You See This Face?

This is the face of, “I would like to ask you a few questions regarding your whereabouts last night. Time to get up and follow me downtown.”

“The name’s Mally, I wear a badge.” Photo of Bassett Hound by Lisa T.



  1. Run for cover! Mally will find you, no matter what.

  2. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Dum – da – dum – dum…… dum – da – dum – dum – DUMMMMM

  3. “Sometimes you make me almost ashamed that you’re my human. What were you thinking?!?!”

  4. Why is every one of my comments, every single time, sent to modeation?

  5. Duh, “moderation”.

  6. tracylee says:

    I met a Basset this morning who speaks Portuguese! Or, rather, he only understands Portuguese. (not sure how much speaking he actually does)

  7. TrixandSam says:

    He might be saving his voice for when he has to translate for the second generation Portuguese water dog next door who can’t communicate with her grandmother.

  8. I told you not to use that shampoo. It’s made my face all droopy. That and I didn’t get much sleep last night.

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    Every time I see these dogs, the only word that comes to mind is “lugubrious”.

  10. victoreia says:

    Honest, officer, I’m innocent!

  11. bargles says:

    Nah, it’s more of a “sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff… huh?” face.

    At this point in the basset-human interaction, it’s best for the human to get out of the way.

  12. MamaMclain says:

    Gravity has set in on over-time.

  13. Sharpy says:

    hmmm… do you have a record of bad behaviour? do you associate with known CO offenders? have you now or have you ever been a member of a nuffer party?

  14. Malinki says:

    Just the cats, ma’am.

  15. I’d take an interrogation from that face anytime.

  16. One Eyed Daruma says:


  17. I agree, they always remind me of Lurch from the Adams Family

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ll follow you anywhere, Officer Mally.

  19. It was Monday, 8:43AM. It was hot in Los Angeles. We were working in Doggie Biscuits, Bunko Division when Cap’n Lambert brought us some bad news.

    “Joe, Bill?”
    “We just got word from Household Welfare.” *pauses for effect* “They’re all out of Beggin’ Strips.” *music sting, Joe and Bill exchange a concerned look*

    (By the way, the line was, “I *carry* a badge.”) 😛

  20. *snicker*

  21. Does anyone know why Basset hounds have such long ears?

  22. That’s how I’m feeling about my seasonal allergies right about now.

  23. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    **gives noisy kisses to the soft droopy ears**

    Ok, everyone, let’s sing along now:
    “Do your ears hang low..”

  24. saintstryfe says:

    A few weeks ago I was volunteering at a library event and I made the reference to this song, and the patron I was helping – 12 or so – had NO IDEA what it was.

    I felt old and I don’t even have a significant 401K yet. I hate my generation.

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    “You rang???” 😉

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    That’s “OCCifer”, to the likes of you, chum!! 🙂

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    Also also:
    “Gee, Officer Krupky….”

    [See West Side Story]

  28. The better to hear you with….

  29. bargles says:

    genetics. :p

  30. HUSH PUPPY !!!!!!
    According to the Westminster Kennel club dog show announcers the long ears are there to hold in (paraphrasing) the scent their following. At least that’s what I heard.
    I would check snopes on that one

  31. Malinki says:

    I think I read somewhere that it helps focus scent into thier nose.

    Or I might have been stoned and just made that up.

  32. Malinki says:

    Oh, wow, I might have actually been correct, then!

  33. Xtineebee says:

    Ah, a look I know well… and was at the receiving end of just this morning! I’m loving all the bassets around here lately! Yay!

  34. Tis true – the long ears are to trap scents as they go through the underbrush! But for pet bassets, it mostly just means they drag their ears in their food.