Just your Run-of-the-mill-kitten-dolphin-snorgle…

Johanna S. says it doesn’t get any better than this.

[hmmm… i guess someone doesn’t like us peeping in their window and closed the blinds. try going here.]


  1. Holy Shishkebab! 8O

    OK, I REQUIRE some explanation for this.

  2. I concur!!

  3. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    “WHAT run-of-the-mill-kitten-dolphin-snorgle”??? WHERE??

    Take me to this alleged MILL, immediament!!!!

  4. I would LOVE to hear the story that led to this astonishing encounter.

  5. I bet they both love “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish”!

  6. I like “Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy” too. We nerds must stick together.

  7. i sound mechanical. must veeseet mechanic tomorrow.

  8. Noelle (the first) says:

    OMG! I just…that’s so…I’m speechless!

  9. OMG!!!! I loved that I can’t take it cuteness attack!! I…so…I’m filled with happiness

  10. akajill says:

    I am pretty sure this is the most awesome thing I have ever seen on CO. (Awesome enought to make me comment for the first time, anyway!)

  11. yep

  12. Ditto!

  13. Agreed! :-D

  14. It’s amazing.

  15. Agreed2! :D

  16. Emmberrann says:

    This pic just proves that dolphins are highly evolved! They appreciate kittehs too.

  17. Luuurve this!!! Not sure who’s cuter, don’t care.

  18. That’s a brave, kitteh!!

  19. Exactly! So easily they could chomp down and swim away with it to catnap or whatever and yet they don’t. They just know not to! They understand certain things don’t belong in the water. Love them. Dolphins RULE!

  20. i think the food chain is sitting quietly over in the corner trying to figure out which way to go on this bit of interspecies snorgling

  21. exactamente’

  22. Oh I see. Fantastic. ROTFL!

  23. A. Non! says:

    This has to be the ultimate pinnacle of interspecies snorgling. My goodness.

  24. Fleurdamour says:

    I agree – it would take extraterrestrial involvement to top this.

  25. or TV-reality show type deviousness


    elephant and penguin: bff’s


    wallaby and ostrich go to the stock car races together

  26. this is definitely an unprecedented (as least in the history of CO) example of interspecies snorgling.., i think.

  27. After all, dolphins do routinely say, “SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!”

  28. *like*

  29. good one.

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    Johanna is absolutely right. It doesn’t get any better than this!! This gave me a lump in my throat, for sure! (I also want the story. Where is this happening??)

  31. This is the best thing I have ever seen on CO. I wish there were words for how fortunate I feel right now.

  32. I’m at loss for words, so I just agree with everyone with spot-on comments.

  33. MamaLana says:

    Yes yes yes yes. ::thud:::

  34. Me too, me too…just about wept when I saw this. Kinda reaffirms my lil’ beliefs in everything good and kind.

    I (heart) you dolphin and kitteh!!

    So important to be nice to the other beings that we share this planet with.

  35. Digitoonie says:

    O_O It’s cuter than a Lisa Frank folder.

  36. that’s so right.

  37. add some hot pink glitter and rainbow hearts, and it could be a trapper keeper from 1987.

  38. Digitoonie says:

    This. :lol:

  39. love the come ‘ere pawing action.

    and who takes their cat boating? love it.

  40. starling says:

    My parents used to take their cat sailing. No dolphins, though.

  41. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    begins singing “sailing, sailing, over the bounding Main…”

    (Sidebar inquiry: what & where is “the bounding Main” ?????)

    daughter of a 30-yr Navy guy ….

  42. victoreia says:

    Wherever it was, I’d bet it’s not “bounding” no more!

  43. Emmberrann says:

    Aherm. Navy Geekster here. The “bounding Main” refers, I believe, to what was called the “Spanish Main” in the XVIth and XVIIth centuries–or what you and I might call roughly the Caribbean Sea, this chanty being of the English variety, with a yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum (and 16 men on a dead man’s chest), Johnny Depp notwithstanding.

