Lying Down on the Job

Unnoticed by his hapless prey, the fearsome predator slinks silently forward. Inching closer and closer, the mighty beast patiently awaits the ideal moment. Then, in one swift, violent motion, the killer atta–zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    That poor cat!

  2. “Ah well, so much for that. Can’t win, don’t try.” LOL slacker kitty!

  3. cuteismyporn says:

    Is it possible that one of these Turks threw a rock or something at the cat?

  4. “Oh well…maybe if I just collapse on the sidewalk this man will come and pet me.”

  5. mamabear says:

    I am unable to comment on this thread as the previous penguin post made my head pop :^O

  6. nah I didn’t see anything hit her

  7. “You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is ‘never try’. “

  8. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Just about as lazy as my guinea pig.

  9. “The bird flew away. Life isn’t worth living. I’ll just plop down here on the ground and mope.”

  10. Cats. The ultimate energy conservation device. Can’t catch what you stalk? Lie down and wait for another.

  11. No, I think kitty was doing that embarrassed thing they do- like if my cat is stalking a fly and it suddenly takes off, she just quickly licks her paw or her butt or something: “What, me exerting effort, attempting to kill prey and miserably failed? Nah, just doing a little grooming here. Nothing to see”. I guess they are trying to save their dignity. 😀

  12. *Lying

  13. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Ah, good point, thanks.

  14. lol… cute

  15. narcolepsy perhaps?

  16. “what bird? i meant to stalk that spot to sleep on…. what?? “

  17. (The Original) Mel says:

    Cat: “I meant to do that.”

  18. bob drummond says:

    Maybe the cat was too zonked out to finish the job and just ploped on the ground
    in frustration. perhaps he needed a good cup of caffein before starting his day.I
    know I would’ve!

  19. That cat has seen one too many You tube “fainting goats” videos !

  20. victoreia says:

    Hovertext just nails it.

    (Laughing at cats is just so rude!)

  21. LOL

  22. LOL. Gotta laugh!

    (although kitty obviously has that strange “falling down illness” that those kittens had, a video of which was posted here a while ago).

  23. all that concentration, focus, and anticipation for nothing! no wonder kitty flopped over and had a “oh phooey!” moment for a second, a bit of release after all that predatory tension.

  24. Seriously, cuteismyporn?

  25. Hee, yeah, definitely an embarrassment/”I meant to do that” flop. Notice how kitty only flops *after* the pigeon takes off. Cats… *giggles*

  26. Oh, and I love the “Impending D–oh never mind” tag. :p

  27. Redfox42 says:

    It probably has narcolepsy like those goats. When they get excited they fall asleep. Since they were filming it; it probably has happened before, so they were trying to get it on tape.

  28. Probably the cat is narcoleptic. Narcoleptic animals (and people) collapse into momentary sleep whenever they get stressed, startled, or excited. The stalking of the bird excited the cat, and its sudden flying away startled it.

    It’s sad.

  29. Give that poor kitty a speech bubble post-flop that says “FML” XD

  30. andrea b. says:

    well. I get a ‘cute? or sad?’ feeling about this one. I’m edging towards ‘sad’. now, were they laughing at the kitty, or with the kitty? I say: ‘at’.

    o cruel world.

  31. Actually, that’s the cat version of “Oh Sh**! My cats do that all the time when suddenly denied something they expected.

  32. @ folks who think it’s narcolepsy… it’s actually a neuromuscular condition called myotonia congenita.

    What happens is pretty much just what happens when you get scared or startled or excited – your muscles all contract; you jerk or jump.

    The problem with creatures with myotonia congenita is that their muscles have a delayed relaxation. So they get startled, tense up and then can’t untense immediately. It does happen, just after a few moments.

    Humans can have this disorder and it is genetic, passed on in blood lines.

    It is also painless, so no worries about Mr. McGoatersons or Ms. Kitty being hurt by their myotonia! As long as their cared for in a good home and have access to food they don’t get scared by (hehe), they are pretty set to live a normal, happy (sometimes fainting) life!

