All You Can Eat Bufferret

Many folks pop ‘em straight into their moufs. Down on the bayou, peel ‘n eat is a quick and delicious way to enjoy platter after platter of zesty baby ferret cocktails. Dip in remoulade sauce for extra mouthwatering results!

We’re gonna need a bib and extra napkins, Linda G.



  1. JerilynS says:

    Oh god… I just dreamed I was eating a bowl of gerbils. Yikes! This site is starting to give me nightmares!!!

  2. Birdcage says:

    They ain’t ripe yet!!!!!

  3. Oooo their little noses are shaped like butterflies!!!

  4. tracylee says:

    yeah, aren’t they just a leettle tart if you eat ’em too early?

    not, um, that I know or anything.

    the guy at the farmer’s market told me. yep.

  5. So may belley to snorgle….so little time.

  6. CAN’T UNSEE!!

  7. I think these are the slow to melt in your mouth kind. I plan on putting mine in a nice crystal candy dish on my coffee table for all to admire.

  8. The pearly feetsies!

  9. At Lowe’s, they have a big sign up over one aisle that says “Hardware” and “Ferreteria” under that.

    I am always disappointed not to find any ferrets there.

    (OK, I know I am showing my ignorance – it is a bilingual sign. However, I am pretty much monolingual.)

  10. Why so they are! Squee!!

  11. “Peel and Eat”? I’d say these have already been peeled. Such pink little sweeties.

  12. Shazzie says:

    And not just “Ferrets” but a ferret cafeteria!!!
    I can only imagine your disappointment!

    Your posting made me giggle! Thanks for the morning laugh 🙂

  13. Can’t unsquee. 😀

  14. What fat little bellies.

  15. Hanushka says:

    I’m pretty sure those aren’t ferrets. They look like baby otters.

  16. Anony Mouse says:

    . . . and I give up on this site. That picture is fine, but the caption is revolting.

  17. January says:

    You all always want to snack on them. I want to stick em in my pocket and feel em wiggle!

  18. January says:

    Who knew?

  19. Yes, like butterflies! Soooo precious!

  20. “Is that a ferret in your pocket . . . ?” :mrgreen:

  21. belphebe says:

    @BB/VA, A friend of mine took a picture of a “Ferreteria” sign when he was on holiday so that he could give it to me. I can’t remember where he took it, but I was pleased that he did.

    Even though I know what kind of trouble these critters will get into when they open their eyes, I still want to grab them all and take them home with me!

    Maybe no-one will notice if I take one. Or two. Or maybe three…

  22. (The Original) Mel says:

    Belly zerberts. Tiny ones.

  23. I sure didn’t. Learn something new every day…

  24. … perhaps a wafer thin mint?

  25. *dies laughing*

  26. You see, it’s an exaggerated metaphor … oh, nevermind.

  27. oh, those toe nubs. Good heavens. Nekkid bellehs and toe nubs! Too much.

    That’s gonna be a bucket of squirm in about, oh, five days or so, when they get their strenth.

  28. Just drizzle with honey.

  29. OK I guess I was not fully awake this morning, what I wanted to say was…

    So many bellies to snuggles, so little time!

  30. New Knee socks with eyes in 8 packs.

  31. ScoutsMom says:

    I love the jazz hands on the forth one.

  32. flutterby says:

    …always wondered how tube socks were made! Very anerable when new!


  34. OMG, yes!

  35. There should definitely be a long steam table with ladies with hairnets and long spoons on one side and ferrets with tiny trays on the other.

  36. Jazz hands, hahahaha, ScoutsMom… and belleh wrinkles!

    Are there even more babies in the upper left corner?

  37. I’m pretty sure they look like shrimps! 😕

  38. PS: ”

  39. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    “We will eat no ferret before its time…”

  40. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    perhaps ferrets with hairnets????

  41. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Nope, but I”m still glad to see you 🙂

  42. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    so that’s four pair??

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    So much pinkness!!

  44. Ali-baba says:

    Sorta like Jell-O… There’s ALWAYS room for ferrets! 🙂

  45. Yes ma’am four pair of socks with eyes for your enjoyment .. Also explains how you lose one sock… you know they just run off all by their self. The cute little stinkers

  46. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Let’s see, a group of ferrets is called a business. This is several very young ferrets (little kneesock stripes haven’t even come in yet) so I’m going to call them a “startup.”

  47. tracylee says:

    sign me up for to invest some venture capital in this endeavor!

  48. :mrgreen:

  49. I love the whole idea of a “business of ferrets.” Such awesome visuals.

  50. oh my gosh. Perfection.

  51. Best comment to a nuff evar!

  52. Birdcage says:

    Sharpy – I lurves your avatar …. gravatar …. picture-thingy-ma-bob whatever it’s called.

  53. Lewis n' Clark says:

    so if somebody starts “giving me the business”, does that mean they are going to hand me a bunch of ferrets? Yay! Oh, and, based on Mr. Pants’s defish, I think “incubating new businesses” has a whole new meaning!

  54. Every time I come back, now – which is many! – when the picture loads I think “Jazzpaws!!” and have a happy laugh. so thank you!

  55. That would have been my exact comment. 🙂

  56. victoreia says:


  57. Surrealle says:

    *snicker* It actually kinda grossed me out too, but the comments and the picture itself more than made up for that.

  58. trinlayk says:

    Oh definitely the picture in my mind when I drive by the “Ferreteria” near where I used to work…. even the lovely ironwork they’ve got up, doesn’t dissuade me from imagining ferrets getting lunch there.

    These little guys and gals seem so naked, I want to knit them teeny ferret sweaters.

    (I used to have ferrets, they’re awesome, I miss them…)

  59. Ali-baba says:

    True…I’m picturing an office with ferrets in wee pinstripe suits, making copies, hanging out by the water cooler, playing WOW and checking out CO when they should be completing their bi- weekly status update reports on the status of their reports that explain how to write a bi-weekly status update report. Oh, and they work the night shift.

  60. And eat in the ferreteria! 😉

  61. Oh my goodness! This is the first time I’ve ever seen baby ferrets. They are incredibly cute!

  62. GROSS!!!! how can you talk about eating the scrumptiously cute babies; with your eyes, maybe.

  63. I like how the little morsel on the far left has his little paw over his eye.

  64. swimmer love says:

    “Dont eat me!!!! im inocent!!!!” Says the second to last ferrit

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  65. dawn guerra says:

    babies were adorable but NOT TO EAT….