Go Fetch Yourself!

Damning proof that this blog is going downhill: Actual uncensored video of a dog playing with itself. (Not safe for work; parental discretion advised)

Yet another quality foraged link by Ant.



  1. ashagato says:


  2. CUTE DOG, but ugh, the guys are jerks. A dog that can entertain himself is not stupid.

  3. ashagato says:

    not just entertain himself, but the two guys and all of us, too! pretty talented if you ask me…

  4. You’re not kidding .. watch two hicks ignoring their dog isn’t cute at all.

  5. Can we capture the energy generated by the madly wagging tail? Gotta be worth something.

  6. “So stupid…” Seriously? You two hillbillies are the only stupid things I saw in this video. LOVE that doggie!

  7. dogsleder says:

    Let’s find out where these a##holes live and go steal the sweet tail-waggin’ pup. Or at least take him to a bark park and actually play fetch with him for awhile.

  8. It’s like Sisyphus, only fun!

  9. “Just call me Sisyphus.”

  10. D’oh!

  11. I would like to see that dog’s owner give him just a bit of encouragement . . . he needs praise or a pat on the head or to have his ears ruffled. If my dog brought a ball to me and wagged his tail, I would at least give him a “Good boooooooy!” in my best animal goo-gooing voice.

    Anyway, the dog is precious.

  12. like!

    although i believe the gods laugh at dog’s poor retrieving skills, but sisyphus knows exactly what he is doing.

    he laughs at them.

  13. You guys are way oversensitive. I affectionately call my dog stupid all the time. Do you think it’s going to hurt his feelings?

    It is amazing, the things people will whine about!

  14. not stupid, patient,hoping he will have a playmate.making lemon aide out of the situation,that how dogs roll!

  15. Guinea Peeg Lover says:


  16. I agree; the guys are stupid jerks and the dog is cute, smart and resourceful. It’s a crying shame he doesn’t get any affection or interaction from those two bu**heads. I think an animal slowly dies inside when she/he isn’t shown encouragement and affection. I hope that whoever owns the poor doggeh is a better class of person than the two idiots on this film. 😦

  17. These guys saw it as the dog was too dumb to realize that when he dropped the ball it would roll away. I saw it as the dog was just having fun and being playful for love and attention. At least he can get one of those from these jackasses.

    This actually seems like a really great way to teach your dog to place the ball in your hand when he fetches it.

  18. Madame X says:

    How can those two yahoos just stand there and ignore that sweet goggie?!?!!! Can’t they see he wants to play? Throw him the ball already!!!

  19. But would you call your kids stupid in an affectionate way Sam? Or what about if someone called you stupid all the time, but in an affectionate way, is that ok?

  20. Thats just mean….throw the ball for the dog.

  21. I used to have a terrier who played fetch by himself. He would drop his ball down the basement stairs, run down, catch it, and run back up to start all over again.

    We played with him too, and the more the ball bounced the better he liked it.

  22. astropunkin says:

    I call my kittehs stupid but only when they really do something stupid. Like run into or fall off of things. That dog was trying to put the ball at their feet so they would throw it but those jerks were standing on a hill. Poor puppeh!!! He’s so adorables how can you not throw the ball ONCE?!

  23. Please ignore that early morning gust of wind that just went by.
    That was just me being being whisked off to the snickering lounge before I got to the
    video in this post.

  24. I agree with Sam. People are way too sensative. To Valliea: Of course you wouldn’t call your children stupid! Why? Possibly because they can understand what the word means while a dog, well, doesn’t? Everyone is making snap judgements on a minute and a half of video of two guys outside with laughing at the antics of their very happy looking dog. Lighten up, nuffers, and don’t tell me you haven’t laughed at the silly things your pets do.

  25. oh my gosh, he’s a dog, he doesn’t know english

  26. I think this pupper is quite smart if you ask me:)

  27. I’m with you, Sam. I call my smart pup stupid sometimes too, but she’s listening more to my tone of voice. Besides, I know what they’re doing–playing with the dog (you don’t know how long they’ve been out there, friends), waiting for the dog to drop the ball (with the more play-oriented retrieving breeds, it can be a must!), and getting a kick out of the fact that he keeps dropping it at the beginning of an incline instead of on a flat surface or leaning against something (my pup usually figures it out eventually, and THAT’s when I tell her good girl… when she figures it out! And if she gives up, I redirect and reward with something else that’s fun).

