“Pop-up blocked.”

Block those slow loading, disturbing, crazy little flash ads that pop-up on your desk top!
“To see this pop-up or additional options click here…”

It was probably loaded with cookies, Jacqueline.



  1. I’m not the biggest fan of the little guys, but OMG!!! The little feet waving in the air, all “help-me” style, and the little short breaths from exertion—My head truly exploded from teh cute!!!

  2. There’s a Richard Gere joke hiding in there somewhere, but I’m going to just leave it alone.

  3. The feets, the feets!!!!

  4. I would much rather see pop-up hammy-tocks than some of the things I’ve gotten on my screen!

  5. MATTHEW KING says:

    I found that disturbing

  6. Guinea Peeg Lover says:


  7. What happened next! Did its head escape too?

  8. ZombieKim says:

    I’m having flashbacks to John Hurt’s famous scene in “Alien” . . .

  9. Hands up who wants to grab that teeny tailio and save heeeem!

  10. ElishaB. says:

    To quote Elizabeth Swan in POTC when Commodore Norrington proposed……”I can’t breathe”……swoon, faint, over the edge with splash in the water.

    Poor baby hammie…..

  11. He’s stuck! Quick get the Jig-A-Loo.

  12. Hmm, where have I read that before?

  13. I know, for a minute, I even felt kinda bad for blocked pop-up ads too…

  14. Help…I’ve fallen into a ham pile and I can’t get out…

  15. What the heck is this? I find it “disturbing” also. Did someone save it or just watch it die?

  16. Watched it die, of course. It’s a strange phenomenom with hamsters, called Thermal Wobulation. They get into piles like that in order to conserve heat, as their instincts rightly tell them so. However, we humans like to put them in our own environments, which negates the need for such bundling up. The poor hamsters, however, don’t know this and follow their instincts. In the midst of this is the other hamster phenomenomnomnom known as Comasleep. If everyone else is that fast asleep, someone may get trapped, and eventually succumb to the Thermal Wobulation. There is a device that is made to alert people to this condition, it’s called a eMeter, and you can get one from the friendly folks at Scientology. Just ask them, they’re nice people you should meet.

    (nobody’s falling for this, are they?)

  17. It’s like a pile of stuffed toys in one of those grabber machine games. The claawwww!

  18. brinnann says:

    Would you really want to get out?

  19. TrixandSam says:

    It’s a leetle hammie trying to back its way out of a pile of hammies sleeping together, hence the title, Pop Up Blocked.

    Question: why do you think it died or that someone would even let it? Not judging, just curious why you went there.

  20. Camivette says:

    At first I thought it looked adorable and then leetle legs go weee!! But then I felt extremely frustrated for the little guy.

  21. Never mind that, get the Jaws of Life!

  22. The flailing feetsies….the exhausted breathing….adorable.

    (btw, the bebeh hammie probably started to extract itself from the pile and then changed its mind and started nursing)

  23. Alice Shortcake says:

    I half expected to see a mechanical claw operated by a Cute Overloader descend from above and rescue the mini-ham.

    Well, it works with stuffed toys!

  24. Birth certificate?


  25. Your birth certificate?


  26. She probably thinks it died because its head was buried under several bodies, which normally results in suffocation

  27. michelle adams says:

    I too was worried that he might have suffocated. It did NOT look comfortable.

  28. There’s always a lot of pushing, shoving, and getting stuck and slept upon in litters of little mammals. I’m sure this little hammie is just fine.

  29. I wanted to see baby hammie get rescued though. All that panting! It was sad to watch.

  30. Though if baby hammie IS nursing and not panting from the exertion, then I guess no rescue needed.

  31. Me, too. I only hope that he/she was trying to get more comfortable and succeeded.

  32. sunnylessmum says:

    Can a bebeh brutah get a bref heah?

  33. Little Larry survived, so I don’t see why Hammie Harry wouldn’t.


  34. *grumble grumble stupid embedding grumble*

  35. 👿 Stupid embedding. 😡

  36. what twisted mind thought this of as cute? wtf!?

  37. Er, mine? because if you have ever observed small critters living in a group, they are constantly piled on top of one another, squirming around for prime snorgleage and/or snoozing space. Little hamster dude is just fine, adorable wriggly feets and all.

  38. Why do people always assume the worst? Seriously. Little fuzzbutt is fine.

  39. EXACTLY! yay for little nubbular tailio.

  40. Major eeeehhhhhnnnn!

  41. WendyPinNJ says:

    OMG! ROTFLMAO! That totally caught me off guard.

  42. Those moments get even crazier with litters of, oh 8-12 peepers! Sometimes ya see more butts-up than heads. It’s also funny cuz they are still learning to balance and their feets fail them at times!

  43. Peanut's mama says:

    This vid is thisclose to being in the CUTE OR SAD category. FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS SOMEONE HELP HIM!

  44. Peanut's mama says:


  45. I had a lot of litters of bunnies and hammies (well not me personally but my pets) and that is perfectly normal behavior. If you take them out from under the pile of their brother and sister, they scrim right back in the moment you let them go.

