THIS JUST IN: Depressed Kitten in a Bucket

Life is tough.

And then you get put in a bucket while your paws drip.

Via DListed, uploaded by obamaallah4.


  1. Malinki says:

    Kitty is plotting revenge. Sleep light.

  2. Someone get that poor kitten a hair dryer!

  3. scoobie says:

    Sad (:
    Bet the water is warm though

  4. Is the kitty sleeping with its eyes closed? It is so still. Why doesn’t it jump out? Lost the will to live? Funny little thing.

  5. OMG, that’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen *goes away and :cry: )

  6. Is that a Japanese video? I know the Japanese take baths like that with the washcloth on their head. Anyway kitty looks very relaxed and contented.
    It’s a myth that all cats hate water, some of them love it.

  7. that kitty looks pretty content to me!

  8. Kids ! They learn the “stink eye ” so young these days !!!
    I would not want to be unconscious in THAT house for a good long time .

  9. Depressed or contemplating the vagaries of life?

    Or just regretting that last martini?

    Anyway, he perked up at the end! :D

  10. At least he had a rubber ducky to keep him company. You can’t be too depressed when you have a rubber ducky beside you.

  11. That was beyond mean.

  12. ashagato says:

    it’s hard to believe her little bitty paws could hold enough water to drip for like five minutes! like a couple of magic sponge paws, or faucet paws maybe…

  13. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    …Eez a verrry verrry teeny yellow duckie; but I noticed it too. Anybody else who perceives that this particular yellow duckie’s mouth moves; and that it seems to be quacking @ Senor Gato??? :)

  14. ashagato says:

    yea, what’s up with that washcloth on the head thing, anyway?

  15. Sasha's Mum says:

    Isn’t that the same kitteh who a few months ago was brought to us lying completely motionless in his bath for several minutes? I thought I recognized the same modestly duck.

    Or maybe it’s just that all Japanese kittehs are rendered equally powerless by baths.

  16. Awww. Bath paralysis. Poor li’l dears!

  17. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    they are made of SHAMWOWs!!!! ;)

  18. Am I clean yet? How about now? Now? Now?

  19. Was that a commercial at the end?

  20. Hope the kitty is not drugged…

  21. Little Red says:

    What is dees majical aquatic kitteh breed!? I needs wun for mi double requirements of daily kewtness infusion combined wif deadlee kitteh allergeez. MUST NEEDS!

  22. If you look closely, the bucket is full to the brim with water. The kitty’s paws are just wicking it out.

  23. Seriously, I’m thinking absence seizure.

  24. NOT COOL. My mother suffered from clinical depression and she would spend all day standing in a giant bucket with a washcloth on top of her head staring into the distance as her hands dangled over the side of the bucket and dripped water. I’m never coming back to CO again. Or at least not for another ten minutes or so.

  25. leaves of cat grass says:

    poor kittehs had a tough day. me too kitteh… me too….

  26. HAPPYCAT says:

    I just need one little meow or squeek and I will come running to your home and rescue you. Then we can plan a sneak attack on your humans tonight. A little poo in the toe of a favorite shoe or a little pile of something to step in near the coffee pot. Or my favorite hair balls in the tub’s drain.

  27. Emmberrann says:

    All I can say is them peeps will need to check out their shoes before they puts them on tonight. Just sayin’………….

  28. That was so sad I couldn’t watch it all. Thank heavens for the cat/dolphin video after, which cheered me up considerably.

  29. You probably could have done ok with just a still photo of this one. :)

  30. I agree with Fegli. I bought into the whole sadness thing…until I began to realize that kitty is in a trance from sheer relaxation. It’s like those baby buckets. Works like a charm. Love the addition of washcloth though. Lol!

  31. I’m still amazed that the cat stayed in the bucket of water. That goes to show you he must be liking it because cats rarely do anything they absolutely do not want to do.

  32. I feel like that today too little one :3

  33. ashagato says:

    nah. she’s clearly making it happen through sheer mind-power! ;)

  34. It is a kitty spa day.. with a favorite bath toy and luxourios wash cloth.. only missing new age music, and scented candles and massage rocks.

  35. That kitten be irritable….

  36. Wait…what? Washcloth on the head?? Do elaborate…

  37. This kitten needs a hug STAT and I am just the woman for the job!

  38. It’s the little kitty with the modesty platypus!

    Seriously, the kitty must like it….

