Double Trouble

I know we’re twins, but stop repeating everything I say!

Sparrow Darryl and his other brother Sparrow Darryl, brought to us by Ginette C.


  1. kibblenibble says:

    My brother used to do something similar to me. :-/

  2. Queen of Dork says:

    My older sister did this exact same thing to me when we were really little kids. Except that she told me to stick my tongue out (which I stupidly did) and then she picked up her raggedy Andy doll, held his hands with hers and “made him” squish the crap out of my tongue. Then when I cried and mom asked us what happened, she innocently said, “Andy did it.” Clever one, that big sis of mine. :) I still laugh when I think about that!

  3. haha big sisters are the worst! I was lucky enough to have a big brother who is 7 years my senior….I think I tortured him though!

  4. Looks like the avian version of a frequently occurring scene between my two sons: “You shut up!” “No, *you* shut up!”

  5. I think the shushed one is a girl. Different markings and all. Just saying :)
    And yeah, totally something my older brother would do to me. Along with the classic “why are you hitting yourself?”

  6. kibblenibble says:

    My brother did that, too! Along with the rope-burn arm thing.

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, looks like one is female and one is not, but they could still be twins. They’re both very pretty, anyway!

  8. TedMaulDisturbs says:

    The one on the left is a male, the right is female.

  9. Correct. The one being shushed is most certainly female and the other is male.

  10. That makes sense. Male birds are more flamboyant. Peahens are drab brown, peacocks are well…
    Anyway I see we have a few flying things being posted on CO recently. Can we add some bats to that please?

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Along with the ever popular “I’m not touching you.”

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    Mom, he’s BREATHING MY AIR!!!!!

  13. Muflemuflemufle.

  14. Actually this is a male House Sparrow shuting up a female House Sparrow. DOMESTIC ABUSE!
    Interesting capture though.

  15. Old

  16. … Yeller? Faithful? King Cole?

  17. jujube says:

    …Man and the Sea? Dan Tucker?

  18. MacDonald? Testament?

  19. Ironsides? School? Navy?

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    Man River?

  21. Ali-baba says:

    Bait & switch?

  22. Ali-baba says:

    Is new again?

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    …something new, something borrowed and something blue?

  24. warrior rabbit says:


    Though it’s true, I think we have seen this before.

  25. Pat Trenner says:

    Maybe you are remembering this classic?

  26. Itsme! says:

    I sometimes want to do that to the mirror, too! ***shoosh***

  27. Hey, whatever works!

  28. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Hearing Kevin James… “shut-y.”

  29. chanpon says:

    Shut yo’ mouth! What? I’m talking about Shaft!

  30. bagoguts says:

    The Brothers Daryl – what a blast from the past! lol

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    I know! I was, like, a Newhart fan! Awesome. (But where’s Larry?)

  32. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Taking the picture.

  33. bob drummond says:

    Everybody was Kung-fu fighting
    those birds were fast as lightning
    a little bit exciting
    they were Kung-fu fi-i-i-ting!
    circa 1971

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    Hush little baby, don’t say a word…

  35. If any one can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them peep now or forever hold their beak.

  36. snorglepup says:

    In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m thinking it’s mother with perpetually hungry child.

  37. Lillith says:

    Or a little one in the “why” stage.

  38. PattyP says:

    House Sparrows! Used to be known as “English Sparrows” years ago here in the U.S. Left is a male, right is a female. There are all over here, with nests in the eaves of the houses of both sides of me. I love to hear them sing, but it looks like this little guy has had enough!

  39. Shutuppa ya face!

  40. Guess it’s better than the canine method of engulfing the muzzle in one’s own.

  41. I would say that the male bird wants the baby to shut up!!!


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