    And trust me–I’m a massive dog lover.

    Go ahead now, nuff away. I’ll keep my distance. 😉

  28. yup

  29. I had a dog who wanted to play a lot more than anyone else, so she learned to step on her tennis balls just right to make them fling out from under her paws by the pressure. Then she’d chase ’em! I have one now who throws her own chew stick so she can pounce on it. She lifts it up, tosses it with a toss of her head, and runs and pounces, and chews a bit. It’s nice when a dog learns these things and gives the human a break. I got her good this time, though. I got her a puppy. He keeps her going!

  30. I call my dog the same or worse, too – and then I pet the little bugger and throw his ball (or rope coil, as the case may be). Which makes, I think, the difference between doing it affectionately – and being a giant tool like the guys in the video who can’t be bothered to interact and play with their pet. But your mileage may vary.

  31. cellarmouse says:

    tha pup is a man whisperer … with amazing patience and an uncanny ability to understand the way men think, he will teach them to throw the ball … in fact, i have it on good authority that they started tossing as soon as the camera turned off …

  32. Galileo Dog experiments with gravity.

  33. What a clever dog!!!!

  34. tracylee says:

    “what if I was Romeo in a black collar? what if I was Sisyphus, it’s no myth… maybe he’s just looking for… someone to play with”

  35. I used to have a dog who would do this with a flight of stairs. I’d sit on the top step, and she’d bring the ball almost all the way to the top before dropping it and having it bounce down. If I managed to grab the ball and throw it, she’d look at me like “what’d you do that for?” and meander off after it at her own pace. It was kind of like when kids want to show off, but don’t want anyone else to play with them. Like my Betty Boop, just because this dog’s playing fetch by herself, doesn’t mean that she wants human involvement.

    And I heard a “good girl” in there, and some praise–but it’s also understandable that they’re calling her names. Based on her body shape, and the man’s mode of dress, she’s probably a working dog or a hunting dog. (she looks pointer-ish to me). It’s good that she’s smart enough to figure out how to play by herself, but she also needs to know when to stop, if she’s going to be effective when working in the field.

    I also feel like I need to point out the obvious. She’s well fed and groomed, and is affectionate toward the man in the camo jacket. She’s well taken care of. Just because he’s not bending down to throw the ball for her doesn’t mean she’s abused. Lighten up, people! Do you play with your dog/cat/child every time he or she begs to?

  36. I agree that the guys are jerks, no doubting that, but you still have to remember it’s a dog. As in, not human.

  37. Yes.

  38. “Stupid, untrainable hooman. You’re supposed to take the ball and throw it! Guess we’ll have to go to obedience classes now.”

  39. Love the crazy wagging tail! WAG WAG WAG.

  40. Wow, people. One minute and 31 seconds of video, and everyone somehow knows that these guys *never* play with their (clean, happy, healthy) dog and that they’re mean and abusive.

    And hicks and hillbillies? Where does that come from?

    Go google “Patrick the Miracle Dog,” and then come back and tell us how evil these guys are.

  41. Hahahahahahaha!

  42. entropy's bitch says:

    Dog is doing the equivalent of playing with his toes, he’s using all his pupster energy, and the guys (who are clearly going to use him to hunt {let’s not go there} are letting him learn “uphill”.
    IDK, dogs drool. But he’s having fun, and can’t we all admire that?
    Plus, given my niece’s smart German Short Hair who apparently will learn ANYTHING if shown once, to the household/sofa/bedding detriment…give me a dumb dog any day.

    Dumb Dora

    Dumb Dora was so dumb…….

  43. Still funny….

  44. flutterby says:

    Obvy he’s happy just entertaining himself! Says ‘bah’ to hoomans, I’ll do it myself! What a Mr. McSmartypants!

  45. smart dog – lazy humans, and stupid to think anyone would think they were funny.

  46. Those guys are a-holes.

  47. Serenity says:

    I don’t know why everyone is so down on calling the dog stupid. I think I call my dogs retarded at least once a day. Its out of love but never mean. Its like when you call your friend a moron after they run into a poll while texting or what not, all in good fun.

  48. I agree!! That is one smart dog…

  49. my thought exactly!

  50. what a beautiful, sweet dog!!! what lame rednecks.

  51. I saw the video and was going to comment on the smug and immature comments of the owners, only to find you all got there first. Well done.

