It’s The Leashed You Can Do

Pup is all, “Look into this sweet face. Now why don’t we dispense with whole leash thing, OK?”

Hi Peeps. This is a personal message I want to share about pet safety, inspired by my own pup being attacked this week on our doorstep by a neighbor’s unleashed dog. Stay safe! Last, but not leashed, thank you, Adonis (Chihuahua) and Tracy B. (photographaire’)!



  1. TheIglets says:

    Oh no!! Is yer pup ok?

  2. Yes, let us know how your baby is!

  3. That road next to the pup would be enough of an argument for me. I don’t people and their unleased dogs. Even if I trusted my pup to behave and come home, I don’t trust the rest of hte world out there.

  4. What kind of teeny morsel is this?

  5. shanana says:

    Up with leashes! In the meantime, could someone possibly tell me about those shoes? Does anyone know who makes them?

  6. tesstricks says:

    Hope it wasn’t too serious, Pyrit.

  7. Hovertext provided by Sean Connery.

  8. Darling says:

    Agreed! I would love to know what type of dog this is. This just melted my heart! I ho[e your super cute pupper is okay!

  9. musicnote says:

    Oh, dear … I pray that your sweet baby is/will be OK! Please let us know …

  10. SoCalSis says:


  11. DillPig says:

    Poor wee doglet! Is your pup ok Pyrit? And how are you holding up? It’s extremely traumatic seeing your baby attacked 😦

    [And BTW, the doggie in the pic is ADORABUHLS!]

  12. Malinki says:

    In God we trust, all others pay cash. Love animals, but carry a gun just in case some hood rat gets loose.

  13. I hope Snowball is making a speedy recovery, Pyrit!!


  14. To those worried about my pup, thank you! It was quite a shock but she’s perking up. She has 2 sets of staples in one front leg, staples in her back leg and neck. She’s tolerating the cone of shame, relishing her meds in organic hot dog slices and hoping she’ll be cleared for take-off soon.

  15. *Mwah!*

  16. Oh, Py, so glad she’s okay and getting good treats. My dogs tell me the quality of the treat its hidden in is just as important as the actual medicine. Grrrr to those who do not properly restrain their dogs. We nearly had a similar situation last week, except that the dog who tried to attack us was not counting on Biggie Bigs being Honey Badger crazy.

  17. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, a girl with all those staples must be a centerfold! Wishing her a speedy recovery and granting her all my hot dog slices (blech).

  18. Jen-Jon says:

    So glad your pup is ok and well on the road to recovery. I totally echo your comments about people keeping dogs restrained. 2 unrestrained Rottweillers attacked me and my Little Pup that was in my arms and sadly he didn’t survive and I was treated in hospital. We need to keep our babies safe. Sorry to put a downer on the weekend :o(

  19. Vanilla says:

    A few years ago I was walking my Golden Retriever through a nice neighborhood when he was attacked by a black lab mix. The owner was standing right there saying “don’t worry that she’s loose, we have an invisible fence.” At which point the dog backed up, got a running start and ran right through it in the middle of the driveway. The police officer who responded said that he knew of a time when a dog sat near his invisible fence line for hours. Close enough to run down the battery without hurting himself. When the battery was dead he was free. Don’t trust those “fences.”

  20. HAW!

  21. PS: YTMND!

  22. Katrina says:

    OH, dear, I’m sending people and dogget hugs {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}, ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))), you can figure out which is which. Is there an action you can take against the dog owner or was it a stray? Wishing you and Snowball the very best. What are you giving yourself the treats in? Brownies, chocolate chip cookies – a lovely fluffy, savory quiche perhaps? K.

  23. Or should I shay “Morshel”?

  24. (The Original) Mel says:

    Poor little puppers. I hope she can at least carry extra treats in her cone.

