THIS JUST IN: Tickled Penguin

This little penguin is a Little Penguin, or Kororā in Māori, and he seems to be just tickled by all the attention he’s getting. (And if you close your eyes, it sounds like the world’s strangest car being started.)

Update: Thanks to Sparklette and Barbarella for new video link.
Update 2: Thanks to sender-inner Lucy!
Update 3, 3/17/2013: Even newer video link!



  1. Buh. Buh Guh? Guh Buh Guh?
    Welp. Cute Overload finally killed me. That’s both the cutest and weirdest thing ever.

  2. Aw. Aw aw aw.

    Is it bad that I wiggled my feet in utter squee at this?

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Is the little penguin making both the high-pitched and the low pitched noises? This is very interesting. The little tail wiggle at the end was my favorite part!

    *Lines up for her turn to tickle the penguin*

  4. Is this cute or terrifying? I can’t decide…

  5. You too, eh?!

    I would never get anything done if my office had a tiny penguin in it.

  6. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’m so glad you said it, ’cause I couldn’t have found the right words. Loved it!

  7. Ali-baba says:

    THAT WAS AWESOME ! Wait, my office doesn’t have a penguin…. No fair! 😉

  8. I SAW Little Penguins in Australia (Phillips Island to be exact)! I saw a WHOLE FLOCK of wee cuteness! They are scorchingly cute!

  9. Need more penguin!

  10. It sounds like the penquin is SQUEE-ING in excitement! That, along with the wiggling and circling and wing flapping is sooo fantastic.

  11. Lookit this lucky dude up to his ankles in Little Penguins– or Fairy Penguins as they’re also known.

  12. V Bennett says:

    This just goes to prove we all have a tickly “spot”.
    This reminded me of the little blue I found washed up but alive on a Far North NZ beach. He/she was very unwell so I took it to the local vet but it died overnite. Sad day!

  13. That is the most squeeingest squeeing EVAR!

    Squeeing has been completely redefined.

  14. That’s pretty much my sentiments as well. 😯 :mrgreen:

  15. That sounds like my car on a cold morning

  16. ok that is insanely adorable.

    billing and cooing!!!

  17. mamabear says:

    I squeed, I squealed, I curled my toes, I bounced in my chair, I had to play it over and over, I made my family drop everything they were doing (like the video was going to disappear if they didn’t SEE IT NOW!), I think I shed a tear. I may have even peed a little!

    Why in God’s name can we ALL not have office penguins?! Oh the humanity…er…penguinity!!

  18. WANT!!!!!!! WANT WANT WANT

  19. Luucckyyyyyy!!!!!!


  21. I don’t know about penguins, but I’ve seen plenty of other birds in action and I’d bet dimes to dollars that’s a boy penguin, and he wants Mr. Hand to be his Special Friend, *wink*wink* *nudge*nudge* *saynomore*.

  22. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Talk about weird noises!

  23. Oh god I adore this little guy.

  24. katfighter says:

    Me too, Theresa! One of the greatest experiences of my life. Those little fairy penguins are the cutest, and seeing mom and dad come in from a long day at sea to care for their babies was just incredible. I’d love to go back someday!

  25. The perfect size of penguin to hand-feed!

  26. Not ONE of the penguins I’ve attempted to tickle has giggled like this. NOT ONE. Harrumph! *crosses arms and pouts*

    (And yes, I did get an opportunity to tickle adolescent penguins once. It was fairly awesome.)

  27. Chimpangirl says:

    That adult penguin is enjoying that “tickle” much more than most of you think. Hubba Hubba if you will.

  28. everyone needs an office penguin

  29. And they DO make a lot of noise!

  30. Anne Packrat says:

    Here’s the full video of Cookie the Ticklish Little Penguin:

  31. KABOOM.
    Head sploded.

    That’s it.

  32. As a bird owner… yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re right.

  33. ashagato says:

    that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

  34. awww… can I have a cookie please?

  35. I was dead silent for the first half of this video and then all of a sudden realized i was starting to whine like a stunned animal under my breath. I want a cookie penguin.

  36. I made you a cookie, but I tickled it 😀

  37. LOL The little foot shuffle at the end … HEhehehehe!

  38. The video *did* disappear – I can’t see it here or on Youtube! 😦 {goes away to pout}

  39. OMG that is so awesome! I NEED one of those!

  40. warrior rabbit says:

    Yeah! I missed it, too! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! (Lucille Ball style wail.)

  41. The original one had been “removed by the user”, or at least was not available to us here in Australia. You get to an age where think you’ve seen/heard everything and then here comes a giggling penguin …

  42. I only just got the alert 30 mins ago and its been removed??????

  43. It says the video has been removed by the user. *sad*

  44. Here’s an alternative link on YouTube:

  45. Oh dear heavens. He’s wearing spats? Just when you think it’s over the top, someone leapfrogs over you.

  46. C/O should be available everywhere – sharing is caring and we all should be able to share and to care.
    “Removed by owner” CRAP!! a person could be proud of a video and a little penguin like that – he looks like a toy waddling around.
    This removed by owner – not available ro whom so ever is just as sensible as this rubbish of having so many “Zones” in the Woild – I am zone 2 in the UK and I am unable to play some wonderful DVDs – yeah right – that’s what I say – this kind of letting a small number of people have so much control over what is distributed, is STOOPIDITY – ok – going for coffee now – I feel better – I have been waiting to lead off alarmingly about something and so this is my word about injustice

  47. Starlinguk says:


  48. The shuffling! The tapping and shuffling!

  49. Just think though Marie – they all do that – shufflin’ and waddlin’ about and making neat “squonky” noises – why do you not maybe think of a visit to the part of the country where they come from. If not Antarctica then I hear they come up on the beach on islands near South Africa – I am just about sure of it and then the Falklands Islands – they have dozens

  50. I wonder if the shorter clip had been “borrowed” without permission from the original poster, and that’s why they removed it when CO starting overloading them?