  44. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!!! says:

    cool & thanks!
    I still feel ashamed that I di-unt know it alreddy!

  45. Whenever my cats think I am not petting them actively and effectively enough, the do the same thing—they reach out a paw and pull my hand closer to them to do a better job. This cat was clearly pulling the dolphin’s snout closer for a more effective petting experience.

  46. victoreia says:

    Too true! Especially with the head-butt to the dolphin’s chin……

  47. Quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. This vid gave me a serious case of the warm & fuzzies. <3

  48. Malinki says:

    That. Was. Awesome.

  49. a combination that never even crossed my mind.

    the squealing, shrieking-with-glee women cracked me up.

  50. Honestly, they sounded just like my aunt from Atlanta }:\

  51. Rooanne says:

    Yay!! I almost sent this in but I was so mesmerized watching it over again…. LOVE this! See how the dolphin makes the first moves, by touching the kitty’s head with his/her nose, then the kitty wants to keep touching the dolphin. Amazing!

  52. Oh, I bet they just dug his purring! Man, the dolphins look so happy meeting the cat. That part where one splashes the water in excitement is so sweet! :D

  53. First off that kitty looks exactly like my Cipher. Secondly, WTF? Where does this happen? Why isn’t the cat scared? What the heck….OK, I gotta breathe.

    So seriously cute that I’ve lost the ability to think clearly. It’s like tequila on video. Only cute and I don’t want to slap anyone.

  54. That kitty looks just like mine too! I’m dying!! OH MY GAGH my life is now complete.

  55. Decca, Kitty looks exactly like my Spider too!!!! However, Spider would *never* go near the water like that. :)

  56. WendyPinNJ says:

    “It’s like tequila on video. Only cute and I don’t want to slap anyone.”

    Now that you mention it, that sounds about right!

  57. The cat looks exactly like my Iria! And somehow I can see her doing something that crazy, too :D

  58. kenny_g says:

    Cat: “Wat dis? Smells feeshee. Want.” *boff* “Gimme feeshee” *boff, boff* “Feeshee, gimme…ehn.. feeshee… ehn” *boff, boff”.

  59. earlybird1 says:

    LOL! Exactly what I was thinking! XD

  60. my thoughts exactly! LOL

  61. ashagato says:

    i love the word “boff” here, it’s perfect!

  62. excellent! I gotta watch again and insert your commentary!

  63. Tracy B. says:

    Ha! That was my thought too! That was that the cat was thinking “Wow, if I can get this fish, I WIN.”

  64. That would be “WINNING”

  65. (The Original) Mel says:

    “Oh. You have fish breath too.”

  66. HAW!

  67. LOL

  68. margiemarz says:

    Very nice – until the dolphin decides to snap at poor little kitty!

  69. countessmara says:

    Oh. Em Gee. That was amazing. Kittie’s gonna end up in the drink, I think.

  70. kenny_g says:

    :D I was pretty sure the claws were in, hence *boff*, rather than *screeeow*.

  71. Well that’s one kitty we don’t have to worry about falling into the fishbowl.
    (Yes I do know a dolphin isn’t a fish but has anyone ever heard of a mammal bowl?)
    Mythology tells us if he/she does fall in a “rescute” is close at hand…er..paw er..fin.
    Hey it’s Friday night anyone want to see a movie ? I hear Boy on a dolphin is playing in the snicker lounge .

  72. Cat’s just wondering what sort of sauce would go well with that fish.. :)

  73. OMG.. That is just Mind boggling.
    The tenderness of it all… I am in AWE.

  74. did anyone notice that after the 1st time the kitty got splashed and didnt like it – none of the dolphins splashed near him – came up nice and gentle through the water. totally amazing!!!

  75. Yeah, they totally figured out the “don’t splash the kitty” thing.

  76. Aww my two faborite aminals! (faborite was a typo; left it that way ;)

  77. Faborite hmmmmm……….I LIKE it !!!

  78. What a great *29th* birthday present for me! A kitteh and dolphin combo video?! How did you know it was exactly what I wanted?!

