The Beagle that Got Away

No goofy caption could outdo this fish story, so let’s cut to Flickr user Snuzzy: “My puppy Rex was doing his very best to eat the fish in my mom’s pond…”

“He didn’t manage to eat any; but he got a surprise fish kiss!”

“(Just before he fell in…)”


  1. Dogfish.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Fish can be so koi.

  3. wuyizidi says:

    There really ought to be a “Like” button.


  4. CO used to have Like and Dislike buttons, but people complained about the latter.

  5. starling says:

    People have SUCH delicate sensibilities nowadays.

    *clutches handbag*

  6. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    @ 2600: Do you even KNOW HOW to make a lame pun that is un”poop”ular at parties ????
    [to quote the Divine Miss Lucille Ball ]

    And, @ starling, how ‘ bout the pearls???? ;)

  7. and then facebook had to go and copy us. :P

  8. One of the Twins (not really) says:

    hahaha AND not give us the $20bazillion for “our” idea!

  9. Like like.

    That’s not really a double-like, that’s the word “like” translated into teenager.

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    Actually, sounds to me as if every sentence now has to start with the words “I mean..”. (example: Where were you last night? ans. “I mean, I went to Judy’s and hung out.”) WHY?

  11. tracylee says:

    UGH this bugs me so freakin’ much.

  12. warrior rabbit says:

    I mean, like, it’s so unnecessary. :)

  13. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    “Like, TO-tally, man!!11!!!” :)

  14. More like “I was like, like, and he was like, like what? And I was like, like that, and he was like, like whatevs.” :mrgreen:

  15. w00t!

  16. It’s like the cat and dolphin video, only wetter and sadder.

  17. “It’s like the cat and dolphin video, only wetter and sadder.”

    And with a beagle.

  18. starling says:

    And with carp.

  19. and a splash at the end. LOL

  20. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    *considers making a pun by tangling “carp” for “crap” …*

  21. Like like.

  22. anything with a beagler just gets me. love the hounds.

  23. awwwww!

  24. hmm .. Where did you get a picture of my pond?
    (My beagle “Bailey” tried that the other day)

  25. tracylee says:

    bwaaahhh HAHAHAHhahahah..(etc.)!

    and also, hehehe!

    no, srsly y’all. I laughed right big and hearty at this one.

  26. HA ! Cats rule ! Dogs…. Fall in !!
    But hey at least the pup got a kiss . Mwah !

  27. I would say something about the burned hand teaching best, but with dogs that’s not necessarily true.

    Bahaha! Poor Rex! He just wanted to sample the hors d’oeuvres!

  28. Puppy looks so guilty in that last one! The fish kiss, however, gorgeous as all get out.

  29. ashagato says:

    he got schooled!

    the embarrassed wet look on rex’s face is the best…

  30. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Don’t worry Rex, we *PROBABLY* won’t tell the other doggehs
    [in the locker rheum] about this misadventure …

    *stifles snerk*

  31. Talk about a moveable feast.

  32. tracylee says:


  33. wuyizidi says:

    Still, he got a little closer than this poor kitteh:

  34. starling says:

    Eep, that ice is really thin.

  35. Mary (the first) says:

    Yoicks. I was positive that kitteh was going to crash through the ice! Interesting though, it seems like every time I see a kitteh with that calico-y coloring, they’re always a bit .. er .. “portly”. Is that some kind of genetic thing? (Hmm. Maybe I’m really a calico kitteh inside.. that could explain it.)

  36. wuyizidi says:

    My cat looks just like this one. When she speed walks, there’s this cute sideways tummy flappage (so yes, a little ‘portly’).

    When I was little, I had this weird idea that I would have a shallow gold fish tank embedded in my desk. My cat would certainly find it endlessly entertaining, if I can only figure out how to supply oxygen to the tank.

  37. She speedwalks?

  38. Actually I don’t know what the proper terminology is: it’s not a full gallop/run, it looks like a faster version of walking. It’s definitely an asymmetrical gait, so it’s not trotting. Hmm…

  39. ashagato says:


  40. My Philo kitteh, who just turned 4 and has always had a problem keeping food down, has all of a sudden…bloomed. He’s not vomiting anymore, and he’s eating dry food as well as wet, but we noticed he’s got a tummeh. Not a huge one, he’s still pretty sleek, but there’s definite belleh.

    And then besides the belleh, there’s floppular flabbage that does exactly as you described. I pointed it out to my hubby, and he said, “Yeah, he’s got a flapper.”