  51. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’m starting a Campaign To Put a Small Ticklish Penguin in Every Workplace.

  52. “This video has been removed by the user”

    But don´t worry, here´s another link to it:


  53. Thank you Barbarella for the kind thought – and BTW who is that delightful Kitty you are cuddling – have you sent a picture of that dear lil face in to C/O

  54. Clearly the fingers were mightier than the penguin.

  55. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Kathryn, I’ve had Zebra Finches…and yeah, that’s pretty mch what I was thinking. Still very cute tho..

  56. I need an office penguin.

  57. Andi from NC says:

    Proof that no matter the species we all love a good belly rub…..

  58. Pocket Penguin! Soo tiny and yet sooo full of cute!

  59. Okay, that’s going on the list of must-dos for the Australia / New Zealand vacation…. I think one of my fave rugby players, Kieran Ried of the Canterbury Crusaders is a patron and a volunteer for an organization who protects these little fellas. If it’s not them, it’s another “scorchingly cute” penguin on South Island, NZ.

  60. O

    That’s it, close down the site, there’s nothing left to top that. Nothing.

  61. All that, and his name is COOKIE?? One of my fav endearments! *THUD*

  62. If only I could make that noise, every time I were as excited.

  63. penguinity…perfect

  64. OMG. Love this, I totally love penguins. While watching this I was just boucing up and down waving my hands and going “SQEEEEE” to the point I was tearing up. My husband was just looking at me all “Baroo” like.

  65. que coshita ma bella!

  66. JacksonsGirl says:

    SO CUTE! It scared my kitty so though. He was sunning himself up in the window and the Fairy Penguin began the strange Penguin laugh and my cat jumped up and stared at me! So cute!

  67. So much noise and enjoyment from something so little and so cute! OMG!

  68. flutterby says:

    Barfed rainbows and glitter all over the place!

    This takes cute to the maximum overload!

  69. *in Veruca Salt/Willie Wonka voice*:

    Daddy, I want a Little Penguin NOW! I want three pgymy goats NOW!

    Seriously, I think the law office where I work needs both. Between the penguin, the goats and the visiting staff children, we’d never get nothin’ done!

  70. jazmella says:

    Cookie! Cookie cookie cookie!!


    My little guinea pig was startled by his cute, ticklish noises, so she’s hiding from him. But I can’t stop watching this! I apologize Tawny, but Cookie is just WAY TOO CUTE!! Can’t stop hitting the replay button!! 😀

  71. I’m with you! Just think how much more fun it would be to go to work every day if each office had a STP in it!

  72. I have to agree. I’m also a bird owner and when I first got him I thought I was “tickling him” then I quickly learned that was not what was really going on. That penguino was getting more than a good tickle.

  73. Yeaaah pretty much what I thought too.. the boid equivalent of doggy leg humps. Luckily they’re way cuter at it.

    Weird Moments in History:

    Noble women in ancient rome used to keep male doves because they found the hand-mating thing amusing.

  74. Stressfactor says:

    OMG, I laughed so hard. He doesn’t sound like a car starting he sounds like a whole car chase! The revving of the engine and then the squeals of the tires as the cars race around curves.

    Someone put on the chase scene from “Bullitt”, turn off the sound and then use this little guy as the soundtrack!

    P.S., I also then had to go look up “bumblefoot” hopefully he’s all better soon. Looks like he’s got some good people taking care of him.

  75. Hey, I sent in this video right after my last viewing, entered it, it posted, no credit to me :(. Oh well, still super darn CUTE! Such a happy little penguin!

  76. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Sorry about that, Lucy! I just updated the post, and thanks for sending this in!

  77. I agree completely!

  78. Yep. I pretty much just died. That might even cross the threshold of being TOO cute!

  79. There sure is a lot of sound in that little fella!

    I wannnnt one though…

  80. heee hee

  81. Okay, little penguin, just stop it. First, you’re already an adorable penguin, then we find out (a) you like being tickled and (b) your name is Cookie. I rule: you are too adorabuhls. Get outta here!

  82. Wow, thanks!!

  83. I know there’s more going on here than tickling, but I still dub this the happiest noise on earth. 😀

  84. Felicityanne says:

    It’s gone AGAIN, this time because of a copyright claim!!??

  85. Sickening isn’t it – people might want to share and be pleased to see comething so cute – and then it disappears – what a naughty wicked world Huh ??

  86. Paunchie says:

    fricking copyright claim!

  87. You can see the original video at

  88. O NOES IT’S WORSE! he’s scampering and walking around for awhile first!

  89. He lives in Cincinnati!! Ah! I am a (mostly) proud Cincinnatian. I must visit this little guy! Too bad I bet they don’t let the visitors tickle him.

    P.S. – Cincinnati secretly has a lot to offer visitors, including an excellent zoo.

  90. Apparently, the penguin is actually making a mating call and trying to hump the person’s hand, according to a friend of a friend who is a penguin expert of some sort.

  91. well thank you for that.