  52. Martha in Washington says:

    Just wait till that pup learns to drive their truck and can go to Walmart to get his own damn food using their credit cards! Then who’ll be the stupid ones! So there!

  53. Self-fetching game: engineer’s edition.

  54. I have a chihuahua who’s blind in one eye. When we’re in the park, she often does things that might make her look stupid, if you didn’t know about the eye. The last thing I’d ever do is film her looking stupid and post it on the internet. She has her dignity and it must be preserved.

    Poor fetchie goggie with stupid, smart alecky humans.

  55. I think that doggie is both cute and smart! If my dog could play fetch with herself, it would make my arm a lot less sore from throwing all the time! XD

    They better be nice to that dog. She figured out that things round things roll downhill. That’s smart!

  56. That’s so adorable! And clever!

  57. what a beautiful, sweet dog. what a couple of a-hole rednecks.

  58. hey, i saw a perfect way to exercise a dog without jostling my teacup!

  59. nah. i never call call animals stupid. even goggies who whip around to see who made that *foof* sound. even turkeys.

  60. I’m sure that the pup’s owners play with him/her too, but sometimes you just find your dog doing the darndest things when you leave him/her alone for 30 minutes….

  61. Our uphill neighbor’s dog is so smart, if we throw the ball (uphill) for her, she will catch it, and then drop it and let it roll back down the hill to us, rather than go to the trouble of bringing it all the way back.

  62. then how come i have to spell “o-u-t-s-i-d-e?”

  63. I know, the dog’s clearly trying to entice others into playing with him. I want to give it a hug.

  64. *sigh.*

  65. Seriously, you shouldn’t treat your dog like your child. Jesus.

  66. Amen. At least, please don’t feed your pup every time he/she begs you to ;___; seems that some people haven’t even learned this concept.

  67. Yeah, I don’t understand why use of “hicks” and “hillbillies” isn’t being handled by mods. They’re basically slurs.

  68. It’s upsetting to me to see the terms a*hole, redneck, hillbilly, etc, thrown about so cavalierly. You’re calling these men jerks and behaving crassly in response. Good job, well done. I’ll never understand how people can on the one hand swoon over cute animals and then on the other fling about such stupid comments.

  69. So, is the dog saying, “What the fetch? Ahhh, fetch it!” ;-D

  70. Yeesh. I’m with Niki on this. My brother-in-law has the friendliest dog I’ve ever met. He’s a great dog in a lot of ways, but also dumb as a stump. We all say so, too.

    As for the guys in the video, I don’t think they’re being jerks or tools or what-have-you. The dog keeps dropping the ball so it rolls away from them! half the time, if one of them tried to pick it up, they’d probably knock heads with the dog. Might as well record the insanity and wait to see if the dog tires of chasing that ball. (They could be out there all night.)

  71. Love it! 😛

    The dog is obviously way smarter than the owners.. they really think he is trying to bring him the ball so they can throw it, when really he is just entertaining himself until they finally give in and throw it for him!

  72. Perpetual Dog

  73. Copperbat says:

    I didn’t think these guys were jerks at all. I got the impression they were just being “guys” in front of each other. If they had commented on how cute the dog was, half of you would probably call them different names. At least they’re spending time with the dog who is obviously well cared for, not chained to a tree/tractor tire, not left outside in a filthy yard or dog run to rot.

    I do see some jerks here, but they’re not the guys in the video.


    There is nothing about that dog that says mistreated to me. High-strung? Yes. And honestly, it seemed to me up until the last 30 seconds of the video, the pup was PERFECTLY content to chase the ball without his hooman’s interaction. The ball was moving, right? So what is the problem?

  75. Katherine says:

    Mean guys. They should throw the ball for the dog. They’re just standing there!

  76. buggycas says:

    ok, can we stop with the redneck/hick slurs? this video is about the happy dog, not the crass but likely caring owners. second, before you berate them, look at the background. the pup is likely an indoor pet, judging from what can be seen, tone of voice indicates they’re using ‘stupid’ to mean ‘silly’ crass but not cruel, and they’re giving her ‘good girl’s in the exact same tone of voice. if it didn’t keep falling they’d likely throw it for her, so get off them! that said, sweet puppy, I want a hill so my german shepherd mix can do that.

