Mom, I Love My New Chew Toy!

It’s so lifelike! Where do you put the batteries?

Peeps, we need a judgement call: Is this a Marc Anthony Experience?



  1. OMG this puppy is just pure happiness!

  2. LibrarianJessica says:

    Perhaps a non-traditional M.A.E., but I think for a true M.A.E. you need a itteh bitteh *kitteh* and gigantor dog.

  3. I love the patience that the rottie has-ie, not squishing little beagle bug

  4. LibrarianJessica says:

    Just caught the hover-text. Perfect.

  5. I swear I’m gona bi**h slap the next person that tells me rottweilers are evil !
    Ahhhhhh! so cute!!

  6. Lil’ Beagle must be ecstatic that his giant chew toy is 5 times his size!

  7. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    that they-uh is what Ah calls, an energetic lil beagle person!!

  8. This is adorable!

  9. Who says David & Goliath can’t be besties !!!!!!!!

  10. Noelle (the First) says:

    I love how out of breath the Rottie seems! It’s so typical, when you get older and look at kids you wonder, where do they get the energy!?!

  11. connoisseur-of-cute says:

    Beagles make the world better. This just proves it.

  12. i loffs it

  13. I’m thinking more of a Henry Hawk/Foghorn Leghorn tag. What a sweet rottie to put up with that young whipper snapper.

    “isn’t it nap time already?”

  14. That Rottweiler’s teeth are whiter than mine. A lot whiter. And he has a puppy friend.
    I’m feeling pretty inadequate right now.

  15. Moar Rotties!! I love how tolerant dogs are of puppies!

    On a sad, related note, our female Rottie, Blue, was just diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma and has started chemo. Please think happy thoughts for her, my fellow peeps!

  16. JuliaJellicoe says:

    I’ve had this in my YouTube favorites queue for at least a couple of years. The oinking noises, the romping, the, er, bit of “No, I can do that myself.” Love it!

  17. RAWR!


  18. Done! Happy healing thoughts coming you way!

  19. Face noms! FAAAACE NOMMMMMS!!! 😀

  20. Surrealle says:

    Aww, so cute.. And the intact/un-docked tail on the rottie scores major points with me! Awesome

  21. Ha! The happy little tailio action at 0:29 is adorable. Such a squirmy little ball of energy! 🙂

  22. Sending healing vibes your way. Hugs.

  23. That’s the most energy expended laying down ever! (human exercising doesn’t count!) It’s so adorable that he is so gentle with the baby even though he could take it’s whole head in his mouth. The baby will keep him fit as it gets older too, beagles remain high energy play machines!

  24. 260Oakley says:

    Hugs to you and a gentle scritch for Blue. I’d wish her a little beagle friend to cheer her up, but that might be bit more than she cares to handle at the moment.

  25. (The Original) Mel says:

    Beaglebeaglebeaglebeaglebeaglebeaglebeagle. IT’S BEAGLE!

  26. (The Original) Mel says:

    P.s. Rawrnomrawrnomrawrnomrawrnom. RAWR! IT’S BEAGLE!

  27. Yay! Similar to this is a video of an aggressive puppy with a playful German Shepherd.

  28. warriortwo says:

    Aw! Big dog teachin’ little dog how to be a dog. Very important lesson, grasshopper.

  29. Poor blue. Happy hugs little one.

  30. victoreia says:


    (catches breath) Why yes, I do consider that a “Marc Anthony Experience”!

  31. I want to be attacked by that beagle! That little soft-bellied squirmy morsel. I love the breathless grunting sounds. What a dear, dear Rottie

  32. Martha in Washington says:

    The beautiful Rottie is gonna need a lie-down after this! Bouncy Beagle is gonna need another toy to play with! Want them both!

  33. Alas, there is an ashtray visible on the table near the end of the video.

    Secondhand smoke is JUST as harmful to dogs (and cats and other pets) as it is to infants and children.

    End PSA.

