Simon’s Cat Gets Out-Simoned…


You’ll lof the ending. [Head tilt]

Thanks for bringing this new episode of Simon Tolfield’s stellar work to our atten-shons Melinda M.!



  1. not up to his previous standards… But still cute!

  2. Amazingly cute, but isn’t less than a week a little soon for an Encore?

  3. Wait, wasn’t this just on here? Deja vu! (Not that I’m complaining)

  4. no dejavu…

  5. That is the cutest Simon´s Cat episode so far! 🙂

  6. Thats not just a bunny, its the son of Bugs Bunny! lol

  7. BatBlaster says:

    You posted this cuteness already (not that that makes it less cute)

  8. Love the trickiness at the bush! And you know, the music just makes me so happeh.

  9. WendyPinNJ says:

    Yep, you posted this just the other day. The reason I know this is because my kids breathlessly await every new Simon’s Cat installment, and I made sure they saw it as soon as I found it here!

    It’s all right. I lose track of stuff a lot of the time too. And I doubt you lack for new material to post because I’ve sent you a bunch of pictures and video of my incredibly adorable foster kittens over the last week or so. 😉

  10. I’m so glad to see I’m not losing my mind. Well, I guess that is still up for debate but I’m right about having seen this here quite recently.

  11. crystalrabbit7 says:

    Apparently both times it was Meg too =P Still, definitely no complaints – my significant other doesn’t even like cats (not his fault, he’s highly allergic to them) and he loved this video*!

    *We both love bunnies, so I guess that overruled the cat (-:3

  12. I think some of these new mini toons are taken from the new Simon’s Cat book. I love this one with the cheeky rabbit 🙂

  13. shmoopie poopie says:

    Simon is a softy! I knew it!
    I show these episodes to my students in my classroom as a treat for good behavior. It’s pretty funny to see the oh-so cynical and cool 8th grade boys laugh and “aww.” over this particular episode.

  14. I love this. As someone with both a kitty & a bunny, it’s really not far from my reality. Bunbun lets the cat chase him, and he likes to cuddle with kitteh, who ‘lets’ him.

  15. joyjoyinhouston says:

    It reminds me of when my cat caught a young rabbit. They played until the cat got tired then the rabbit returned to the woods.

  16. that exact same thing happened with my puppy yesterday! the best part is that her name is bunny. the real bunny was not amused.

  17. It’s kinda like this one…

  18. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    What?! Why is this episode on here again? Wasn’t it just here about a week ago?

  19. cute!

  20. ashagato says:

    my firstborn kitty is asha (hence my nickname) but i’ve always called her bunny…or some variation thereof….
    – ashabunny
    – ashabun
    – shabunbun
    – shaboo
    – shabootie
    – shaboosh
    – shabooshka
    to the latest: or shabooshkibun

    it’s an evolution!

  21. Oh my! this is toooo cute! I don’t understand how something this simple in black and white can be so entertaining.
    Love the bunneh btw!