  25. It is ALWAYS a good idea to leash your dog, whether they are the aggressor or the “victim.” It’s really the safest thing to do! I have a very large dog who is protective of me and sometimes aggressive with other dogs, no matter their size. When I walk her I use a harness and am careful to keep her on a short leash. Some of my neighbors let their little dogs run loose, and they will sometimes run up to greet my dog. Yikes! We haven’t had any major accidents but my dog has told the others to back off with clear intentions. Thanks for the leash-safety announcement!
    I hope your pup continues to recover! Sending love her way!

  26. My T-Two wants to say he sympathizes with Snowball having had wear the cone of shame himself and I hope she gets all better soon and doesn’t become too scared of other dogs because of this hooligan.

  27. OK wile my good wished are stuck in the mod lounge I can go back and look at the adorable Adonis. Boy oh boy! Does he ever fit that name!

  28. LOL! Redz, I have to ask, is Biggie Bigs a member of your nudist colony? 😉

  29. “must be a centerfold” – hee! Very funny!

  30. Yes, the neighbors who own the dog are taking responsibility. Yay.
    A lucky thing too, because from what I hear, too many times the owners do not.

  31. Our dog does that face whenever he wants something. Mind you, he also does it unintentionally most of the time too. He knows that looking cute will get him pretty much anything.

  32. Sharpy says:

    those batteries last a long, long time. months. i can’t imagine any dog able to withstand the allure of some unknown scent for more than 4 seconds. does anyone have time for a check? 😉

  33. My Gordon Setter used to do the same thing. Lie down right where the collar starts beeping and wear the battery down.
    Although, if it was a deer, he would bolt right on through.
    Bzzzt! “YELP!”

  34. The excuse is always “But they just want to play.”

    Yeah, well, what if your ill-mannered brute “just wants to play” with a frail 97-year-old lady with a walker? Huh????

    I don’t blame the dogs.

  35. Adonis is adorable. They tip their heads backwards so their ears will dribble down the back of their neck. It makes them look extra pathetic and scores them more treats. :mrgreen:

  36. Elizabeth says:

    aww, poor little puppy. As soon as I read the comments, I thought of this article which I read recently.

  37. smartyboots says:

    Seconded on the leash warning. My dog is always in my control but yesterday a neighbor’s dog got loose (as she occasionally does). The loose dog is generally sweet to other humans and dogs but she and my dog don’t like each other (both females of similar size and strength) and there was an ugly scene at my front door with a boxer on one side and a pit bull on the other. Fortunately I have a security door because I expect one of them would have broken through a regular screen door.

    Adonis is adorable, and I hope Snowball recovers quickly.

  38. Chris B. says:

    Glad to hear your pup is doing better. I have two small dogs and they are the lovesof my life. If they are outside, they are either in their well-fenced back yard or on a leash. My little Boomer can act aggressive towards other dogs and he is always leashed. My first dog Shadow learned the shock from the invisible fence only lasts a second and would just run through it. The biggest problem with invisible fences is while it may keep your dog in, it doesn’t keep other dogs or people out.

  39. Pyrit glad your puppy is doing better, poor little pup.

    Even well behaved dogs can attack when they are frightened , startled or confused. a leash is the safest way to keep your pet safe and feeling secure and protect your dog and other peoples dogs.

    There is a reason there is a leash law… size does not matter, little dogs can attack also. All dogs no matter the size should be leashed when traveling out in the world.

  40. And here I sit in Moderations.. and while I wait, the little puppy in the picture is very very cute. He needs a doggie biscuit.

  41. Some of our neighbor dogs come over and play-play-play. But this dog has not been socialised that way.

  42. Wow, I really am stuck in the moderation lounge, times two.

  43. JacksonsGirl says:

    Oh! CUTE puppy! I lovers him.

    In other words, I hope YOUR puppy is okay!

  44. flutterbye says:

    Pyrit, best wishes to you and your pup! Gaw…that must have been terrifying! Bless your heart for probably taking the brunt of the attack while trying to protect your bebeh.

    Does anybody have any ideas for getting a cat into a harness? My biggest problem is that I only have one functional hand and arm, so he’s got to stay in it for a while, but easy for me to remove for brushing and indoors. Thanx!