    Some years ago, I was a tv station sponsored family fun day. One of the groups there was the local rottie rescue group. So, there were diverse friendly rotties there, making friends with anything that moved, as well as a bin of rottie puppies.

    Well, a bin o’ puppies! Who can resist?

    So, here I am, on my knees getting my fingers nommed by the puppies, when I am suddenly surrounded by the adult dogs.

    “Oh, dear. This CAN’T be good.”

    Well, seeing as how I was now down on their level, it was play with AND slobber on the human.

    Half a dozen rotties, wanting nothing more than ear skritches and to do some face licking.

    Lovely, wonderful dogs, each and every one!

  34. ScooterB says:

    That’s a great analogy, I say, a good analogy.

  35. Awwwwwwwkward moment at 1:21!

  36. Exactly.

  37. ashagato says:

    pretty sure this is one of the cutest things i have ever seen………..

  38. Ali-baba says:

    Warm thoughts and sunshine are headed your & Blue’s way!

  39. Ali-baba says:

    Dog spit facials! So good for the skin! 😉
    And the soul!

  40. What a patient rottweiler. Lovely.

  41. The Beagle nearly disappears into the rotties mouth.

  42. Jedi Arashi says:

    I can’t remember when or where I saw this first, but I still love it! Cute widdle beagle and sweet, gentle Rottweiler… Now I wanna see my puppies! They’re a similar size ratio, as they’re an Afghan Hound and a Papillon. My sweeties…!

    And whoever said it above: yes, the doggie noises! Snorts and scarfs!

  43. If only we could bottle that energy! (and if only I could have a fraction of it!)

  44. the Rott’s (/Rott-mix’s?) “WHOA GENITALS HOLD UP” response.

  45. AuntieMame says:

    I was gonna say!

    Inappropriate puppy is inappropriate. :mrgreen:

  46. Hyup. Glad someone else spotted that too!

  47. I do believe it was that intense, repeat as necessary.

  48. I was hoping puppy wouldn’t gnaw the wrong end! I cringed even.

  49. OMG. I don´t know what my favourite bit is! The running jumps, or the runs around the armchair, or the “Oh no NOT the wiener, you don´t chew on that ever!” disapproval from the Rottweiler.

    If the Rottie wasn´t so gentle and patient he could bite the Beagle´s head right off. I am glad it´s such a sweet boy. If I could handle one of them I would so *love* a Rottweiler (but Lugosi, the alpha male amongst my 3 cats would probably have *his* head *snicker*).

  50. Another day i saw the same scene in the street. A little beagle playing with a pitbull. Those pupies are crazy XDDDDD

  51. ROTS aren’t “evil”, it’s the BAD ROT OWNERS that are “evil”. Just like with children, animals LEARN BY EXAMPLE and if a PET OWNER is a mean person to their pet even the most docile dog will become vicious sooner or later. This video was GREAT!….

  52. Love the constant flailing legs!

  53. Princess of Insolence says:

    Go, Blue, go! You can do it!!

  54. More warm happy thoughts being sent for Blue.

  55. These comments having me longing for a good laugh at the expense of Miss Prissy or the chicken hawk. 😀

  56. Just more proof the Rottie’s may look mean, but they are really just marshmallows.
    Now where can I find an adult Rottie and a Beagle baby, I must have that combo in my living room.

  57. earlybird1 says:


  58. Yeah, I was askeered for the big guy. *whew*

    Silly puppy is silly. Big scary rottie is… not so much. What a big overgrown love bug!!

  59. Undocked Rottie tail: WHAPWHAPWHAPWHAP

  60. That puppy is just a blur!

  61. Love. Especially love the presentation of the little carpet square, and Rottie’s “Huh?” look at the end.

  62. That rottie had better synchronize the naps HE wants to take with leetle junior’s naps – or them naps ain’t happening!

  63. Rottie tail!! Yay! Kind of like a German Shepard tailio, who knew?!! Good for them.

  64. Pfft. And they say rotts are violent.

  65. Who is the chew toy? They re both wonderful! My hugs and best wishes to Blue and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  66. sunnylessmum says:

    Snoopy bebeh!!

