Tastes like chick-ons

Sender-Inner Anne W. G. says new puppy “Dash.” got introduced to an existing boid pet. I think they’ll live happily ever after don’t you?


  1. Stephanie B. says:

    Wait, where’s the bird? It is in the bottle?

  2. I LOVE your Gravatar!

  3. It would appear you have linked the wrong vid! Although cute, perhaps:

    This is in fact the droid you’re looking for?

  4. Looks like there’s several of Dash. I could watch this one all day for the tailio action:

  5. This one is great too, about 50 seconds in has to be seen :)

  6. I like his ferocious teefs.

  7. pupp-eeee bell-eeee!!!!1

  8. OMG *THUD*

  9. I love at :52 where he’s all
    NNYANNNGNNYANNNGGgrrrrrrrr (gnashing teeth)
    “Oh, my paw is sweet and delicious.”
    NNYANNNGNNYANNNGGgrrrrrrrr (gnashing teeth)

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    Ditto! The paw pause (pawse?) was adorable. Also, I just like the fact that he’s in his bucket of toys — puppy heaven — and can’t decide which toy to chomp on (what a dilemma!), and samples several.

  11. he’s in puppy toy heaven!

  12. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Aw, he has gutulence!

  13. Oh, that makes sense! Thanks Leslie.

  14. ashagato says:


    but i’m so glad we got to see dash’s puppy tocks too!

  15. Stephanie B. says:

    LOL the dog wants to fight and the bird wants to flight!

  16. Andi from NC says:

    Thanks – very sweet indeed

  17. Demetrias says:

    As a bird-owner and dog-lover, I admit the video of Dash with the boid scares the crap out of me. One playful chomp, and that parrot is an ex-parrot.

  18. CorgiGirl says:

    Thank goodness! I kept thinking “Dear God! Don’t let there be a bird in that cup!”

  19. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    To Leslie, from The Other Leslie (really :) )

    Dash is an A++ Cuteness puppy & the birdie receives the same grade.

  20. Christine says:

    Thank you!!! I was totally puzzled.

  21. I’m confused! Are there bird shaped vitamins in the bottle?! Well really, on second thought, who cares?! The little growls, the cute little tocks and the wagging tail made me forget there was no bird in the video… Little Dash is adorable.

  22. Oh Leslie, thanks for the link! I thought a) the bird was trapped behind the cage, b) Meg had lost her mind and c) we needed to call animal protective services.
    All is well. ;-)

  23. ashagato says:

    nice tocks, dash!

  24. *looks around*
    You can see my tocks???

  25. I just realized! Puppeh is named after me! Awwwww. I’m honored. Unfortunately, my ‘tocks aren’t that cute. Close, but not quite.

  26. ashagato says:

    so for a minute you thought i was being weird and pervy!? hee hee! ;P

  27. My thoughts were travelling along those same lines, Dash! My thanks to you, too, Leslie, for clearing things up and calming my mind.

  28. Ali-baba says:

    Phew! I thought perhaps this was like Schroedingers’ cat box thingy @ first… There is a bottle, there is a boid, is it alive or ded? Ok, no more pineapple cokes for me! :-)
    Oh yah, cute Pupper kisses on da boid ;-)

  29. Wait, what is a pineapple coke?!? :)

  30. Yeah… color me intrigued!

  31. brinnann says:

    *searches crayon box*

    Hey, I can’t find that one!

    Mooooom, someone stole my Intrigued crayon!!!!

  32. Here!
    *hands brinnann an intrigues crayon*
    They’re usually next to the “surprised” crayon.

  33. victoreia says:

    @Dash: and one over from the “impressed” crayon…..

  34. Starlinguk says:

    Do we have the famous coke/soda confusion here?

  35. Must be related to the fabled Pineapple Whip.

  36. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Might be. That thing about the pineapple whip got pretty confusing.

  37. Oooh, we had that at the state fair if Texas last year! It was mmmmmmmmmmmmm! You got to choose between the pineapple (by Dole) or the chocolate (by Hershey).

  38. JacksonsGirl says:

    What is Pineapple coke?