  45. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Hahaha! Puppeh’s all like,”Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, plea-” “ALRIGHT ALLREADY!!! I’LL TAKE THE LEASH OFF!!!” pyrit, I hope your doggeh’s okay!

  46. Poor innocent doggie! I’m so glad she’s going to be ok.

  47. Plus many times people turn them up so high that the dogs are really feeling pain. I had a friend whose dog was so traumatized by the fence that eventually he wouldn’t go out in the front yard at all!

  48. flutterbye says:

    That puppeh has the Puss in Boots look down pat!

  49. I’d like to second Kris’ comment that all dogs should be leashed. My 2 sighthounds are protective of me and any dog off lead approaching me & them makes them anxious. So many neighbors yell “It’s okay s/he is friendly” as their dog is running across the street to me. Well, mine aren’t. Plus, as sighthounds, little furry lunchables running around are very enticing. Once in a parking lot while I was getting my dogs in the car, a lady pulled into the next slot, opened her car door and four tiny cuties launched from her car straight towards my babies. I couldn’t believe that she let them out of the car off lead with unknown dogs around. I’m so grateful that I had a very good grip on the leashes.

    My babies are sweethearts but they have a very strong prey drive.

  50. He/she is the perfect-in-every-way, chubbtackular kind of morsel!

  51. Hope your lovebug is okay! My two dogs were attacked while we were on a walk by an enormous dog who raced literally across the street and down four houses just to pounce on my boys. No warning, no sniffing, just immediate attack. No owner in sight. A neighbor heard my screaming and had to come out of his house and tackle the dog just to get him off my dogs – he had picked up my little one in his mouth and was shaking him around by his neck at this point. I’m glad your attacker’s owner took responsibility. This dog’s owner paid the emergency vet bills but insisted his dog “wanted to play” and that other dogs “just did not understand his dog.” So, financially he owned up but otherwise, completely against realizing his dog is seriously aggressive.

  52. Honestly, I’m getting more of a Mommy, can you pick me up? The pavement’s hot on my paws vibe.

  53. warrior rabbit says:

    What a cutie patootie that little munchikin is! Sweet.

    Pyrit, glad your dawg is ok. Terribly frightening, I’m sure. Glad the owners are stepping up.

    Sadly, I’m related to one of the leashless idiots. My brother is convinced he’s a dog whisperer, and irritates us all by insisting his dogs are perfectly well-behaved and well-trained (which they are), and thus they go leashless everywhere. I keep waiting for something to happen, probably to them. The world is unpredictable, and I worry that it is the dogs, sadly, who will pay for his hubris.

  54. tracylee says:

    they look like pumas.

  55. I hear ya! I had to change our walkies route to avoid the German shepherd mix that took a dislike to my 13 year old, 30 lb sheltie mix. Very invisible fence. Very VISIBLE fangs. Of course, the poor thing was probably just jealous that other dogs *on leashes* could go up the sidewalk without being subjected to electroshock therapy!

  56. sit! roll over! play dead! run around like crazy because it’s spring!!!!

    okay, you can go out now.

  57. ((((( shivers ))))))

    i hate stories like that.

    let’s not have too many more stories like in this thread or i might be forced to let my evil twin moderator off his leash.

  58. invisible fence is great for smart dogs and good owners who train them. unfortunately, the “smarter” dog was the one from a few acres away. not only did he figured out how to make me pick up his dinner rolls, he also got my dogs to chase him back to his place. that dog is no good, i tell ya. he’s trouble.

  59. Snicker.

    Thank you! runs around cavoritng through the fields of flowers.

    ahhhh spring!!!

  60. musicnote says:

    Oh, thank goodness your precious furbaby is on the mend. Please give her a big ol’ healing snuggle from me. Thanks for letting us know.