  77. Don’t don’t understand words. I can’t read a book to my dog and have him tell me who did it. They put together words with patterns of actions. You say sit, push their butt on the ground. After anywhere from 1 to 5 billion times doing that they’ll do the action on their own when you say sit. They don’t know what outside is. They just know when you say that word they get to go potty. If you start spelling it, they will put that together as those sounds mean they get to go potty. I have gone from saying ‘out’ to spelling it, to adding other words with it, to spelling out sentences. We are now on ‘tou the god?’ when I ask if he’s been out yet.

    If this dog wasn’t having a good time it would stop. It was amusing itself and while it was dropping the ball at the feet of the men, if it really wanted them to throw it, the dog would have given up after the first couple times that ploy failed. I just wish my kids could have amused themselves so easily when they were toddler age.

  78. Wow, what a mass of judgmental people. I have a brittany, very similar dog to this one, and although we don’t have a hill, we have a pool. He has never been a dog to enjoy fetch, but loves “his” pool. Often times if let out while we’re out there, he’ll take his pool ball and drop it in and then get in the pool to go after it. If we try to join in the fun, he only lets us have the ball if he really wants us to. Some dogs are just really independent. Our dog acts like your typical independent cat and our cat is the one who gets upset if you don’t play fetch with him. Animals are weird and you cant tell anything from a <2min video.

  79. CrazyDogLady says:

    “Stupid”? Not throwing the ball? I don’t like it.

    Calling names like redneck and hillbilly because of a camo jacket? I don’t like it.

    Looks like a little more compassion could go a long way on both sides.

  80. Right? The commenters are willing to judge the guys watching their dog do an adorable thing and assume A) they’re neglectful and B) they’re “hicks.” How is that any better than affectionately calling your dog stupid? I can’t count the number of times I’ve grabbed my dog after she runs into a window and kissed her head saying, “Awwww, you’re a little idiot.”

  81. Having spent time with a working-breed dog, I’d honestly have to say that the guys are the smart ones here. They’ve found a situation where the dog is tiring HERSELF out!! (or himself, either way.) Do you have any idea how valuable a resource that is?

    The dog is obviously having tons of fun. Just look at that tail wag. She’s a happy pup. I’d say she’s enjoying playing while in the company of her people and having their attention even if they are not actively throwing the toy.

  82. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    Yeah, just because you own a camo coat doesn’t make you a hick or a hillbilly. That’s the most offensive part of this post to me.

    Crazy Wienerdog lady that owns several pieces of Camo thank you very much 🙂

  83. baby birdie says:

    Watch your mouf!

  84. baby birdie says:

    Who doesn’t like Greek myths?

  85. I LOVE this video!!

  86. WOW! I wouldn’t touch this post with a 10 and a half foot pole!

  87. I can’t believe how LONG that went on!! Although I’m kind of jealous of a dog that can entertain itself… sometimes I don’t WANT to throw the ball…

    And to everyone who nuffs on the calling of the dog stupid you should hear the ridiculous things I call my cats hahahaha

  88. I don’t think the dog meant to entertain himself. I think he was trying to drop the ball in front of them but it kept rolling down. It was pretty funny.

  89. sometimes I can’t handle reading the comments on here. It scares me how many people think animals should be treated like humans. Animals deserved to be taken care of and happy but a dog or cat is NOT a kid. You can call your dog stupid all the time as long as you use the right tone of voice. And you can watch your dog and not throw the ball if you want sometimes. You pet does not deserved every second of your attention. They would be spoiled and probably unhappy because your not being their alpha. Everyone needs to grow up and learn about animal behavior.

  90. Yes! We had a poodle that would wear out our two throwing arms, then drop the ball down the steps, and toss the ball over his shoulder mutiplle times as he was carrying it to the top again. He wore out his balls, literally wore holes in them.
    Good memories.

  91. bobsyeruncle says:

    Because your dog associates the word ‘outside’ with a concept he actually understands. When you call a dog stupid, it has no way of linking the word with the underlying concept, and if you’re saying it in an affectionate way, all the dog understands is the affection in the tone of voice. Honestly, the nuffers in this place KILL me.

  92. But I would never call a friend a moron, just like I would never call my dog “stupid”. Respect is a big part of love. I just wouldn’t talk to someone/something I love that way.

  93. AMAZING!

  94. For the record, the above Emily is not the one from comment #2 (me). I still think the guys are being unkind, and that if you love someone, you treat him/her with respect. Sorry, but calling someone “stupid”, no matter how affectionately, has nothing to do with love.