  39. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    a worthwhile, constructive point, indeed.

  40. Searching genetic memory for explanatory data…..searching……searching……searching…..

  41. The handkerchief is ridonkulous. Makes the kitten look like a (dripping) little old lady.

  42. I’m sorry about your mom, but as a Japanese-speaker I feel compelled to point out that Fukutan (this cat) is one of those “bizarre” cats who enjoys hot baths. Apparently he got the feel for it one day and started to take regular baths for the warmth and relaxation. It ain’t depressed. The owner treats it very well and it’s also got an IQ rivaling Maru’s.

  43. Same here, Sar :D

  44. (The Original) Mel says:

    Arrrrggghh that she be.

  45. I think JME was kidding. :D

    But good info about Fukutan. Thanks for that! I’m always curious to know the backstory of a critter doing something…unusual.

  46. It *was* a still photo for the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds. :mrgreen:

  47. must be how the bucket got filled up

  48. I think they made it a video in order to demonstrate that the kitty is content and making no move to get out.

  49. So nobody watched this long enough to see Soulja Boy’s appearance at the very end, eh?

  50. Felicityanne says:

    I think Pinchy did…(at 3.20 pm)

  51. I think the washcloth is to rinse kitty’s head with out pouring water over it? Therefore getting everything wet and clean but not half-drowning poor kitty.
    such a cute sad kitty though. *sigh* Now I want to train my little girl to like baths. Every time she’s tried them before she paddles in terror and scratches anyone nearby.

  52. Kitteh has clearly had a hard day at the office and needs a relaxing soak in the tub. He only looks so sad because he ran out of Mr Bubble.

  53. Bunniko says:

    So cute. So jealous. My lil Japanese kitty won’t onsen. *pout*

    She will fetch and come to her name, though. :) And high-five. There’s something magical in the Japanese kitty gene pool, methinks.

  54. Gustav M says:

    Aha! A scottish fold? I suspect that Japan is again responsible for this scrumptious Mr. McDripllepaw

  55. HAPPYCAT says:

    After sleeping on it….I think these humans may have slipped a Mickey (mouse) in the saucer of milk and now kitteh is totally mellow.

  56. I agree!! Poor little kitty.

  57. クリス says:

    Fukutan LOVES bathtime!

  58. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    computer responds: “This does…NOT….compute….”

  59. baby birdie says:

    At 2:28: “Thank Ceiling Cat for baths!”

  60. …601…

  61. chanpon says:

    Seriously, it’s because there’s no other place to put it. You’re not allowed to put the towel into the water, since it’s shared by everyone.

  62. chanpon says:

    Le Sigh.

  63. (The Original) Mel says:

    I once bathed in a horse trough when I was depressed.

  64. Hmmm, erm, *why* is that kitten in a bucket???

  65. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    “veddy Inter-estingk!!!” :)

  66. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    That works, for me.

  67. Cats do NOT like things lying on them at all… I had a friend who as a joke would lay a banana skin on her cat’s back. It was amazing how that cat would FREEZE into position and not move until the skin was off. It must be a survival thing, fearing predators. So I think kitty is SCARED not bored or depressed… but I hope I’m wrong.

  68. That’s what I was afraid of, too… the cat seems so lethargic and out of it.

  69. Nobody mentioned that the kitty is a Scottish Fold! A bery, bery, bery, o so bery relaxed scottish fold….

  70. This cat is so emo. You’ve been pwned, Emo Pony!

  71. Like this?

  72. No need to be sad… Fukutan likes hanging out in the bath.

  73. Luvthenews says:

    I wonder if anyone actually looks!!

  74. Luvthenews says:

    Look closely, the bucket is full and a ducky is floating behind. It’s little paws were filling right back up.

  75. Luvthenews says:

    I think it’s waiting for an aftershock!!!

  76. So I’m thinking that this is a good time to create a “WTF?” tag…

  77. Luvthenews says:

    He is saying,”come on man, lets get out of here, one more aftershock and the roof is coming in on the both of us!”

  78. What a well-trained cat! My cat was watching that going, “Oh HAIL no.”

  79. Matahari says:

    Because he likes it. Read the comments and see the video’s :-)

  80. Mrs. Kravitz says:

    LOL! Is that a modesty duck, or is he just …

    Ah, forget it. What a sweet little fella. I likes long hot baffs, too, kitteh.