  61. musicnote says:

    I’m so very, very sorry, Jen-Jon, that you had to suffer such a horrible loss … on top of your own physical injuries. I just can’t imagine having to endure such a tragedy. May God bless Little Pup at Rainbow Bridge …

  62. My problem is what do you do about other stray animals who can effectively corner your pup? How does an invisible fence protect them?

  63. Juniper Berry says:

    So so sad. Thats what happened to my Jack Russel, Jon. Two bigger dogs thought he was a small toy and played tug of war with him. I’ll not finish the story but not a happy ending. Hope your doggy is ok now. Its the owners, not the dogs that are the problem. Hugs to all xx

  64. Rachael says:

    All these stories are making me physically ill… but I appreciate hearing them anyway. I’m so sorry, Pyrit, that your wee one was injured and glad to hear she’s on the mend.

    Poor, poor hurt babies.

  65. kodalai says:

    I have this argument with my sister on occasion. Personally, I don’t think even the best trained and best behaved dogs should be running around leashless. If nothing else, it’s not fair to the people they approach — considering how many poor dog owners are out there who are convinced that *their* dog is a special little snowflake. How is the passing bystander supposed to know whether your dog is really a threat or not?

  66. Ugh. Sorry to hear about your pup. I walk my mother’s dogs from time to time and don’t leave the house without pepperspray in the other hand not holding the leash. I’d hate to have to spray a dog, but how else are you supposed to stop it if it’s attacking your leashed animal?
    I used to take her dogs and walk them around the nearby park at night, can’t even do that since some people take their dogs there and let them run loose (despite posted signs saying dogs must be leashed). I yelled at one guy whose dog was running all around me and my mother’s dogs, and he was all, “What? She’s friendly!”… his dog might be friendly, but what if mine weren’t? There are leash laws for a reason, and people need to follow them more. Grrrrr. Pet peeve of mine.

  67. HanksMom says:

    One day, while on a run, I came across 8 unleashed dogs. One of my fastest runs yet. Apparently, the first warm days of spring are open season for unleashed dogs. Who knew?

    I hope the med-laced treats give your pup a speedy recovery. Hugs.

  68. victoreia says:

    That reminds me of a guy with his puppy I saw the other day. On a busy main thoroughfare. Walking across the busy intersection (in the crosswalk). Into a major shopping mall. With no leash on the puppy. The puppy puppy, with puppy energy and curiosity.

    I was having some serious anxiety for Mr. Puppers, let me tell you.

  69. TrixandSam says:

    ditto. de gotta be pumas.

  70. TrixandSam says:

    I’ll chime in with this: Even when leashed, dogs will attack. My Mom’s little mixed breed was attacked by a rottie being handled by a young woman. The Rottie was on a leash but because she didn’t have the strength to restrain it, the Rottie was as good as off-leash. Thankfully little Sonia survived, but it cost the Rottie owners a heck of a lot of money in surgeries and vet bills.

    Please leash your dogs and make sure you can control them when on leash!!

  71. Yesh!

  72. Oh, poor baby! Glad she’s okay.

  73. I used to have a Chow Chow, and was very conscientious about keeping her on a leash at all times when we were out. We even crossed to the other side of the street so that we wouldn’t be on the same side as the condos. Unfortunately, the other folks in the condos didn’t feel the need to keep their feisty little dogs on leashes, and they would regularly run up to Sasha and get her riled up. On more than one occasion, I freaked out and gave people a piece of my mind because I was afraid of a dogfight. And sadly, if there would have been a bad outcome, my dog would have taken the blame. 😦

  74. DillPig says:

    That’s just awful Jen-Jon. I can only send lots of psychic hugs to you and psychic snorgles to your poor pup in heaven.The dear little soul will be there for you when the time comes for you to join him.