  46. I never comment, but this just totally made my day! 😀

  47. i myself regularly suffer from Thermal Wobulation.

  48. For anyone who’s never kept/bred hamsters before: this is *absolutely* what the babies *ought* to be doing. Because they’re tiny with underdeveloped floof, they stay in the big hampile (not a scientific term but really should be) to stay warm and be close to the food source. Like all rodents their lungs are super-efficient for their size, and as hamsters originated in desert conditions, they never ‘pant’. This little bug isn’t trying to get out; he’s manouvering his way into a feed, which he obviously does successfully. (The vibrating footsomeness on the right in the last few seconds of the film is what baby hamsters – and other rodents – do when they’re suckling, and it’s exactly the same as kittens kneading.) He almost certainly doesn’t want to be “rescued” in the middle of dinner any more than I do.


  49. Lewis n' Clark says:

    little hammie tocks – perfect Easter dinner!

  50. I felt it was a scathing commentary of the human condition, an existential observation of the futility of all endeavor. Plus it was too funny!

  51. StormCat42 says:

    I was watching with curiosity and worrying about the wee leetle guy, until that right foot starting waving about at 300 WPS (waves per second), then I couldn’t help but laugh out loud!!!

    Hey, that reminds me of the wee little Hammikins that was enjoying his broccoli!!! Anyone got that video tucked away somewhere? That was a great one too!!! *wave wave wave*

  52. LOL are they nursing from the mama??

  53. Indeed. In fact, just yesterday I was thouroughly Thermally Wobulated by an evil comforter with designs on smothering me!!!

  54. 😀 Of course not.!

  55. Oh thanks gosh someone explained Thermal Wobbulation in terms the layman can understand!!

  56. My birth ceritificate?

    ♪ ♫Broccoliiiiiiiiiiiii! Broccolaaaaaaaaaah! ♪ ♫

  58. Originally, the thermal wobulator was an invented part of a jump drive in Traveller. Someone wanted more detail when a misjump happened, and the guy running the game invented the broken part.

    Yes, I R GEEK, in BIG capital letters.

  59. Yep. Note the momma hammy against the glass to the left.

  60. janet2buns says:

    It’s actually a competition to see who can be the hammie/bunny at the bottom. It’s more cosy and there’s less chance of being picked off by a predator.

  61. “Underdeveloped floof” should also be a scientific term 😉

  62. I agree. Hamlet: “Let me out of this crowd! Let me out! Let me… oh, LUNCH!!!” End of struggle. Bottoms up!

  63. victoreia says:

    No kidding!

  64. I was gonna post a comment on how uncomfortable the little one looked. But after I read the comments, I re-watched it and yes, it looks like he has a change of heart half-way through and decides he much rather stay there and go for the milks. Cuz, no , it’s not panting, it’s definitely drinking. His feet go still, that’s how you can tell 🙂

  65. My rats form these massive rat piles where I swear one has to be suffocating but nope, all is fine in their cozy rodent pile.

  66. To me, it looked like the li’l critter had an itch attack and couldn’t scritch it!
    Eeesh, hate it when that happens.
    Then, the itch went away.

  67. Fird Birfle says:

    The bun’s birth certificate???

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    Existentialist Baby Hams 101!! 🙂

  69. This is why I visit this site every morning before work. I just saw a tiny Hammy’s stubby tail–then his foot wiggled. That’s enough to brighten anyone’s morning.

  70. Colonel Jenna says:

    I just figured it out — Mommy Hamster is sleeping more-or-less in a headstand, with her rear in the air and a wad of little hammies underneath. That’s her face in the lower left corner and her rear foot hanging around little hammie’s flailing feetsies. I’ve seen some hysterical things in the rodent nursery but this one is a prize winner.

  71. wannadance says:

    i find that very disturbing, esp. since i had no idea what it/they was/were. i became frightened. i became slightly ill. then i got it: hamsters, but dammit, it’s still disturbing…can’t look again…

  72. wannadance says:

    ah, shoot. i was thinking of the great love scenes, not many of them, but i do love me sn ugly tortured looking man. 1984, great flic

    when my granddaughter was delivered by C section, she stuck her haid out first and screeched so loud that none of the staff could hear each other. she was called alien until she screeched ‘i am not an alien; i am a human being’ articulate little movie freak…

  73. wannadance says:

    for the win!!!

  74. wannadance says:

    oh, lawdy, me too. a little estrogen helps…

  75. wannadance says:

    i sure hope so…

  76. wannadance says:

    my thanks to all the hammie afficianados/adas for a clear view of what is happening. i want from fearful unknowing to awwwww, look how cure a little nursing baby is. and mom’s foot is sort of patting baby and mom never wakes up but is positioned so she can feel where each one is.

    that little baby hind end with the waving feets and the tailio and surely a shapely set of tocks, just great.

    knowledge is all….

  77. wannadance says:

    i thouight it was a pile of awful X files unmentionable life forms about which scully always says ‘we’ve got to identify them. at the rate they are growing, they’ll take over the world….’ i was thinking ‘blurp’…

  78. wannadance says:

    gigi, that is so funny. childbirth would be so much easier if we could have 15 teenies instead of one big honking kid…