    And they are ADORABLE! 🙂

  33. ratatoskr says:

    More like exasperation 🙂 it lay down on purpose.

  34. ratatoskr says:

    Uh no. It lay down on purpose. Those kitties bounced up in the air and twitched, this one didn’t. It simply lay down in exasperation and maybe because it tried to look like it hadn’t been stalking that bird. Obviously, when the humans laughed, it realised that wasn’t working XD

  35. ratatoskr says:

    No. This cat doesn’t have that syndrome (or narcolepsy which is, btw, two different things), it simply lay down when it realised it didn’t get that bird. My cat does that all the time, either when she’s lazy, or wants to be petted on the stomach very badly 🙂

  36. ratatoskr says:

    Please learn to see the difference of the fainting goat syndrome, falling asleep instantly and simply plopping over in disappointment. The people nearby were talking and giggling the whole time. If the cat had the fainting goat syndrome, it would have plopped down long before simply from their noises.

  37. ratatoskr says:

    Except this kitty doesn’t have that syndrome, which is obvious 🙂

  38. Emmberrann says:

    Agreed, ratatoskr: If you listen real hard, you can hear El Gato say, “Aw, c’mon, guys! C’an I get a little help, here? Geez!”

  39. flutterby says:

    Kitty flops…it’s just a cat *thing*…

  40. flutterby says:

    I’m in a wheelchair and my Bucky ALWAYS manages to flop down in front of me as I’m trying to roll down the hallway. I think he has a death wish or wish to have his tailio or footie smashed! CATS!!! Gotta love ’em!

  41. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Luurkenschproingen fail.

  42. That’s the first thing that came to my mind too!! 🙂

  43. ratatoskr says:

    That or ‘you didn’t see me fail catching the birdie, right? Oh, you did? Damn…’


  44. Homer & Maggie's Mom says:

    I’m thinking that these folks who think the cat faints or has some sort of syndrome or disease don’t actually HAVE cats. That flop is a pretty normal activity (or lack thereof) for any cat I’ve ever had (or KNOWN, for that matter).

    … and, @ Argyle Donkeypants – LOL (literally)!

  45. ‘Displacement behavior–it’s a common psychosis.’

  46. How many times are you going to post your opinion as fact?

  47. Birdy, thank you for spelling that out for everyone. The misconceptions about these two medical conditions drives me nuts! Such as people like ratatoskr’s post about narcolepsy which is completely incorrect. Narcolepsy is dramatized in television and movies to the point that people really think narcolepsy causes sudden collapse, etc. I’m sure there may be some rare cases that might come close to that, but true narcolepsy is defined as excessive daytime somnolence (sleepiness) that interferes with normal day-to-day activity, meaning they need to nap quite a bit and sometimes need anti-narcoleptic medication such as Provigil in order to stay awake during the day.

  48. Hehe, no worries. One would think that the neurophysiology and pharmacology schools taught me something… at least I hope they did for what I paid them!

  49. tiberius says:

    I’d guess cerebellar hypoplasia. My cat with CH falls over like that all the time.

  50. LOL Well I’m not quite as much of a med geek. 😉 I’m a medical transcriptionist, but I’ve worked in neurology a bit as well as several other fields. I was also prescribed Provigil at one point because of fibromyalgia on top of being a single mother and hypersomnolence during my work day. I don’t claim to be a genius, but I can’t stand when people present their opinion as fact when they think they know something after watching a few tv shows. LOL

  51. My thoughts EXACTLY!

  52. cuteismyporn says:

    some people look at porn every day, and I look at cute pictures of kitties and bunnies, cute is my porn.

  53. Is it unpleasant?

  54. thanks for the info….I was worried about kitty because it doesn’t seem to me like she did it intentionally.

  55. I think they’re saying, “Seriously? You’re such a nuffer that the first conclusion you jump to… with no basis whatsoever… is that someone threw a rock at the cat? That’s pretty messed up.”