  41. That is one tubby tortie. Needs teeny-tiny ice skates on her feets.

  42. The gold fish on the right is all… : “Try THAT in the summer Catzilla !”

  43. Lol! Thankfully the water didn’t look very deep though, but kitty looked thoroughly a-mew-sed.

  44. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    oooooh how delicately turned!!!

  45. Doggies look so sorry for themselves when something like that happens to them.
    A cat on the other hand would have that look of “I meant to do that” or a look of offended dignity.
    Dogs just look pitiful, you just want to hug the poor darlings.

  46. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    A cat would immediately begin grooming either
    its left paw or its backbone in disdain.

  47. Eeeeek! Fish! *runs away*

    (What? They scare me. Something about the gaping moufs…)

  48. Even leetle teeny-tiny ones?

  49. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Th: do leetle teeny-tiny feesh actually HAVE “gaping moufs”?? :)

    — no harm intended; jist joshin’ ;)

  50. sunnylessmum says:

    The walk of shame. ;)

  51. :-D

  52. A dog named Rex, a fish named Wanda… those love stories with an unhappy ending just aren’t for me. Lovely!

  53. (The Original) Mel says:

    The fish is all like, “I kissed a dog! And I liked it!”

  54. The dog is all like, “I kissed a fish! And it was wet!”

  55. And so am I!!!

  56. DogEared says:

    Beagles have the darndest luck! Love the hovertext! thank you!

  57. Ooooooh perfect timing for the fishie kiss! :D

  58. OH HAHAHAHAAAA! The look on zeh doggeh’s face at the end! bwaahaaaa!

    seriously I guffawed LOUDLY and for a long time!

  59. ElishaB. says:

    This so reminds me of my first date………….just didn’t know what I was gettin’ into.
    Poor puppy, he won’t kiss that fish again :)

  60. Can’t decide which is weirder: if your dinner bites you or if it kisses you. Thoughts?

  61. TrixandSam says:

    This makes me think of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.

    Frames 1 & 2
    Calvin is eating an ice cream cone and says to Hobbes: “I never liked ice cream cones too much until I discovered a new way to eat them. I bite off the bottom of the cone and suck out the ice cream as it gets soft.”

    Frame 3:
    Calvin continues as Hobbes looks on: “You wouldn’t believe some of the awful noises you can make, and it gets pretty sloppy when the cone gets soggy and both ends start dripping.”

    Frame 4:
    As Calvin walks away, Hobbes following:
    Calvin: “In MY book, food should be nutrition AND entertainment.”
    Hobbes: “That’s why tigers like our food surprised and running.”

  62. That’s great!!! Nothing like a tiger with a dry sense of humor.

  63. Mary (the first) says:

    HAHAHAHA I miss C & H. (Although, of course, I have many of their books.)

  64. “I’m wet!!! I’m wet!!! Cause, I’m hysterical!!! . . . I’m in pain!!! I’m in pain!!! And I’m wet and I’m still hysterical!”

  65. Martha in Washington says:

    You REALLY like that movie, don’t you? And it’s quotes are useful for almost every situation! :)

  66. Mel Brooks: The Font of All Wisdom. :D

  67. So did you think, as I did, that Uma Thurman kind of fell flat in that role? Of course she’s gorgeous, but why not bring Cady Huffman (who can actually sing) to the big screen?

    Didn’t expect to like Will Ferrell in it. Was disarmingly surprised.

  68. So the “moral” of this story is, “Give a dog a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a dog to fish and you get the smell of wet dog”?

  69. TrixandSam says:

    I suggest: “give a dog a fish and baroo?? teach a dog to fish and baroo??”

  70. victoreia says:


    “….But don’t even try to teach a cat to fish; that’s what they have humans for!”

  71. Fish kiss ends in splish.

  72. oh, verrry good!

  73. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    A++ to HG!!! :)

  74. ROTFL This one made my day. *kisses to Rex*

  75. The last photo of Rex makes me think of something Stephen King says in “Cujo” about how dogs have a sense of shame that is out of proportion to their reasoning abilities, or something to that effect. It’s in the part where he’s describing how Cujo is thoroughly disgusted with himself for getting bitten by the bat.

  76. Beagles are so curious, and it almost always gets them in trouble!

  77. skippymom says:

    Oh, man, my cats would pay serious money to watch a dog fall into a fish pond. They would be laughing their fuzzy little behinds off.

  78. Danni :3 says:

    This is amazingly adorable! Such a cute dog, and the fish are too pretty and cute. :3 I love it! :D Double thumbs up!

  79. The best fish stories are the TRUE fish stories. Especially when it’s one the ‘fisherman’ can never live down.

  80. looks like a jack russell to me… v cute


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