  67. Busy baby beagle!!!

  68. The leetle carpet square just about keeled me!

  69. Indeed! I think I would have run out of patience long before the rottie…

  70. I noticed that, too! The beagle seems more like a wind up toy than battery-powered (with the tail being the winding mechanism, of course).

  71. Then the beagle is clearly a self-winding toy! Perpetual motion machine.

  72. yurp. M.A.E. is a negation of the natural-enemy trope, with an order-of-magnitudeifier on top.

    this is merely interbreed ultrasnorgling, with enhanced order-of-magnitudification.

    beaglepops, btw, are rechargeable. they go like this for a few minutes, then you see them plugging themselves into a couch cushion for a few hours. though it does take longer if a lap is inserted interstitial to the beagle-cushion interface.

    they also have a low gear that extends their range impressively. let them off the leash in the woods and if you yourself can follow at a brisk walk you’ll reach the canadian border, eventually. i’m pretty sure that’s what they’re all looking for. seems to be the only thing they ever find.

  73. autumnsong says:

    Rotties make the world better :o) My old girl used to play with puppies and small dogs just like this. She would lay down and let them climb all over her and she would gently play with just her head. Best dogs ever!

  74. And at :56. Rottie is all “ummmm…. No. Up here please.” and then continued instructional play-time. What a sweetie.

  75. She is so gentle with puppy!

  76. Like pitbulls, it all depends on breeding and training. This Rottweiler is terrific!

  77. Hmm, on further look, Rottie seems to be a fella! Even more wonderful. Puppies jumps on his head, and he just enjoys it.

  78. LOL!!

  79. The moment when puppy checks out Rottie’s male equipment is the only moment the big dog stops him.

  80. Awww..all the best for her.

  81. Agree about keeping tail intact.

  82. Probably thinks that’s where you nurse. We had some puppies try to do that with a male dog. Didn’t succeed.

  83. Love your story.

  84. Wishing you and Blue all the best.

  85. darkshines says:

    These two look like the best of friends, I bet they have all kinds of awesome adventures. I hope they grow old together ❤

  86. Gigi (the original one) says:

    You are preaching to the choir Diane.

  87. I was gonna say! “Hey, those aren’t the batteries!” tee and hee!

  88. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    A. Non, I don’t know whether you are of the male or the female persuasion, but perhaps this might help (esp. if you’re a female?)

  89. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Nikki — I thought PRECISELY of the phrase “perpetual motion machine” in watching lil’ Beagle Guy, too 🙂

  90. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Ditto the entire line of logique!!!

  91. WendyPinNJ says:

    What a great way to wear out your puppy: get it it’s very own full grown Rottweiler. Such cuteness. Such a vicious Rotty.

  92. All the best to your darling, sending healing vibes your way.

  93. ‘YEe-esss’

  94. Hugs and best wishes to Blue, and to you , too.

  95. Too funny! This describes every beagle I’ve ever met to a T.

  96. I have to say! It’s the cutest dang vid in a long while. It is so cute and sweet that it really utterly made my teeth hurt. yaahhng yaahhhng yaahhhng!
    I have a niece & nephew, Rocky & Bonnie, who are sweet rotties. And there’s a beagle breeder in my neighborhood. I get phone calls and knocks on my door, “Have you seen a beagle?”

  97. wuyizidi says:

    Hmm, let’s see: their body’s brand new, everything inside and outside working according to ideal standard, they have no responsibility, therefore no anxiety, no stress about the present or the future; they have no experiences, therefore free of subconscious emotional traumas and baggage from the past; they eat right (no choice in that matter); they get all the sleep they need; and the time they’re awake, they get to do what they love… Basically a life of secure leisure filled with constant, wondrous stimuli. If only adult lives are like that.

  98. You will never withstand my trademark finisher: the FLYING FACEWHOMP!

  99. Prolly lives in England, not USA. A lot less tail amputations…oh, excuse me, you who mutilate dogs in this way prefer to call it “docking”…over there. I wish this maiming would be outlawed everywhere, it’s barbaric to amputate part of an animal for fashion. That goes for ears, too. Whatever original function the mutilations once had, they are no longer valid.

