Twisted Tails

The farmer sat in his empty barn,
All alone one early morn,
Worriedly twisting a few straws of hay,
Wondering how he would last the day.

The fairy seeing his distress
Asked if he would like one wish.
The farmer thought while the hay still bending
And wished for a supply of goats never ending.

The fairy has a maa-maa-maa-gic touch, D. ByronPatterson.


  1. love all the spring goat pix.
    the stampede was terrific!
    and the one of them sproinging a couple years back.

  2. tracylee says:

    sorry, pyrit, I don’t mean to laugh… but to my weird brain, the poem’s a little close to “here I sit all brokenhearted”

    cute goaties, though!

  3. Glad to read you har-har dee har-ded!

  4. well that’s better than the alternative ;)

  5. Awwwwwwww! The shweet little goatie-pile!

  6. That’s like a caprine penrose staircase.

  7. TrixandSam says:

    escher like you’re comment!

  8. Hon Glad says:

    Is there such a thing as the black goat of the family?

  9. Yes, silly, he’s right there at the top.

  10. baby birdie says:


  11. 260Oakley says:

    Goatmer Pile re-run. In black and white, of course.

  12. SHA-ZAYAM!

  13. Wow that takes me back!

  14. Well, gooo-ooooolly!

  15. doomchild says:

    Does anyone else suddenly feel warm, snuggly and safe?
    I mean just _look_ at them! A lil goat trifecta! Hmm.. That has to be the religious symbol of some fanatic (yet probably very happy and snuggly) group somewhere.

  16. Maybe, such as your basic Celtic knot for instance…

  17. doomchild says:

    Where are there goats in the celtic trifecta?

  18. PS Mention of a good fairy always reminds me of Little Bunny Foo Foo.

  19. In between dying of cuteness, I keep glancing at the yellow spot, lol.

  20. Me, too! Did someone have an accident?

  21. looks like iodine.

  22. Do they ‘fix’ goats I wonder? That could be why if they swabbed the area first.

  23. What a happy little poem to go with the snuggly photo, Pyrit.

  24. I’ve always wanted a Fairy Goatmother.

  25. “with a ‘weave’ of her wand”?

    Are those goats woven? ;-)

    Cute goats. So sweet and snuggly.

  26. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Lookit the kee-yoot leetle goatie pile!

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    THAT is EXACTLY what I would wish for! There are NEVER enough goats!

    And, from now on, whenever I look at my collection of Celtic knot jewelry I will always think of knots of goats!! Thanks for that!

  28. Is the yellow spot Betadine? Do people spay & neuter goats I wonder??

  29. briarrose says:

    I think it’s iodine on the umbilical cord

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    They do indeed. Both my pet goats had been “altered”.

  31. It’s kind of a must with the boys, if they’re not to be bred. Otherwise, they get VERY smelly, and rather RUDE. :mrgreen:

  32. Oh REALLY?? Moderated for caprine sex ed?

  33. Hence the saying,’Dirty Old Goat’

  34. April's NaNa says:

    They look so brand new ..maybe it’s on the umbilical cord stump? Is that part of goat midwifery? IDK..

  35. Aerowynn says:

    Those lambs are making a Lambda! It’s a tri-Lamb in here! What is this, Revenge of the Herds?

    (I seriously can’t wait to see what’s being cooked up for Omega Moo.)

  36. Bwaaaaaahahahaha!

  37. snobby little girl: Daddy I want a goat.daddy:: But darling you’ve got nearly everyone you wanted for you’re birthday, Justin b. The J. brothers and even Hannah Mo-(girl): but I don’t want them anymore so tell the police they can just have their little J bros and the other-ones too!I just want a GOAT!! I like this pic…


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