    On the other hand, I don’t think dogs are children, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting a dog entertain himself. This one seems happy. I just think this happy dog is wasted on these guys.

    And I am feeling sorry for all of the pets out there being called “stupid” in a sweet voice. Not nice.

  95. Yikes ._. Full of overly judgmental nuffers in here.

  96. stupie polls says:

    Yah, ronning entoo thoz polls is bad! Colling thingz “reatard” and “moron” is good!


  97. emilly, it’s okay. you don’t have to be scared. if you can’t handle the opinions, maybe you shouldn’t swing yours around, either.

    let’s all just get down off these high horses, okay? i think it was goldilocks who had it right: the one in the middle was juuuuuuust right.

  98. i’m going to pretend you said the last sentence in a charles nelson reilly or paul lynde tone of voice.

  99. isn’t it ironic that your comment was held in moderation? it’s the infinite vortex of nuffers nuffing the nuffers!

  100. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I’ve never run into a poll in my life — not even when it was Galluping right by. Now, I have walked into a pole (telephone, not North), and I once walked into a Pole, but he was very sweet and forgiving and said something to me with lots and lots of consonants.

    Oh, and, what Emily said.

  101. if the dog was just having fun, why call it stupid? i was laughing today when my dog grabbed a 10-foot long branch and started running around in circles. i don’t know why he did it and he looked ridiculous, and i was laughing at him, but he wasn’t stupid, he was just being a goofball. i have a hard time calling people stupid, too. unless they’re stupid. but they can’t hear me in the tv, anyways, right?

  102. kibblenibble says:


  103. Are y'all crazy? says:

    LOL my thoughts exactly! It’s not as if he understands the words! I call my cat lots of things and she couldn’t care less. She hears the tone of voice when the words are “you’re worthless!” to mean “I’ll still pay the vet bills out of my own pocket!” and “you goofball!” as “I love you anyway!” Sheesh, people.

  104. What a darling dog. He just wants to get the guy to throw the ball for him, or give him some attention. How pathetic these two goons are – just heartless and self-impressed – with no obvious reason for self-impression. I find that type of man so unattractive. I wish someone with a heart would take that dog from them.

  105. Martha in Washington says:

    Can’t we all just get along?!

  106. What about your own high horse in your earlier post saying that you would never call your animals stupid?
    How come you’re moderating one person’s opinion instead of the dozens of people using ‘hick’ and ‘rednecks’ as a slur?

    I think unfortunately, you have an opinion on the matter and its making you a less than impartial mod right now.

  107. What???!!! Who died & made you Queen of the Should’s??


  108. Your comment made me laugh out loud. Very wiity.

  109. My German Shorthaired Pointer will bring me her tennis ball, but drops it on the steps in front of me, so it rolls down the steps into the yard. THEN, she does the same thing over again. I don’t get chance to reach the ball because she is so fast. Finally when she gets tired enough, she’ll slow down and actually give me the ball rather than throw it at me!

  110. To some saying someone is acting stupid is saying they are acting like a goofball. (To use your term) Terminology changes with different age groups.

    Dog is having a good time and that should be all that matters. It’s groomed, well fed, clearly loves it’s humans. I just think the outrage over a single word, when a dog is cared for, is silly. I save my outrage for animals that aren’t taken care of. Example, my ferret Smudge who was a rescue, who had sores on his feet from standing in a cage caked in feces and urine. He also has weak rear limbs because he suffered, at some point before we took him in, a back injury that was never tended too. Or Swiper, another ferret we rescued, who was on the verge of a heat stroke from being in a hot car in the summer for most of a day, who’s growth is stunted from poor nutrition and who was so skinny you could see the ridges of her spine and the outline of her skull. That’s worth outrage. Not someone calling an animal, in a teasing voice, stupid.

  111. Amanda Hilliard says:

    I love this site, but It would be a lot more enjoyable without the nuffers. I seriously doubt that the posters would put up something truly worth fussing about.

  112. Luvfurbabies says:

    Stupid??? The humans are stupid!! The dog is trying to tell them to THROW THE BALL!!! And they’re just standing there laughing and insulting the poor dogs intelligence…..UGH… HUMANS!!!

  113. hrhqueencat says:

    ahemmm, call me picky or a nuffer, but that’s ok as I know that the wording
    ” … uncensored video of a dog playing with itself” is grammatically incorrect & conjures up immodest visions;

    cute doggie, tho

  114. “sheeshers!”