  79. Mary (the first) says:

    Doesn’t everyone want a kitteh and dolphin combo?? And Happy Birthday!

  80. Thanks, Mary! Best secondthirdfourth 29th evah!

  81. Surrealle says:

    Can’t help but wonder what the dolphin thinks of how fur feels :)

    I was a little too nervous to fully enjoy this video though, as they are still wild animals (presumably this wasn’t at some kind of park). Also, there’s laws against touching or even going near wild dolphins, at least in Florida and probably elsewhere. All in all though, it was very cool, thanks for sharing. :)

  82. SheepishKitty says:

    it looks like that lady have a whistle in her mouth, so she is blowing it like a command? so maybe it’s trained?

  83. SheepishKitty says:

    I from the people talking, it sounds like someone in the back ground is getting a lesson on how to swim with the dolphin.

  84. Mary (the first) says:

    Must be a park. One of the dolphins is named “Arthur”.. listen again, you’ll hear it. And kitteh’s name is Thunder.

  85. Haha! Thunder…for a cat! Love it.

  86. countessmara says:

    After all, Thundercats are go!!

  87. OMG NARF! LOL!

  88. countessmara says:

    We’ll be sure to let the kitty know it’s illegal to touch the dolphins.

  89. Georgiabelle says:

    *SNICKER* Yeah, cats totally listen.

  90. arrest that dolphin-molesting kitteh, stat!

  91. What is the story behind this? Please, please tell…

  92. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Frendlyest. Meel. EBAR!!!

  93. cyberpunkrocker says:

    I’m always amazed by the cats’ ability to befriend with *all*kind of animals

  94. overloaded says:

    Except other cats :)

  95. I love it, I hope it’s all good and ethical, and such…. I would like it a leetle better if the kitty had a kitty life jacket on. Dolphins or not, it’s way too easy to fall off a boat, even for a kitty, and oceans have things like waves and currents….

  96. Christy says:

    Excellent point! Kitty needs a life jacket!

  97. It’s OK. Kitties can swim. They do the dog paddle, hence avoid unpleasantness

  98. Emmberrann says:

    Or, cat paddle, as the case may be.

  99. Kimberly says:

    It’s obviously some sort of dolphin park. You can hear people in back ground getting instructions for getting in the water with the dolphins. Then one dolphin is told to give the cat a kiss. Obviously wild dolphins wouldn’t understand that command.

    My guess it that the cat was raise at the park, therefore not afraid of the dolphins.

  100. astropunkin says:

    Those dolphins knew exactly where to pet kitteh to make it wants more!!! So awesome!!!! :-D

  101. So when exactly does this turn into a full-on-cat-in-the-water-freak-out? All I kept thinking during the video except epic squees was, *SPLASH* followed by *angry cat scream!!!1!!!!1* Oh! Wouldn’t it be adorable if the dolphins “saved” the cat?

    I must agree with previous posters. BEST THING EVAR.

  102. I would pay anything to watch that. ANYTHING. *snigger*

  103. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Love everything about this video. Interspecies snorgling at its finest. Dying to know the back story.


  105. baby birdie says:


  106. THAT. WAS. AWESOME. Animals are amazing creatures!

  107. I agree with you 100%, Jordan :D

  108. JerilynS says:

    Absolutely awe inspiring! I keep waiting for kitty overboard, but fortunately that never happened. And the interspecies mutal interest and admiration was palpable! Now I want to visit with the dolphins and kitties concurrently. Maybe Hemmingway’s polydactyls on Key West?!!?

  109. I wouldn’t worry too much about the cat falling into the water.
    there are stories in Greek mythology of dolphins saving people from drowning
    & many examples of modern day dolphins saving people from sharks
    & drowning :
    I actually would worry more about the dolphin getting scratched saving the kitty if it fell in the water. In spite of the previous sweet/sad video I believe most adult cats tend to freak out when suddenly introduced to water & claws really don’t care what they shred in order to get traction. I’ve felt dolphin skin & I know it’s really sensitive but don’t think it would stand up very well to a four wheeled drive assault. IMHO

  110. There are also documented cases of dolphins playing volleyball with the battered body of a smaller species of porpoise just for kicks. I think the people, including myself, who are worried about the cat falling in are justified.

  111. ewwww! quit turning off the fun switch!

  112. There are also documented cases of humans killing humans, and you got to be careful all the time in case your neighbour is a serial killer or other type of psycho. If you want to be a worrier, then go ahead. My motto is “don´t worry, be happy”, like most people here on CO. :)

  113. When it comes to the safety and well-being of an animal with another, unpredictable wild animal, I’d say that’s a pretty irresponsible attitude to take.

  114. Julie, I didn´t mean it to sound irresponsible. It was more meant just for here on CO to be happy rather than be a nuffer. I do of course respect your attitude as well and I understand what you´re saying. I just won´t get into a discussion about it here cause this is not the place for it.

  115. If you want to learn about the lives of dolphins raised in a park, which this video comes from, I recommend watching the documentary The Cove.

  116. i’ve heard that movie is too gruesome, but the message is good.

  117. That’s dolphins raised for six-flag type parks- NOT the type of parks where people can swim with dolphins, please don’t wake up the nuffers!

  118. You’re wrong Micki. It applies to the swim with dolphin parks too.

  119. (micki, i don’t want to startle you, but the nuffer is already IN THE HOUSE!!!)

  120. I, too, kept expecting the kitty to fall in. She’s got good balance!

  121. This is just amazing…how animals teach us to be tolerant!!!

  122. where??? why??? how??? I need to know!

  123. bookmonstercats says:

    I am just about to sing solo at a recital, for the first time, after many years sheltering in the chorus. Only four minutes long, but I am keeling over with nerves. I could not have asked for anything happier to see before I do the, “We who are about to die (on our feet) salute you…” and “it is (not) a far, far better thing I do now than I have ever done before….” thingy.

  124. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Best of luck on solo.
    You aren’t alone on the stage; we are here but also there to provide you encouragement!! My thought, is that whoever’s in charge of choosing soloists, has already determined that you’ve shown an ability of which you weren’t aware, and they are confident of your results !!!!!

  125. bookmonstercats says:

    Thank you so much, O NO. There is still a lot to work to do, and I have no hesitation in saying that I will never sing the Queen of the Night, but I can take some pride in the fact that I have done one of the scariest things in the world, and come out of it at the other end :)

  126. countessmara says:

    Doesn’t everybody sing the Queen of the Night? I do, in the shower. And what is solo singing on the stage, but a shower without the walls or the wet or the soap? I’m sure you did great.

  127. bookmonstercats says:

    Help. Next time I am singing, I will be giggling my head off, thinking about this. Perhaps if I arrive wearing a shower cap and a bath towel…..

  128. Good luck bookmonstercats i know you will sing like a bird beautiful and sweet.

  129. bookmonstercats says:

    I was told I tell the story well with my facial expressions, have good dynamic colouring, supportive breathing, and still have intensity on the pianissimo sections. I was just conscious that they weren’t always present all at the same time, and not necessarily in the right order, Mr Preview.

    Thank you all, peeps, for your support. I’m overwhelmed.

  130. For those about to ROCK we salute you !!!! Go Get ’em BMC ! Break a leg !!!

  131. GO BOOKMONSTERCATS! *waving pompoms furiously*

  132. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    oooooooooooooooooooo Thereeeeeeeeeeeesa….

    why are you furious, at your pompoms, hmmmmm????

    Occasionally Mischievous.

  133. paulajeanne says:

    Good luck, bookmonstercats! But if a kitty can pet and kiss, a dolphin, anything is possible!

  134. bookmonstercats says:

    Thank you so much, paulajean. Against the odds, it went very well and I got good feedback. I didn’t die on my feet anyway. Obvy, teh Qte was with me!!

  135. Yay!

  136. Let there be another CO category – “Extreme snorgling” And it was so lol

  137. Anyone know why FB won’t let me post this? It keeps blocking it……

  138. Anyone know why FB won’t let me post this? They keep blocking it…….

  139. Gustav M says:

    Cats AND dolphins at the same time?!?! This will create a youtube singularity. The interwebs are gonna SPLODE!!

  140. Blossom says:

    That is off the scale. This is what heaven must be like.

  141. Rachael says:

    My reaction exactly. It truly doesn’t get any better than this. I am in awe of a universe in which this is even possible.

  142. HAPPYCAT says:

    Ahhhh kitty needs chin scratched and lots of attention.

    (Did anyone else hear kitty say “Tastes like Tuna!!!” or was it just me?

  143. Kallisto says:

    Okay, I had thought I had seen it all. I stand corrected.

  144. Dolphins and cats living together! MASS HYSTERIA!

  145. victoreia says:


  146. WTF! Is this for reals? Kitty’s all “fish, mmm, OMG – WAY too big to eat – now what do I do?” Dolphin’s all “strange fuzzy thing, but it head-butts like me, must be ok”
    Almost a page out of “Fluke, or I know Why the Winged Whale Sings” by Christopher Moore.

  147. Alice Shortcake says:

    Well, that’s rendered me useless for the rest of the day. I once had a cat that looked exactly like Thunder, and now I feel a bit guilty that I never gave her the opportunity to head-butt a dolphin.

  148. rees120 says:

    Too bad dolphins have to live in the water & we cant have them as pets in the house! and that cat looks like my BABYCAT who i had to put to sleep 6 weeks ago.

  149. rees, so sorry about your kitty. It hurts so much to lose an anipal–do dolphin kisses help at all?

  150. bookmonstercats says:

    I’m rather glad that Kitty didn’t ask me to chop enough capers to make tartare sauce for that dish!!

  151. baby birdie says:

    Furbidden luv?

  152. Your bref smells of fish… i loff eet!

  153. songbrdnurse says:

    Kitteh is like “mmm, come a leeetle closer so I can smell the….ahhhh, fishees! Halibut, or is it Yellowfin…yes, with a faint *sniff, sniff* of, my goodness, is that *sniff, sniff* tartar sauce???”

  154. That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. If they can get along that nicely, why can’t people all get along?

  155. chanpon says:

    Dolphin: “Moooom! Can I keep him?! Pleeeeassee…”

  156. The gentleness of this is astounding. They are so tender with each other. It’s incredible.

  157. Queen of Dork says:

    After I watched this video, I had to apply those zap paddles to my own chest because my heart stopped for a bit there. When I first read the “Cat Plays With Dolphins” I was like, “Huh? How could THAT happen?” And then I watched it. I swooned a lot and felt instantly like maybe the world is kind and gentle and playful instead of horrid and cruel. Animals of the non-human type have so much more going on in the positive way.

  158. Queen of Dork says:

    And, I’m again in the Moderation Lounge. Could someone please slip a bit of quiche through the crack in the door for me?

  159. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Here, Q !!!

    Spinach quiche, with hot fudge sauce and rainbow sprinkles on it; and…let’s see, maybe some lemonade to warsh ‘er down???? :) :)

  160. I was thinking a nice chilled Frascati from Friuli-Veneto.

  161. “I love you…but this can never be.” *head butt*

  162. That is the most precious thing I´ve ever seen. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. :D

  163. I wonder how much “fish” a dolphin smell and how much it contributes to the kitten’s happiness

  164. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    “How much wood, would a wood chuck chuck, if . ….” ;)

  165. That’s exactly what I was thinking. At first, the cat probably was just curious, but dolphin’s mouths probably smell pretty yummy to a cat. Plus, cats like to rub themselves on strong-scented things sometimes. Without having experienced a dolphin’s mouth personally, I can only hypothesize. :)

    Also OMG TEH QTE!

  166. I wonder if Dolphins naturally smell of catnip… ;)

  167. flutterby says:

    Loving the comments, but for some reason, this technophobe is unable to watch videos without constant ‘buffering’ or whatever that doofus revolving circle is. Any ideas out there in peep land?

  168. Just pause the video, go make yourself a coffee and (hopefully) by the time you come back the whole vid will have loaded. I get the same problem!!!

  169. countessmara says:

    there’s an awful lot of teef in that there dolphin mouf.

  170. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh Jesus. I barely survived the sheer fantasticalness of that! I don’t know who to squish first: the kitty who loves a dolphin or the dolphin who loves a kitty!

  171. Whenever my cats think I am not petting them actively and effectively enough, the do the same thing—they reach out a paw and pull my hand closer to them to do a better job. This cat was clearly pulling the dolphin’s snout closer for a more effective petting experience.

    I also love the way all the other dolphins come cose to get acquainted with Mr. Kitteh and to get in on the fun.

  172. blueneb says:

    why wun’t this tuna get in muh belly!!!!

  173. like.

  174. tiffany says:

    um….kitty should have a little kitty life-jacket on! or do kitties cat-paddle? guess there’s one way to find out….

    otherwise, super qt video!!!11!11!!11!!111111

  175. Kitties kitty paddle… (dog paddling by a kitty)

  176. I have officially seen it all.
    leaving the planet.

  177. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    seems like a reasonable assessment and response.

  178. Snurfles says:

    I agree the kitty should have a life jacket. Other than that, I completely enjoyed this video! Also, I have to take issue just a little bit with the person who pointed out that dolphins are wild animals. Perhaps from our human perspective they are “wild” but the level of intelligence that dolphins display has, at times, been graded higher than simians! These mammals are the ONLY ones in the world besides human who enjoy sex JUST for fun, not for procreation. They are far more evolved than we believe they are. Yes, they are different from us and certainly we must be careful around them, but they are also a creature of extreme sentience that we cannot even begin to understand with our current methods.

    I love dolphins so much and this is the best video on CO that I’ve seen in a very long time!

  179. They’re also one of the few mammals in the world who kill just for fun. I for one was pretty nervous watching this video.

  180. Bonobo chimps have sex for fun as well, I believe.

  181. Krista C. says:

    It’s true about bonobos!

  182. Snurfles says:

    Ah! Well then, I happily stand corrected. :)

  183. Uhm, all animals have sex for fun. That’s the whole idea behind sex :-) And how can wild animals not be intelligent? “Wild” just means “not tamed by humans”.
    There’s also a distinctly dark side to dolphin’s intelligence which I will not go into here because it has no place near that awesome video! But they are able of a lot of cruel behaviour too. They are animals, just like we are, not angels.

  184. Sorry, but that’s not true. I’ve read a great deal about dolphins and I didn’t just pull that stat out of the air. Most animals have sex for procreation, it’s instinct, not pleasure that drives them. And I believe my point has been missed. I never said anything about dolphins being angels. And I guess by your definition, we are all wild animals. However, to me, a species as evolved intellectually as dolphins should not be put in that category. I truly believe that we know less than half of what there is to know about these magnificent creatures and one day we will be humbled as that knowledge increases. I think they are beautiful and fascinating but I never said they weren’t capable of un-cute behavior. I think we can all agree that for the most part, they are wonderful to watch.

  185. “I’ve read a great deal about dolphins and I didn’t just pull that stat out of the air.”

    Um, yes you did. You said dolphins were the ONLY species that has sex for pleasure, and you were rightly corrected. However, bonobos aren’t the only other species that does it. A number of the greater apes do, as well as pigs. And masturbation has been observed in several species.

  186. Snurfles says:

    First of all your “Um, yes you did” was VERY rude! I don’t come here to be insulted. The stat I got on dolphins was, granted, quite a few years ago and maybe scientists didn’t know as much about animal habits then but I did NOT make it up so please do NOT call me a liar. And having sex often does not mean it isn’t instinct. I’m done with this comment page. I only wanted to throw out some interesting tidbits and express my love for dolphins and you people have just ruined my day. Thanks a heap.

  187. there, there, snurfles. i don’t think she meant to insult you. i hope you’re day really wasn’t ruined. let’s just take some deep breaths. ahhhh… doesn’t that feel a little better?

    hey, look over there! a dolphin and a kitteh! OMG!

  188. I respectfully disagree. In fact, I’d say that humans are the only animals that have sex for procreation. Because we know that if we want babies, we’ll have to get some action. All the other animals think “hey, fun!”

  189. marthava says:

    Mmmmm. Fish! lol I bet that kitteh was thinking it was pretty cool that something that smelled so good wanted to be petted and snorgled, too!

  190. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    *green with jealousy*

  191. Queen of Dork says:

  192. Georgiabelle says:

    OMGWHATISTHISICAN’TEVENARGH!!! I have been rendered useless. Too cute, magical, and full of rainbows, sugar, flowers, hearts, and sunshine for words.

  193. I was expecting a video of a cat and dolphin playing with underwater aquarium glass between them….but then I saw they touched for real! Amazingly sweet to see. The gentle ‘boffs’ and ‘bops’ they gave each other were so cool.

  194. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps! I’m so sorry for this sad thread jack but I just saw this piece on the news. It was about how the BLM rounds up horses here in southern Nevada where I live. I knew that they do that, although I don’t understand why they won’t leave the wild horses alone to be themselves and to run and live. Anyway, (and I’m crying over here) they just showed the horses in a BLM place of some sort and they are in HORRIBLE condition! They showed one which was very emaciated and another with a terrible gash on his shoulder which probably happened during a round up and that nobody is giving any medical attention for. WHAT CAN I DO?!! How can I stop this?!

  195. @QoD

    hey, you are absolutely forgiven for threadjacking because you are a regular and upstanding contributor. BUT, if we won’t let people argue about canadian weeping seals, we can’t veer away from dolphin+kitteny goodness to talk about horses.

    a google search would likely give you the answers you seek:


    thank you for understanding.

  196. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks, Sharpy!

  197. ashagato says:

    awesome and amazingly adult interaction, Sh & QoD.

    folks, this is how it’s done!

  198. I was so happy when I saw this, but then I read people’s comments, and now everything got spoiled and wrong.
    Some people shoud keep certain comments for themselves.

  199. oh, it’s just one tuna-breath talking to another….squeakl, click, mew, purr!

  200. The video is now set to private :-(

  201. Snurfles says:

    Sharpy, you are very kind. Thank you. :)

  202. Danielle says:

    I’d love to know the back-story on this.

  203. bob drummond says:

    I am still in utter amazement. I am glad it on video. If someone had told me about
    this I would never have believed it. A cat and a dolphin nuzzeling each other. This one of the best videos I have ever seen in my life. Thank you whoever you are!

  204. This is unbelievable! I love it and wished I was on that boat witnessing it all.

  205. Sharon Wilson says:

    Now all we need is a video of a cat and an elephant!

  206. superboymom says:

    Oh geeeee . . . and I can’t get the “Flipper” song outta my head for some reason.

  207. Honestly, I’m not a big cat fan (not a dislike, or anything, but nothing like puppy-love), but this is a kitty I could love. Yes indeedy. So sweet!

  208. aquasaline says:

    I do believe I have been working at the WRONG Marine Lab all these years! Dang and darn it.

  209. Definitely cute. I just don’t know as I would have tested this friendship on MY cats. LOL

  210. Animals are just wonderful and amazing creatures closer to
    God then we are in some respect.

  211. Video now marked private – I haven’t seen it yet and I am upset since I thought it would be lovely to see. You may as well just delete it from the page as it is no use to anyone needing a cute overload!

  212. deep breaths, dee. we don’t have complete control over the internet. this happens more than you’d think.

    does this help? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u86BR85y-nA

  213. aw that was so cute. OMG I’m so… so that… I’m speechless


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