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    *crap* I. Am. So. Depressed. *crap* There is water dripping off my paws. (which are soggy. and wet. ) (HUGE sigh). Um. The thing. *crap* The thing. On my head. Why? Why is that there?. *ow* It has a picture on it. *sigh* of, I think, a hamster. on my head. Please help me breathe. *ooof*

  82. Don’t be fooled. That is a Calgon Take Me Away look if ever there was one.

  83. Georgiabelle says:

    Looks more like a little platypus to me!

  84. Georgiabelle says:

    Yeah, how dare someone MAKE that poor kitty stay in that bucket.

  85. Yeah, this is the same cat, Fukutan, which is in the bucket bath in the picture. Smart, isn’t it?

  86. Hey M, only just woke up here in Lanzarote time zone, you know meee!!! Reading comments now, hehe. ;)

  87. Fukutan has his own blog here

  88. dogsleder says:

    Wow. I read all the way down here and no one has used the word CATATONIC.

  89. “i just peed.”

  90. or “whoa, where did all your fur go, Dad? You should probably get a modesty platypus like mine.”

  91. the funny thing about cats…. they’re all different. So you can’t really lump them into one generalization. :P

  92. Queen of Dork says:

    I used to be under the rule of this cat, SamKitty who lived in my house. At one point, my daughter also had a sweet, adorable little grey dwarf hamster. SamKitty was horrified of the hamster. My daughter put the hammie on SamKitty’s back one day and SamKitty totally froze in the manner you’re describing. Sammie HATED that hamster for some reason.

  93. I did too.
    Because watching a cat in a warm bath relaxing is… well very relaxing. Then i was shoked out of my reverie :)

  94. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!! says:

    most cooperative kitteh EVAH!!!! And pretty, too !!!

  95. LOL Daddy Why you drain tub.. i was just getting comftabuls

  96. that’s because 260o Oakley is not at home today. :)

  97. this video has been reviewed and cleared for safe viewing by the Qte Assurance department.

  98. dogsleder says:

    Ah. Well, of course.

  99. All I can figure is that the Japanese give their kittehs powerful drugs.

  100. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!! says:

    I would like to express two responses to this video:

    1. To Sharpy and the Qte Assurance Department:
    “WHEW!!! Such a relief to know that it has been approved for safe viewing!!!”
    2. Regarding the Deep Sleep Phase of a mess o’ kittayns: They all look as though they’re recuperating from a MAJOR keg party.

    (However, one observes motion of breathing in several, so one assumes that they all are likely to survive the angst from which they’re recuperating)

  101. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!! says:

    ok, I have to add a PS.

    I really admire the Mommeh Kitteh’s technique. When she returns to the Mess o’ Kittayns, she simply leans over slightly [and I believe that her eyes might even be closed at this point] and pokes out her tongue and just randomly manages to smooth whichever squirmy, meowing bit of fur that wriggles under her head. Since all the kittens are moving about, various different ones end up getting groomed.

    Nice motion conservation, Mum!!!!

  102. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!! says:

    thanks for sharing!! ;)

  103. Yess, I noticed that too. Also, the cat is abnormally placid and adorable, therefore it must be from japan.

  104. Don’t tigers love to swim? If so, that explains a lot about this video…

  105. :lol: Amen!

  106. And you *can* leave it with your other bathing items, but then you’re just buckass nekkid while getting in and out. The washcloth provides the all important psychological modesty cover while walking to and from the bathing pool, but while you’re in the pool, you can’t let it soak in the communal water, so you fold it up really neatly and balance it on your head.

    (As a redheaded giantess in rural Japan, the modesty cloth was very important, so that everyone didn’t gawp at my flashily adorned privates as I was making for the tub. In my little town, people never ceased to marvel that the rug matched the drapes.)

  107. Flea dip?

  108. That look at 2:38… OMG! tooo saaaaahhhhddddd. But I guess some kittens like to hang out in the bath… sad, AND cute.

  109. i’m a fellow fellow tall redhead who also lived in asia for a year, but i only went to the baths a few times. i couldn’t take the scrutiny! it was enough that grown women would come up and pet my arm hair and freckles on the subway, children would freely grab and fondle my hair, and old men i didn’t know would come within inches of my face staring into my eyes! it was just curiosity but quite unnerving at the same time…

  110. Bwhaha! My drapes and carpet have turned into blinds and a throw rug :(