original) Mel says:

    I really liked them until one of them started dating that red-tailed hawk. She totally broke up the band. Sigh.

  10. isn’t that……..CU-TEL records? geddit?

    nom nom

  11. TrixandSam says:

    Blowin in you and meeeee!

  12. Xtineebee says:

    Good Lord – a Kingston Trio shout out?? I have to salute that!

    Falcon jamboree took place in a Providence av-er-y… (oh yeah!)….

  13. Ali-baba says:

    *snerk & also, bwahaaa

  14. oh i’ve got a lovely bunch of caw-caw nuts!

  15. Oh I say back to back, belly to belleeeeeeeee! They don’t give a damn ’cause they got beaks already!

  16. rachthegoat says:

    I was just listening to Charlie on the MTA yesterday!
    Huge thumbs up for the Kingston Trio ref. : )

  17. Hey, anyone seen my autoharp? :mrgreen:

  18. You know, the one with the gut strings. Oh no, you guys! Look what you did to it. I can’t play that now!
    Well, I hope you guys enjoyed that. This is why we can’t have nice things!

  19. kodalai says:

    I laughed aloud at the hovertext. Well played.

  20. I’ve always thought baby falcons look like someone covered a bird in glue then rolled it around in cotton. Adorable cotton, of course.

  21. 260Oakley says:

    Yeah, they’re OK with that yolk music when they’re young, but wait ’til they get a little older and they’ll turn into a bunch of bad ass gansta rap-tors.

  22. 260Oakley says:

    Yeah, they’re OK with that yolk music when they’re young, but wait ’til they get a little older and they’ll turn into a bunch of bad ass gangsta rap-tors.

  23. 260Oakley says:

    Whoops, double dipping! Sharpy???

  24. tracylee says:

    Hawko Ono? What a harpy.

  25. Look up the definition of “so ugly it’s cute” in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of these guys. And if you look up “funny man” you’ll find a picture of NOMTOM.

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    Messrs. Stookey & Yarrow and Ms. Travers would certainly be proud of this post.

  27. April's NaNa says:

    Don’t worry,Oakley. Your puns are worth repeating, even the naughty ones! LOL 🙂

  28. tracylee says:

    “My Food Bowl is M-T-eh?”
    (MTA? get it? okay… that one’s kind of a stretch…)

  29. tracylee says:

    okay y’all, all puns aside…
    don’t they look like someone rolled ’em in Elmer’s Glue and stuck cotton balls on?

  30. bwahahahaha!

  31. Mm … Yes! They look like they’d make good packing material.

  32. 260Oakley says:

    I was surprised the Mod Machine let that one through… twice! 😉

  33. 260Oakley says:

    Pecking material?

  34. YAY! Baby peregrines! You should see them when they’re only a couple days old. They look like cotton balls with pink beaks, peeping for food and mommy’s warm body!

  35. Leilani says:

    So would the Kingston Trio.

  36. thanks for sharing my pictures, CO! you write the funniest things and i’m enjoying all the creative puns in the comments too.

  37. (The Original) Mel says:

    I found an autoharp in a second hand store the other day. I was sorely tempted to buy it!

  38. Brown Suga' says:

    NTMTOM, straight out of the ballpark with those hovertexts, sir!

  39. I have to admit that while I don’t understand all of the references, I still find the comments hilarious!

    The baby birds made me LOL. Just look at the faces!!

  40. As long as it’s all in order. 😛

  41. Peter – I just went and looked at some of your other pictures. They are awesome – the birds are beatiful and amazing! You are extremely talented – and generous enough to share them with the rest of the world!

  42. wannadance says:

    gasp, choko, snork…all the posts here are giving me bronchspasm….

    everytime i look at that trio, they remind me of people i know, but i swear i don’t remember who…


  43. wannadance says:

    so i listened to this. saw a michael jackson version. saw a little michael version. listened to all of them. got to a capella versions of a bunch of stuff. got to ‘i’ll be there’. cried and cried. he’s not here. then, straightening up what seems to be endless greiving for him, realized he had absolute pitch, faultless sense of tempo, every not right on. that cute little boy, cute sexy man.
    then i meaneded off into various versions of ‘just the way you look tonight’, a song my highschool love told me recently he always remembers about me. while everyone else had on floofy dresses, i had on a sleek black hepburnish sheath, a string of pearls, black stilettos andd a loving smile.

    nothing like the ‘net to bring down a party if you let it. feel like that kitten who urped all over the playing kittens…

    ROCKIN ROBIN, nomtom. i’ll wear white at our wedding…


  44. wannadance says:

    my cousin was very small when the mta was popular. she kept saying ‘why didn’t they just put a nickel in the sandwich…’ she’s still like this…and we are both in our late sixties…

  45. wannadance says:

    you mean the one i sat on … ? oh, no….

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    What if I call fifteen minutes from RIGHT NOW????? 😉

  47. wannadance says:

    for the win!!!

    as always…

  48. wannadance says:

    i know. i keep missing all the cotton ball references, am fascinated with looking down their prodigious throats. i was a respiratory therapist and i keep thinking …’hmmmm, i could drop an endotracheal tube down there easy.

    wouldn’t bother them. until they realized…’gawk gawk kaff kaff, awk’…just you wait, rt. revenge is ours.

    awwwww, their first words…

  49. wannadance says:

    i love your ID; do you drink it, looks like something requiring a website and an ‘800’ number!!!

  50. countessmara says:

    EPIC win, 260Oakley. You’re next on the list of books by CO. First, the Collected Works of NOMTOM, then Puns O’ Oakley. All this following publication of the Men of CO calendar.

  51. ESHPESHALLY the naughty ones!

  52. wannadance says:

    you get some eggs to sit on. no getting up till you get bitten by hungry cotton balls.


  53. wannadance says:

    pre order! i cain’t wait to see all theses guys in bathing speedos…oh, spare me, lord. take me then, after…

  54. Where has Hon Glad been lately?

  55. (The Original) Mel says:

    I’m beginning to suspect him of cheating on us with another blog.

  56. Bit on the tucchus.

  57. wannadance says:


  58. wannadance says:

    no reason to confine himself to just one, it’s a wonderful jungle out there. i think i’ll go one and get me about 5. life is shosrt, yall. so much shorter than you’d think…

  59. ajm1125 says:

    They banded the three Peregrine babies here in Cleveland this week. They have a webcam, and are located on the Terminal Tower. Very cute!

  60. Yoo hoo, Hon Glad, check in!

  61. warrior rabbit says:

    The Kingston Trio used to play at the Del Mar Fair every year when I was a little girl, and my parents would take us. My brother was nuts for the Kingston Trio, even though they pre-dated us by quite a bit. Fond memories!

  62. warrior rabbit says:

    heh, see phytoplanktonic above you… you’re sharing a brain wave!

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY Peregrine(s) and YAY baby boidies!!!!

  64. Fird Birfle says:

    “did she ever return, no she never returned,
    and her fate is still unlearned;
    she may ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston …”

  65. Fird Birfle says: