Tails, I win!

I rolled a six! Six wedges of cheese please! Is this a great game or what?

It’s your turn, Ace.


  1. Malinki says:

    Remember to hold Kamchatka at all costs.

  2. TrixandSam says:

    And Irkutsk! By god, don’t lose Irkutsk to that headless man.

  3. TrixandSam says:

    Too freakin’ cute! *splodes*

  4. “This is such a trivial pursuit” says the puppy. “I shall save your from the board-dom and take this outside to nom.”

  5. victoreia says:


  6. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    very very nice indeed!!!!

    *hands the prize to itsme!*

  7. sunnylessmum says:

    Great text Pyrit! I love how little dogs wear a harness because a collar would be just too much for their teeny little necks. :)

  8. Also a handle to hold them up. I kid!

  9. I can’t believe there’s a harness teeny enough for this li’l booger. :D

  10. Dana X. says:

    Trivial pupsuit?

  11. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:


  12. I can’t help noticing that the poor little puppy has no little wedge in his game piece. Hooman really should give him easier questions, he’s much younger than them after all. ;-)

  13. I do not understand the reasoning of the mod-bot.
    Signed: Confused in Monteal.

  14. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    IMHO, the reasoning of the mod-bot, is to give Sharpy tasks between munching cupcakes and pudding!!!!

    Jooost Jesting.

  15. TrixandSam says:

    Really? I think it’s true! Why do you think the Mod-Job is so coveted?

  16. Cheese, Gromit! :mrgreen:

  17. Mmmmm, Wins-leydale.

  18. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Also: the poop has cute little black manicures/ nails!!

  19. I must be starting my second childhood because I’m way too old to find this funny. :-D “he said poop” :-D :-D

  20. TrixandSam says:

    heh heh

    heh heh

  21. Geography: This Micronesian island chain is known for “stone money.”

    Entertainment:By what name is comedian and poet Julius Russell better known?

    History: What Renaissance neckwear reached absurd proportions during the Elizabethan era?

    Arts & Literature: Along with the warp, what are these threads that make up a woven textile?

    Sports & Liesure: In golf, what is area outside the green and the fairway?

  22. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    “Ooooooh, ooooh, pick ME. Arts & Literature: That’s the WOOF !!!!!”

    heh. heh. :)

  23. Oops, I forgot a category:

    Science & Nature: Located outside the vascular cambrium, what part of a tree is made up of the periderm and rhytidome?

  24. I might also note that all these questions come from Trivial Pursuit®: Dog Edition,* where all the questions can be answered by dogs.

    *Are you listening, Parker Brothers? I could make you all millionaires.

  25. Yap (ok I Googled this but I knew all the others!)
    Nipsey Russell
    the ruff
    the rough
    the bark

    and these all relate to a doggie. Very clever HP! (you make good sauce by the way….)

  26. “Nipsey” cracks me up. I spent the weekend with my sister’s tiny-dog mixed-breeds, and they were both very nipsey.

  27. Don’t feel bad. I searched Wikipedia for “yap,” and then wrote the question backwards. I’d heard of stone money before, though, so I figured it was googlable.

  28. Most learned and erudite comment thread EVAR!

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah I knew all but “Yap” too :D. Yay for HP !

  30. Is Nipsey Russell related to Jack Russell?

  31. They are both indefatigable.

  32. baby birdie says:

    I knew the geography one. It was Yap. Don’t dogs know that? :P

  33. Brilliant (once I scrolled down and got the answers from Ffleur)

  34. When you play board games with a cute puppeh, everyone is a winner!

  35. Too true! I need to get me one of those game-playin’ puppies….

  36. kibblenibble says:

    This, my friends, is the perfect puppeh. :-)

  37. I generally make it a policy to avoid this particular expression in my day-to-day interactions, whether online or face-to-face, but…

    *barfing rainbows*

    Thank you.

  38. Does anyone know the breed? I love this cutie!

  39. I don’t know either but I’d love to know the breed too!! Any ideas, people? =] I’m dog-searching and this kind of pooch seems too cute to not adopt.

  40. Yes! The sender-inner says, “Meet Ace, the cutest Chorkie to ever walk the earth.”

    “Chorkie”!!! Chihuahua and Yorkie? Chipmunk and Yorkie???

  41. Chorkie? Haha that sounds too cute! Chi-weenies are also adorable :D

  42. Really? I was thinking there had to be some miniature pinscher in there, because of the coloration. I guess chihuahuas have that sort of coloring, too, though…

    Ace is truly adorable!

  43. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    min-pin also came to my alleged mind ….

  44. Peppermint Mouse says:

    The half-folded ears mean this pup will grow up to have straight-up, pointed ears. That’s all I can tell you.

  45. that tall girl says:

    Looks like my Sadie girl who is a chi-weenie (or as I like to call her, a weenie-wa-wa!) Could also be a min-pin.

  46. Awesome! Thanks so much =] Chi as in chihuahua right?

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    I bet my friends would play Trivial Pursuit with me again if I had a cute puppy to play too. I always win so nobody will play with me. :(

  48. Martha in Washington says:

    In the Mod Lounge! I haven’t been here in a while. Looks the same. Is it because of the bragging? I’ll try a slice of the humble pie please.

  49. Esmemeow says:

    I don’t think it’s bragging. I have the same problem.

  50. Kathleen says:

    this is such a cute video! love the end, everyone should watch

  51. Peppermint Mouse says:

    I love that! It’s adorable! :D

  52. Rule 14! Rule 14!!!! That little wedge thingy looks GINORMOUS next to this adorable McPuppersons.

  53. baby birdie says:

    And Rule 42. Check out the ears.

  54. Hon Glad says:

    Trivial pursuit I like, but most other board games (bored games) soon rob me with the will to live, but if they came with a puppy, I might manage to keep interested.

  55. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    wow Hon Glad — you have DEEP, resounding reactions to board games!!!!

    (or should I repeat the phrase “bored games” from the breeelllliant commenter waaaaaaaaaaay up above??? :) )

  56. (The Original) Mel says:

    He ate an entire wheel of cheese and pooped in the refrigerator. ;)

  57. Wait – that’s Trivial Pursuit? I haven’t played in ages but I don’t remember it looking like that.

  58. Ali-baba says:

    I know what you mean! The version i have has questions about East Gernany and the USSR… I guess I’m officially an adult ;-)

  59. Time to change the name of your blog to Extreme Cuteness! giggle. Have a fabulous Thursday and a happy weekend!

  60. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    That is FREAKIN adorable!! :)

    When our cat was a tiny kitten he too would put his tiny paws on our gameboard pieces & push them around :) Hubby was like, “Hey! Taffy’s CHEATING!” ;)

  61. The leetle eyebrows!!!

  62. Rosemary says:

    Remember this?


    This was my darling Tikkus playing the same game. Just a few weeks ago, she died. I’m still going to pieces, but having seen her on cute overload is a happy memory.

  63. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    ooooooh Rosemary, all my condolences to you and RIP for Tikkus. :(
    Mebbe she’ll meet my darling Salinger, up in Rainbowland/ Rhinestoneville????


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