  39. Two sides of puppyhood. Jeckyl and Hyde. Sweet kissing baby and then ready to tell the vitamin bottle right off!

  40. Ali-baba says:

    Well, the version I get at sonic has crushed pineapple added to the coke, pretty good, but man is it hard to suck that pineapple through the straw! :-)

  41. Actually that sounds kinda tasty ! I think I feel a Sonic’s run coming on !

  42. We don’t have Sonics where I am. :(

  43. *passes ceejoe a large tater tot and a soda w/choice of flavor* :-)

  44. Yum! Thanks! and I wasn’t even in the Mod Lounge…

  45. Dash is adorable! I just spend a very enjoyable time watching all his videos including one where daddy sweet talks him to sleep and mommy greets him in the morning. His colouring is perfect especially the little dollop of tan on top of his head.
    This video was a mighty fight with the noisy container but after growling, pouncing and biting, Dash won the day and vanquished the enemy container! No wonder mom was giggling.

  46. I think he looks like a “Brat Russel” they are lovely little dogs – they are owned often by Deaf People – I am deaf and I think they are trained to bark sharply and run in the direction of the sound – like “hey Mom there’s a person at the door” – or “Hey get the phone” – one day I may have one – something like Dash I reckon
    Being deaf is no sin – but then it’s no great honour either.

  47. (The Original) Mel says:

    My grandmother was deaf and raised 7 children. She could read lips at 20 yards from any direction. ;)

  48. My great-aunt could do that. It was handy for conversations in church.

  49. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Starling…I just LOVE your kitty picture. How do they twist themselves like that?

  50. I think we’re desparate for new cute, if we’re to the point of commenting on each other’s gravatars. :)

  51. Wish they could bottle that energy. What a cutie!

  52. baileysgrandmom says:

    No Kidding! Then maybe I could finish my Spring cleaning…for 1987.

  53. Too funny! :-)

  54. PLEASE someone teach how to have that much fun!

  55. I would have named that pup “Bolt” I think.

  56. That´s one hell of an evil plastic bottle. It must be exterminated by all means.

  57. I second that ! It’s E-V-I-L but Super Dash the Wonderpup will protect us from it!

  58. ashagato says:

    e-v-i-l like the roll of toilet paper i found un-rolled all over the bathroom floor this morning. whew! thank god that was taken care of!

  59. ashagato… I can sleep safe tonight, knowing that roll of TP is vanquished. ;)

  60. victoreia says:

    My two puddy-tats once vanquished the evil roll of paper towels menacing my crafting area. :lol:

  61. Colonel Jenna says:

    I see your Evil Paper Towels and raise you $20.00 worth of fine merino sheep’s wool all cleaned and beautifully combed and ready to be spun into yarn. Or it was, until the whippet got it…

  62. Andi from NC says:

    I love a good puppy butt first thing in the morning – they always make me giggle…

  63. I think we can conclude from these videos that Dash is the most entertaining pet. EVER.

    Can we get a tock-hance? Anybody?

  64. What a cutie-tocks!

  65. I know this wasn’t the link they intended, but love the tock action. LOL :)

  66. Dash ‘tocks! What a funny little guy, all ferocious and growly.

    And I wonder if they could start serving pineapple cokes in the mod lounge. It would certainly make the visit worthwhile.

  67. I think I’ll stick to the classic. One cherry coke please :-)

  68. I’m still mourning the vanilla coke. :(

  69. sunnylessmum says:

    Just reading the words cherry coke made my mouth water. Marc’s Big Boy anyone?

  70. (The Original) Mel says:

    Only if they contain Malibu. I’m just sayin.

  71. So ferocious!

  72. I feel safer knowing that Dash has vanquished the arch-enemy bottle! And looked incredibly cute while doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Yep, I also spent the entire video wondering when the boid would pop up. lawl.

  74. PS What kind of boid is the adorable Tweedy?


  75. Paunchie says:

    That is one adorable puppeh.

    And I love the teeny lickitos to the boid.

  76. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    Haha, couldn’t figure out where the other pet was. Thanks for the link; although I thoroughly enjoyed Dash wrestling with the bottle. What a cutie.

  77. “Darn bottle! If only I had thumbs!!”

  78. FinnMacCool says:

    Terror (aka Terriers) are so much fun chaos.

  79. nice ‘tock ack-shons

    grrr grrr who’s ferocious??

  80. Obvy, his body is a temple and he thinks pills are evil.


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