  115. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    I agree. If anything I’d say they’re ignorant kids….just wearing camo doesn’t make you an asshole, hillbilly, redneck, hick 🙂

  116. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    I agree. That’s how guys can be sometime. And they look like kids at that.

  117. i said WE should get off our high horses and that included me!

    sometimes i toss in my own ideas because i’m a human. i’m a person who moderates comments not for their opinions, but for their civility. i wish i had caught the ‘hick’ and ‘redneck’ comments, but i was at a birthday party. a birthday party held–and this is a true story–in a chicken coop. what could be more hillbilly than that?!

    if i didn’t make the right calls, i’m sorry. my heart was in the right place and i didn’t mean to offend and hope i didn’t create an atmosphere that encouraged offense.

  118. Really? Calling a friend a moron or an idiot as a joke is disrespectful and shows a lack of love? Do you even have friends?

    I call my boyfriend and my friends stupid things all day. They do it back to me. My co-workers have a long list of insulting names we call each other. When you’re friends with someone, you’re allowed to make a joke.

    And dog owners are allowed to call their dog whatever they want. The dog doesn’t care.

  119. My aunt’s dog (sadly now dead), a completely ungraceful terrier, was called any name under the sun. We called her The Hoover, Fatty, Greedypants, you name it. She loved her owners passionately – probably because they never forgot she was a dog and treated her in an appropriate manner.

    When you see disturbed or aggressive dogs, it’s often because their owners treat them as their babies.

  120. okay, let’s keep this outrage down to a dull roar, shall we?

  121. It was a minute & a half, NOT all day! I didn’t get the impression that the dog was mistreated, or should be taken away from obviously loving owners!! Note the tail wagging, etc.!!!

  122. I’ve seen this video so many times and I still love it!

  123. (A different) Claire says:

    Thank you for this. Having an accent and owning a camo coat doesn’t mean a person is an idiot, which is what they are using the terms hick and hillbilly to mean. People are getting so upset about calling a dog stupid, but look how they are treating two men they don’t know anything about. I think we should strive to treat our fellow man at least as well as our animals.

  124. that’s a point that totally got lost in the kerfuffle, thank you!

  125. Its the two moronic humans who don’t get it. The poor dog is trying to get them
    to pick up the ball and throw it for him. But they’d rather watch him trying to deal with the slope they are standing on. I shudder to think these two are probably going to have children one day. Jerks laughing at a hassled dog are not funny.

  126. Me too! Such jerks!

  127. FancyNancy says:

    I had a pit-shepherd mix that used to play with herself, even though she had a boxer brother and us to play with. She’d pick up a toy and toss her head throwing it across the room, chase after it, and throw again it over and over.

  128. Re: “‘Stupid’ has nothing to do with love”, etc.: Some people (including myself and many of my family and friends) forge and reinforce our bonds of affection by playfully calling each other names. Please don’t be so arrogant as to assume that you know what “love” should mean for everyone.

    Having said that, I did start to feel a bit bad for this pup, who so obviously wanted the guys to pick up the ball and throw it just once!

  129. *To the tune of the song*

    Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends?

  130. I agree – the dog wasn’t entertaining itself – it was trying to get one of those guys to throw the ball. It was just being patient and bringing it back each time they didn’t get it. The dog even tried to lay it by their feet. It just takes too long to train your human…

  131. Your dog is better than you.

  132. I’m sure the dog calls those humans MUCH worse things than “stupid” and we just don’t understand it.

  133. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Elsa: YUP. REALLY.

    Calling ANYONE a moron or an idiot is disrespectful and is not done in love.
    Have you ever been told that a relative of yours, through no choices of his/ her own is medically what used to be termed “an idiot”?

    If you choose to try to claim that you love anything that you would reference by one of those words, then your intention is that others must accept your verbal insults, in order to be part of your wonderful existence.

    Hopefully one day you will recognize that no single person’s character is so inestimably groovy as to be superior to everyone else’s and that to act or to speak condescendingly to others is a choice made from deeply-founded suspicious, sarcastic, caustic, messy things in your personality.

    I hope one day your life improves.
    Believe it or not, I truly do hope so.

  134. Some people’s friendships/relations are just more relaxed than others I guess. I don’t understand why so many here feel the need the be condescending just because they don’t understand or don’t agree.

    I call the people/animals/things I love stupid all the time, but at least I’m nothing but polite to strangers.