Ooh, Hello Sugah!

Welcome to mah bood-wah, honey child! Do pah-don me fuh just a moment while ah glide into somethin’ a little more comfortabuhls…

That sugar glider flying squirrel should open up a kissing booth, Miriam S.



  1. Hammie has pink lips!!!! Ded!!!!

  2. 2nd!

    I like the influx of sugah glider pixz 🙂

  3. Peek-a-BOOP!

  4. Hovertext = awesome

  5. Lewis n' Clark says:

    “wah donchew comawn up and see me some tahm, hon chile……”

  6. 1. BEEP!
    2. SMOOCH!

  7. like Mae West, she is clearly a woman of very few words, but lots of action!
    *eyebrow waggle*

  8. I’m reasonably certain that’s a flying squirrel.

  9. Mae West didn’t have that southern accent! Brooklyn was her home town. 😉

  10. What no leeps-hance?

  11. her leetle mouf is going: oooh!

  12. PS: MWAH!

  13. The Tallulah Bankhead of sugar gliders!

  14. I think she’s playing coy. But who could resist those leeps? And the mouf?

  15. Homer mariner says:

    I always picture the scene from Blazing Saddles “Wet me swip into thomething mo comfotable…” I wonder if sugar gliders would have lisps…

  16. victoreia says:

    *snicker* *guffaw* 😆

    (takes deep breath) And, BEEP!

  17. tracylee says:

    potato, potahto

  18. Fird Birfle says:

    Got enny cheddar cheese to go wit’ dat? 🙂

  19. Colonel Jenna says:

    It’s Little Miss Kissy Lips!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    This is one of the most CO things in a plethora of very CO-y things in a long time!

  21. skippymom says:

    Did you know her, Theresa?

  22. TrixandSam says:

    Look at those ears and those teensy-tinsy paws!

    Does anyone else ever feel like Teh Qte is so cute that it hurts? It’s almost a “I can’t breathe!” feeling but with a longing ache and “i gotta have it repeatedly” addictiveness.

  23. sunnylessmum says:

    There is some very cute juxtaposishe goin’ on in this pic! The purple plush and black bow with the wittle pawsies and clawsies and the “o” shape of the mouf of a sugar glider or flying squirrel! And the the text! This one slayed me, thank you NOMTOM!

  24. I would totally visit its kissing booth. Early and often.

  25. This is making me think of a photo I have of my Maggie kitten, in which she is striking a very “cheesecake” pose, one paw across her midriff, one paw supporting her head. I really need to submit this. I already have it in a frame at my desk at work so it can cheer me when I’m confronted by the daily demons of stupidity that one encounters working in medical billing…

  26. I agree – enhance please!

  27. Lewis n' Clark says:


  28. make that “the daily demons of stupidity that one encounters working in [insert job title here]…

  29. Clearly she just had her super luxurious whiskers “done”.

  30. Yes, leeps-hance. If possible, also, could you design a sofa based on them?

  31. Sour cream!

  32. She was one of the youngsters . . . 😛

  33. Sit down, wewax, and woosen your buwwets. :mrgreen:

  34. I think Cute Overload should sponsor a nationwide 12-step program.

  35. Awww, poor little squirrel just woke up.

  36. ;-P *wink*

  37. You’re right’ it is most certainly a fly’in squirrel, honey child (:-}

  38. Oh.I’m just a lil’ lost fa wuds wite now, honey child.Thanks sooooooo much NTMTOM! By the way what does “Coy” mean?PLIZZZ TELL ME! I’m the “new kid” (:-}

  39. Coy: artfully or affectedly shy; slyly hesitant; coquettish.

    Basically, Cocoa is being flirty but not TOO flirty, as in, “Honey child, if I looks at you coyly and bats my wittle whiskers, would you be so kind as to give me an acorn?”

  40. claudia c says:

    She’s got Betty Davis eyes!

    Boop! and Smooch!

  41. where is the extreme close up of that cute face?

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh.

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    O NO

  44. mamabear says:

    The leeps! They form a perfect oooh! I want to kees them!

  45. Make that “the daily demons of stupidity that one encounters working.” :mrgreen:

  46. Yeah, well, sometimes “Equal Opportunity Employer” really means “You won’t believe WHO we’ll hire here!” 😀

  47. I just posted that about the bebeh kitteh: it’s so cute it hurts….seriously feels like a pain in my heart.

  48. Thanks for tellin me, honey child! (;-]