  75. I am very sorry to hear of the hurt doggies! Speedy healing!
    But dog owners, I have a question– what do I do at a park when someone has their dogs off leash? I was nearly attacked a couple days ago, and the guy was a total you-know-what. I never know what to do when dog people are being jerks about leashes. (I don’t hate doggies– I’m horribly allergic, and I have a toddler to protect.) Any guidance or suggestions are much appreciated! 🙂

  76. I had the problem when walking my cat (yes, he walk in leash, or at least he used to, climbing on my shoulder when he was tired). Every time I saw a dog coming, I took Valium in my arms ans under my jacket so the dog won’t start jumping him. Valium is so sociable he love dogs and play nice with them, but I’m always wary of unknow dogs.
    One day, an unleashed german shepherd came too fast for me to take Valium and lounge directly for him, teeth first, I barely had time to pull on my cat’s harness.
    It was the only time I ever hit an animal, I swear. A slap on the head and a ‘NON VILAIN CHIEN’ later, the dog was running away to his master. Valium, bless his sweet soul, tried to go after him to play. I love this cat, but sometimes, he is not quite finished.

  77. kimbunny says:

    Can we please, pLeAsE have a COXCU on that anerable puppeh face?

  78. furbabymama says:

    I recommend a jacket harness that closes with velcro (yes, it holds well). I have a Mynwood one for my Cornish Rex. Regular harnesses wouldn’t fit him because of his slender neck and long body. It’s very secure, but easy to put on and take off.

  79. Cutest puppy ever. WANT.

  80. warrior rabbit says:

    “I love this cat, but sometimes, he is not quite finished.”

    I luff eet! Ha ha. Maybe Valium (interesting name) is just an eternal optimist/believer in others’ good natures.

  81. Nah, he ‘s just a big dumb plushie with the size and weight of a young tiger. Big, sweet, but not that bright, he’s got attacked by a sparrow once.
    The sparrow won.

  82. Jenjen says:

    You know when animal lovers tut-tut that they don’t trust anyone that animals don’t like? That would be me they’re talking about. Dogs especially do not like me. Numerous times I’ve had friends scratching their heads “huh, he usually likes everyone…” when their allegedly sweet-natured pup growls and lunges at me. I’ve been bitten by dogs that “never” bite. So yeah, when I see someone coming my way with an unleashed dog, I cross the street. I’ve had owners actually yell at me in reproach “he’s not going to hurt you!” How do I know that from a block away?

  83. That happened to me often enough while walking my LEASHED dog that I bought a cannister of pepper spray made specifically for that purpose. I hate the idea of inflicting pain on any animal, but when it comes to protecting my baby (and myself), all bets are off.

  84. Sharpy says:

    that’s a very good idea, actually.

  85. I just had to echo the sentiments here. We adopted a large border collie mix from the DDFL and for whatever reason (we don’t know her history) she fears other dogs so they warned us that she had to be an “only child”. Every time someone’s dog wanders around without a leash, our hearts are in our throats.
    Our dog will start acting tough to warn the dog away and we just pray that this strange dog doesn’t take it as a cue to fight. We once had some woman stand there yelling ‘it’s okay! It’s okay!’ even as our dog lowered her head and growled at her off-leash dog.

  86. Now that’s terrible. These owners don’t take into account that some people could be terribly allergic to dogs or be justifiably afraid of them.

  87. Brown Suga' says:

    So glad your puppeh is ok, Py!

  88. Tracy B. says:

    I was waiting for a crosswalk light to change on a busy downtown Los Angeles street at about 5 pm (a nice cool early evening) when Adonis and her owner walked up. She was a youngish Asian woman and he was a 2-month old Chihuahua-something mix. (Don’t know if you can see in the picture but his eyes are blue.) I squeed like crazy over his fat little puppeh belleh and chubbular feets. He was a little unsure about my trying to pet him and after a bit he moved back a little and sat and looked up at her for guidance – it was like “When in doubt, look at Mom.” The two went off to walk through the pretty garden outside the Grand Central Library, with him toddling along in a very random pattern that said this whole leash walking thing – indeed this whole *walking* thing – was very new to him.

  89. musicnote says:

    Hi, Pyrit, just wondering how your little pup is doing? Been a little while since I first inquired. Certainly hope she’s mending very well. Sending a doggie smoochie her way …