  100. That was the one time the Rottie was a little nervous himself. “It ain’t milk you get from there, kid. Don’t make me tell you again.”

  101. Fingers crossed!

  102. Emmberrann says:

    Li’l Beagle Boy: *play play play boing boing play play play play chewie li’l nom-nom play play play play play*
    Rottie: [in WC Fields voice] “Getaway from me, boy, ya bodda me.”
    LBB: [Repeat from above.]

  103. Of course; undoubtedly I need a tiara. Thanks for the boost!

  104. Aww, thank you all. Blue would give you lots of kisses if she could. We’re going to be spoiling her rotten as much as possible, in the meantime.

  105. Remember, it’s

    Wrist, wrist,
    Elbow, elbow.

    Hand never above the tiara.

    I swear on my clutched pearls that the Queen does this too.

  106. ever feel like you’re banging the cymbals at a string quartet?

  107. baby birdie says:

    Sir Beagalahad fighting the Rottie Dragon.

  108. Okay, at 1:20 I laughed so loud I woke my daughter up! Plz to not bite mah bitz.

  109. Corina P- sender inner says:

    And that big guy has been smoking. No wonder he’s out of breath.

  110. I honestly had no idea that Beagles were this cute?? In fact I guess I have never seen a beagle puppy until now but that dog is adorable!!

    I mean I am seriously thinking of getting one if it looks like this puppy!!

  111. Not Canada, the horizon. At least that is what our beagle mixes seemed to be looking for.

  112. JacksonsGirl says:

    Happy thoughts and good vibes!!!

  113. JacksonsGirl says:

    I had to have my kitties tail removed. But only because he has some neurological disorder and kept biting his tail down to the bone. It was all very sad at the time, but now he’s great! I didn’t know people did it for fashion though.

  114. I would also be trying to fit him in my mouf!

  115. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Buy him/ her 25 GPS units!!!!

  116. muttluver says:

    Yeeeuuupp, ya pretty much don’t hafta fight that battle here.

    This girl wrote her senior thesis (highschool) on it.

  117. muttluver says:


  118. muttluver says:

    Mind clueing me in?

  119. muttluver says:


  120. muttluver says:


    But no, my dogs randomly sniff each other’s genitals. It’s just a dog “How are you/what’ve you been doing/etc” thing.

  121. muttluver says:

    Hey, now….that’s a BIT too far, kid!

  122. muttluver says:

    Reminded me of our little girl’s fixation with socks…..or anything else she can fit in her mouth, for that matter.

  123. muttluver says:

    Make sure you’re prepared for the energy level (bike rides! three walksa day!) and for everything in reach to be chewed.

  124. muttluver says:

    Hahahahaha, this is so like my babies. The medium size Border Collie mix lets the maltie-poo walk all over him.

  125. baby birdie says:

    At 0:32: “Got your nose! Oops, I mean, got your entire snout!”

  126. baby birdie says:

    The Rottweiler really is beautiful. Look how shiny his/her fur is.

  127. wishing Blue a speedy recovery.

  128. muttluver says:

    ~Pouncing playful puppy pal~

    (repeat as necessary)

  129. AWWWW! Look at how gentle and patient the big guy is being with that little devil!! So sweet 🙂 We have this day in and day out with my pack right now as I just got a new chihuahua mix pup, he loooooves to play with all three huge dogs and the six month old pit at once.

  130. LostInSpace says:

    Yours only stops at the horizon?

    Our walker coonhound mix jumped into the ocean, and boarded an interstellar science vessel somewhere in the mid-pacific. We managed to follow him by boat most of the way, but once the space ship took off we weren’t able to follow. Haven’t seen him since, but every now and then when I’m listening to the radio, I hear a distinctive ‘baying’ sound in the white noise…

  131. Yeah, you can hear the *FLOP* whenever he lies back down, heh.